More Princess Ja Myung Go Pictures from Park Min Young Cyworld

More pictures from the set of SBS Princess Ja Myung Go were uploaded by Park Min Young onto her Cyworld earlier this morning, giving us sneak peeks into what she would look like in the drama which will debut on 16th February. Besides her, there are images of Ryeo Won and Jung Kyung Ho as well.

Park Min Young Surfing the Net?


The following is a diary entry written by her

It was not on purpose
but because of the fighting scenes
the fats on my cheeks which seemed immovable has disappeared without a trace
Wa yeah… 🙂
But compared to that, something else made me happier
The things that I have learnt from this filming
time to wake up, and improve myself further

Warrior girl, Princess Nak Rang


Although known as the princess who carries and fight with double swords, I also occasionally carry just the single sword in battles…


Someone (Princess Nak Rang) who possesses exceptional fighting skills…
but it’s definitely not Park Min Young…

Gentle and sweet Princess Nak Rang


Kind of awkward for her (Princess Nak Rang) to be carrying a radiant smile


It’s really hurting once you get into the role.


The benefit in being a princess is…
able to wear beautiful hanboks.

Princess Nak Rang and her sister Princess Ja Myung


With pretty Ryeo Won unnie.


Welcome to Nang-nang guk (their nation).

The epic love story of Prince Ho Dong and Princess Nak Rang


With Ho Dong (character name), Kyung Ho oppa

*Comments beneath each picture were written by Park Min Young

23 thoughts on “More Princess Ja Myung Go Pictures from Park Min Young Cyworld

  1. The second row on the right She look like Sung Yuri. Something’s wrong with my eyes.
    I will watch the drama . Look very interesting.

  2. Coolsmurf, did you watch the new music video she’s in? It’s Gavy NJ – A Love Story.

    Anyways, she’s gorgeous as usual. ❤

  3. Thanks for the update and posting these lovely pictures. PMY looks absolutely AMAZING ….but wait, she’s lost her chubby cheeks because of the fight scenes? Oh noes…I liked her cheeks 🙂

    I really hope this drama gets subbed, but to be honest I would probably watch it unsubbed anyway.

  4. i don’t really look forward to dramas base on the old times but this drama has really caught my attention. I love the whole “warrior princess” thing. I mean I like girls that fight not the prissy annoying kind. So I’m really looking forward to this drama.

  5. is it just me or are they copying china styling of the clothes…
    the clothes are SOOOO chinese….i don remember korea having tat kind of clothes…

  6. coolsmurf WHY do you have you so many articles on park min young? She’s not that fantastic you know. And to anyone who thinks that I`m jealous, I’m not. Those of you who are korean would know. Who in their right state of mind would be jealous of a cyborg?

  7. 2jaxm
    hi, guy! What d’you really mean by Cyborg? Plastic girl? Fake beauty? Is that What you’re trying to convince? Come on, jaxm. Did you just know about her plastic surgery for her eyes and nose a minute ago before you posted? Every fan and I have known so far but things have not changed our minds for caring, supporting, and loving her as some fans refer her as a Living Doll. And her rating is over 9.00 [check out]. Here I’m not convincing you to like her. You’re out of our league. Get lost. 😡

  8. i agree wit kilocharlie11
    we also known bout that already,but we really love her and wanted to support her no matter what. if u didnt like it,get lost. we love her so much that noone could ever post bad thing related to her 😡

  9. ignore that jaxm dude, his plastic surgeon probably fucked up on his face, i’m half korean and japanese, and alot of the celebs have plastic surgery, like ayumi hamasaki, gackt, wonder girls, and others. i love park min young!

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