Lee Jung excels in singing in Unstoppable Marriage

We have seen how Lee Jung really excelled in his singing parts in Unstoppable Marriage. Who can forget Episode 84 where he sang Aubrey by Bread as Soo Jung mentioned that it was her favourite song. Or when Ilbaek (Lee Jung) starts singing Snowflower from the MISA drama with his brothers in Episode 95 during the hilarious hostage crisis. The only time where he looks cool and not stupid.

Granted that the below two scenes never really give him any advantage in his relationship with Soo Jung but it showcased his real talent as a singer.

Lee Jung – I Only See You from Unstoppable Marriage Episode 105
Shown in the Unstoppable Minute, this was revealed to be just a dream at the end as Lee Jung reverted back to his clueless character. The song was written by Lee Jung himself singing for Soo Jung who likes playing the piano. Poor Ilbaek, always doing things for Soo Jung but not getting the results.

Lee Jung – Like a Child from Unstoppable Marriage Episode 108
Sounds familiar isn’t it? Performed by Alex for Shin Ae in MBC We Got Married and a pretty popular song by Kim Dong Ryul. Ilbaek is seen playing on the piano and singing along to Like A Child at least that’s until someone comes in and asks him to get out. That’s when we realise he was just faking it. But that was him playing it and they had to dumb it down for his character. Poor Lee Jung.

And the triangle relationship that the screenwriter wants it to head into continues although Sambaek holds quite an advantage really over Ilbaek.

7 thoughts on “Lee Jung excels in singing in Unstoppable Marriage

  1. I’ve been enjoying these moments when Lee Jung sings on UM… He sounds great, and the piano is wonderful too.

  2. he’s super talented and has an amazing voice to the point where i can be practically hypnotized. great actor as well. nonstop was the shizz.

  3. i know thia may not be relating but, coolsmurf, have you seen the drama ‘who is it’? its realllly cute. got go ah ra and chat te hyun or something, the guy from flying boys. watch it 🙂

  4. I fall in love with Lee Jung after watching NN5, and can’t get enough of him since Unstoppable marriage. He is one of Korea talent singer and actor.

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