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Since I started translating, subbing and uploading Xman related clips on Youtube on May 19th, 2006, the Dangyunhaji from Xman #50 featuring Chae Yeon taking on Kim Jong Kook was my first one, there has been lots of questions about the show, games, celebrities, basically anything that has appeared in the show.

So the basic aim of this page is to answer once and for all the answers that you so much want to know after watching the show.


  • Title: X맨후보 / Xman
  • Genre: Romance/Comedy Variety
  • Episodes: 155
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2003-Nov-08 to 2006-Oct-29
  • Air time: 6:40pm, Sunday (Initially shown on Saturday, same timeslot)
  • Related Shows: New Xman
    SBS Real Situation Sunday (previously known as Real Situation Saturday) was one of the most popular variety programs shown every Sunday @ 1840hrs (GMT +9) on SBS television channel. Xman was part of its “Good Sunday” program with the latter part often showing something else, for example Banjun dramas.

    Xman is a Korean variety show involving celebrities where they play a series of games and compete against each other. Most of the time, the results of the game is secondary as primarily you watch for the reactions of the celebrities which are really funny and addictive. It is even better because you don’t get run-of-the-mill celebrities but real popular ones like Shinhwa, DBSK, H.O.T, Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Eun Hye, etc have all been on it. It became a good vehicle for you to promote yourself if you had a new album, movie or drama coming on soon since many people were watching it.

    Essentially, it’s a variety show program that started on the premise of assigning a mole and guessing who is the mole at the end of the day. Celebrities would be divided into two teams and compete against each other in various games. The producer would decide on that day of recording who the mole is through a phone call on the spot. The mole would then have to lose the game on purpose at critical stages during the recording subtly without being too noticeable. At the end of the day, if the majority of the celebrities get it correct, a sum of money would be donated to a designated charity in the names of all celebrities. Otherwise, the money would be donated under the name of the Xman.

    The idea of looking and spotting the Xman was highly successful and got not just the viewers excited about it but the celebrities recording the show itself. It didn’t help that the games that they played was ridiculous yet funny at the same time. But with more and more episodes being shown, the novelty of looking for the Xman was gone and it became less and less important which no doubt led to the demise of the show.

    Among the many games introduced in Xman, many become widely popular and cult favorites. Notable mentions include the Horse game, Na La Ra FlyPan game, Couple Selection and the most popular of them all, Dangyunhaji (Of Course!) game. Also loved the introduction part at the beginning and the dance stage. But it was a shame they removed the introduction part in latter episodes while it was repetition galore for the dance stage.


    In the Horse Game, teams will be split into the attacking and defensive team. The defensive team would be required to become the horses for the attacking team to ride on them. Once the attacking team manages to get all their members on board, the first member of the attacking team to get on will scissors, paper, stone with the standing horse and the winner will get a point. If the defensive team crumbles before that, the attacking team will get a point and continues the next attack. If the attacking team falls, the defensive team will get a point and will attack the next round. Usually, there’s lots of drama in this one because of the unpredictability of the game.


    Na La Ra FlyPan game is another of those which you can’t help but clap and play along with them. Its so damn addictive. Each team would sit opposite each other and then clap their hands in a beat while calling out a name with a number behind. For example, if I say Jong Kook 4, Jong Kook would have to say his name four times in sync with the beat and then call out the next name. If someone makes a mistake, their heads would be hit by a flying pan from the back. MC Yoo is usually pitched into battle and ends up causing the team he is helping points because his winning probability is less than 10%. Most often then not, the Xman is super active in carrying out his/her mission here.

    Couple selection was where boys and girls on the same team tries to get coupled with each other so that they can play the couple game later together. It was fairly simple in the beginning as you just need to call out your desired partner’s name and that would be it. It later expanded to the girls performing to entice the guys and then the guys themselves too have to perform as well. It really became more and more big-scale with each episode as they pull out all the stops to impress the other person. Most notable were the dance performances like Haha doing the Turbo dances, Tony performing Candy dance, Yunho performing dance numbers, etc.


    Dangyunhaji has been the star segment of the program since its introduction and it isn’t hard to see why. Each team sends one of their members to pit against the opposing team. The representative for each team will each say something usually an insult or something and the listening party must agree (Dangyunhaji!) in order for the game to proceed.

    They must attempt to use all sorts of methods, using their wits and smarts to force the other party to end up speechless, and unable to say ‘Of course!’ to whatever verbal attacks used against him or her. This segment normally draws the most laughs here because artistes suffer a lot here. During this segment, the facing parties will do all sorts of cheap and underhanded things, be it spill each other’s rumours or gossips, try to romance each other, shouting, saying each other’s bad points, insults. All in the name of comedy, of course. Leave it to the most thick-skinned and imaginative celebrity to win this challenge!

    Who can forget about the infamous porn cd incident involving Shin Jung Hwan and Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) and Andy (Shinhwa) having to accept the fact from Junjin that his body is the worst among Shinhwa members? The unforgettable triangle romance between Eric, Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook? The classic Dangyunhaji from Pattaya between Lee Min Ki and Kim Jong Kook? The reunion and longest Dangyunhaji in history between Chae Yeon and Kim Jong Kook?

    Xman #14

    One of my favourite episodes because it was damn funny all the way. Great cast with Lee Seung Gi, Nam Sang Mi, Kim Jong Kook, Yoon Eun Hye, Chun Jung Myung, Kim Dong Wan, Kim Jong Min, Jang Young Ran. Comeback of Kim Jong Kook, Dong Wan trying his best not to let people know he is the Xman, Lee Seung Gi fighting with Ho Dong for Sang Mi affection, the porn cd incident between Jung Hwan and Dong Wan, etc.

    Xman #20
    This was the Shinhwa special as all 6 were present for this recording. Plenty of laughs and fun because you have ready-made chemistry between the 6 and it made for fun viewing. Eun Hye classic line to Eric in Dangyunhaji game, “I would like to go swimming in your eyes!” is so damn funny! Queen of Dangyunhaji, Lee Ji Hyun suffered her first loss to Kim Jae Dong.

    Xman #23
    Another fun episode which saw Micky Yoo Chun plus Yunho in the same episode for the first time. It was funny to see everyone showing care and affection for the two DBSK boys. The scandal of Eun Hye and Jong Kook making the newspaper headlines were also being created into something on the show making for great entertainment. Last MC appearance for Kim Jae Dong.

    Xman #24
    Special episode as all the previous Xman were all gathered together for the ultimate Xman. No one will ever forget the thrilling Dangyunhaji triangle romance between Eric, Eun Hye and Jong Kook. Gong Hyung Jin replaced Kim Jae Dong as the new MC.

    Xman #25
    Christmas special where the greasy Rimario greased up our screens with his oily demeanor. Kang Ho Dong and Kim Won Hee 10 year scandal was also played out in Dangyunhaji.

    Xman #40
    The legendary Pattaya special which remains the best overseas special and possibly the best episode of them all. Jong Kook making his comeback. Classic Dangyunhaji segment between Lee Min Ki and Kim Jong Kook. Three-way battle for Lee Jin by Lee Ji Hoon, Shin Hye Sung and Andy. Four-way battle for Yoon Eun Hye by Lee Min Ki, Park Joon Gyu, Haha and Kim Jong Kook. Outrageous couple dance between Park Kyung Lim and MC Yoo. Revival of Turbo by Haha begins here.

    Xman #41
    The kind of gay exchange between Kim Jong Kook and Sung Shi Kyung in the balloon game, many thanks to MC Yoo for fanning the flames. Insanely cool Dangyunhaji segment involving Stephanie, Eun Hye and Sung Shi Kyung revolving around Kim Jong Kook who was helluva funny in the background. Eun Hye rejects Jong Kook for the one and only time in couple selection much to everyone’s surprise.

    Xman #42
    The battle between Kang Eun Bi and Yoon Eun Hye for Kim Jong Kook remains a highlight here. Eun Bi was lambasted here for acting overly cute while Eun Hye couldn’t help but imitate her actions. Funny shouting contest between Ji Sang Ryul and Park Myung Soo.

    Xman #44
    Chuseok special as many classic moments were in this episode. Jong Kook imitating Haha dance which is a rarity as he performs hip-hop. This was Eun Hye’s final appearance before she left for the filming of Princess Hours.

    Xman #45
    Jong Kook performing a dance, dancing to the tune of “You’re Loveable.” This was the 100th episode of Xman and got the highest ratings ever. Eun Hye made a special cameo appearance at the end to say her final goodbye to everyone.

    Xman #46
    Goo Hye Sun interaction with Kim Jong Min was helluva funny. Kim Jong Min was especially great here, creating lots of comedy with his goofy antics.

    Xman #47
    Park Kyung Lim cemented her place in history after performing Ivy’s sexy dance, “Ah-Ha” in couple selection. This episode also saw the reunion of the original Turbo, Mikey and Jong Kook.

    Xman #49
    Official formation of Ha Myung Gook in Xman.

    Xman #50
    Longest and most touching reunion in Dangyunhaji between Chae Yeon and Kim Jong Kook.

    Xman #52
    Movie stars special. They stopped doing the introduction here, WHY???

    Xman #54
    Japan special where Kim Jong Kook made his final appearance before leaving for military service. Chae Yeon and Lee Seung Gi love line begun here as the PD attempted to make something happen between two permanent cast members.

    Xman #57
    Even though it was short, but they manage to create a highly impossible love line between Lee Sung Jin and Bada in the space of Xman #57 – #61 and became a great success. Great to see Bada not flinching one bit as Sung Jin keeps on denying by saying “Ah ne yooo….” which became his trademark quote.

    Xman #59
    Park Kyung Lim final episode as a MC. They showed a preview clip in Xman #58 showing Kyung Lim crying tearfully in a farewell scene. But it was not shown at all in Xman #59 or future episodes, WHY???

    Xman #61
    SBS actually managed to get young golf prodigy Michelle Wie onto the show. But as a result, this episode was butchered terribly as they cramped in her special segments together with regular programming.

    Xman #62
    Second Shinhwa special as they flew to Germany for Fifa World Cup 2006. There was something lacking compared to the earlier one they did back in Korea.

    Xman #65
    The beginning of a legend as Lee Jong Soo starts his journey here to become the person to deliver helluva mushy lines in Dangyunhaji. His antics would last right up till the final episode. Among the women he faced up against were Kim Ok Bin, Baek Ji Young, Chae Yeon and Park Shi Yeon.

    Xman #68
    The final overseas special as they flew to Hainan Island, China. Tried their best to re-create the magic of Pattaya but failed to do so. Ratings for the show remained the same. Rumors abound that Xman might be cancelled.

    Xman #69
    DBSK special as all the boys made an appearance. Kang Ho Dong made the surprise announcement that he was getting married. Chae Yeon also announced that this would be her final appearance as a permanent cast. It was also confirmed that Xman would be changing to a new format and Xman #70 would be the final one.

    There were lots of songs being used in the program and it complemented the show very well. You can visit the Xman Songlist compiled by shortboy to download your favorite. The PDs were really good at matching the songs.

    Ratings for Korean television programming comes from independant research companies like TNS Media Korea or AC Nielsen. The news media that reports the related news usually takes the ratings from TNS. But the actual difference between them isn’t that great. TNS ratings are further divided into Seoul region and nationwide. The ratings for Seoul are usually higher usually. The ratings shown below are nationwide ratings.

    Ratings before Xman #40 could not be found and the same goes for Xman #41 and part one of Xman #42. If it’s not there, it means it was not rank high enough on that day to be listed.

    050717 – Xman #40 (Part 1) – 19.5%
    050828 – Xman #42 (Part 2) – 18.9%
    050904 – Xman #43 (Part 1) – 19.7%
    050911 – Xman #43 (Part 2) – 19.7%
    050918 – Xman #44 (Part 1) – 15.5%
    050925 – Xman #44 (Part 2) – 19.6%
    051002 – Xman #45 (Part 1) – 19.6%
    051009 – Xman #45 (Part 2) – 23.5%
    note: Xman #45 is the highest rated episode in history

    051016 – Xman #46 (Part 1) – 20.0%
    051023 – Xman #46 (Part 2) – 22.9%
    051030 – Xman #47 (Part 1) – 18.4%
    051106 – Xman #47 (Part 2) – 18.9%
    051113 – Xman #48 (Part 1) – 16.9%
    051120 – Xman #48 (Part 2) – 17.1%
    051127 – Xman #49 (Part 1) – 15.2%
    051204 – Xman #49 (Part 2) – 20.5%
    051211 – Xman #50 (Part 1) – 19.1%
    051218…Xman #50 (Part 2) – 18.0%
    note: Chae Yeon & Jong Kook reunion was in Xman #50

    051225 – Xman #51 (Part 1) – 18.3%
    060101 – Xman #51 (Part 2) – 19.0%
    060108 – Xman #52 (Part 1) – 18.6%
    060115 – Xman #52 (Part 2) – 17.7%
    060122 – Xman #53 (Part 1) – 15.7%
    060205 – Xman #54 (Part 1) – 16.6%
    060212 – Xman #54 (Part 2) – 16.6%
    060219 – Xman #54 (Part 3) – 13.9%
    note: Unexceptionally low probably due to FC ShootDori on KBS which was No.1, also, Jong Kook is gone from here onwards for military service

    060226 – Xman #55 (Part 1) – 15.9%
    060305 – Xman #55 (Part 2) – 16.3%
    060312 – Xman #56 (Part 1) – 16.4%
    060319 – Xman #56 (Part 2) – 15.9%
    060326 – Xman #57 (Part 1) – 13.5%
    060402 – Xman #57 (Part 2) – 14.5%
    060409 – Xman #58 (Part 1) – 12.9%
    060416 – Xman #58 (Part 2) – 11.7%
    060423 – Xman #59 (Part 1) – 14.5%
    060430 – Xman #59 (Part 2) – 12.1%
    060507 – Xman #60 (Part 1) – 11.2%

    060521 – Xman #61 (Part 1) – 13.3%
    060528 – Xman #61 (Part 2) – 12.1%
    note: This was the Michelle Wie Special

    060604 – Xman #62 (Part 1) – 12.1%
    060611 – Xman #62 (Part 2) – 10.9%
    060625 – Xman #63 (Part 1) – 13.5%
    060709 – Xman #64 (Part 1) – 13.1%
    060716 – Xman #64 (Part 2) – 14.8%
    060723 – Xman #65 (Part 1) – 11.8%
    060806 – Xman #66 (Part 1) – 10.6%
    060910 – Xman #68 (Part 1) – 12.5%
    060917 – Xman #68 (Part 2) – 12.2%
    060924 – Xman #68 (Part 3) – 11.5%
    061001 – Xman #69 (Part 1) – 11.1%
    061008 – Xman #69 (Part 2) – 12.8%
    061015 – Xman #70 (Part 1) – 11.3%
    061022 – Xman #70 (Part 2) – 11.4%

    As you can see from the above ratings, it was highly unusual for a variety show of this genre to have such an outstanding television rating. But with expectation, the ratings kind of tapered off thereafter. And it got worse and worse and in an attempt to arrest the slide, they even made adjustments to the couple selection which was a failure.

    Because the variety show has ended, it is difficult to get hold of files especially from clubboxes. Its advisable to watch online at various online video sharing sites like Youtube, Veoh and Crunchyroll where you just need to search for “Xman” and a whole list of videos are available for you.

    Are we able to find full episodes for Xman with english subs?
    It is not possible to find english subs for earlier episodes but you can find english subs starting from Xman #45 from Soompi forums until the last one. There are subs for earlier ones but not much. All can be found at Soompi forums.

    Are we able to get english-subbed DVDs of Xman?
    Highly unlikely since SBS has never released them on DVD and variety shows don’t get the same treatment. If you do find them selling on Ebay, they are likely to be self-burnt bootleg copies.

    Will we see Eun Hye back in the show?
    Highly unlikely because of her current A-List status thanks to Goong. Plus the show has ended.

    What’s your ideal celebrity list?
    Kang team
    Lee Jin, Lee Ji Hyun, Hwang Bo, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sung Jin, Shin Jung Hwan
    Park team
    Yoon Eun Hye, Chae Yeon, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jong Min, Haha, Park Myung Soo

    There’s so many others but that will be my ideal one, but sadly, in my dreams… 

    Why was it getting less and less funnier in later episodes?
    I am not sure why, maybe they changed the PD for the show? Anyway, it was funnier in the beginning as always with most things because of the novelty factor. Plus you can’t deny the chemistry that certain celebrities had with each other. Plus the establishment of a permanent cast probably helped as well. You had Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Ji Hyun, Kim Jong Kook, Shin Jung Hwan, Lee Jin who worked extremely well with each other. Then later on, you had people like Ji Sang Ryul, Haha, Park Myung Soo. It was ideal if someone recorded more than one edition because it is easier for the PD to write scripts by creating relationships.

    One example is the strength comparison between Kang Ho Dong and Yoon Eun Hye which would always be a recurring theme each time they meet each other in the course of a game. Makes for great viewing because you understand the history behind them.

    Another classic was Lee Jong Soo. He appeared for the last few editions and was a star in Dangyunhaji using his mushy lines to perfection. Heck, they build him up so well that I would solely be watching for his appearance in Dangyunhaji each week.


  • Captain Kang Ho Dong & MC Yoo Jae Suk are the only two people that has appeared in each episode since the show debuted in 2003.
  • Kim Jae Dong, Gong Hyun Jin, Park Kyung Lim and Lee Hyuk Jae has been the opposing captain against Kang Ho Dong. The two notable ones were Jae Dong and Kyung Lim who both left to helm other variety shows.  
  • Originally showing on Saturdays, it was moved to Sunday later on because of its good ratings.
  • It is the longest surviving variety show of its genre and highly amazing that it managed to have 155 episodes at that.
  • The show is semi-scripted to let the program flow easily.
  • Everyone has a base script and handed cue cards.
  • The show are usually recorded late in the night, starting at 11pm and ending in early morning.
  • They normally record for more than eight hours and the show is edited into a two-hour episode to be shown over two weeks.
  • It has been to Jeju Island, Thailand, Japan, Germany and China for its overseas specials.
  • Kim Dong Wan was the one and only Xman who was found out early in the show in Xman #14 after some unnatural acting on his part.
  • Kim Jong Kook & Yoon Eun Hye are the only couple from the show that has appeared in newspaper headlines together.
  • Only 12 females celebrities have the honor of becoming Xman. They were in no particular order, Yoon Hyun Jin, Lee Jin (twice), Park Jung Ah, Hwang Bo, Choo Ja Hyun, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Ji Hyun, Chae Yeon, Lee Soo Young, Kim Won Hee, Park Kyung Lim, Shinji.
  • Lee Ji Hyun and Lee Soo Young are the only two acknowledged as Queen of Dangyunhaji. One relied on mean attacks while the other relied on narrative long-winded attacks. Both had long undefeated streaks in the game.

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    32. hi coolsmurf. i was wondering if you would be able to renew some of the song links? one step by mose is already expired >.< thanks.

    33. hi there,

      i wanna ask what’s the title of the song of Xman 54 in Japan that used in dance party segment?

      kindly reply, thanks

    34. woww awesome job explaining the show … i love this show but haven’t seen too many episodes.. i definitely will check out all the episodes you recommended slowly.. hopefully they’re all subs.. also from now on i’ll just refer people to this article whenever i see questions about the games ( i see a lot of confused people on youtube, or in forums lol )

    35. Thank you so much coolsmurf for subbing Xman. I really had fun watching because of you. More power. ^^

    36. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Xman. well the old one. the new one is disappointing. they should put back Xman. bc kim jong kook is back. ^.^v
      thanx coolsmurf.

    37. thank you for subbing xman and we got married! absolutely love both shows! really appreciate it… thanks again! =)

    38. HEY COOLSMURF!!!
      i wanna thank u 4 all ur hardwork on subbing korean videos especially “X-man”…….ur “we got married” cuts were awesome…ur channel had been d source of my happiness ever since i started on youtube……….unfortunately, ur acc. in youtube got suspended….i really do hope tht u’ll make a comeback & still update us abt KJK & YEH & others…..
      ***more power coolsmurf 🙂
      i’ll wait 4 ya && don’t b long ^___^

    39. THANKQ for all ur hard work in subbing the korean tv shows, like Xman & WGM. Too bad they have suspended! Just recently notice cause I can’t view most of my fav on youtube! LOL Let us know when ur back up on another website!

    40. Alvin, is really coolsmurf2 your 2nd account??? Why don’t u reply us at least a single dot. We’re worried.

      Keep on fighting! bao zhong!

    41. you and other subbers should be recognized for what you do. most people don’t realize it but by easing the nuisances of language difference, people like you actually pave the way for others to move across what they thought were barriers and divisions but need not be.

      i’m still upset about the termination of your account in YouTube. you bridge gaps where others can’t and it’s a shame SBS cannot appreciate that. i truly pity them for their narrow views and conservative ways because they may have gained their rights back, but they lost a substantial number of audience along the way.

    42. argghh..i really really miss your channel..
      give me time to re-up those videos that i had back up, for you to be able to dl it..
      im choosing the right hosting site..

      it’s payback time..^^

    43. hai coolsmurf’s,i’m tb
      in youtube my name is 0710098
      couple of days ago i open youtube to download xman videos again,but i realise your name is vanish,
      i only download from your videos,cause i’m from indonesia n your translate is the best,
      i miss your xman variety show expecialy YUH n KJK, DBSK.
      can you give me your friendster address n where i can download your videos again?
      thanx ….
      you are the best…

    44. There will not be anymore Xman on my channel. no news about YEH or KJK. it’s going to be difficult.

    45. i mean was he single back then or was he already romantically involved with someone (not necessarily from the show) during that time? i’m curious since i don’t really know when those xman episodes with him on it were aired. thanks, CS! ❤

    46. hey coolsmurf,

      I know its a long shot, but couldn’t u upload some xman vids on megaupload or whatever xD
      ahhh…I miss all those videos
      an amazing channel just killed like that

      U only got suspended right? Will they ever bring you back?

    47. …I’m happy some of them got saved! =D

      I hope you wouldn’t you mind if I downloaded them for myself?

    48. hei, u know “I love You” by Tim? i’m searching the lyric now but i dont know what the korean of the title n what Tim, Hwang Yong Min?

    49. plz could u tell me which episode from xman bi rain was in it ?
      so if u know could u send 2 me the number of the episode plz
      thx for your time
      take care

    50. Coolsmurf,

      I’m just wondering whether you would do (I mean upload & subbing) other Korean variety shows like
      “Hi-5” or “Come to Play”.

      Since “Xman” & “Loveletter” got terminated, I found there’s no more exciting variety shows, life becomes so boring because I can no longer have a good laugh watching them after work. The “1N2D” shows, in my opinion, aren’t interesting as I hope to be.


    51. @manadononi3, have no intention of doing either. My initial aim was to do cuts and not whole shows. I’m sorry. but reality shows like 1N2D are dominating at the moment in Korea. There’s nothing we can do. It’s quite good.

    52. Hi! I’m from Singapore too! (:

      Just wanna ask, is it still possible to ask you for some of the chinese subbed Xman videos?

    53. i really want to watch xman #44 eventhough it has no subs. if i’m not mistaken, you’re the only one that have that episode in youtube. when i’m trying to look for it, your account in youtube has been suspended. it kinda make me sad since i really wanna watch it so much coz it’s eun hye’s final episode before shooting Goong.. can you help me where to find that episode so i can watch it? 😦

    54. hi(: i was just wondering can i request the whole episodes of x man #14-54 w/ english subtitles ? or do you know where i can get them ? thanks(: i really really really want them. lol

    55. thanks coolsmurf(: yeah i have a soompi account but megaupload doesn’t work for me. buh im trying out the clubbox links(: thanks anyways(:

    56. Hi.. i accidently search for your name because of x-man on youtube and i ended here.

      Do you have x-man 40-45 with subs? i love the pattaya special and KJK & YEH also. I like to buy if you have a CD/DVD.

      Please email me because all of x-man has been delete (for it is license i think)

      Keep up the goodwork bro

    57. I loved this show… but never saw the frying pan game… wasn’t aware of the show then.

      I’ve seen my local Korean restaurant play DVDs of X-Man… no subs… should borrow them and burn them. Hehe!

    58. hai cool,
      i have something to ask you,
      now,i’m really interested in one song,
      this song is the song that kjk sing for yeh in xman pattaya couple selection,but not “i love you” by Tim.
      i don’t know how to write it in korea but in english it sound like this,” i love you,,,i really love you,,,i am living because of you,,,please don’t forget it.”
      hope you can help me by send that song to me, you can send it to tb_mindfreak_master@yahoo.co.id
      i really2 hope you can help me,,,
      thanx a lot before….

    59. hey thanks so much for the vids on youtube, pity the coosmurf acc got deleted.
      is it possible for you to upload the eps w yeh and kjk in them somewhere else? they were such classics and are like my stress relievers, haha. but its okay if you can’t.
      do reply me if possible yeah? thanks much(:

    60. Hello there,

      I am looking for xman show with english sub. if possible. How much will be the fee for xman – #1 – #36, #37 (only Eun Hye parts), #38 – #70.


    61. wow!
      I feel very surprise.
      I just find about SHINHWA and I found this article.
      I can’t understand all of this(our country, don’t use English) but I can feel you really like X-man very much.

    62. hi coolsmurf,
      I really wan the xman series that you have, can you burn copies and ship to me. I will definitely pay you. Ya, btw how much will that be to ship to Singapore?
      Please reply me @ guguas@hotmail.com

    63. Hi,

      tx a lot for the subs! This show is freakin funny and i watched it over and over, never ending.. hehe. Tx a lot for putting your effort for us who doesn’t understand korean to watch this show. Yeah, i like the shows that u mentioned above. Do you know which episode is where dong-wan knocked down eric in Dangyunhaji by talking about eric’s CF? I forgotten to add to my favourite and i’m dying to track those episode back.

    64. Pingback: Best O’ da Bang Boys « Dexter’s Haven

    65. Hi Alvin,

      Kamsaham-nida for the help.
      Now i can watch the series at ease instead of having to wait for it to be downloaded at youtube.

    66. o people dont be like frog in the well,come and see out of your home,maximum koreans are plastics,even men, their tv shows are heart catchers( you can leave anything for that to obtain) poor people of this planet
      there is no reality. and world moves on reality not fantasy or ecstasy.
      dont get me wrong because you cannot see your own face

    67. i like ur sub..
      did u know/have which ep of xman that there was HwangBo.. (with english sub ofcourse….)
      bcoz of WGM i became her fans..
      please tell me..

    68. can u tell me where i can watch the whole ep..where joong kook and chae had their reunion..and the one with micky yoochun saying i love you in 3 ways..

    69. i hope you can upload the x man ep 38 where song si kyung was there,i love to watch that ep withe sub,hope more news of yoon eun hye in you cooloms….

    70. ah some of the xman eps r almost gone…hmm i cant find any…i want to watch dbsk special…the one hb is in it….

    71. hey, just wanted to say that it sucks that ur account got suspended on youtube. i really want to watch the pattaya special again, do u know any websites where i could watch them or can u send the files w/ subs to me if u still have them?
      thanks so much

    72. wow.. that’s a such great variety show that i ever see.. ^^
      by the way, how about loveletter(another korean variety show)? do u have their video??

    73. THANK U SO MUCH!!! I’ve just found out about Xman on YT about 1 months ago, and now I’m addicted to it and been watching it everyday since. Very funny & entertaining. Thanks for all the eng subs, I really needed it.

    74. hi, i really want to watch again the episode where kang ho dong serenade hwang bo with a guitar on the couple selection segment.he was lip-syncing (ofcourse).thanks.

    75. hi..

      I really want to buy the series of x-man and love letter..
      I read that you can help me to burn & ship it..
      I’m from Indonesia, can u ship it to indonesia?
      I already e-mail you..
      So please reply ASAP..


    76. @cool smurf

      Thanks man, xman really makes my day :D.


      Hi, could someone tell me, where I can download xman complete series with english sub?

      I only have from youtube but it doesn’t got complete series.

      PS: you can contact me at hendrik_gw@yahoo.com



    77. Hi there
      can someone tell me where I can download all the X-man files?

      If it’s with sub, it would be great, too : D
      If not … (I mean if it’s only soft sub), it’s okay ,too : D

      Contact me psl ❤


    78. hey.. Where do you guys watch it?? I really miss this variety show… Because i think that a lot of the videos on youtube were deleted. So sad… Well let me know. Thanks.

    79. hey coolsmurf! what happened to the videos at youtube?? it says that ur account is suspended???? the videos of xman with yoon eun hye always cheers me up..hopefully ull be up and running soon…thanks!

    80. hey coolsmurf! what happened to the videos at youtube?? it says that ur account is suspended???? the videos of xman with yoon eun hye always cheers me up..hopefully ull be up and running soon…thanks!

    81. Yes. . . I agree to those last comments, please I am really tired checking around every day where to watch the deleted xman episodes. . .please advise soonest where can we watch it again and again and again. Thank you very much.

    82. Guys, I’ve been downloading all of the Xman lately. I probably have 80% out of the 155 episodes or so. 🙂 You can download them at http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35&st=19800 You need a soompi account. Also, this page is for the full links and updated links. The first page will have the subtitles for you to download as well.

      It took me forever to actually find this. Idk how I could have missed it in the first place. :\ Maybe b/c the first place I ever saw Xman was from coolsmurf.

    83. Hi Coolsmurf! I loved watching Xman via youtube! Wonderful work!!! 🙂 It’s sad they took it out! I loved the whole Haha and KJK and YEH episodes. They cracked me up big time!

      I wanted to get “We Got Married” with english subs but I don’t know where to download it from. Is there a site I can g to? 🙂

      @Maimunky – Thanks for the soompi site! 🙂

    84. Will you be re-uploading the the vids on Youtube soon?? o.o
      I REALLY REALLY wanna watch de pattaya special ep ):
      Hope you can upload it soon, or is there anywhre i can download it or view it?
      Thx in advance ^^

    85. OMGGGosh i want to watch X-man soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly email me please or tell me when u gonna upload the videos!

    86. Hi. I was just wondering if you have any plans to re upload any of the Xman episodes you may still have. I adore the chemistry between YEH and KJK

    87. Hey Coolsmurf, you used to have a top episode list on here with a list of guest names… whatever happened to that list?

    88. hey, this is cool but i wonder how i can watch this whole full episode with eng subs. can some one tell me please and can you give me a link that i can watch with eng subs.
      i think i’m to late to watch whole episode and i think they delete it, so i can’t watch it . thanks ^-^

    89. Hey! Omg, coolsmurf, what a nostalgic and iconic name =) I’m sorry to ask this of you, but I see others doing it so I’ll take my chances… Would it be possible to get the subbed episodes from you?
      If not, that’s fine and thank you anyway.

    90. I used to watch all x-man episodes at soompi. but now I cannot access it anymore, there seem to have a problem with the domain. Can you please tell where I can watch the complete x-man episodes again. I was patiently watching it although there is no translation, just the mere actions from the guests makes me feel happy especially on the episodes where YEH was present. It relieves stress just by merely watching it. Can you help me, find the site where I can watch the complete x-man episodes again? Thanks and more power.

    91. hi…where can i download this x-man and love letter????please…do you full episode with eng sub????i really love to watch it again..help me

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    95. Hiya Coolsmurf…

      Firstly, ‘CLAP”CLAP”CLAP” for your narrative on the XMAN and especially the POWER COUPLE; YEH & KJK………..

      I have to admit how shallow minded I was coz I wanted YEH to be with JJH after watching GOONG and I did not want to give KJK a chance at all….

      But, after watching them on XMAN which by the way is one of the BEST Variety show I have ever seen be it in the WEST or EAST, I admit defeat and now am the BIGGEST fan of KJK and YEH…

      Now thats LOVE…KJK was in love and I believe he still is with YEH.

      KJK is so transparent, he coudl not or would not hide his feelings for her…and i really hope YEH reciprocate.

      SO, I would like to ask you, if you if by any chance do you know anything about the couple lately. The last I have read on them was when YEH went to KJK’s concert back in 2009. Do you know if anything was reported about them?

    96. hello all, anyone knows the song’s title on this video

      because i like it so much.. thanks anyway 😀

    97. so am i even though it’s old. not to me. im still laughing watching this. where can we download this? thanks a lot

    98. hi there… i was just wondering if there is any website where i can purchase xman, family outing, and 2 days and 1 night with english subtitle. please let me know if you know any web site to it… here is my email: JAYANG1990@GMAIL.COM THANK YOU…

    99. hello i was wondering if u have the links for the chinese subs to download cus i have finding their subs for 1 year without any infomation so please tell me if there is any sites for downloading this subtitles in srt. form I would be very appreciated thank you

    100. tell me songs when chae yeon telling kim jong kook that she so haven’t talk to kim jong kook when she on kang ho dong team? at #50 Dangyunhaji – Chae Yeon vs Kim Jong Kook second song?

    101. which episode that top from bigbang appeared in xman…i’ve searched for it like crazy…..but,i cant still find it…

    102. hello! glad i visited your site again. a lot of people are now asking about XMan. I’ve been downloading some episodes from youtube but some episodes can’t be found. i also have other episodes where YEH is in but some parts of it aren’t subbed. can you help me? I also wanna ask, in what episode did YEH became the XMan? i don’t have that episode.

    103. Hi! i hope you don’t mind if i keep on visiting this page of yours…i love watching how some of them started and become top celebrities…Thank You so much for all your hard work.

    104. Hi. I’m wondering where I could watch X man with either english (preferable) or chinese subs. Thanks

    105. there is no more megaupload, and i cany download the episodes.
      can someone upload it inother source? or something,
      it’s a great show!!
      if someone knows about the episodes with english subs p`
      lease send me an email

    106. where can i download this x-man with eng-sub???
      i really love this variety show.
      can u give me some information please..

    107. Xman is one of my favourite show but I cant found all the show that KJK & YEH joined in.Please guy ,if u have please send it to me,thank you so much…!!! Saranghea…

    108. By the way my email:tuongvi_1690@yahoo.com
      Why PD running man didnt invite YEH as a guess or may be a stable member then make a love line between them (KJK & YEH)again!!! I’m sure that the ratting will increase everyweek…

    109. Dear admin, do you have the english soft subs for all the episode for old X-man? i’ve been searching for a week on the internet and i only got some of them.. if you have all the soft subs for 155 episodes, would you upload it and give me the link? i will borrow you my rapidshare premium account which will be expired at 9 june 2012, thx..


    110. Hi there, I am also looking for English subs of all X-man and New X-man episode. If you have the soft subs it would be pleasure if you can share it. Since the megaupload dead, I can not download it in Soompi. really appreciate if you can. thank you in advance

    111. Hey coolsmurf,
      Your subbing made me appreciate some of the games in the X man variety show. I had actually started watching Xman because of YEH. But the subbing in the Shinhwa specials (YEH-Eric-KJK) and from #39-#45 was awesome. Thank you for taking the efforts. As I can see you have got comments from the past 5 years. Truly commendable on your efforts 🙂

    112. Does anybody remember what episode it was when Park Kyung Lim was dancing I think to a Britney Spears song while wearing a red dress?

    113. hi coolsmurf! if it’s not too much could you kindly repost your videos of xman in youtube please please? there are a lot of people looking for xman videos and we would truly appreciate your effort if you could upload it again. i prefer watching your videos since it’s hard subbed. thank you very much ^_^

    114. hi coolsmurf! I am looking for kjk and yeh episodes w english subtitles.. i dont mind paying for it.. please please upload those episodes or send me! thanks

    115. Hi,

      Please help me to find Xman ep 98 18-09-05 and ep 99 25-09-05 … I searched a lot but couldn’t find it, and going crazy now, pls help me….

    116. hi Abhi..you can see it at kshowonline.com…
      Do you have early episode with english sub..at kshowonline.com there is no english sub for early episode

    117. Hey Coolsmurf, do you still have the softsubs for downloading of the X-Man show?
      Would appreciate it as I can only find your subs with short 3 minute clips.

      Thank so much 🙂

    118. @Jacob, unfortunately, they are a part of history now. I never did full episodes anyway, just short clips.

    119. I remember first watching Xman when I first got into kpop. My first episode/clips were from when DBSK was on there as they were one of the first groups that I started listening to in 2008/2009. And then I fell in love with Yoon Eun Hye and started watching as much of it as I could. I still remember how Lee Jin said Sung Shi Kyungs name in the Xman 41. I have you to thank for all the fond memories I have of this show like a whole lot of all nighters and introducing me to some iconic moments. So Thank You for subbing this when you did not have to. I have you to thank for me finding Shinhwa as well and for finding YEH dramas and knowing HaHa, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Ho Dong, Yoo Jae Suk, Park Kyunglim, and Park Myungsoo. It helped with watching other variety shows.

    120. I also can’t forget to mention the water games in the Pattaya Special were amazing. I loved the music they put behind Ho Dong because it reminded me of Tekken. It also introduced me to Hwangbo

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