Park Chan Ho Home Run As 1 Night 2 Days Achieves 48.0% Peak

The Park Chan Ho factor for KBS 1 Night 2 Days continued to hold some charm over the viewers as it registered a 31.65% rating (single episode) yesterday evening, the 3rd consecutive week that the show has gone over the 30% mark. SBS Family Outing obtained 25.6% while MBC We Got Married showed old episodes again (10.4%) but the latter will be back this weekend.

Park Chan Ho Returning to Where His Baseball Career Started

Yesterday was the final chapter of the Gongju trip where famous Korean baseball player Park Chan Ho went back to his Gongju Middle School, and started filming a segment of Hidden Camera. The members of 1N2D assisted him in this segment by playing a pitching game with Park Chan Ho’s baseball juniors. Park Chan Ho meanwhile disguised himself as a cameraman filming, as his baseball coach/mentor plus his juniors never suspected anything.

This was until when Park Chan Ho started pitching like an awesome player much to the amazement of his juniors and the watching coach. The moment when he reveals himself to be Park Chan Ho, the ratings surged to an amazing 48.0%. The average rating for this 30+ minutes of Hidden Camera was 40.0%.

I think KBS World will show the Park Chan Ho special starting from next week. Also, there will be a female version of 1 Night 2 Days, much like how Infinity Girls is the female version of Infinity Challenge. Comedian Kim Sook, Jung Jung Ah, Kim E-Z (Baby Vox), Kim Eun Jung (Jewelry), Bronin and Paulia (Chitchat with Beauties) are the new cast members of this show which will debut on KBS Joy (their cable channel) on 13th January (credit to Oyasumiyabi).

Female 1N2D

Also, the PDs have apparently invited Manchester United football star, Park Ji Sung to appear on 1 Night 2 Days but that is unlikely to happen now, at least until the English Premier League season is over (credit to baqinardo)

28 thoughts on “Park Chan Ho Home Run As 1 Night 2 Days Achieves 48.0% Peak

  1. i dont think the 1n2d girls version will be as big as 1n2d.but thats just my opinion. plus i dont really like bronyn (sp?), shes so annoying.

  2. OH WOW!
    1N2D rating is off the roof these day!
    I love their wild winter camp episodes! haha
    A female ver. of 1N2D? That will be interesting 0.0
    I always wonder what if it was girls instead, or have a both sex on the same show.
    mmhm, we’ll see how it goes.

  3. but I do find that one girl in the pink jacket to be very annoying. I can’t stand watching her on ChitChat of Beauties.

  4. if park ji sung were to feature in 2 days 1 night, it would really awesome even though i’m an arsenal fan. lol

  5. Awesome special for 1n2d. Too bad the KBS World version is not going to show everything b/c they have to omit stuff to fit the time slot. Kind of sad just thinking about it, b/c I thought even the little moments were meaningful.

  6. I watched part of this episode yesterday just by accident while channel surfing. I usually don’t watch this show but yesterday’s was so funny and touching! It was really nice of him to come and visit the school…the kids were so happy to see Park Chan Ho. I bet they’ll remember that day forever!

  7. i watched it yesterday and it was so good and touching !!!
    park chan ho is a very funny and nice person.
    Very awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. woah 48% is an astonishing feat!

    the epis with Chan Ho were really enjoyable. love at how the guys were starstruck when they first met him.. and how chan ho slowly became comfortable during the show.

    sammi: yeah. it’s too sad they cut certain hilarious parts. hmph. i hope they lengthen the show time @ kbs world.

  9. wow !! that’s some awesome news to hear (about the ratings)! thanks for putting that up. i’m not really sure what i feel about 1n2d girl version. as long as it doesn’t bring the original 1n2d down then i’m happy. i’ll give it a chance b/c im a fan of baby vox + jewelry~

  10. Shinji would’ve been hilarious if she was casted for female 1n2d. Congrats to the show’s astonishing ratings! 30% average is already wow but 48% at peak? Does that already beat the Baekdu Mt. ep or equal?

  11. Bronin is hilarious! I love her in chit chat of beautiful ladies.
    Kim E-Z… aww… havent heard about her for a long time.
    wonder if it will show on kbsworld.

  12. Park Ji Sung on 1N2D would be wayyy cool!!!if they get it worked out, of course. But female version of 1N2D? a tad hesitant bout the idea somehow…

  13. @babylicious : no the baekdu episode still the highest rating ^^ if im not wrong..hoho is it very touching?? bcoz most of the scene in this episode is just about talking and i cant really get what it’s all about..

  14. 1N2D really rules.. haha.. If Ji Sung comes, it will be awesome.. Ask if he can bring along Ryan Giggs or not..hehe

    1N2D female? i’ll watch then comment.. looks interesting..
    maybe WGM must create spin off – we got divorced and family outing create enemy outing.. gyah

    yes, mt. baekdu episode is superb.. i’m a loyal viewer of these 3 awesome variety shows, but FO and WGM did not
    have super touching episode like this..

    oh yeah, just some silly thought, perhaps these 3 show can have temporary cast exchange
    it’s interesting to see hyori as wgm couple (she will bully her husband), eun cho ding make breakfast in FO [lol, he will wake up the latest) or hyung don strugling not to eat in 1N2D (maybe after joining, he will lose a lot of weight)

  15. 1n2d female version? Uh, no. I absolutely love 1n2d because of its cast. Everyone is so close and comfortable together.

    I’m glad 1n2d has such high ratings. It really is a great show.

  16. omg! i can’t wait to see this. especially when Kim E-Z is going to be in it. i haven’t seen her since her Baby VOX days & plus Kim Eun Jung of Jewelry. Love her too. It would’ve been better if it was Park Jung Ah, but it’s okay.

    I’m very glad that 1n2d is getting high ratings. they deserve it. love that show! best show out of wgm & fo for sure. haha.

  17. I think 1n2d girl version will be boring ’cause we always care about how we look in the morning, unlike the original 1n2d which is amazing! ā¤ LSG!!

  18. lamo @hyun XD. Sorry, but I have to laugh out loud at the spin-offs theory lol. IF the shows a hit, there’ll be most likely divorcees and public enemies for real in the making…hahah..well I’m not making any points here, just lol-ing on the possibilities XD.

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