Triangle relationship between Ilbaek, Sambaek and Soo Jeong in Unstoppable Marriage

Has been quite slow in watching this drama since the chinese subbers have stopped subbing this while KBS World shows them two weeks or more behind the actual Korean schedule. Plus KBS World shows them at the weird afternoon timing of 4:20pm and there’s no repeat telecast. If you miss it, that’s it.

Ever since Miho and Kibaek got together after his ex-girlfriend exited the picture, there isn’t much of an obstruction to their relationship other than their parents who opposed their union. So I just lost interest in them and probably it will pick up again when they do finally get married which should be soon.

The episodes thus far has been quite bleah save for the occasional surprise. The only highlight was the surfacing triangle relationship and a new romance between Ilbaek (Lee Jung), Sambaek (Kim Dong Wook) and Soo Jeong (Jung Da Young). It has been hinted in bits and pieces but gradually came into focus in Episode 84 (if you haven’t watch this, I suggest that you stop reading).

In the beginning, from the opening song sequence, at least we know that Ilbaek might end up with Ida (Isak) while Sambaek was paired with Soo Jeong. But with Isak’s departure from the sitcom, there was a void left and the producers didn’t move to fill it. Instead they decided to pair the trio of Ilbaek, Sambaek and Soo Jeong together as best of buddies.

But the writers decided to up it another level and give us a triangle relationship between Ilbaek, Sambaek and Soo Jeong. As said earlier, Sambaek was totally oblivious to his affections for Soo Jeong, save for the odd gesture, but he treats her as a friend now. Soo Jeong meanwhile has been giving out hints to Ilbaek and althought it’s nothing, he thinks that she likes him.


In Episode 84, while at the local CD shop, Soo Jeong places the headphones on Ilbaek’s ears saying that this song was her favourite song. If someone sings this to her, she is likely to fall in love with him. With that in mind, Ilbaek goes on a quest to master the song which isn’t easy given his IQ. But he is thwarted several times when he wants to sing it to Soo Jeong and it’s a cruel twist of fate when Sambaek does that instead as he had memorised it with Ilbaek constant practising at home. And so the only good thing happenning to Ilbaek and yet is cruelly taken away from him!!!! But Soo Jeong learns about it from Sang Mi that Ilbaek had sang this to her during dinner but she was fast asleep then.

What will happen next? I’m really interested to find out. One of the best moments in the sitcom history.

Bread – Aubrey
The soothing song that was performed by Ilbaek and Sambaek.

And Aubrey was her name,
A not so very ordinary girl or name.
But who’s to blame?
For a love that wouldn’t bloom
For the hearts that never played in tune
Like a lovely melody that everyone can sing,
Take away the words that rhyme it doesn’t mean a thing….

Download here (

6 thoughts on “Triangle relationship between Ilbaek, Sambaek and Soo Jeong in Unstoppable Marriage

  1. the relationship between IlBaek and SamBaek is one the thing that i always look forward to watching on this show.. ^^ they love each other a lot yet, i see the way SamBaek treat IlBaek , it sometimes can be so funny..

    I’m looking fwd to find out what happen next.. do keep up updated on it..

  2. I started watching UM but realized it was just too long for me!

    I don’t think I can keep up…I think for me I’ll just follow the interesting parts and that would be best.

  3. korea really like this song, eh?
    its been played over abd over in dramas or movies
    but i really like it too

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