Crown J and Seo In Young Will Leave We Got Married Next January

I resisted blogging this but eventually reality got to me. We have just 1 more day to seeing the last of JoongBo on We Got Married, and then this news hit a few days ago which announced that the Ant Couple would also be departing the show by next January. Their departure which had been coming frankly due to a lack of airtime and the familiar been there, done that syndrome will herald the end of the pioneer generation as Season 1 comes to a close.

Crown J and Seo In Young Huge Presence

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We Got Married Episode 33 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Rain bought some Rainism effect to Family Outing as it achieved a whopping 29.6% rating last night, almost hitting 30%. We Got Married got 14.1% while Happy Sunday (includes 1N2D and others) got an average of 14.2%.

Alex and Shin Ae second-last episode as they go the Anbi route, reminiscing about their past memories in their luxury home. They then got busy preparing everything from the balloons, presents, etc for 600 fans from their Alshin fanclub as they decide to use a fanmeeting as their farewell from the show.

Alex and Shin Ae

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