Park Min Young Revealing Bath Scene Attracts Eyeballs

Bathing scenes seems to be a normal occurence in saeguk dramas nowadays. In recent memory, Goo Hye Sun in King and I, Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won in Painter of the Wind, Jang Hye Young in Return of Iljimae. This not only ensures that the drama will make headlines but the actress too.

Pictures of Park Min Young in a revealing bath scene for Princess Ja Myung Go has indeed attracted lots of eyeballs after being released recently.


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Park Min Young Screencaps from Princess Ja Myung Go Opening

The following are screencaps from the drama opening of SBS Princess Ja Myung Go which will make its debut in February, starring Ryeo Won, Park Min Young, Jung Kyung Ho, etc. No video link could be found as yet so please make do with only the screencaps of Park Min Young from the opening.


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More Princess Ja Myung Go Pictures from Park Min Young Cyworld

More pictures from the set of SBS Princess Ja Myung Go were uploaded by Park Min Young onto her Cyworld earlier this morning, giving us sneak peeks into what she would look like in the drama which will debut on 16th February. Besides her, there are images of Ryeo Won and Jung Kyung Ho as well.

Park Min Young Surfing the Net?

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Ryeo Won and Park Min Young Face Off In Princess Ja Myung Go

More news and pictures involving the leading ladies of SBS Princess Ja Myung Go, Jung Ryeo Won and Park Min Young has been revealed. The action scene between the two actresses were filmed between 4th – 6th January, lasting for consecutive 3 days at SBS Ilsan production center before wrapping up.

Park Min Young vs Ryeo Won

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