So Nyeo Shi Dae Crab Leg Dance Likely Trendsetter

9-member girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’s Generation) made a successful return to the stage in a long-awaited comeback performance on MBC Music Core yesterday afternoon at the MBC Dream Center in Gyeonggi-do.

So Nyeo Shi Dae Makes Successful Comeback

After an absence of nearly 9 months, So Nyeo Shi Dae had their comeback stage yesterday performing Gee and Way to Go! from their 1st mini-album, Gee. The girls wore the same outfits as seens earlier in the week in their Gee MV, showing off their unique bubby self and cuteness. There was also a feeling that the crab leg dance in their dance chereography might become a trendsetter.

There were many Soshi fans in the crowd on this day, singing along with their idols as a show of support. Netizens also congratulated the girls on their comeback, “Impressive comeback stage that was worth the long wait”, “Undoubtedly So Nyeo Shi Dae, it was a perfect live performance.” The girls will continue their comeback with the same routine on Inkigayo tomorrow.

For me personally, Way to Go! sounded and felt better than Gee when I saw the 2 performances back-to-back. The earlier had a little extra oomph!

98 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae Crab Leg Dance Likely Trendsetter

  1. no doubt that “Gee” was lacking something and it didn’t help that the MBC PD had overlapped the chorus with background vocals because the fanchants were too loud!

    it was reported that there were 1200 fans who had turned up but only 1000 fans were allowed to enter for the pre-recording of “Gee”.

    everyone agrees that “Way to Go!” was much better and it’s turning even anti-fans into subtle fans. ^^

    not too shabby performance for their first comeback. hopefully they’ll do better for inkigayo! ^^

  2. this performance was not as good as the girls wanted it to be.
    you could see that there wasn’t much smiles in gee performance.
    i heard yuri and maybe taeyeon was sick that’s why they were worried.
    keep on the good work girls~

  3. It was awesome, although the MBC director have to set the background music louder to allow us to hear them sing because the fan chants was so loud!!!

  4. SNSD πŸ™‚
    of course their “doggy” dance will become a trendsetter. that’s what idol groups do! i’m already trying it out haha

    yeah, i agree. way to go had more oomph than gee. but i love the song “gee” better than way to go.

    anyway, love them, their new songs, their mv, their performance. yay πŸ™‚

  5. I heard they had to redo ‘Gee’ for 4 times because the crowd was too loud… possibly making them tired?
    I like the performance, but of course, there’s room for improvement because it was not their best.
    I really like ‘Way To Go!’. It suits their voices and it had a really energetic feel to it.
    They worked really hard so I’m sure they have more to offer.
    SNSD fighting!

  6. I agree with you CoolSmurf, the himnae (or way to go) performance was much better than the gee. Gee seemed a bit disorganized some how and Tae and Yuri weren’t up too scratch whereas in HimNae the choreography was actually amazing to watch, soo synchronize and perfect. I think their next performance will be awesome though. Welcome back girls ^^.

    Aww i really wanted to hear the fan cheers but MBC had to record over it since it was SUPER loud.

    i do have this one fan cam clip.

  7. Which is the doggy dance? the knee part? when they did the first chorus right? because I like that dance XD

  8. Sorry, but coming from the States, those dances seem really weak & almost laughable. I’m not saying that they should be sexually suggestive like most dances here, it just had the feel of a middle school recital…..sorry for the negative comment, just being honest.

  9. very weak comeback..
    don’t really care if it’s their first time performing it and such because i really don’t think gee is the proper song for their comeback single.. choreography wise it doesn’t seem comfortable.. too much switching the mics from one hand to the other and such.. way to go is a better song but that performance was also lacking.. they used back-up vocals for the choruses of both songs.. which i don’t see the need to since they have 9 voices out there..
    not really memorable in my opinion..

  10. whoa, the perf for way to go was awesome i liked it..
    gee was bit dissapointing for me, i like the song but the performance was a bit ehh..=/

  11. I like both songs.
    Way to go I like because I think that’s the song they used in the Haptic commercia, I could be wrong but I love that commercial.

    I also like Gee because it’s so cute β™₯

  12. the girl’s did an absolutely AMAJING performance
    and they will improve everyday!
    i hope they’ll sing dear mom someday too

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  14. LOL. doggy dance? Of course they all look like a dog. Seriously, Seohyuin and taeyeon are out of breathe.
    Hyo-yeon and yoona can’t sing for shit. tiffany, jessica and sunny only knows how to flirt with their ajussi fans. And eww, the audience are so quiet and they are more excited when they saw the confetti. Lastly, pretty girl by KARA is way better than this gee gee gee gay gay gay!

    You guys know why they took a break for 9months? Because one of the member got pregnat!

  15. I agree w/you! The Way to Go (himnae) performance was much better. To be completely honest, I love the song Gee but the performance was a little…boring. o_o But Way to Go made up for it. The girls did a great job!

  16. i think they should’ve made “Way to Go” as their comeback single instead of Gee coz it sounded better. Plus, I don’t see much vocals on Gee, more of manipulated voices on the computer….

    They’ve improved and I’m glad for that…. =)

  17. Gee and himnae ROCKS!!!!!
    I really liked their outfits for himnae and the choreography was cute too.
    I’m looking forward to their next performance.

    Btw, gee chorus was all live but mucore REPLACED chorus cuz fanchant was too loud ^^
    thats explains why the audience wasn’t that loud during the boradcast 😦

  18. The performance was jjang. I missed SNSD girls so much, they were so pretty, their voices were beautiful.
    himnae is my favorite..
    A fan from SNSDChina wrote his fan account..
    “…The security guards said they never saw so many boys, it was unbelievable….”
    “.. At around 1pm, the amounts of Sone have increased up to more than 1000 people, at the end a SM worker said that the last number would be around 1200 but because of the size of the audience seats, the amount of Sones allowed in were around 1000…. ”
    Sβ™₯NEs jjang!!!

  19. @bb

    “they used back-up vocals for the choruses of both songs..”

    the MBC PD had overlapped the chorus with back-up vocals because the 1000+ fans were too loud with their fanchant. O.O

    you can view the fancam to prove that we’re not lying. the girls had to redo 3246363 times to make it seem perfect but unfortunately, editing it made them looked less perfect.


    i hate MuCore!

  20. it was great. yes i do agree way to go had that little extra something. i hope they perform that again tomorrow.

  21. “…showing off their unique bubby self and cuteness…”

    bubbly and cuteness – ahhh. you’re kidding right? korean entertainment industry is founded on these 2 things. it’s the bread and butter of everyone who has no REAL talent to show [which is pretty much 90% of today’s stars]. this is the problem with korean entertainment, they put so much emphasis on FLUFF, those with real talent do not get as much attention and love.

    taeyeon can sing. i hope she’s debuted as a solo performer soon. being in snsd is bringing her down.

  22. God, these girls look so tired. they performed each song 4 times…so that’s 8 times. then sunny and yul are sick…and tae is busy as hell. i feel bad for them :\


  23. i dont like snsd but this song is really addicting. about their performance, from a very critical pov, it didn’t show off their vocals. the voice over was like half the song….i like taeyeon and im thinking what a waste of talents to be in this group and sing this kind of song when she can do so much better on her own….
    but nevertheless, the song is catchy so ppl will like it and it will prob hit the charts and all…..

  24. lol. it not excuse if some members were sick. how bout other gasoo that sick also can give good performances during their show n concerts. sm had good timing when no big artist release their album.

  25. its fine, since its their first time singing this song on stage! i’m sure it will be heaps better in the future! I think taeyeon is meant to be in this group, so stop saying how she is better going solo… without snsd, she wouldn’t be as famous as she is now…

  26. Gee is very catchy, however I am wondering how they can perform Gee live exactly like it sounds in audio because Gee has techno something and I think the girls’ sound is altered in the audio record (adding or edit the vibrating which it is obvious to listen) so when they perform it will not be same as the record one.

  27. hmmm….by doggy dance, do you mean crab dance? the words for dog and crab in korean are very similar….

  28. dang, haters. hahahah
    i loved<3 it!

    youre right, the dog/crab dance is simply love. its been used before as jokes but seeing nine girls do it simultaneously is really entertaining. im excited for future performances!
    not to mention the attires of the girls – simple but incredibly eye catching because of its vibrance

  29. to be honest i didnt like “GEE” as much as “Kissing you” or “Girls Generation”. it is nice. but i didn’t really like how they weren’t able to do the chorus live. but of course, they aren’t the only girl group that dont sing their chorus live. Kara and Wonder Girls dont too. but yeah. in a way this stage, was lacking something. i like all three. but i dont know. they care too much about dancing. and with that no one can really debut as a singer in AMERICA. we care more of your vocals that can wow us away. not your dancing skills. that is why u are a singer not a dancer.

  30. and from what i know. the doggy dance. if it is the foot dance that they do. it isnt called a “DOGGY” dance.

    it is known as “PAC MAN” dance.

    only those of the 80’s would know. i know this since i took dance class. and i was taught this dance. it is an easy dance. but if u put things in with it(we had to) it gets intense.

  31. @koreanvue11

    The chorus was sung live but the Music Core PDs replaced it with the recorded song version because the crowd cheering was too loud.

    The crab dance is my favorite part of the Gee dance and Way to Go! is my favorite song on their mini-album ^^

    Also, their performance on Inkigayo was 100000000x better than Music Core’s πŸ˜€

  32. i’m not a fan or anyting,
    and i know the cute and bubbly like their image and all.
    but i quite sure a lot of them can sing better and they need more songs which would showcase their singing to gain more fans!
    i have to admit the songs are really addictive though.


  33. @koreanvue11
    i agree… not just them but, kara, wonder girls need to focus more on their singing than their dancing… although i love all of them, and their songs but… the singing needs to be as great as the dancing…

  34. @WGrocks
    why drag Kara and WG here..??? asshole..


    hahay.. 9 months for just that..?
    so disappointing .. Lmao..

  35. i liked both songs <33

    himnae is like haptic, keke. it’s hard to choose between gee and himnae!
    i noticed tae yeon was not that lively in pref~
    she must be sick T^T

    i hope she gets well soon =)
    i think, their comeback will be successful keke.
    it was worth waiting~~

    soshi hwaiting!

  36. Both songs are annoying, however Yuri looks gorgeous.
    Don’t know why Seo Hyun needs to put her hand on her face at the start to attempt to be “cuter”, I mean she’s already naturally cute.

  37. The girls did an awesome job with their first live! Especially on Gee! Way better than most other girl groups when it comes to performing live!

  38. umm idk really know any of the members but who is the one in purple jeans and light purple shirt??? seems like shes the only with a very distinct voice. thank god she really stands out! whoo go purple!

  39. @koreanvue11

    you dont speak for all of america. “we care more of your vocals that can wow us away” thats an opinion. they perhaps focused more than their dance moves because it required a ton of effort to remember a whole choreography, and not to even mention that they had to perform four times before actually being aired (the clip shown above).
    oh btw, people should stop with wth that dance name is called. so coolsmurf said doggy and we all knew what dance part it was regardless so it really doesnt matter. so chill and let alvin do his thing

    but their sbs performance rocked! you can easily tell the members were a lot more comfortable and excited; jessica did a lot better today from what i can tell.

  40. If you don’t think their dancing and singing isn’t on par, then you should try it yourself. Heck, trust me, it’s harder than it seems.

  41. @xbabyshakesx
    the girl in purple is taeyeon, the leader and the main vocalist..

    gee is a song which is hard to sing and dance, and it’s even harder to sing and dance together live.. so i agree w/ pleaser, whoever says that their perf isn’t good, plz try it first on your own..

  42. i think they did a VERY good job. im a wondergirls fan
    but i think SNSD has improved alot. now they can sing and dance they just have to be more entertaining i dont really know what the word is but you know how wonder girls dose it? you dont have to be a good singer you just hav to have a happy personality and be loved by everyone.

  43. eebabo did come before gee… like a year before. for new wonderfuls, the wondergirls promoted eebabo around christmas time of 2007 and sported colorful casual outfits.

    but yeah, so the dance moves or A LITTLE similar but its happened before (IN EXAMPLE: part of Kara’s pretty girl dance is nearly identical to Big Bang’s Heaven dance)

  44. lol crab dance? =_= that’s some oldschool stuff
    looks funny but trendsetter? I hope not.
    I think the No No No No, Oh Oh Oh Oh part is way cuter.
    Also the quick fist pounding when they say bula bula bula or whatever is adorable. And the Gee Gee Gee dance in the chorus is nice.
    But the crab dance? No thanks.

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  47. coolsmurf, when koreans say “κ²Œλ‹€λ¦¬ μΆ€” don’t they mean crab leg dance? they move sideways, so…..i mean, it doesn’t look dog-like at all.

  48. Yea… I think it’s called the crab-leg dance… saw it on other sites as well πŸ™‚

    They did well, and they looked adorable… but I still find something lacking from their performance… can’t put my finger on it.

  49. if you can read korean you’ll know that both crab and dog dance are used by korean media.
    just confuse which one is right.

  50. hehe .. i notice u hav snsd as the banner.. but no yuri?
    i thought you like her.. haha
    or did soy kidnap yuri ? gyahaha

    @ pay , i think alvin lov both wonder girls and snsd ..
    me also.. but now i spazz more for snsd..
    [blame soshisubs who way much faster than wondersubbers).. gya..
    but when my love to WG seems to fade away, there is always sun mi who make me fall in love again πŸ˜€

    snsd jjang, wg jjang, coolsmuf jjang

  51. I think the girls sounded quite nice for their comeback, but the “If you think they’re bad, you try doing it” is really pathetic and immature. -.- Someone who has an opinion about a performance is not the one getting paid to perform in front of an audience.

    On their comeback stage, I remembered that Seohyun and Tiffany sounded really good in Gee, Jessica sounded ok. Taeyeon was good but her ad lib was really weak. Yoona sounded really off, but everyone else was pretty solid.

    If they just develop some more stage presence, they’ll win me over.

  52. @ aw

    you are a fucking gayass piece of shit.
    just because you’re jealous that the members of SNSD are allowed to be bubbly and young and sing happy songs doesnt allow you to call people who support others as


    and excuse me? us copying you?
    what the fuck is wrong with your brain, face, mind, and family?

    and just in case you think i’m pissed off at haters?
    fine, for all you antis, well okay. thats your opinion, and i’d rather you have a more positive outlook on the girls, but fine.
    but you, “aw,” are calling us fans delusionals? youre a fucking retarded dumbassssss you bitching faggot.


    and to coolsmurf,
    thank you for posting this tidget of news πŸ™‚
    it’s good to hear the girls deserving the positive attention and support they need as artists ! πŸ™‚
    thank you thank you thank you.

  53. ok performance.
    need more charisma!!
    i thought the song was decent, but I was expecting more of a change…it seemed kinda the same style: bubbly, cute, “fresh” girls dancing around on stage. not much different from their debut.
    and the “live” performance wasn’t that..well…live.
    almost complete backup singing for the chorus!

    and btw,
    @ snsd & s.
    wow. talk about hating. no need to get worked up over a comment on a website?!
    sure you have a positive outlook on SNSD, but maybe you need a positive outlook on life.
    my my.

    @snark, agreed.
    and when people comment on the bad side of the performance…don’t say “why dont you try” or “you’re just jealous” because we’re commenting as a general audience…-.- obviously we can’t PROVE that we can do a better job.
    and pretty sure we aren’t jealous…
    we’re just saying it could be better.
    seriously, chill out. it’s pathetic.

  54. coolsmurf, why don’t you post about how Gee is topping every single music chart in Korea? (; gee, should shut the haters up.

  55. congratz to the girls, Gee is now topping the every single main music chart in Korea <> wow, they made it within a week after gee released!! your hardwork finally paid off…SNSD HWAITING!!!!

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