Kim Dong Wan to Enlist on 17th November

Kim Dong Wan will be the second Shinhwa member after Eric to enlist. He will be reporting on 17th November at the Gongju training center in Chungnam.

Kim Dong Wan will receive 4 weeks of mandatory basic military training before serving in the civil service for the next 2 years. According to H2 Entertainment today, “Kim Dong Wan will report at the Gongju training center on 17th November. He is now recording his final album in the studio and will release it just before entering the army. His album will be released as a single in early November. Although we are less than a month away, Kim Dong Wan is giving his best effort to produce a last album for his fans before his enlistment.”

18 thoughts on “Kim Dong Wan to Enlist on 17th November

    i think i will say bye to kpop today…this is tooo sad..
    TT__TT…. 2 years…. WHY?!?!? snifff


    i will really miss him …oppa i’ll wait for your comeback!<3

  2. I recently found out that he was in the group Shinwha!! I always wondered why he was with the rest of the members on game show but then I was shocked to know he was actually A member of the group! hahah

    Anyway, it’s always sad to see someone go but best of luck to him! 🙂

  3. WANNIE OPPA, FIGHTING! Sobs we will miss you and your adorable cheeks and antics. Come to Spore when you have time!!!

  4. Lol, by February 2009, half of Shinhwa will be in the army.
    Will miss sunshine smile and his wittiness.

    All the best

  5. OH-EMM-GEE. it’s going to be so sad, i’m going to miss him! he’s sooooo soo soo so funny too. 😦 stay healthy oppa! hwating!!

  6. AAAWWW…this makes me wanna cry!!! T_T
    I’m gonna miss him much!!!
    ~~Take kare of yourself oppa!!~~

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