Choi Soo Jin, Soo Young’s Sister Is Indeed A Beauty

As reported earlier, Choi Soo Jin, elder sister of So Nyeo Shi Dae member Soo Young appeared on MBC Introducing Star’s Friend on 7th February. Netizens had already been talking about how beautiful she was from pictures before the show and the show’s PD had expressed that Soo Jin was the most beautiful non-celebrity to appear on Introducing Star’s Friend since it started.

Choi Soo Jin on Introducing Star's Friend

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Viewers Confused Over Park Ye Jin Image

With the high popularity of variety shows in recent years and the notable exposure that one gets when they are on it, it has now become a stage after dramas for artistes to build up their image among viewers. Yoon Eun Hye performances in SBS Xman won her a role in Goong/Princess Hours and the rest is history. Although a variety star was lost, an acting star was born.

But what are the consequences if someone tries to appear on both a variety show and a drama at the same time and having 2 totally different images? Park Ye Jin whose popularity has grown thanks to SBS Family Outing, is currently filming a KBS mini-drama, Hateful But Once Again simultaneously.

Which is the real Park Ye Jin?

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Kangin Changes His Outlook on Women and Marriage

Things are looking up for Super Junior member Kangin who will be starring in his first leading role for Zero Flawed Task Force drama which will air over MBC Dramanet (cable channel) starting 14th February. In a press conference for the drama on the 5th, Kangin revealed that his perspective of women has changed since being paired with actress Lee Yoon Ji on MBC We Got Married.


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