why coolsmurf?
well you may wonder why would someone call himself a smurf of all things. Well simply because as a child, i was fascinated with is little bluey creatures that goes “lalalalala….lalalalala”. Then sometime in 1997, i came into contact with something called irc. I decided to call myself Coolsmurf in internet after some thinking to commemorate my childhood past.

some history
have lots of experience creating websites in total, 6 attempts. My 1st attempt was just just a single page with just links, links and links, quite crappy…my greatest creation was Cute Kyoko Realm which was a fan site for Fukada Kyoko. Ended in 2003 when my host absconded with my domain name and my interest sort of dwindled after that. Former admin for S.H.E Online Community Forums and this blog is all that left of my presence on the web…plus my Youtube Channel.


my present life
Armed with a degree in Mass Communications after studying for it under MDIS through Oklahoma City University and a diploma in Information Technology from Temasek Polytechnic, all that is left now is to find a job. Ideally an overseas job would be ideal but highly unlikely for now…

contact information
msn: snowiex@rocketmail.com
em@il: coolsmurf@gmail.com


Paypal Donations Received
May 08 – Jason Beck, Amy Westmoreland, Bridget Smith, Annaliza Talatala
Jun 08 – Corey Sandusky
Jul 08 – Lynne Ong, Suanne Li, Annie C, Peter Tsang
Aug 08 – Henry Kuang
Sept 08 – Chua Wei-ling, Anna Nguyen, Minjeong Eom
Oct 08 – Sherrilee Charlemagne
Nov 08 – VO Tran
Dec 08 – Yoo Jeong

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  1. hey!
    i’m guessing you’re from Singapore too! (:

    anyway, just wanted to thank you for the translations & info you have put up on your website. really appreciate it from the bottom of the heart of a person who cant understand a word of korean. it really helps me enjoy the variety shows.

    just makes me want to learn how to speak korean when i go back to Singapore for the holidays! (:

    keep up the awesome work!


  2. hello……thanks for all you subbed vids on youtube……you made days go by and life overall more enjoyable.

    thanks a bunch…….you brought laughter into my life with all the subbed xman clips…..I love yeh and kjk as well. words can’t express my gratitude for you.

  3. hi there..
    was thinking of checking out your website and finding out more about you…
    and here i am writing…
    i know (just guessing) that you have been receiving a million of thanks for doing sub to korean shows but i say… i’ll do my turn to do the same…
    thank you! :))) loadz of it from the philippines…
    cant imagine how much patience it requires as well as a bucket of passion to do so…
    i want you to know that you have made my day incomplete (not the negative way :D) but by discovering what you’re doing to shows that interest me, i cant go on a day without checking and watching those shows… it makes life more bareable and simply fun…
    i was also thinking of taking lessons to learn how to speak korean but i guess it defeats the very purpose why you’re there and why i stumbled upon you.
    you stay cool and always remember if your itzy bitzy tired that there is someone here who cares and highly appreciates you as a person (may it not be personal)
    thanks again for doing what you’re doing…
    tordanoes with loads of love..

  4. hi…(writing from BiH:)

    I was surfing in order to find some information for FM 2008 and it’s patches, and in the end I got here, nice blog…
    tnx for the info…

  5. you just don’t know how much joy you give us by uploading
    all xman shows with English subs at youtube. thanks for
    having you at YT. and i love all your KJK & YEH clips.

  6. Hello, I work for the BET Network in New York City.

    We would like to have Charice Pempengco perform on 106 & Park.

    Can someone email me with the booking info?

    Pat Charles
    Senior Show Writer, 106 & Park
    email: pat.charles@bet.net

  7. first off, CONGRATULATIONS ON THE CHARICE NEWS. thanks for subbing and translating all the wondergirls articles.

    i discovered your youtube a couple of years ago.. i love your clips of yoon eun hye and kim jong kook.

    thanks. charice should definitely give you more acknowledgement.

  8. Hi.. nothing much just want to drop you a massage “thanks so much for what you have done and all time you spend on posting those xman vdo on youtube. I just got a chance to watch this show in my country (how sad now it’s only episode 22)

    After watch this show, I become fall in love with KJK and YEH til I found out your page. Thanks.. I bet you have no idea how much you give me and how happy I am when I watch all these clip over and over.
    Wish you have a good Christmas and enjoy your work..

    will check out new things from your site regularly..

    Take care

  9. Hi! I’m glad I found your site because I’ve been wanting to thank you for all your videos! Your dedication and efforts to share korean shows with others is outstanding and I applaud you! I am korean-american and don’t really have access to korean TV so I never even knew about Xman until a few months ago when I came to it by chance on YouTube. Although I know korean, I know others really appreciate when you sub the shows. I love KJK and YEH and I think it was their chemistry as well as other participants that made it a GREAT show. I think it was hard for them to recapture that when they all left. Anyways, thank you so much for all your time and effort!! I don’t think people realize how hard it is to sub the shows. It’s even hard for me to translate them!! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  10. Been a FM fan for ages…but the work you’ve done to clarify all this datacrap, to make it more pleasant for us users, its admirable…

    Keep up the good work…

  11. ni hao! coolsmurf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    everlasting 1M thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!

    anyway,,, there were rumours that charice had already performed in BET is it true???

    thats all have a nyc day!!!!

    zai jian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey, I just stumbled upon your ‘about’ area after viewing your many other pages for over a month now. I appreciate all your hard work. I really enjoy reading all the updates about the actors/actresses, groups, and shows you have here. Keep up the great work. Oh, by the way, I saw (on soompi) that Park Min Young won an another award. It seems to be some type of modeling award. Have you heard about it?

    Just wanted to thank you for all the vid you uploaded on youtube, they provide a lot of entertainment when i was bored at school. Keep up the great work and updates =]

    ❤ GIN

  14. I have been a youtube fan for a while. The videos you uploaded was what essentially introduced me to korean media. I loved Xman and Kim Jong Kook. I discovered Charice through your youtube account too. She’s amazing! I came accross your blog because of the Edison Chen scandal. Thanks for all that you do! It is very much appreciated.

  15. omg! i thought coolsmurf is a girl.. sorry about that! 🙂

    anyhoo, just wanted to thank you for subbing all those vids of yours in utube. if iloveanime discovered charice through your vids, i discovered suju while watching your vids of charice in star king and eversince then i became a fangirl (hahahaha!). i have been interested in anything korean for a long time now but it became an addiction after that moment. i’m loving all your subs of korean variety shows and of course, anything superjunior. i hope you’ll have more of them in the future. thank you for all your hardwork. remember always that you make a lot of people happy through what you do.


    p.s. do you have a request section here? nyahahahaha!

  16. @sugarhigh, you are not the first and certainly not the last. it’s nice to see that I have made another happy.

    requests belong to youtube, remember!

  17. Hi! I love reading your blog and
    I go to your youtube channel once
    in a while. I would just like to say
    that your blog is well balanced.
    I also love wonder girls 😀

    Keep up the good work!

  18. O_o coolsmurf! OMG!!
    i did thought you’re guy because of your username..coolsmurf sounds like guy username to me..
    but so many user refer you as a “her” i thought i was wrong!! so i’ve been refering you as “her” too!
    aww.. my bad!

    really feeling sorry..T_T

  19. coolsmurf, thank you for the subs and for your hardwork.i watched more than 300+ of your videos.and i want more.lolz.
    i always visit your blog to see an updates.anyway,
    you’re a guy right?you’re a way cooler than your username!

  20. i want to ask something..what happen to sfogs.com? you know it right?.any new links to this site?..sorry for not relating this questions to your blog..hehe..

  21. @FilipinaKtvFan, now that’s really random indeed. According to this link, the site was hacked and the owner decided not to continue.

  22. ok finally i stumbled upon your website – wanted to say many thanks for all the subbing that u have been doing. without it, i would be clueless to the great korean shows !

  23. Hi! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing the entertainment news in Korea. I love Korean music and dramas but couldn’t find a way to keep abreast of news about them. (Cuz I dunno Korean except for really basic words I learnt from a Korean course I took last year in uni.) Your blog is awesome, bringing me with timely updates of Korea’s entertainment industry! I think I’ll always come to your site.

    Thanks again!

  24. Hi I just discovered that you actually have a blog !!
    I just typed “andy solbi” on google and saw “coolsmurf” so I was like “wouaaa he has a blog too !!” xD

    I’m addicted to your channel since sooo long, always checking out if there are new vids and all ^^
    I really like the shows you’re translating, I think krn shows are much better than the dramas =P

    But I never imagined that you were actually a guy! It really surprised me haha (sorry ^^” )

    Well that’s all, I was just passing by to thank you for your great vids on youtube =)
    Keep up your good work !!

  25. You sure are quite popular!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALVIN!!! Feliz Cumpleaños!
    Wish you the best in life!
    Thanks for everything!

  26. Hi Coolsmurf, first of all, thank you so much for all the videos. I really enjoyed them and am looking forward to more of your works. ^.^

    I’m a Singaporean too and I have always been very curious how you get your Korean variety shows (Starhub doesn’t show MBC). I know we can all watch it online nowadays but your videos are always published so soon that I doubt you took them from other people’s websites. I am also very interested to know what got you to learn Korean (it’s rare for a Singaporean GUY to learn korean) and how long did you study the language to master it so well that you can translate videos? Have you lived in Korea before to learn the language?

    I am really very very very curious. Hope you can share with us and hopefully one day, I can master the language well enough to contribute subbed videos to the community, like you do. =)

  27. @shanshine, yes fellow singaporean!

    @Vill, i get them from clubbox and that’s the fastest way to get your korean fix because they come out very fast. lucky we have kbsworld on starhub and most shows are subbed. what got me to learn korean? it’s all because of yoon eun hye and xman. i think it took me 2 years and i am still not very confident. i have not been to korea.

  28. You’re absolutely amazing! Thank you for posting videos with English subtitles in your YOUTUBE channel. You make watching Korean entertainment easier to those who do not speak Korean! Greatly appreciated!!!

    Love “We Got Married!”

  29. hi there.. i’ve been reading your blog and watching your youtube channels for a while now but I never read this “about” page. Wow very impressive that you’re able to understand and actually sub korean just after 2 years?! I assume you just learned it on your own? I’ve been wanting to do that myself since 2-3 years ago.. but lacking motivation haha… anyways keep up the good work! xie xie ! terima kasih!

  30. You rock!

    I was shocked when I found out you’re a guy living in Singapore. Haha~

    Uh-huh, I’m Singaporean too and still learning Korean.
    A total noob who only understands Korean when she reads.

    Thanks for all the subbed vids! YEH and KJK!! =DDDD
    Wonder Girls too! <3!

  31. Heyy

    Thanks sooo much for subbing & uploading We Got Married! Totally appreciate the effort all the way from California~

  32. hi coolsmurf..
    just wanna say that u’re awesome..
    i just lovin all of ur subbed videos and all translations about korean thing..
    and im gonna support u for sure, because im a korean maniac too..LOL

    another thing, im envy you for ur ability to understand that language by urself..
    im currently learning korean language but i guess i didnt improve much since then..*__*..

    i cant say much more, but thanks so much for doing all these wonderful job..Fighting..!!! ^^

  33. hai alvin..i think you change your profile a bit..i just read that your favorite variety show is 1N2D and your favorite singer is lee seung gi..hope you can sub one of old 1N2D episode..or some of seung gi’s stuff (please..please..please ^^ hehehehe) thanks..thanks..thanks..bcoz of you i know seung gi, bcoz of you im so in love with korean stuff now..

  34. ” Hey, I just stumbled upon your ‘about’ area after viewing your many other pages for over a month now. I appreciate all your hard work. I really enjoy reading all the updates about the actors/actresses, groups, and shows you have here. Keep up the great work. ”

    ” anyway, just wanted to thank you for the translations & info you have put up on your website. really appreciate it from the bottom of the heart of a person who cant understand a word of korean. it really helps me enjoy the variety shows. ”

    “keep up the awesome work! ”

    ^^ What they said! ;P
    PMY’s doing that new drama – (translated off google).
    Can’t wait for your take on that!

  35. Nice website … great information!

    Um, I was wondering if there are any posts about Wonder Girls? You know how on the side there’s the list of clickable stuff? I don’t see Wonder Girls!

  36. hey coolsmurf,
    i think i recognize your name after reading your history, and i think i’ve been a regular visitor for one of our old websites. This is an awesome blog site, and I’m glad I found one of your creations again. Anyways, is there any way I can subscribe to your posts (like get daily email subscriptions)?

  37. Yo Coolsmurf,

    Thanks for all the translations that you have done and I truly love the x-man part. I’m a Singaporean and my wife is a Korean and now I truly understand why she cannot stop laughing everytime she see X-Man on TV.

    Oh and yr blog site rocks big time. Its very informative and helpful.

    Thanks ALOT !!

  38. Hi coolsmurf,

    somehow i find your nick familiar.. oh well, nvm..

    very glad that i found this blog (thru OMY no less).. i am very interested in the korean entertainment news too.. or rather anything korean 😛 will be sure to bookmark your site in my blog. I actually tried to start a site too but erm.. 三分钟热度.. 🙂

    will keep myself entertained with your youtube channel…


    Tammy from SG

  39. Hi Coolsmurf,
    Thank you sooooo much for subbing korean shows….
    I really enjoy your work…
    I hope you are not tired of doing the subbing and uploading, because you make many people happy!!!
    I will always wait for your video.


  40. hi coolsmurf…coco here.. was wondering..are you having any issues with wordpress’s editor? I can’t for whatever reason use the Visual editor. Everything is HTML.

  41. I am a korean canadian but not into korean Entertainment. Nice blog and good luck with the site.

  42. LOLz…somehow i log into my blog and i saw u at the front page of wordpress….


  43. Hi Coolsmurf…
    thx a zillion for all d subb vids on youtube i really enjoy it (esp. we got married, i’m addict to that show), anyway i found out this website while searching for ‘how to fold lamb towel’ and it’s just make my day ^^ thanks…
    btw, Do you know how to find all FC Shoot dori ep which has subb on it?
    I know u already subbed it but not whole episode (i’m not complaining ^^), i really loves kjk so maybe you know the link or somethin’

    I am awaiting a reply.

    ps. keep up the awesome work!

  44. Heyy there Coolsmurf!

    To sum it all up, I’m pretty much superrr thankful to all you’re hardwork on this amazing blog. And also, subbing all those video’s on your youtube. I would like to see more broadcast of the Wonder Girls and interviews of them.

    Anyways, you’re my hero. Thank you :]

  45. COOLSMURF is the best!
    thank you for subbing xman and we got married
    my life would be a bore without your hard work on putting on the subs!


  46. dude it’s proabably because of you that I got hooked on kpop, after a couple of videos that you subbed from Xman, i was hooked on HARD. haha
    thanks so much.
    words can’t say enough
    and probably you already heard many times, but really, thanks

  47. Thank you so much for having put up subbed Korean videos on youtube! I’m sad that they were taken down, all the effort u put into it too! Stay well!

  48. thanks a million for all the great videos on youtube. please, let’s all move on….but i do hate youtube and sbs. don’t want to and can’t really understand them. i was so, very, very sad the few days that i couldn’t find you, coolsmurf. but i found you this morning, dailymotion says you were online and i literally jumped with joy. you’re really the coolest smurf, alvin!!! cheers and fighting!!!
    I LOVE YOU, dongseng!!! take very good care of yourself, ok? hang in there. we’re with you all the way.
    SHAR unnie

  49. hello alvin! are you truly moving to dailymotion? i was looking all over for YOU and then, you were “online” and my whole family was shocked to hear me screaming “aaarrrghhh, it’s coolsmurf!!!” hahaha my mom choked on her food and my dad spilled his coffee. i grabbed our baby micky and danced around. please make us all happy and stay, please? sending you hugs….
    meimei and friends and family

  50. COOLSMURF! COOLSMURF! COOLSMURF! please don’t ever give up. don’t forget there’s 23,000++ nice folks behind you, loving you, supporting your hardwork and really appreciating you. i’m beholden to you for all the wonderful subbed videos. you caused me lots of joy and happiness. i’ll be stalking you and following you…..
    i’ll forever be your loyal subscriber wherever….stay warm & safe.
    Lexy (i’m in california, usa)

  51. coolsmurf, your site is genius. i’ve always had a tough time gathering media on korean entertainment because of the obvious language barrier (i’m from the philippines and besides our own, the only other language i know is english). thanks for putting this up for us non-korean-speaking but korean-loving fans.

  52. you and other subbers should be recognized for what you do. most people don’t realize it but by easing the nuisances of language difference, people like you actually pave the way for others to move across what they thought were barriers and divisions but need not be.

    i’m still upset about the termination of your account in YouTube. you bridge gaps where others can’t and it’s a shame SBS cannot appreciate that. i truly pity them for their narrow views and conservative ways because they may have gained their rights back, but they lost a substantial number of audience along the way.

  53. coolsmurf,
    thank you so much for subbing for us all these years. it sucks that that sbs is doing this now. people like you make the hallyu culture what it is today. they are too ignorant to understand the influence of international recognition. we hope you don’t give up and continue to sub for us nonkorean speakers. you should contact ‘theasianmission’ (youtube user) and collaborate with him. the two of you do great subbing work. if you need support in upload, storage space, let me know. but please don’t stop subbing!!

  54. I’m sorry too about the termination of your Youtube account. Please don’t give up! Keep fighting! Thanks for all your hard works, especially for us…non-korean but loves korean stuffs.
    It irritates me that I just loves We Got Married and when I’m searching for your uploading and subbing in youtube….all gone. A friend from soompi told me there’s in veoh but too bad, veoh is also not available anymore in my country. So I’m so depressed of finding that. Is there any other link for this?

  55. Wish you can give some info about Bae Seul Gi’s new musical as theres nothing anywhere thats in english :(. The one where she changed to a 70 year old grandma

  56. Ke2 -> go on crunchyroll and search We Got Married. Theres a whole channel for it and its all subbed until the latest (ep.20)

  57. hey coolsmurf…firstly thanks for the videos. it was such a great help regardless u sub most of it or not. it really kill my boredom! and now u are off from Youtube..how am i suppose to watch those WGM regularly..i know this website u gave from koreansub utd but i prefer watching it from youtube. come back with a new acct!

    and i cant believe ur a singaporean! cos i am too! haha..
    great job bro!

  58. Coolsmurf, you really are cool. You work so hard with all the great KPOP culture, whether writing blogs here, or subbing those great videos on youtube. And yes, stupid SBS people suspended your account, and I think it was a really bad and stupid mistake they did. Because without your videos a lot of people wouldn’t even know much about the KPOP culture right now! I remember that’s how I came to know about the korean culture and got interested was because of your great work and talents, I was searching for subbed videos of Charice Pempengco in Star King, and of course you had one and BAM! that’s how my interest for Korean started to happen!

    And now, I’m tyring real hard to learn more about the Korean culture, from the language to fashion, to entertainment! And it’s all because of you! And I’m sure there are more people like me who are non-Koreans, who stumbled upon your youtube channel and our lives suddenly changed! So I thank you for all you great hard work!

    Don’t be too bummed about your youtube channel being suspended, even though the videos are not there anymore, you have gotten so many fans and support that your work didn’t get to waste at all! On top of that SBS is going through karma! Beacause of the Olympics leakage they are in trouble! But anyways, continue your great work and effort! All will pay off soon.


    Saranghae COOLSMURF!

  59. coolsmurf…how come i cant find the (previous) icon link too see older post…i search everywhere in ur blog but cant find ” older post” link …how im i suppose to read older post help????

  60. Hi coolsmurf! I was wondering.. do you still have WGM clips of Alex-Shin Ae cuts stored somewhere? I am particularly looking for Episode 3. If you don’t mind, can you please send it to me through my email or soompi? Don’t worry.. I won’t be posting it anywhere on the Internet. I would just like keep a copy for myself of my favorite couple in WGM to rewatch. Thanks you so much for subbing great shows from Xman to WGM.

  61. @bliss_@soompi, unfortunately no, I never backup my copties of WGM. I think someone has reuploaded my WGM cuts onto Youtube, u could do a search for it.

  62. aww that’s such a shame but thanks for replying so quick though! I think I know who you’re referring to and I already emailed the user but unfortunately (s)he doesn’t have that particular episode either. I’ll search more maybe it’ll be uploaded in the future. thanks again!

  63. hi i really want to thank you for subbing all those videos =D

    i was so sad when i saw your youtube account gone

  64. Hi,

    I wonder if you’ll read this…

    Since you were able to find out how to buy Crown J’s “A” t-shirt, I wonder if you can find out about this one…

    You know the couple T-Shirt that Hwangbo and Hyungjoon wore in WGM epi. 21… well, it wasn’t Hyungjoon’s but Alex’s..
    I just noticed that Andy wore the same t-shirt in epi. 16… and apparently Junjin wore it too in the last epi of Family Outing…
    I wonder if you know how to buy it….

    Thank you… ^^

    p.s.: I miss your sub.. =(

  65. Thank goodness you have a wordpress on Korean’s entertainment! I was so upset when all K entertainment uploaders on youtube was suspended – total tragedy.

    I was surprised that you are also a Singaporean! Considering how there many English elitists I know think I am weird for like Korea culture and entertainment so much. Maybe it’s just my generation or I probably just don’t know enough people. 😀

    Anyway, thank you soo much for all the subbing, news update, information and videos!! I owe you much for all these informations. 😀 Can’t thank you enough! Please don’t stop and don’t give in (to youtube and ungrateful people). (:

  66. Thanks for the hardwork, the videos you uploaded made wonderful memories for me.
    Many including me appreciate your efforts very much.
    Thanks for everythingXD

  67. Hi,
    Just dropping by to say:

    1.Thank you for all those English subbing, news update and videos. 🙂 Appreciate them a lot.

    2. May I have the permission to use your WGM banner? I’m writing an entry on WGM and I would like to use your banner for it. 🙂 I will definitely link it back to your site.

    3. Keep up the good work.


  68. hi coolsmurf- i’m amazed this great site is an one-man effort! it has the quality and quantity worthy of a team!
    have a cheerful day & thank you for feeding our pop needs.

  69. hi there coolsmurf…
    I’ve been ur reader just recently, and I really like how u put the news and pics and stuff all together.. and it actually inspired me to make a blog just like urs… but in my own native language… I often used ur article to be translated in my blog. (don’t worry, of course i credit u 4 the source…)
    so keep up the good work! 🙂

  70. you are amazing!!! it takes a pure soul to do these things voluntarily. You love what you’re doing and keep it up.

    i always visit your blog when i’m on-line. thanks coolsmurf for sharing your thoughts and talent to us. (your subs are great)

  71. always admired ur vid contributions in YT ^^ n appreciated all the translated current info that has been posted in ur blog ;p it’s amazing how u mastered Korean in 2 years.. im entering my 3rd year learning now, but my korean just stuck there .. u know.. limited time n all.. seeing Ur result in mastering Korean give me another spirit… thx for all the vids n info u shared us…

  72. Hi Alvin. I love your blog. I visit it everyday. I see that you like Wonder Girls. I just read in TimeOut New York Magazine Issue 677 that they will be at the Korean Harvest Festival in Queens for a small concert this Sunday on the 21st.

  73. Hi coolsmurf. Please also feature successful Korean TV personalities in the Philippines namely Grace Lee (a.k.a. Lee Kyung Hee) and Sam Oh (a.k.a. Sang Mi Oh). They’re 100% Korean but raised here in the Philippines and can speak fluent Tagalog. They’re so cool. Thanks. =]

  74. hello there coolsmurf.
    i really thought you’re a girl.lol
    but anyway, thanks for all the videos you subbed.
    i idolized you coz im a frustrated writer and you’re such a very good writer.im jealous.haha.
    keep up the good work..♥

  75. you are awesome. thanks for exposing more people to korean pop culture. it’s amazing that you learned korean and sub the videos yourself! keep up the great work and know that you also have MANY korean american fans…
    even if some of us can understand the language, it’s wonderful to be able to watch clips with friends who don’t know korean.

  76. Hey there!… just what they’re all saying Thank you so much for all the posts that you’ve made here and in youtube..
    I am even more grateful because i learned to love korean pop, and korean shows because of you … i was very much entertained and engrossed right now(in a good way) and i owe it all to you ♥

    And also because of you Charice pempengco became phenomenal.. i’ve watched Charice’s career by the way and something came to mind that i hope you could answer..

    Was charice invited by star king? or ABS-CBN had its hand on it somewhere..? you know what i mean?.. hope you can enlighten me because i really love both charice and abs..

    Keep it up.. Thanks again! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  77. Hi there!

    I enjoy reading all your posts! without you i think i wun be able to know so much about kpop! =) kampsahamida!!

    btw do u by anyway know how to watch sukira kiss the radio live?

    thanks! =)

  78. wow
    thanks for all you info
    btw you’ve changed your banner, why?
    but I love east of eden too
    great drama

  79. @yosira, time for a change since it’s been a while and I couldn’t find something decent than that.

  80. hey, so are you a S.H.E fan too? hihihi just curious cuz you said you are a former S.H.E admin. I love all your shows, so I found it interesting if we have the same taste… take care!

  81. i’ve been coming here for a while cause i get my wondergirls news from you. i guess ill be coming here twice as much now seeing how u have a section for park min young

  82. Thanks for creating a great site…i wish i could find more translated sites on yg news..keep up the great work..much appreciated..

  83. is thanking you for your major contribution to blogging and translations~~
    without your.. credits i would only be a drama and variety viewer, not knowing about issues occuring to our k-entertainment.

    coolsmurf, thank you~~

  84. thank you for all of your hard work, from blogging, uploading and subbing :DDD

    we all appreciate it, keep up the good work :DDD
    you’re a cool guy kekeke !!!

  85. Hi Alvin !!!!! I really enjoy reading your blog… so I visit ur blog everyday after I found its^^
    Big Big!!!! thank for your hard work….. you make me n other non-korean have a happy moment ^_^
    wish u happy everyday 🙂

  86. thank you!!! your website always, always make my day!!

    without this website, i wouldn’t know abt korean variety shows..i alwys thought its one sappy drama after anthr.

    thank you!! =)

  87. Your blog is like “BBC news” for me ;P I always find time to check this website during lunch time.

    One thing interesting that you’d probably can elaborate: I found out about Charice Pempenco which was in Star king with SuJu. She’s really amazing and Oprah Winfrey, David Foster spottted her in YouTube. Was it you that sub the show ? If you are.. Good for you ! You made this young girl debut as an international star.

  88. Thanks for everything coolsmurf!
    The subbing of the vids and this wordpress 😀
    They de-stress me so much hahah

    Thanks much!

  89. Hi coolsmurf~
    Thanks for all the awesome info’s~
    Keep up the good work~
    Job well done~
    Btw, are you a korean?

  90. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping us updated on the latest news with your two blogs. It’s always a good break from the serious stuff that I’m working on.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday season. ^_^

  91. Hey~
    I made a small donation for your hard work ^^;;;
    Its not much I know but just my appreciation~


  92. Good Morning Cool Smurf from Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thank you very much for continuing to provide updates on Kpop culture. You are a rare source of info for those who don’t speak Korean but want to follow the K drama/film industry.

    Keep up the good work and Happy New Year to you and all the Coolsmurf fans.


  93. Happy Holidays Coolsmurf/Alvin!!!!
    I just wanted to thank you for your hard work with your blog and YouTube Channel!!!!
    You are helping many people with your works and you are popular.
    If you ever need help with translating news, clips or anything then please feel free to email me at
    I am also ga_yeonx3 on Soompi, you will probably find me on the Hwanyobi thread and the Hwanhee thread.

  94. May I ask why you don’t have advertisement on your site? At your traffic you might be able to live off of just the advertisement; you could quit your job.

  95. MIGRATING From WordPress.com = > Other Hosting with wordpress.org software
    1) In your wordpress.com account, go to your Admin => Export and export your blog. It will give you a file to save and make sure you keep track where you put it!
    2) In your new host wordpress blog go to your Admin => Import and chose to import the “WordPress” blog. Point the import process to your file from Step 1 and import! Voila!
    3) As for files and images, don’t delete your wordpress.com blog and they will still be accessible without having to change anything!

    From: http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/transfer-wordpresscom-to-wordpressorg?replies=12

  96. coolsmurf! belated happy new year! ^^

    i must say, you’re one of the people who got me to like kpop! nyahaha~~ thanks for all your work!

    have a wonderful 2009! ^^

  97. collsmurf,
    still wondering why you stop writing wonder girls’ articles 😦

    your wonder girls wonderland is the most updated blog ever!

    it made me fall in love in WG 🙂

  98. Hi! I guess I’m the 151th but the main point is, I think your site is pretty cool and thanks for all the new updates.

    Happy 2009! (:

  99. Random comment, but where did you find the SNSD picture on your header that you cropped for your site?

  100. Hello!

    Just wanna thank you for all that you’ve done!
    Here’s wishing you Happy 牛 Year!事事顺利!吉祥如意!
    Great job done there fellow Singaporean (:

  101. i’ve been stalking here for quite sometime and i just saw the ‘ABOUT’ tab. i was shocked to see that you went to both MDIS and TP. hurrhurr… used to work at MDIS and am a TP alumni! hurrhurr….

    ok cool.

  102. hi coolsmurf…

    uhm… hello… like you, i’m a fan of nam sang mi. I know it’s too much but i’m desperate. can you please put english subs on some of nam sang mi’s videos on youtube? i’ll give you the links if you agreed. But I would understand if you don’t. 🙂

    uhm, one more thing. i can’t enter you xman soompi thread. i’ve been dying to watch nam sang mi’s episodes. *sobs*

    Thanks for the news about nam sang mi. 🙂

  103. Hi there! Been following your blog for a while now…always look forward to your daily posts. Anyway I received email about Se7en’s new website and wanted to share with you and your readers.


    I figured this is how you usually get your juicy KPop related news? Either way, I think your Se7en fans would appreciate this newsworthy info.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  104. holla?? haha ^^
    mmm…,i keep repeating saying one thing when i remember ur (laughing bcoz of u ^^ thanks a lot) ~~arigato^^~~
    u really make me loving more and more abt internet..hahaha
    thanks!thanks!thanks!!…hahaha probably u bored while reading ~~thanks2~~comment,but im sincerly saying how much i appreciate everything u do..^^

  105. Hi CS!
    I know you don’t do this blog anymore, but I still come here once in awhile hoping to see you write something. I have to admit, I only go to kpop to read ONLY your posts. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for all your efforts on you-tube and kpop! Hope things are going well over there! Miss you here though!

  106. hi, never thought that one day i can send a massage to a person that turn me into an x-man addict(^_^)


  107. hey! i think its really great that you’re doing all these things.. really cool! i used to check out coolsmurf in youtube.. then i kind of stoppedcause of school and all… next thing i knew it’s wondersmurf.. still it’s the best! 🙂

  108. Hi Coolsmurf,

    Really thank you for all your translation and news for Kim So Eun. I’m a big fan of hers.

    Also, want to let share her Official International Forum: http://www.soeun-angels.com We opened on 6/15/09 (Broadcasting date for first ep of her new drama.)

    Please pay us a visit!


  109. So far, is only 2 people (one being you) on the internet with reliable subs for Korean stuff. I wish more koreans would do this kinda of thing… because now a days is more and more people interested in this awesome country.

    Thank you and keep going bro! Greetings from Guatemala.

  110. hey coolsmurf its been awhile i hv a request if u will alow it. i hope dat u can sub this episode of star king: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWNzU3SpTtE&feature=related

    i remember from da past i was one of those who requested da video of charice pempengco on star king…so hopefully u hv time on ur hands to put english subs on this video i found. i find this to be very amusing and cute i will be soo grateful and if not its ok i understand! thnks and more power to u!!! 😀


  111. owhh..
    finally i found u here..
    I really wanna thankz u for all ur works on YT especially..
    It must’ve taken u hard of work 4 all those subs works..
    NEway,CONGRATS 2 U!
    Urmm..I think u deserved to get a lots of fans and I am one of them too!

  112. hi wondersmurf/coolsmurf,


    Omo! i didn’t know you are a singaporean till i found this page.

    i didn’t know that a fellow singaporean has been subbing the korean videos, whao~~ you rocks!!
    you’re amazing, i’ve always love your subs in YT.. love the X-man, the MVs, etc etc. ( all ur videos )

    i’m a singaporean, i’m currently learning korean,
    hope that one day i will be like you understanding korean language. i love k pop, love k variety, love k drama & the country, i’ve been to korea in may 2009, i love the place very much & i’ll be going back there again…

    hope you will have a comeback in YT…

  113. dear alvin,

    i think kim so eun might have gotten a nose job…this really bums me out if it’s true because of how she said she wanted to stay natural. i don’t know for sure, but her pictures look like it :\

  114. lol I still check here weekly to see if you’ll ever come back to update xD

    Btw I see you added Invincible Youth to favorite varieties xD

  115. hey smurf
    was wondering if u still have videos of we got married since youtube suspended ur account. would be happy if u could upload them somewhere or send 😀

  116. since you still updated your currently watching to gaksital and big, probably you still took a glance at the comments in this site too. just curious, do you enjoy shinhwa broadcast? xD

  117. We have the same tastes in K movies! I had very much enjoyed all of them except 200 Pounds Beauty, though. Nice blog! My sis had referred me to check out your drama info.

  118. Hi! I thought you now work for a large kpop news website? Is this still true? I have been a very old follower, and sometimes stop by your wordpress website and now I see kdrama reviews and less wondergirls things. Can I request a brief update on how you are doing?

  119. Are you still over at Allkpop? I don’t go there often unless noticing some specific news I want to check. But Collsmurf, I will Always remember you as the one bringing me into X-man with your subbed segments! So long ago, over ten years back right? Nowadays things are different, whole shows being subbed so fast to a large extent and even KBS World and some other TV channels sharing more or less of the shows on Youtube. In my mind, you had a part in this, increasing the international fan base especially for the variety shows!

  120. I am not with Allkpop anymore. It’s quite accessible nowadays for Korean entertainment. Life is quite mundane now.

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