Viewers Confused Over Park Ye Jin Image

With the high popularity of variety shows in recent years and the notable exposure that one gets when they are on it, it has now become a stage after dramas for artistes to build up their image among viewers. Yoon Eun Hye performances in SBS Xman won her a role in Goong/Princess Hours and the rest is history. Although a variety star was lost, an acting star was born.

But what are the consequences if someone tries to appear on both a variety show and a drama at the same time and having 2 totally different images? Park Ye Jin whose popularity has grown thanks to SBS Family Outing, is currently filming a KBS mini-drama, Hateful But Once Again simultaneously.

Which is the real Park Ye Jin?

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Park Min Young Revealing Bath Scene Attracts Eyeballs

Bathing scenes seems to be a normal occurence in saeguk dramas nowadays. In recent memory, Goo Hye Sun in King and I, Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won in Painter of the Wind, Jang Hye Young in Return of Iljimae. This not only ensures that the drama will make headlines but the actress too.

Pictures of Park Min Young in a revealing bath scene for Princess Ja Myung Go has indeed attracted lots of eyeballs after being released recently.


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