Song Hae Gyo Criticized for Poor Acting in Comeback

After a 4 year absence from the small-screen, Song Hae Gyo’s return in her new drama The World They Live In this past week has come under fire from viewers for her somewhat awkward articulation of her lines.

Song Hae Gyo ditched her former innocent girl image, appearing as a blunt, straightforward character in The World They Live In as PD Joon Young who is talented but inexperienced. She also sported a short bob hairstyle.

The World They Live In has been highly anticipated because of Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo’s participation plus the production team of director Pyo Min Soo and screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung. But after the first two episodes were aired, the headline was Song Hae Gyo’s poor acting which was hotly disputed.

Viewers pointed out that Song Hae Gyo’s delivery of her lines especially for those that sees her speaking at fast speed was extremely awkward. Although Song Hae Gyo’s potrayal of her character left a deep impression, many also criticized her acting, “I really can’t understand what she is saying from her many scenes. This is especially if she is talking very fast, her articulation isn’t accurate at all and thus unable to convey the meaning at all.”

According to a staff in charge of promoting the drama, “It might be a little awkward in the beginning but this will improve from episode 4 onwards. So, everyone, please wait in anticipaton.” Screenwriter Noh Hee Kyung also expressed, “Song Hae Gyo didn’t deliver her lines properly in some areas. She herself understands that. But Song Hae Gyo’s acting in the earlier and latter half of the drama is vastly different. This will be evidently seen from episode 5 onwards. She has already made some changes to her acting.”

Episode 1 and 2 of The World They Live In only clocked 7.1% and 5.8% respectively this past week as it clearly didn’t meet their (KBS) initial expectations. But that is expected since they were going up against competing dramas East of Eden and Tazza that has already been airing for a while.

94 thoughts on “Song Hae Gyo Criticized for Poor Acting in Comeback

  1. Wow, only 5 to 7%? That’s REALLY bad!!!

    I think people expectations are too high with Song Hye Kyo. I feel bad for her, too. ‘The World They Live In’ is different from ‘Full House’.

    I haven’t seen ‘The World They Live In’ so I can’t really how ‘bad’ she acted.

  2. WAT!
    wat do they expect?!
    4 years of no dramas!
    I still love you
    Song Hye Kyo!
    I’ll continue watching
    it of course!

  3. I think they mistake “pronunciation” with “interpretation” that an actor does. She clearly knows how to speak Korean, her mother tongue!

    It’s not speaking clearly as you do in real life. In acting, it’s about being a character so completely, you know why, what, and how someone speaks the way they do. you have to go beyond just posing, or having a certain appearance with your body or hair.

    If she doesn’t make sense (and I agree with them on this criticism), she’s just not in character enough.

  4. leave the girl alone….people always picture something extraordinary… thats what happens when you expect too much…. since this is so out of character for her, maybe people thing the role does not fit her…don’t tell a actress whos been in the business for over a decade that her acting sucks…so nobody noticed all along? she was convincing when i watched her in “autumn of my heart”…especially the long crying scenes for which i wanted her character to die already….got to blame poor ratings on someone right?

  5. I actually like her acting on this new drama.
    I like how she’s straight forward but Ia dmit I miss her cutesy characters.

  6. Song Hye-kyo actings are always far overestimated. After Full House, her two movies prove it. Now that there are a lot of great actress (in terms of acting) it’s more obvious to see that.

  7. I have to admit, Song Hye-Kyo’s acting is not great,,, there are more great actresses out there that are 10 times better than her and she is indeed an overrated actress (due to her lovely face)… HOWEVER, she tries her best and works hard for everyone to see that she is not just a beauty but also a talented actress! I salute her for trying a new role that is far from her same old innocent, girl-next-door character.

  8. this is one of the better dramas currently airing… it’s not about conspiracy or danger, it’s just simply about life. and that’s the best thing about the drama.

    it doesn’t matter about the rating..i’ll still watch it! but honestly, you could really tell that song hye gyo is trying to shed that innocent image of her. netizens just need to give the girl a break. she can’t have everything, right?

  9. BTW coolsmurf, i noticed you changed your translation from “pronunciation” to “articulation” 🙂 i have no idea what the original means, but a lot of korean netizens seem to just call it “pronunciation” (at least it’s what machine translation says, lol!)

    my guess is they’re thinking in layman’s terms, like “actor doesn’t speak clearly” (common example used to be kwon sang-woo due to his lisp), or they complain “actor speaks too clearly like a textbook”. another catchphrase is “charisma” if someone does explosive emotions with huge energy.

    anyway i don’t know all about acting myself, but many netizens seem happy to not learn about acting enough before they give acting criticism/”tips” to working actors.

    it’s a vicious cycle, LOL!

  10. I actually think that Song’s acting in the drama was far better than her previous ones. And despite the poor ratings, I still think that this drama is something that both Song and Hyun Bin can be proud of. Great script, great directing, and pacing just right.

  11. that’s harsh!!!
    could be just a publicity? any publicity is good publicity, ya know!
    after watching first ep, i was already hook.

  12. I can’t wait to catch this anywhoo. I love Song Hye Gyo even if the netizens are being so harsh on her acting. -.-

  13. NETIZENS are really harsh huh? Last time we had them picking on LYH’s singing in EOE, and now SHK’s speech.

    I hope SHK won’t be discouraged by the negative comments on her acting. Ppl will always be distracted by her beautiful facial an extent that sometimes its just difficult to say if she’s really good or not.

    I for sure thinks she’s doing a pretty good job with her role JY in Worlds Within. It’s a very different role compared to her previous weepy roles.. so naturally, it would be a challenge for her. I hope she strives on, prove ppl wrong girl!

  14. FLOP!
    no matter what the production staff say, this series will be ending below 5%. Kim Min Hee and Kim Ji Hoon were great in LOVE AND MARRIAGE and that series was a feel good series, yet could not compete with the two strong series competing on Mon-Tues slot…SHG and HB have no place for this time slot and since SHG is overrated for her beauty…she is one of the bad actresses out there who only uses her look to be famous and be admired for, but her acting ever since AUTUMN STORY, sucks…she only knows how to cry…and to many that is ALREADY GREAT ACTING…anyone can cry in Korean entertainment industry…
    SHG has no future in acting, GOOD THING SHE IS BLESSED WITH BEAUTY which people can admire instead of her acting…

    by the way giving negative feedback doesn’t mean being HARSH…how will she be able to GROW as an actress if people will all be nice to her just because she is pretty…in acting it is just a bonus to have the look, but acting is more important…and i can tell her HOLLYWOOD crossover is also another flop..she can never be like Zhang Zi Yi, whose acting also is SO SO.

  15. ya…i noticed that too.. but im still waiting in anticipation for this series onwards… ~ hope there will b some improvement n something exciting to watch for sure.. ;D

  16. Maybe she still isn’t in shape, its only the first 2 episodes.
    Give the girl a break, maybe she’ll prove the opposite.

  17. I actually think that the acting so far is credible and believable. This drama might not make a big splash or have huge noisy emotional moments, but that’s real. It doesn’t have a convoluted plot or hysterical over-the-top characters, which I appreciate.

  18. yeah for me song hye gyo acting is average but kim tae hee is worst and the worst amongs PARK HAN BYUL this Girl totally pathetic in acting only use her body + face ~

    at least kim tae hee has a brain PHB hahahha beuhh

  19. haha. seriously, those who criticize her in this show are just finding reasons to put her down. get a life korean netizens. i’m not saying you can’t point out her mistakes, but hey, what’s the big deal there? the show is awesome, she’s into her role, so is hyun bin. probably she’s pretty, thats why the girls (korean netizens) are jealous of their boyfriends liking her? haha.

  20. oh btw, the pronunciation thing does not affect us, asian fans. so go ahead and criticize her all you want, korean netizens. we don’t care. we still love the show, and her, duh. (unless her acting goes bonkers somewhere, which i highly doubt so in this show) hah. :p

    this show is amazing for those who haven’t watch it. it has bits of realism, and you’ll be surprise by how you can actually relate to the show.

  21. i have to agree with the other comments, kim tae hee is a bad actress, but her gorgeous face makes up for it…to a point.

    while she isn’t one of the most nuanced, song hye kyo isn’t bad. her delivery of some of the lines is flat, but i suspect it has something to do with her interpretation of a character that has a low emotional iq. anyway, i’m sure she’ll get better. the drama is pretty good and definitely not your average trendy drama. the subtle scenes between her and hyun bin are poignantly commonplace (a sideways glance, a slight nudge). the writer is awesome so i’m sure this quiet drama will have a mania fan base even if the ratings stay low, though i hope they’ll pick up since i personally think east of eden is a horrible amalgam of better dramas from the past.

    pronunciation? i never understood the koreans obsession with it. apparently, natural enunciation (so no book-reading, stilted delivery of lines) is related to intelligence/skill. it explains why announcers are placed on a pedestal. i mean, is yoon eun hye, choi ji woo, kwon sang woo, etc that bad? i understand them even with the mumbling or short tongue so it never bothers me.

  22. she’s overhyped up basically (not her fault, but her fans) … girl next door type of pretty and regular kinda acting. I don’t dislike her but can never understand why pple hold her in such high esteem, while other more deserving and more beautiful actresses remain so underappreciated. But I guess fame has nothing to do with how good you are, but your destiny in life. and that’s hers.

  23. but seriously, the first 2 eps were pretty good. the story is fresh, mature and (quite) realistic. the drama was insightful w/o being pretentious or preachy. i’m not sure about SHK’s articulation since i’m not korean nor can understand korean language but the overall feel of the drama more than makes up for her inadequacies… d direction is sharp. hyun bin is pretty solid here and SHK wasn’t that bad either. at least give her some credit for taking a leap w/ a very different character compared to all her previous drama outings, w/c goes to show she wants to grow as an actress right… so i encourage u to give this drama a try… it’s pretty worth your time 🙂

  24. She was such a great compliment to Bi when they were on Full House and I think people appreciated that more than her acting ability. Now she’s in a drama where her acting is more in the spotlight so all the the things we didn’t see in Full House is on spotlight now. Hopefully she’ll get better though. Honestly I think Hyun Bin’s Jung Ji Oh will easily be in my top five of fav characters. So great!!

  25. FLOP!
    SHG is overrated for her beauty…she is one of the bad actresses out there who only uses her look to be famous and be admired for, but her acting ever since AUTUMN STORY, sucks…she only knows how to cry…and to many that is ALREADY GREAT ACTING…anyone can cry in Korean entertainment industry…
    GOOD THING SHE IS BLESSED WITH BEAUTY which people can admire instead of her acting…

    by the way giving negative feedback doesn’t mean being HARSH…how will she be able to GROW as an actress if people will all be nice to her just because she is pretty…in acting it is just a bonus to have the look, but acting is more important…and i can tell her HOLLYWOOD crossover is also another flop..she can never be like Zhang Zi Yi, whose acting also is SO SO.


    ^ I absolutely agree with everything you just said.
    Song Hye Gyo has always been overhyped because of her looks and I am actually really glad that koreans are wisening up and can finally see her flaws…unlike her other fans who think she can do no wrong just because of her pretty face.

    I was getting tired of seeing the unendless undeserved praises that people bestow upon her, eventhough she doesn’t deserve it most of the time, and when others criticize her, her fans are immediately quick to point out that it’s due to jealousy. As soon as anyone criticize this overrated girl, you can expect SHK worshippers to hunt you down.

  26. I never thought that SHG’s acting was criticized for this drama…I even like her character here…not everybody’s perfect though…what is important is she is willing to improve everytime she has a new production…

  27. yes, she isn’t the best actress out there! but what draws me to her isn’t her beauty! she seem like the type of person who is willing to go outside of her zone and learn something new and this movie is something different from all of her sad or funny movies. Right now, she still trying to figure out her character that is completely different from all of her previous one. Hopefully she will improve. I like actress and actors who i willing to a challenge from their normal role play. Yes, some of those comments are harsh and some doesn’t make sense, but like we are all taught in English class when our paper is being criticized we take what will help us improve our paper better instead of the unnecessary comments that is negative. Since, its a new role for her and its only been two episode so far i still hope that she will improve same with Hyun bin. So, far its an interesting drama.

  28. I never really see SHK as a serious actress–she’s just a pretty face for me. If we’re talking about the whole package it would be Son Ye Jin, Pretty and Good actress!

  29. All she knows to do is act pretty in all her dramas…now that she can no longer act pretty in this drama it’s like they took away her life jacket and finally the truth that I’ve known all along is revealed which is: SONG HYE KYO CANNOT ACT!
    If you take away her life jacket, her comfort zone she will drown.

  30. I saw episode 1, the cinematography was really nice and the story is good. Not typical korean melodrama-y. SHG’s character is sort of loud, arrogant, and an airhead but it works cos she’s got depth and she doesn’t back down when HB yells at her which is cool to watch. I really like it.

  31. I also HATE the short bob hairstyle… Still I’ll watch it as soon as it is sub ! I’ll bear it ’till the 4th episode and then I’ll make my own judgement =^^=

  32. .. I don’t see anything wrong with her acting.. maybe because i don’t know korean. What’s wrong with her hair? It’s like.. looking at Seo In Young or Sun Ye’s hair lol. If you didn’t know korean and watch this drama with subs.. you would actually think she can act, well at least to me ! I don’t really look at her looks, rather i look at her facial expressions and how real she can act in the character that she’s positioned to be.

  33. …if she can emote that’s acting enough…many Korean actressses are not good in acting anyway so they have to articulate their emotions, maybe that’s what the audience/netizens are used to and that’s what they expect from her…Koreans should learn how the Japanese actors and actresses act with their eyes even when there are no spoken lines.

  34. i think she’s doin ok.. i was dragged since the 1st episode… come on people… give her a break will u… hyunbin n hyegyo are doin great.. i don’t care about ratings….

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  36. God made us all equally.

    hyegyo has the looks but she can’t act


    why can’t they just WATCH?!

  37. “Koreans should learn how the Japanese actors and actresses act with their eyes even when there are no spoken lines.”



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  39. I honestly thought it was fine. But maybe its because I don’t speak Korean. But I like it so far. Way better than I expected. =)

  40. I never thought of Song Hye Gyo as a great actress. She’s beautiful, popular, and draws in an audience. But her acting skill has always been second to her looks. Even in Full House and Autumn Story, SHG’s acting never captured me.

    She has the potential; she’s not a horrible actress, she just needs a lot more practice/work.

  41. i think WW is a good drama it just that SHK acting is bad and that why the rating is so low for the first three episode am mean if u put a actress by Hyun Bin that can act this drama will not have so low rating like we are seeing now am sure of it because this drama is good it just SHK acting that is getting the rating so low so far we see if this low rating will go higher or it will be below 7% through all the episode

  42. i think the main problem is that she skyrocketed to really being a top top star

    people forgot how her acting was. so they think its really good. thats why they had high anticipations.

    they just realized that her acting never really improved at all.

  43. Korean arent too happy with Song Hye kyo’s acting.
    her articulation isn’t accurate and thus unable to convey the meaning /poor acting those who speaks korean will understand what this is about. I feeled extremely awkward when she speaks.

    She herself understands that.
    her actings are always far overestimated what more being put next to powerful Hyun Bin who was praised for his incredible acting at the PIFF meeting by the country top PDs, writers critics..
    well I’m sure she’ll grow as an actress with time.

  44. Well I find that most of the popular actress are kinda overrated on their acting anyway (especially eun hye). I actually like her even though her acting isn’t that great….it’s not bad either!

  45. come on this drama is good but the acting of SHK is just killing the rating because people will not watch this drama if all they see is bad acting from SHK and beside she cant look pretty like her drama before so i think this is the reason why the rating is so low for this drama am sure Hyun Bi must be kicking him self for starting in this drama with SHK by now with the rating so low like this

  46. She can act she can’t act doesn’t matter what our opinion is she is till getting criticized, although robbers ratings were the same but I didn’t hear LDH get any flack.

    I don’t really like SHG mostly because of her fans (She’s a goddess she’s so pretty, etc. come on really all they talk about is her face) but when it comes to her acting I just think she’s just trying to play a role not really becoming a role if that makes any sense. She’s not bad but I’m not engrossed in her acting.

    However whether she can act is all a matter of opinion because we all have different views.

  47. robbers is not bad but the pairing is just bad that why the rating for the show is low
    WW have two popular star and the rating is still low that tell u that something is wrong and i blame the low rating on SHk because of her acting because who want to sit through all the drama just to see bad acting from her and episode 4 does not even get to 8% that tell u that the viewer is not liking something about the drama but if i have to pick who to blame for the bad rating i blame it on SHK because the viewer like Hyun Bi so u cant say it him and u cant blame the PD because the drama is good it just that the rating is so low so who is left to blame for the bad rating

  48. kim tae hee + song hye Gyo = sucks in acting even in movie..
    All of their fans exaggerate them so, PERFECT PACKAGE, TALENT beuh all non sense !! aShould be Added POOR ACTING SKILL!!! all their Movie Flopped too

    what about their all last movie?? all just sold bellow 1 million tickets!! hah!!
    JWS + KTH =the restless ticket sold bellow 1 million
    SHG ~ hwang ji ni = only 1 million Flopped Too
    KTH + seol kyung GYU = 300,000 ticket hahahha!! LOL

    Seol Kyung gyu all of his movie except mars& venus ~ that he played With KTH all sold above 3 million tickets he even Break as the first movie in silmido(2001) 10 million ticket

    that 2 girls Pretty + bad acting = MEans bad luck

  49. anyway Japanese even they are Superstar unlike SHG they never picking up their role !! , HK to honestly what the hell SHG think?? maybe she think She’s KORean’s nicole Kidman ~ but Poor Acting.

    You can Picking up your role if You are MEryll Streep or maybe Jeon do yeon in korea PLease Fix it your acting

  50. cattleya ~ don’t Compare SHG with Kim min hee ..

    I can say Shg face is 9 acting skill is 3
    KIm min hee Face is 7 acting skill is 8

  51. People don’t notice how bad her acting in Full house because her acting ability is on par with Bi. That’s because Bi’s acting sucks too.

    he’s a great dancer/singer not an actor.

  52. i agreed with u mimi SHK and KTH are bad actress if u put KTH in the same role like SHK u will get bad rating like we are see from WW because if they cant look pretty in the TV i know people is not going to sit through the drama to just see bad acting from them i hope KTH don’t do drama that she have to look like SHK in WW because then she will be expose like SHK for the bad acting that she is too

  53. debi i am agree with You Speed Racer Flopped to You know. Speed Racer Cost 200 million Dollar but You know How much it’s worl wide revenue only 50 million. but i don’t care Bi i just think him as a singer not actor.

  54. Korean not A Stupid society who still think about their prettyness instead their acting Ability !! i am sorry KTH + SHG out from Acting Industry

  55. hyun bin is so cute and lovable super XD!! XD!! SHK is pretty lah! but i want to see only hyun bin ^_^ haha.

    WW aja fighting!!

  56. i think only in Asian entertainment that KTH-SHK can still have a job in the entertainment business this long if they were in the US they will be gone by now because in the Asian entertainment they dont care much about acting as long as u look pretty u will have a job in the entertainment business

  57. People..

    Get a live!!

    I’m not saying she is super great actress but WW has been received a professional praised by its directing, plots and script writting.

    Try read dramabeans dot com recaps and reviews. She is objective and cynical about everything yet she highly praised this drama. Should be watch.

  58. yea but can u explained the low rating i know the drama is good but their has too be something wrong with the rating because even 2 Star A-list cant even get the rating too 10% so who is to blame for the poor rating even the bed scene didn’t help rating up that much so u can either blame the poor rating on the PD or the actor and actress i say it the actress because of her bad acting that is turning the viewer away because the viewer like the actor they just didn’t like the acting of the actress i just hope SHK will prove me wrong and get WW too 10% if it reach 10% i will say i was wrong for saying SHK is a bad actress

  59. YEAH! im definitely watching the drama! I love HYUN BIN in this drama! he is so cute and lovable, never bother about SHK poor acting.. she’s fine with me..

  60. HYun Bi is not the problem with this drama it SHK she just not a good actress and with out her pretty face the viewer will have nothing too see from her but bad acting that why the rating is so low am sure if u put a actress that at lease can act with Hyun Bi this drama will be in the 10% or more because this drama is good

  61. I have watched WW many times! I keep on re-watching cause Hyun Bin is too wonderful to watch, he is so charming, loving and sweet 3> his expressions and acting was priceless..XD

    I dont notice SHK’s poor acting or even has time to read the sub. haha!

    WW fighting!

  62. this koreandramalover guy sure work hard to spread hatred in all blog sites. haha.. and i also recognize mimi. she must have work hard since i saw her in many other blogs saying SHK is dwarf and ugly XD u guys are funny.
    victory to SHK antis!!

  63. why would i spread hatred all i telling is the true am not lying like u who think ur SHK lover is a goddess who can do no wrong

  64. I really adore SHK and HYB but wow this drama i am not really feeling it. After watching their more entertaining drama such as full house and my lovely samsoon. The story line in this drama is a little blah(boring) for my liking, but i love them and will finish watching it!

    There is no doubt that both actor/actress are excellent!

  65. In spite of all the bad remarks and criticism on SHK i think she’s doing ok.. the drama’s awesome.. 333 as always but Wooo!! i adore him and lurve him lots and lots after this!

    going back to watch again! WW aja fighting!

  66. how can SHK just been doing ok she been in the entertainment business this long and she still bad at acting i would think she would have at lease improve over the year but i guess not

  67. 応援しています。大好きだから・・・ドラマ早く観たいです。
    お疲れさま。 ヒョンビン 。……大好きっ !! ヒョンビン 。

  68. This drama is great! I am liking the drama more and more with each episode!

    but so far i’m not impressed by Song Hye Kyo’s acting.

    there is no depth to her character in certain scenes..
    she gave me the feelings she is lacking something!

  69. Hyekyo is Hyekyo nothing much to shout about her acting in WW, she is very lucky get to act opposite Hyun bin..
    I just love hun bin and support him all along, even I watched a lot of Korean dramas, I just love him more and most in WW and can’t keep my eyes away from him,

    but hyun bin shines!

  70. They live in a world of” I’ll expect dramas a great performance. I hope big show inside our borders. Hyeonbin
    always healthy and happy with all my heart.

  71. Song Hye Gyo’s acting and the way she delivers her lines may be bad but her pronunciation is fine and her tongue is deifintely not short. I saw her in a NG clip sticking out her tongue and she has a very long tongue ;P

  72. Song hye kyo like a puppets. can’t act and no offence she’s like a doll pretty but she seems a bit lost and slow, like she doesn’t pay attention..

    poor Hyun bin had her as his co star ..

  73. Awww! hye-kyo dunt care what people says, no worries,
    U have hyun bin oppa to lean on! oppa will stand by u!

    WW fighting———————————————-!fighting———————————————-!

  74. BLUR QUEEN!!!!!

    as it is, on her poor acting alreadi!

    NOW esp unacceptable for being a big FLIRT! I’m sick and tired of her..
    ‘selfcentered’ ‘uncaring’ ‘childish’ ‘thoughtless’
    ‘insensitive’ and ‘loose’

    SHK go and fly kite!

    gonna forwards when she comes on.. not jk!
    unless she got back to HB/JO..

  75. Wow wow, the fans are quite harsh on hyegyo! and i don’t understand why they care about the ratings…
    hyunbin n hyegyo are doing great >333 the drama is awesome for its script and directing.. after watching KBSworld up to ep3 i was already hook… i’m likin hyunbin acting like a lot of ppl are…

  76. i guess it true SHK cant act and that why WW cant even reach 10% how sad is that i thought with 2 star the show would at lease reach 10% in one episode but sad to say it didnt

  77. like wad i said, she cant act ,she only relies based for her natural beauty.
    her acting is neutral & expressionless like as if she’s mumbling the words to herself
    she should stick to being a laneige model and not an actress

  78. she’s overrated just cos she’s pretty
    she got so much exposure in media but true fact she’s not even good for an actress
    even mild roles she cant act, wad else heavy roles like crying , being a villain etc,…

  79. Stop judging Song Hye Gyo…! y’all are not gaining anything by doing that, instead support her for trying her best in this movie. i’ve watched.. autumn in my heart, full house, my girl and i, and the latest one which is wolds within. and i think that she did a very good job….! We WILL SUPPORT YOU Song HYE GYO!

  80. hey!! those people who write bad comments for my idol song hye kyo you are the one who are really suck!!!!! and stupid..!!!

    -crying is so very hard you know?.. all day long and cry and cry is you must portray very well is very hard thats why?.. song hye kyo gots my attention!! i think she can compare to sharon cuneta that is very great in acting but sometimes you do such not good,, more on many years was past away.. just like song hye kyo 4yrs. not having a dramas soap ofcourse “mangangapa, pa siya”..

    -remember actions speak louder than voice!.. commonsense!!

    -you must know what the acting skills that are recomended before you jugde!!

    – full house 2 is coming soon… you must watch it and you will know how sucks and stupid you are!! loosers!!!

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