Alex and Shin Ae Leaves We Got Married

Alex and Shin Ae will say goodbye to We Got Married for the second time.

Alex and Shin Ae filmed their last outdoor shoot on 29th October for MBC We Got Married at the Acoustical Society of Korea located at Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu. 600 fans from the Alshin fanclub attended in the format of a fanmeeting as Alex and Shin Ae left the show in their own special way.

On this day, Alex and Shin Ae came to the fanmeeting venue early as they decorated the entire place personally with flowers, balloons, photos (polaroids I guess ^^), etc. Shin Ae also made cookies and presents in the form of cosmetics, autographed photos, etc and packaged them nicely. The production team even transferred Alshin couple sofa from their home at Yongin, Gyeonggi-do to their fanmeeting place, making the atmosphere extra heartwarming.

During the fanmeeting, Alex and Shin Ae chatted with their fans, Alex sang for them while Shin Ae read out letters with the entire event brimming with excitement (you have to wonder how much of this will actually be aired). As Shin Ae was opening her letter, she couldn’t help but start tearing. She couldn’t stop herself and burst out crying several times while reading the letter.

Seeing that Alex and Shin Ae would really be leaving following the conclusion of the event, fans were noticeably sad at that. Alex and Shin Ae will film their last studio segment on 4th November and their farewell episode will air probably in mid-November. PDs claim that there will be no further changes after this.

Reasons given for Alex and Shin Ae departure from the show was because of Alex’s back problems while Shin Ae has to film a saeguk drama Empress Chun Chu. As the filming for Empress Chun Chu takes place in Gyeongsangbuk-do (outside of Seoul) and which could take up 5 to 7 consecutive days, it wasn’t realistic for Shin Ae to travel from Gyeongsangbuk-do to Seoul.

The ominous signs were there or rather a combination of factors that were forced by circumstances. Choi Jin Shil’s (Shin Ae was very close to her) death, Alex back problems, something fishy when they added 2 couples despite only Anbi leaving, the lack of airtime for Alshin couple in the past few episodes, Shin Ae starting her drama filming, Ant couple moving into a big house, etc.

It was good while it lasted when they made their return. It took a while to regain the lost spark. But when they eventually did, every single moment despite little airtime was sweet. They are still the only couple to leave and then return on We Got Married. Now, I have even more reason not to watch when they are officially off the show, they were my favourite couple afterall.

For the memories, visit AlShinlove Youtube for Alshin cuts.

224 thoughts on “Alex and Shin Ae Leaves We Got Married

  1. yeah. just another reason not to watch. wgm is really turning into another whole show which viewers aren’t familiar with. oh, did i mention i really do not see the chemistry between the new couples o.O anyways, really sad to see this couple go. i hope their relationship will continue even after the show. btw, i see a ratings drop coming…

  2. the show is dead, i feel bad for the lettuce couple, i think they are the only ones worth watching…

    SIY killed it for me… just when i started liking her…
    and the MCs didt help either, CJ is too good for her…

    ill admit i wasnt too into the AlShin couple mainly b/c
    i saw them as competition to AnBi’s popularity, but
    i did warm up to them eventually… im just sad that
    its not how it used to be with the original 4 couples…

  3. Awwwww! They were my favorite couple too!!!! =(((

    but … I knew this was coming. =((( sigh.

    I’m glad that they were able to end it with their fans but I am going to be sad when I watch it.

  4. Nooo! I am going to miss them dearly. There goes the romance of the show. If anyone else from the original couples leaves, that’s it for me for WGM.

  5. This pisses me off so much. They’re my favorite couple… I’m a person who you would never believe watches WGM but Alshin won me over. This day will live in infamy for the rest of my life… the only way I could die content is if they actually dated and got married. I’m feel for my fellow Alshinners…

    Oh well… later everyone!

  6. OMGGG!! NOOO!!! they are the reason why i’m still watching WGM and the initial reason! i’m officially gonna stop after their departure… so saddd.. =( ahh well, all the best to them!

  7. I only watched for the Alshin couple. Now that they’re leaving I’m officially gonna stop watching WGM after their departure.

    The new PD needs to do something if he doesn’t want to get fired. I don’t know if I read it from an article on Coolsmurf’s blog or elsewhere, but I heard the new PD started taking over from the 29th episode. Ever since then, the concept has changed. Rather than the episodes being couple-oriented, they’re just putting everyone together and seeing if funny moments will appear and then air it.

    I miss the original PD; that PD had better concepts and a good eye for couples with chemistry. Admit it, we didn’t think Crown J and SIY were going to last that long, but somehow the old PD saw it. The new PD is just bleh.

    I’m sad Alshin are leaving, but it’s better for the both of them. Alex’s health has been affected by all the stress, Shin Ae needs to start acting again…it’s better to sacrifice this show since they’ve been getting little airtime and the ratings are decreasing little by little each week.

    Alex, Shin Ae, the two of you will be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors. Keep in touch because you two are an adorable couple!


  9. WHAT? Alex & Shin Ae + Andy & Solbi were the only reasons why I watched the show, it’s really pissing me right now…It’s seems like the PD is making the show suffered rather than helping it…HATE HIM!

  10. Alshin is my favorite couple~ Their laugh are the sweetest laugh ever. I watch WGM mostly because of them >< I will miss them so much~ I hope Alex will recorver soon~ and Shinae’s drama will success~ And of course I would love to see them together in real life~
    Im so sad to see them leave~

  11. I’ll say goodbye to WGM them with Alshin’s departure. My Sundays will never be the same again.

    Hope Alshin will date for real after their WGM stint, if not I hope they’ll remain good friends and constantly keep in touch with each other.

    Thanks Alshin for those wonderful 7-8 months in WGM.

  12. I guess I won’t be watching WGM after AlShin’s last episode. It’s so sad that they’re leaving but I guess it’s for their own own good. It was good while it lasted and I’ll never forget the couple. They were the sweetest and most romantic and still my favorite since the first time I watched it. They still make my heart flutter even though their airtime was just getting lesser and lesser and every minute was precious.

    They should just stop WGM altogether. There’s no more point unless they spice it up or something that will get the audience’s attention.

  13. yeah this really makes me sad
    honestly they were the couple that i liked first
    and even when people were saying that their marriage was annoying because alex was too perfect, and shin ae lacked emotions..

    but i didn’t see any of that
    i believed/saw them as the mature couple
    the ones who actually portrayed the lasting efforts of a relationship.
    i know that’s thinking really deeply, but i really liked this couple because they were just nice to watch
    well and because i like alex and shin ae i guess (:

    and the other couples i guess if you really think about it, are like the progressions/aspects within an actual relationship.

    the arguing, the immaturity/maturity, funny moments, romantic moments, annoying moments, etc.

    i really liked WGM, but recently the shows have really lost their spark(s)
    since anbi leaving, and i knew sooner or later, the nxt couple to leave would be alex and shin ae, but yeah
    it was fun while it lasted (:

    this show was awesome!! i mean, i hope a lot more couples think about their situations and or learn from this show (:

    but yeah i still love Hyung Joon & Hwang Bo

  14. but no seriously i really like Anbi & Alshin
    they were probably the main reasons why i watched the show as well :c

  15. AIISHHH>>!!!!

    aww….so sad right now..:(

    now i dont think many people are gna continue watching WGM anymore..i mean…just watch when they leave..the rating go weeee……

    my MOST fav couple!!! 😦

  16. oh dear … this is really too bad 😦 … they are fave couple from day 1 itself but this is inevitable … this gives me a better reason for me to not sacrifice sleep on Sunday mornings just for both of them

    to make everything complete now is for the HJ/HB couple to leave now …. CrownJ/SIY can stay on for all I care coz frankly speaking, SIY with her own ”uniqueness” or whatever you want to call it is just getting more and more plain annoying and irritating … just when I thought she was more of a ‘nice witch’ then she just has to spoil it again … duh!!

  17. I’m not going to watch WGM anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll just watch Alshin’s last episode together and that is it!!!!! I already stated my case that if ever Alex and Shin Ae leaves, I’m not going to watch it anymore!

    I’m sooo sad 😦

  18. OMG.. this really kills me… The only reason I watch WGM is only to see Alshin,.. and now with they are gone… I guess I’ll just see WGM when I have time…

    I can’t believe this is really happening…

  19. “Tears
    I only watched for the Alshin couple. Now that they’re leaving I’m officially gonna stop watching WGM after their departure.”

    My thoughts exactly. I’m just sad they’re really leaving although the signs were already there with Alex’s back pain, Shinae’s new drama, Shinae’s BFF’s death, two new couples, less airtime, etc.

  20. It was expected sooner or later. Just really sad about them actually leaving. T_T The fans will sure be sad. Alshin fighting!

  21. IM SOOOOO GONNA MISS ALSHIN.what a way to start the day. :((( right after hearing the news, i came to your blog to see if you updated, so now, thanks coolsmurf! thanks a lot! happy to know you’re a big fan of alshin too 🙂

    i’m near to tears with this sudden (but not so sudden) info. gosh. but i cant stop smiling at the same time reading that they spend it with the alshin club members. great to know that they acknowledge all the efforts of us fans and for them to personally make gifts and prepare the whole event themselves is awesome. im anticipating the last episode but not anticipating it at the same time. ironic huh? but really, i think we alshinners need boxes and boxes of tissue for the coming episodes. i have no idea if i can bear to watch shinae cry 😥

    it’s heartwarming to see all these replies and knowing that they’re gonna be missed by many. it’s a big pity that they have to leave due to their schedules and i wish their airtime will be much longer (every couple deserves and average of 18 minutes now but with alshin having nowhere half of it, it’s ridiculous i swear).

    with this, i bid farewell to wgm for good. alshin’s the only reason i’m watching wgm in the first place. so…

    FO, here i come!

  22. As always, thanks for the news, coolsmurf.

    I’m sad that the Alshin couple is leaving. Although I don’t
    watch WGM anymore, they had some very memorable scenes that are some of my favorite ever in Korean variety:

    1) Their ‘first kiss’, when Alex kissed Shin Ae on the forehead.

    2) When Alex sings “Flower Pot” to her.

    3) All the crazy sweet things that Alex did for Shin Ae.

    Goodbye, Alshin!

  23. farewell ALSHIN…
    i’ll remember all the moments they shared with us…
    thanks for giving us hope to believe in love…
    this is it…i wont be watching WGM after they left…

  24. Not again!!!!!! WHY (I know why but I just wanna say it)!!!!!!! The one thing I don’t like about variety shows getting popular is that they pick the popular people off variety shows and give them a huge role in a drama or something like that. Example: X-Man – Yoon Eun Hye had to leave because of a drama. We Got Married – Andy (had a play) & Solbi (had her solo debut) and now Alex and Shin Ae

  25. Even I am a Alsinholic, but I am not that sad when I read the news, coz I know they have good future waiting for them. And no matter how their relationships will go after the show, I think they’ve have a good friendship now. Thank them give me such wonderful show, I have to say, I learn so much from the show and from Alsin. I sure will miss them so much, but the good thing is I finnally can get away from WGM, this show just take too much my focus and attention. well coz I was so out of my mind ^^


    WGM is turning out to be a sucky show, now. Oh, well. Hello Family Outing.

    Alvin, the last two posts have been saaaad.

  27. omg! the show’s not going to be exciting anymore. well, although i love the crown j-SIY, joongBo tandems, it’s just not going to be the same! i’m losing interest watching now even as i hear this news!

  28. …. hmm.. now i would only watch half of the couples.. jongboo and ant-couple.. honestly.. wgm is becomin borin..
    i miss the old wgm -.-

  29. oh damn it
    since those two new couples joined the show i really started disliking the show. there’s just no charisma to them. it was sad when andy and solbi left and now this also gives me more reason not to watch the show. i just warmed up to alex and shinae after andy and solbi left. ugh.
    next episode would be the last one im watching…mannn…they better freakin show a lot from these two couples. stupid PD editing a lot of shit. ugh

  30. oh jeeeez
    as many times as i want to say ” let’s just see what happens next, maybe they’ll get better?” they get worse!!
    i don’t really blame the PD or anything for the fact that the AlShin is leaving by their leave is just adding more and more bad points to WGM!!!
    even worse than THAT, the new couples are just bleeeckkk~
    gosh, i’m getting tire of convincing myself everyday to check on WGM

  31. Oh No!!!!! I can’t believe this… I wonder one of the original couple is going to leave but this is too sudden and soon…

    I love the Alsin… Now the only reason i am going to watch it is the other 2 original couple.. huhuhu

  32. OMG!!!! noooo…they were my favorite couple!!! i love alex and shin ae…..T_______________T
    man this really sucks….
    but im stil gona watch the show…its just to good.

  33. oh and ppl stip with this :

    “Im gonna stop watching now that Alsin is gone” crap….do you expect them to stay there forever??? think about it rationally and stop whining.

  34. oh and ppl stop with this :

    “Im gonna stop watching now that Alsin is gone” crap….do you expect them to stay there forever??? think about it rationally and stop whining.

  35. They show isn’t as interesting anymore. In the beginning it was perfect because it had different types of couples, all with different flavours. Now its just weird, hwanhee’s couple is like a guy with his little sister the way he treats her. Hwangbo couple use to be awekward and now that they’re natural they seem more like best friends than a married couple. Ant couple isn’t the same as before anymore. Marco couple hasn’t progressed like other couples have, they’re very comfortable off the bat, then uncomfortable then back to normal.

    They need to get rid of everyone and get fresh couples with a fresh studio and everything.

  36. Awww, well this sucks.

    Don Don is back to annoy Crown J & In Young.

    Andy & Solbi has left already…possibly indefinitely.

    Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo are finally hitting it off. The only reason I will continue the show despite the fact that my favorite couple is the ‘Ant couple’ but they’re ruined thanks to Don Don.


    Alex & Shin Ae just returned to the show and now they’re leaving?! They need to change Son Dambi’s husband, Marco, or take them out of the show and add a different couple.

  37. I feel the same. WGM won’t be the same without them, and they were my fav couple too, so without them, i probably won’t keep up with it anymore. oh well…it was wonderful while it lasted….

    hopefully this means that they could foster a real relationship outside of the realm of a reality variety show and be truly happy together…they were perfect together!

    keep your eyes and ears out for news of a real alex-shinae couple!!!

  38. My fav couple BY FAR. I was surprised when Shin Ae even returned after CJS’s death. I’m glad they are going to on their own terms ^_^ After their farewell episode, I will no longer watch WGM.

  39. omg, them too?!!?!?!? its so soon too. i thought they’d stick around, even if theres so much things going on.. didnt they say theres still so much more they haven’t done? t_t

    ah.. wgm is really going down..

  40. OMG – it literally made me gasp when i read the heading. Can’t think of the last time a blog made me do that (btw LOVE your blog Coolsmurf!)

    While I got onto WGM very late (prob a month ago) – seriously only got ‘hooked’ when i saw the Alshin segments. Then of course caught up LOL

    While it’s sad that my fav couple is leaving, and given the limited air time of late – it was perhaps not totally unexpected.

    The silver lining is that they have introduced themselves as artists to a whole new fanbase, and I for one will be keeping an eye out on their next (individual) ventures.

    A lovely touch is how they chose to spend it with their fans – classy to the very end.

    Good luck Alshin (and get together already ok? LOL)

  41. It’s inevitable… the old couples will probably all leave by december (signs are popping up for the Joongbo couple too).

    …after that, WGM will probably be done unless they find REALLY REALLY compatible couples like the old PD did.


  42. I will miss them terribly! I just hope like all Alshinners
    that they will be together in real life. They are the
    only reason why I started watching WGM.

  43. noooooo another favourite gone…. it’s not as good as what it used to be…anbi left a huge gaping hole and now alshin.
    now only lettuce and hwanyobi will be worth watching.

  44. One by one they’re leaving. First anbi then now alshin. Next will be lettuce since hyungjoon will be in Boys over Flower. This show is really going to die. I think the ant couple will stay but then all they do is fight now so there’s just hwanyobi + killer couple but they lack chemistry and naturalness. I really couldn’t care anymore if this show gets canceled. I was already starting to lose interest.

  45. moving on to family outing now!! yay!!!

    no but in all seriousness as crazy as it may have sounded they were the ONE couple i was hoping would get together. They are just sooo considerate and sweet to each other that i thought something more than friendship would develop. sigh ant couple with their big house was obviously a move to generate buzz in the tension caused by hyungdon moving in with them.. sad. oh well gl alex and sinae!!!

  46. wadahak?
    this is just so annoying D:
    the very much i love ant couple so much,
    the other thing that keeps me watching this show is cause alshin is there D; i love them right when this whole show started and moved over to ant couple after they left.
    but now they are leaving again? D:
    BAH thats just annoying D:

  47. omg… alshin’s my fave couple too T___T
    i dont think i want to watch anymore..
    ……… ………….. …………… T___T

  48. we got married just gone down hill after andy and solbi left and now them… the ratings have been so poor already i wonder what affect the show will have once alex and shin ae leaves i have a slight feeling the show might be canceled so sad to say that but the only thing saving them now is to have another INTERESTING couple which in my opinion is hard cause everyone is so use to the old couple, people find it hard for change hell it took me awhile to get use the hwang bo couple and now i love them.

    GOOD BYE WE GOT MARRIED =( it was fun while it lasted *tears*

  49. GREAT……… I probably won’t even watch it after they leave. I’ve watch clips of the sangchu couple and maybe the ant couple…but other than that, I don’t think I’ll continue watching. UGH. They were my favorite!!!!

  50. I have to agree….AlShin was my favorite couple!!!! I know, I’m a romantist. I guess I won’t have any motivation to watch WGM after they leave…..every moment they shared was so sweet.

    Thanks coolsmurf for always posting news about AlShin.

  51. so sad…….T_T
    actually it was 600 ppl from alshin club came to the fan meeting… they got gifts from alshin. i post it in alshin thread @ soompi if u want to know….

    alshin annyeong…
    WGM annyeong…

    no reason to watch WGM after they left….

  52. siiigh..and i was just starting to love them. before i watched wgm for the ant couple but then i started watching alshin around the episode where they came back. and i love them!

    about the new couples..the only couples i’m looking forward to is hwanhee/hwayobi, they’re so funny to watch especially hwayobi. and i can see their chemistry growing, and hwanhee starting to care more for her.

    i’m still gonna watch wgm for ant couple, lettuce couple, and hwanhee/yobi.
    son dam bi and marco is kinda…i don’t know…i just know i won’t miss them if they left=/

  53. its sad to see the alshin couple leaving..but they may be leaving at just the right time–the show is going down the drain quickly….the alshin/joongbo couples have always been the 2 reasons why i watch wgm. If the PDs want this show to last they really should go back to the original layout/format/concept. I still don’t get why they need so many MCs lol

  54. Oh man. First AnBi and now AlShin?? So tragic. :\ Who’s next? ANT couple? WA. It’s sad enough that AnBi left, now my other favourite AlShin is leaving too. AlShin was my first favourite before AnBi tooke over 😀 Maybe I’ll check in with ANT and Lettuce couple but the new couples don’t really capture my interest.

    I’m going to miss AlShin loads! *Hopes that AlShin couple will really be a couple :D*

  55. I really am losing interest in the show now with AlShin leaving… T_T
    Though there is SangChoo couple and HwanBi but somehow.. it wasnt the same anymore…
    Best of luck to AlShin

  56. You said it best Alvin… It was good while it lasted… they took a while to regain momentum(friendlyness=less awkward,skinship,lovey-doveyness) when they rejoined, when they part the first time…

    And we all had savour it all despite the short airtime sometimes, it was still super sweet…

    Thanks for the memories Alshin… You are my fav couple, always had and always will… all the best in the future and FTW…

    Yes… one less reason to see WGM, as much as I adore the Lettuces and the Ants…

  57. this show had so much potential to become one of the most entertaining korean variety show, but the PD’s SCREWED It UP!!
    I don’t know the guy’s name but he thinks what he’s doing is right, but it’s not.
    I was a little fishy about how alshin didn’t get much air time, but I understand why…similar to what he did w/ ansol couple.

    fire this PD + bring the PD from family outing + Kim jong kook = success

    have a nice day.

  58. WAT THE HELL ?
    but but they were just becoming to be one of my faves
    dam it.
    well if the lettuce couple leave then
    i will say goodbye to we got married then.
    if all the couples leave the article of how it says that family outing is beating we got married is gonna come true for suree.

  59. yup..once AlShin is reason to watch WGM anymore for me.
    Sad that they’re leaving..but I’m happy to know that at least they’re much closer now.

  60. waaa… first the ansol, next alshin to leave..

    i wish the lettuce couple wont leave the show… and the ant couple too….

  61. soooo sad iam gonna miss them in WGM but hopefully they will continue their friendship or relationship in reality,… my favorite couple alshin goodluck and all the best!!!….

  62. To be honest, the first time I noticed that I noticed that you changed your background from East of Eden to Alex and ShinAe, I’ve been paranoid that they were leaving. (In fact, I was really shocked and I really did think that they left, until I scrolled down to see no new posts.)

    Looks like I was right >.<.

    I hope that they both keep contact and take care of themselves~

  63. Oh so sad but hers hope against hope that their relationship as an artist will be from ackwardness to friendship to the highest level, also hoping they will not lost communication……..
    PRAYERS FOR BOTH ALEX AND SHIN AE on whatever path they will both pursue after their stint with WGM,,,,,,,,,,,

  64. i will surely miss them…. then it’s time to switch channel i guess — like family outing maybe…. though the other new couples are likable too but not seeing ALSHIN anymore will be very different and depressing so i’ll just… hmm maybe look for another show to watch… and thanks alvin for all the updates you’ve shared for the last 7 months….

  65. i’m seriously crying right now.
    i’m just watching WGM up to now because of alshin, and now they’re leaving, i won’t watch it anymore. dammit. tears. T__T

  66. Aww….now the new couples are coming in the original couples are leaving. I know it wouldnt last forever but it wasnt long since they were asked to choose if theywanted to stay but I guess they wanted to spend the time they had left until they were actually about to go away for work.
    It’s sad. They took a while to get back to normal after meeting up again as well.

  67. Wow, this was definitely the down of my day. TT.TT I love Alshin couple! They were so sweet. I hate the Hwanhee/Hwayobi relationship. It’s so incompatible, and Marco just annoys the hell out of me. Can’t stand his personality. >< This is so sad!!! I miss the original cast! (minus Don Don and Saori).

  68. NO. D:<
    If they leave, I’ll stop watching WGM. You know how sad this is? After watching them for 7 months? T__T~

  69. me too, i don’t think i would watch WGM again, since my only fav couple eventually leave the show. well, it’s too bad, but think we get to go back to reality. =´(
    but i’m root to see Alshin become a real couple in reality, without any cameras bothering them around. hee hee *crossing fingers*

  70. i was really upset now about this news..although i knew that they would leave someday some time…
    their unique romance factor really made them shine in the would be a loss to the show without them..its such a pity..

    ever since ansol leave..the affection i have for wgm already decrease..wgm suddenly become a ‘stranger’ to me and i have to get use to it..yet now alshin too.=(

    its also kinda hard for them..saying goodbye the second time.
    all the best to alex health and shinae drama.!!


  71. im sad that sum of the roiginal couples are leaving but how long did we expect to see them… 10 yrs?! lol
    But i fink we shud give the new couples a chance remember the joogbo couple? people kept critizing(sp?) their age gap but now they got a huge fan base
    im a fan og WGM and i dont want the show to end that would be…….bad :*(

  72. Annoyed. I was becoming really fond of them. At first they werent that much but ever since they came back from their first departure i felt more of a spark. And now they’re leaving? This sucks. Next its going to be the Lettuce couple! T.T (they are my favv)!!!!

    I hope another fansub will stop subbing this and sub another Variety show.
    I watched Family Outing and it sure is good (i only seen the DBSK one)..So i hope maybe someone will sub that instead?

    ….am i asking for too much?

  73. annyong WGM~~~

    Alshin couple is d’reason I watch WGM and without them… what for I continue watching afterall??

    Alshin fighting!!

  74. its over ….

    I’ll probably still watch ….. still enjoy the concept of the show, but unless there is more growth between the new couples … the show looks doomed.

  75. It’s so sad that my favorite couple is leaving the show. I thought I’d see them at least until December. I’ll sure miss Alshin and the romance that they provided to the WGM viewers. It’s also time for me to move on to other variety shows after their exit on WGM.

    Why is it that the PD managed to shoot more episodes for Joongbo before Hyun Joong starts his out of the COUNTRY location shoot for HYD while they can’t do that for Shin Ae who will only shoot her drama out of TOWN? Just asking.

  76. they are the reason why i’m still watching,without them…i dun think i’m gonna watch it anymore….
    so sad…..T____T

  77. haaaaa..
    i also have no reason to watch we got married after this.. alshin is my favorite also..
    i’m sooooo sad..feel like i wanna cry…

  78. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

    I still have my JoongBo Couple but… The feeling will never be the same…


  79. NOOOOOOOO. I already had a feeling that they would leave and they actually left. I bet soon the ant couple will eave ( that is why the PD put Dondon in), and the lettuce couple might leave cuz if HJ drama. Then I will not watch WGM again. Seriously, this show has taken a turn for the worse.

  80. I agree, Coolsmurf. Both of my favorite couples are gone now so what’s left to watch?! Also, keep in mind that there’s a good chance Hyun Joong will be leaving for Boys Over Flowers so JoonBo couple might not be around for long. We still have Ant couple so there’s something…..right?

  81. NOOOO~ They leaving?!?! AlShin is my favourite couple!! Gyaaaa…I will surely miss them. So sad >__<;
    I don’t think I want to watch WGM again after AlShin left…It’s time to stop watching WGM…huhuhu
    Anyway thx for d info,coolsmurf ^^

  82. omg now theres only 2 of my favorite couple left i think less people will watch the minute hyungjoong hwangbo and ant couple leave im done with this show .

  83. Dear Coolsmurf,
    Thanks for the update 😉 though it was saddening. But alas, all well ends well I guess 😉
    Your background of Alex and Shin Ae will be kept in my heart forever =D such a perfect capture of their beauty kyaaaa~
    Wish the AlShin couple all the best in their future respectively..hehe hopefully a joined future together ^__^

  84. Noooo! I want to cry. THey are one of my favorite couple. They were just warming up to each other nicely. This is too sad. I hope they really do decide to date in real life. They are good for each other.

    Why has the show changed so dramatically from the orginal? Don’t the PD know that sometimes change is not good when the original was already great? Ahhh I’m so depressed now!

  85. hic, now i have no reason to watch WGM, might Joongbo be the last reason but not strong enough. anyway, there’s also rumor that Joongbo will also leave due to HJ’s new drama project.
    Oh my beloved Alshin, I cannot imagine how is my Sunday without WGM and Alshin 😦 I know this will happen but still cannot accept it right now, it takes time. Alex and Shinae are in different industry so how can I see both of them together??? the only hope now is they will date for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. well i just hope they dont kick out lettuce and ant couple or they end up leaving then i think theyll stop airing it all together,

    really sad for alshin couple, it was really good watching them, i dont think the new couples can fill that void left by them:(((

  87. i guessed joongbo is the only reason people to watch now.. (as for me it is my only reason from the start), yet Hyunjoong will filming korean boys over flowers mostly in overseas.. so i think it’s only a matter of time b4 they leave too.. oh well.. i still think that joongbo should end it soon b4 the show gotten even worse … so at least we can remain their great moments instead the less worth to watch one.. (oh new PD u just ruined everything!!)

  88. ^tell me about it :/…i think the new pd has gone completely…out of direction…hope for her the best though, for trying to revive wgm’s sparks…
    but this is actually not it…we just feel like we need to blame someone/something…hey that’s how the world works right?…
    ..although I know this will happen anyway, still can’t digest the fact that alshin will be gone soon…although there’s activities besides only wgm…I’m going to missed both of them..seriously…and next in line will be joongbo couple…wonder how I’ll react to that…oh god…I just wished that i’m not into them…this is just really…heart breaking…darn it.


    this is tooo sad…my fav variety show dying slowly….Ant couple is officially the oldest couple there, but I will miss Shinae sooooo much…she was just a fun and delicate girl….Now I will keep on watching Joongbo and Ant couple cuts..the new couples don`t do it for me….I`m reallly sad now… Good luck on all your endeavours! Alex oppa, take care of your back!

  90. omgggggg T-T no more alex? no more shinae? no more super romantic events? i’m gonna miss them…its kinda brutal how much air time they cut from them these last few epis. sigh*

  91. O.M.G. AlShin was the reason why i became OBSESSED with this show in the first place T_____T

    now i only really have ant couple to hold onto. this is seriously sad but obviously necessary. good luck to alex and shinae– they are both going through so much right now T__T

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  93. MY FAV. COUPLE…there is no reason to watch WGM anymore…its just going to be so plain…and the new couples no chemistry >.<… rating are going to drop really badly after this couple leave…i guess its family outting then LOL!

  94. i was really sad when the Anbi couple left, they were my favorite. But i loved watching Alshin…..
    it really won’t be the same without them.

    but i’m not gonna quit cuz i still support the Ant couple and i LOVE joongbo!

  95. uuurrgggh…….i could have guessed they were leaving….it was like waiting for the axe to fall….there were just too many alarm bells going off….i only watched WGM coz of Alshin and Anbi Couple. So since both couples will no longer be on WGM….i dont see a reason to watch it either. Anyhoo…i really hope that Alex and Shinae will get together in real life, out of the limelight!! They look sooo…good together! Wish them well!! Will definitely catch Empress Chu to watch Shinae in action!

  96. It’s a sad day for all of us who have loved the Alshin so much, now that they will be preparing to leave the show soon. I have always been reserving my time for watching WGM with them on the show because I solely watched their cut. Soon my Sunday will be free for me again without them. There is no reason for me to watch the new couples dating.

  97. I can’t believe this!!!!!
    Noooooooooooooo T^T
    Last time they gone,I cry all night. How about this time?

    I won’t watch this program after Alex and Shin Ae left.There is nothing interesting in the show anymore.

  98. just now they became comfortable and well cute since shinae opened up now they leave?! wth,,seriously more than half of the reason i watch the show is gone..anbi was the only reason i started to watch now my 2nd fav couple… nothing can really help wgm to put up their ratings..*sigh bye alshin….it was fun while it lasted

  99. it’s not fare!!!first andy and solbi now them!!this practicaly ruins all the show!now the ratings will sure go down!

  100. This show is sure coming to an end.. i sensed it the moment Anbi couple left =( ….

    i Guess adding new couples was a big mistake

  101. OMG i gasped reading the tittle, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    i really loved this couple so much, its really sad to see them go, i think i’m gonna cry so much when their farewell episode airs.

    *sniffsniff* but still like joongbo and SIY CJ couple so will continue to watch the show.

  102. I have been an AlShin fan since WGM started and when they left the first time, I did not even bother watching the concurring episodes until Ep 13 when it was official that they were back on. Up till now, I only repeat their segment when I watch the older episodes as well as the current ones. Looks like that it is going to be true that they really leaving WGM for good, I will just enjoy and hope them the best once they are off the show. Once they depart, I will probably stop watching the show at all since the new couples I don’t really enjoy that much at all. The 4 original ones are still the best ones. The first 26 episodes were good to watch, after 28 that is when they started going downhill since they got a new PD on the show. Whoever the new PD is,does not really know how to maximize the time and make them even for each couple in my opinion.

    AlShin all the way!!!!!

  103. Noooooooooooo, i cant believe my inclines are correct. Now both my fave couples are gone!! WGM is never the same again.
    I will only watch Hwanhee couple, but no one else……it feels no meaning now.

  104. Now its real funny that about 80% comments here say they are not watching WGM anymore and blah whining about how bad the PDs are screwing up the show. Seriously these people are professionals they know much more than just watching TV with a remote. Obviously if they could retain the couples they will, but if the couples doesnt want to stay there’s nothing they can do about it. Its a variety show afterall not a drama shoot where the cast are contracted to stay long-term.

    Also to be honest no shows last forever neither do the cast, they will leave eventually no matter how good the show is. I for one think its good that they actually leave, its a relief from cameras and they do whatever they want away form the public eye without stress anymore.

    I AM LEFT SPEECHLESS I NEVER WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN. i never thought i would end up loving them as much as i did. WGM is gonna become a failure.

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  107. No way.
    AlShin couple is my FAVORITE couple.
    They were the only ones that really really warmed my heart.
    They had that cuteness compatibility and the way Alex opened Shinae’s heart was something straight out of a drama.

    I’m gonna miss Al-goon and the kekekekekes between them.


    Now I have no reason to watch WGM fully.
    I guess I’ll settle for JoongBo cuts.

  108. Alright! That’s it! I could care less when Anbi left, but Alex and Shinae?! I’m leaving this show behind…..well, until another couple catches my interest!

  109. this is bad news, Alshin was my favorite couple. i definitely think WGM will suffer in ratings. i do like AntWitch & Hwanhee/Hwayboyi, but there will definitely be a void left by Alshin leaving. i just wished they had more time together & on air. right when they get close again it ends. wth. is this definitely the end or is there a chance they might return again?

    also the new set up at the studio is kinda strange, they had it for like a meeting, & Shinae & Lettuce weren’t there, so it looked like only 4 couples would be there in the future.


  111. I have a feeling that the ant couple will go out first before the lettuce couple because they’re trying to make the ant couples fight and lose fan views [think dondon and saori]. Then the lettuce couple due to personal career development and also because the lettuce couple came later so they will go later too.

  112. omg. alshin were my official FAV couple…and they are leaving. hope lettuse couple will last. they are my only reason i’ll be watching that show. dang im so upset. 😦

  113. i REALLY wish this axing couples would end. Alshin was my first fa vorite couple and i never stopped loving them even after i got into the ant and lettuce couple. after them if crownj and in young or hwangbo and hyungjoon leave it’s over—i have no reason to watch the show even if the other couples prove to be worth watching. the original spark is gone!

  114. wow. -.- theres no reason for me to watch wgm anymore … its gotten so bad after anbi couple left and new couples came, and now! alshin is gone too? T_T; too sad

    i remember when wgm was orginal and really fun :/ *sigh*

  115. it’s sad that they are leaving. I guess i am one of the VERY few people who aren’t so attached to certain couples and enjoy watching the show as a whole.

  116. I have never heard of this ……………..what is it…………….who are they………………….is mbc Mandarin Broadcasting Corp……………….what is happening? Why am I out of the loop?

  117. I love the Alshin couple. Their departure will be sad to bear, but knowing that they are leaving at the right time (well I think so) is good enough for me. I have been expecting this also, with the short air time, just like the Anbi couple, so now I am prepared to see them go. But hopefully in the end they can really hoook up! I love them!


  118. oh no! They were always my favorite couple! WGM is going down the drain for me. I hung on week after week mostly to see them together, no matter how little airtime they have. But there departure is really very special with the fanmeeting. I’ll miss them and will probably find other good shows to watch now. Well, WGM still has Hwangbo couple and maybe Hwangyobi will be of some interest. But at the rate it’s going…

    Alshin, we’ll miss you!

  119. As much as I love WGM, it’s going to be hard to watch without these two. 😦 Sure, the Ant Couple is my favorite & that’s my primary reason for watching, but so was AlShin (after I got tired of AnSol, haha). It won’t be the same.

  120. what the heck they’re the only ones why i watch the show in the first place and they’re leaving
    dude for sure ‘we got married’ is gonna go down the drains!!!!

  121. NOOOOO T_T
    waaaaa, no more too look forward too! No more blogs to catch up on and read summaries before the subs are released! UGH. why why why. I will miss them so so much T_T Anbi, now alshin. ='( Ill prolly just watch the lettuce couple, and their parts only!… hmm and maybe hwanyobi. but thats it! no more romantic couple, no more drama-like/fantasy couple.. no more T_T

  122. Everything good on this show it’s just going away T_T I had enough when anbi left and now my favorite couple!! ARRGH! I’ll seriously stop watching

  123. Screw WGM now I don’t like the new couple and the A couple and Lettuce couple don’t get enough airtime…. this is a truly sad day.

  124. no…this is cannot be happening!!!!!
    i love them both!!! nahhh……..they’re my favorite!!!!……………golly! =(

  125. i really loved them on the show. andy and alex made we got married… classy… hahaha these two guys did a great job =], now that the two best couples have left… i don’t really see why i should continue watching this show too. i hope alex gets better… and that these two couples that have left the show… actually make something out of it as a real couple xDDDDD (extremely hopeful)

    …after all, they really did seem so commited and compatible =]

  126. omg! the romantic professor is leaving:( and beaaaaaautiful shinae. that sucks yo. AnSol & AlShin ARE my favourite couples and now they’re gone.. the ratings of we got married is gonna go DOWN! for now, i’ll only continue watching the show for HwanYobi, lettuce couple and ant couple.

  127. It’s sad that AlShin couple is leaving WGM and this means that I will no longer able to see their smile, laughter, awkness and togetherness anymore. I’ll hold on to the memories they’ve created and perhaps one day we’ll be able to hear that they’re officially a couple.

    All the best to both of them. AlShin, FIGHTING!!

    Thanks coolsmurf for all the posting on AlShin couple.

  128. noooo, they’re my favorite! the only reason i watched it anyway is b/c of these 2… i agree with u coolsmurf…. i think the show will be axed after this esp after family outing has been dominating the ratings and wgm has been losing audience… good luck to my fave couple!!! ❤

  129. omgg, my favorite couples on WGM are leaving one by one, once HyunJoong starts filming his drama will he leave too? cause if he is, im probably just gonna stop watching WGM. they should add some couples one at a time so viewers can get use to it. :[
    AlShin couples were likeee the best to me,most romantic <33

  130. my favorite couple leaving… pretty sad, buts its better that they leave early when the show is starting to go sour. The last few episodes really showing their closeness and just showing them taking care of babies… not focusing on their relationship. The format really sucks now with just just guests and games…

    I bet when hyun joong starts on the hana yori remake, he’ll prolly leave too..

  131. i’m speechless reading this news…
    i knew it’ll coming soon, there’s a lot of thing happen to them lately, but i didn’t expect it to be happen so soon…
    this show getting less and less entertaining… and now my favourite couple has to leave…
    they just show their closeness last week and now they’ll leave the show… unexpected ending…

    however, AlShin fighting !

    Thanks a lot coolsmurf for the info ^^

  132. if they have to make one couple leave, let it be marco-dam bi….
    thinking of following the tide and move to FO now….

  133. gonna miss AlShin couple, they really do add something different to the show,love their awkwardness before and them being comfortable with each other now,will definitely miss them.. will really miss their romantic moments..

    who’s next???.i agree with lettuce couple..soon hyun joong will start filming HYD and he’ll really be busy and he has SS501 too..

    another great couple is leaving.. no reason to watch the show anymore..

    well except JoongBo cuts..XD

    best of luck to both alex and shinae..will really miss them so much..

  134. NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    their my FAVORITE COUPLE!
    their dii reason why i even
    watch it! Seriously!
    I mean, I am happy
    she has a new drama
    which I’m waiting
    for nd I understand
    she has to go back
    to back alot but
    I will REALLY miss them!
    I’m gonna keep watching WE GOT MARRIED
    but I will never have dat same feeling
    the way ALSHIN gave me!
    I’m gonna watch EVERY ALSHIN episode
    all over again! nd never get tired of it!
    wish them the best of luck!
    Hwa ee ting!
    Saranghaeyo!=( =)

  135. i saw this coming somehow. they had so little aired time for the last few epi. wgm is gonna get boring. they are my fav!

  136. Argh so it was true!
    My favourite couple is leaving the show…Not watching WGM anymore…

    Now I will watch Family outing!

  137. hahha…
    i knew it…
    now left joongbo, crown j & SIY…
    they should add kim jong kook n yoon eun hye here..
    then i will continue watching

  138. Alshin is leaving ): truly a sad time.

    We only have the Lettuce and Ant couple to look forward to now, and Don Don already ruined it for the ant couple by living with them.

    I hope the PDs do change something, with the new couples *coughmarcodambicough* I know they’re new, but they’re not compatible and show no chemistry.

    We need interesting couples again!

  139. they were my favorite couple since the beginning.. i remember crying “buckets” of tears the first time the left the it’s for real..i do hope they would eventually end up together for real…

    as for the show, i don’t crave for it like i use to but still watch it online when i have the time.. all i watch is alshin and joongbo couple, now that alshin will have their finale it is all about the lettuce couple .. (if they leave the show, goodbye WGM)…i just don’t like the new couples especially marco and son dambi.. they are jus so fake… trying to be cute (sorry to the fans)…

  140. they were my fav couple since the beginning and i remember crying “buckets” of tears the first time they left the show…now it’s for real.. hope they would end up in real life..

    as for the show, my next fav couple is the lettuce couple, if they leave the show , goodbye WGM.. this couple together with alshin is the only reason i watch..

    i just don’t like the new couple especially marco and son dambi..

    the PD should do something about WGM before it to late.. Family outing is eating them alive…its not the same like the way they started the show… it is all outing and stuff.. why not stay home and bond as a couple or newly married ideas..

  141. it was expected that they’ll leave the show and it is sad knowing that we totally wont be able to see them on screen together anymore …

    but i hope off screen they’ll develope something real.. lets pray for that..

    as for the show, im only watching the lettuce couple. if they go, that’s it.. hello FO!

  142. Regardless of what most people have said, or all (so it seems), I’ll still continue to watch this show.
    Until the day comes when they decide to end WGM officially.. I won’t stop watching.
    Not even gonna bother explaining why I’m still putting such effort into a show that’s going downhill cos what ever I say, someone will obviously have a contradicting point of view. Therefore, I’ll just keep my opinion to myself and wish WGM the best of luck~

  143. I’ll miss Alshin, but actually I’m sort of glad they’re leaving. Both Alex and Shin Ae have some some extraordinary stressors in their lives right now. For the sake of their health – physical, mental, emotional, whatever – they deserve some time to recouperate.

  144. i have no more reason to watch the show since my two fave couples have left the show andy and solbi and now alex and shinae…how sad…i wish them luck in their respective careers.

  145. they are not my fav couple, but they were the reason why i started watching the show.

    with the old couples leaving, many old viewers might stop watching, but since it’s still so popular, may be the new viewers wont mind the change….. this show is original, so it might be able to survive despite the falling ratings


  146. they were my favorite couple!! always!
    i sincerely wish theyd meet for real..
    on the other hand i still love my one night two days 😀 cutie eunjiwon!

  147. Shin Ae is taping a new drama called “Empress Chun-Chu.” And Alex is back with Clazziquia with a new album. That’s probably why they are leaving the show.

  148. omgg. this is so sadd. after they leave, i think the show might just lose popularity..alott of it too. i really dont like the new couples at ALL. it was bad enough that anbi couple had to leave, but now the alshin couplee ><;; sniff. ima miss themm soo muchh<3
    alshinforeverr ❤

  149. They were officially my fave couple ^^ seriously!
    I’m a bit disappointed but i knew this was gonna happen with all the problems and what shinae is going through and stuff..I’m gonna still watch the show but i just think that Marco, sondambi couple must be replaced instead!!

  150. darn… i don’t think i wanna continue watching if all the great couples are leaving… first AnBi and now AlShin… it’s just too depressing… T.T

  151. Alshin and Anbi couples were the reasons I even watch WGM. Oh great. One less variety show to watch. I going to miss Alshin , already miss Anbi. D:

  152. ugh! alshin is my favorite couple. i hated how little air time they had together. they were actually the most sincere couple out of all the others. Alshin was progressing well again after their vacation with hwang bo and hyun joong and now they’re leaving….-_- i’m so pissed, yet sad and dissapointed.l it’s understandable and reasonable, but i’m still burning up. hwang bo and hyun joong are the only ones left that are worth anything to me. crown young has changed too much..>.< ALSHIN FIGHTING!

  153. so sad when i read the news, they are my very 1st fav couple and they’re the reason i first watch WGM.
    In a way it is good for both of them since the show starting to put pressure and wrong timing for both to keep it goin

    for fans like myself is sad but i am also glad and happy that they hav their friendship base solid.

    i will stop watching this program after all the original couples leave.

  154. that pd is annoying. he’s totally ruining wgm T_T
    no anbi couple and no alshin, wtf.
    if the lettuce couple leave i’ll never watch wgm ever again.

  155. While I am sad to see AlShin couple go — I really hope that they are leaving with an option to come back sometime in the future to WGM. I don’t know very much about Shinae’s work for the Empress drama she’s working on, but when that filming ends, if Alex’s back is okay and they both have the time, would they come back? This may be very naive of me to hope this — but it’s feeling like they are not having the same problems as the AnBi couple.

    I have to confess that Crown J and Seo In Young can’t take the place of AlShin, so giving them that big house is not really going to help them in my eyes. It’s just more square footage for SIY to laze around in while Crown J takes care of her. While their rapport has improved, their relationship is still too unstable.

    JoongBo couple right now will have priority for me over CJ/SIY.

  156. This is getting ridiculous now!! AlShin are my most FAVOURITE couple! I barely got over AnBi leaving but there’s NO WAY I’m coping with AlShin leaving, especially as they only returned a few months ago. I don’t want anyone to leave but if anyone should leave it’s Ant Couple as they don’t have the natural chemistry like AlShin and just argue a lot. Whereas, AlShin’s genuine chemistry was progressing more and more each episode!

    Couldn’t they have filmed their eps where Shinae is filming her new drama, like they did for Hyunjoong when he was in Japan??? I knoe they’re busy but filming of WGM is only about 1 day per week and they stretch that one day to about 2-3 eps. I think this was more the pds fault rather than AlShin’s choice as I know Alex wouldn’t want to leave the show just because of his back. I think the WGM PDs have gone too far now, especially as I’m NOT likely the new couples at all, they seem very wooden and fake and don’t have the natural spark or chemistry of the new couples.

    I can’t see how WGM will survive at this rate with now 2 of the best, most-suited original couples leaving! I can see myself slowly stopping from watching the show which is not fair as I’ve been a dedicated fan, but the PDs are just not caring about making the fans happy!

    There is lots more we could’ve seen from AlShin couple whereas I’ve seen enough arguments and temper tantrums from Ant Couple as it is. It seems lik fans in general are most bored of Ant Couple, particularly SIY attitude, so shouldn’t they really be the couple to go rather than AlShin Couple? This is soo wrong and sooo unfair!

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  158. Although I knew this was coming, still it’s sad to hear this.

    AlShin couple is my fave! After they leave the show, I have no reason to watch it anymore…

  159. Well, I’m deeply sad but I understand and always welcome their decision. It just it’s too soon. Duh, I’m sad. Their presence in WGM bring the mature and real atmosphere of a real relationship not too dramatic or over the head. I love them.

  160. aww… I’m really going to miss them. I think they should become a real couple! Although it is a reason to stop watching WGM I still want to watch it for the ant and lettuce couples. T.T … aigoo it’s so sad I want to cry..

  161. Yea. I decided to stop watching because Al-Shin were my favorite, but, I also forgot that I’m a super big fan of Crown J/ SIY couple, so I have to stay to support them.

  162. No offense to anyone, but it is kind of annoying that people are like, “Oh, they are not on the show anymore! It is so sad. Well I am not going to watch it!!!!!” That’s understandable, but kind of pathetic. AlShin wasn’t my favorite couple, but I liked them, they were entertaining. True, it is sad to hear that they are leaving, but the way fans are reacting is just ridiculous. On the other hand, I do agree that the new couples are somewhat lacking and I miss the old format better, but you never know, it might get better (the new couples are funny and somewhat cute, although Marco is kind of annoying me now). The new couples are still in the newlywed phase. Regardless, JoongBo couple is my favorite, hopefully they will stay and even if they leave I will still watch the show. I love this show too much for me to give up on it.

    Well, AlShin couple, I’ll miss your contributions to the show. You guys were funny, romantic, and cute. I wish you guys good luck in the future and please remain friends.

  163. Its sad to see Al & Shin couple leaving, as that couple is what first attracted me to WGM, as well as the original couples. Still, its really gotten worse from what I have seen in some episodes as this PD seems to have a lack of direction, or more like a bad direction at that. Well, hopefully, you are watching “Family Outing” Coolsmurf, as that is an enjoyable show to watch instead of WGM. Great show, hopefully you can sub small parts if possible, unless SBS prevents you from doing that.

  164. NOOOO!! My favorite in the beginning was the andy + solbi couple and when they left i was bawling like crazy. And then i was about to give up but i started noticing how cute alshin were. and wahhhh why do they have to leave?! his really sucks. Only hyunjoong + hwangbo left, but i have a feeling they are going to leave soon too because of the drama hyunjoong has been casted in. The new couples dont have the chemistry that the other couples once had and it is kind of hard to watch son dambi and marco. dang… the show is going to be done for, but i hope we might see interaction between the old couples in other variety shows and that their friendships last and maybe one day they too will be real couples

  165. …why~ i hope them the best! if Ant couple leaves.. i think i’m done with the show.. i liked the 1st few couple the most. now only ant couple is the only old couple… and the too new ones just dont full in the hole that andy and solbi left. and i dont know if anyone can fill in alex and shin ae…

  166. i really sad that they not participating we get married anymore, all my favorite couple are eventually starting to leave T________________________T , but i hope after they got all their work done, they join we got married again T___________T , i’ll be missing them … T_________T

  167. One more reason to turn away from WGM. But I’m not doing that yet. When Joongbo leaves the show, then I’m officially off. Till now, Joongbo is the only motivation.

  168. Anyone know the latest update about AiShin’s relationship? Are they dating for real!?!?!?! Hate to see them separate!! 😥

  169. oh my
    were the letters by the fans or alex?
    and is there a place where I can find the fanmeet video?
    I wish they could be together in reality~

  170. OMG! WHAT?!?!??!?!
    THey were my fave couple too!
    They were the only ones who were cute together.
    Hope they still keep in touch though!

  171. Cutest celebrity couple ever. I was so disappointed when I found out that they were leaving the show. New couples are so annoying.
    I liked Andy and Solbi too. 🙂

  172. *sigh* This couple was one of my favorites >.<
    But I guess in the end it adds up to one thing.
    All they were was a fake couple.

  173. alex is sososo active im very like alex because so beuty congratulations alex (((((congrajulations)))))

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