Alex tells Shin Ae to wait for him…

The inevitable truth has finally happened, Alex and Shin Ae couple are officially off the screen following Episode 8 of MBC “We Got Married” shown today.

Alex and Shin Ae is off We Got Married officially

Eighteen news articles about Alex and Shin Ae leaving the show has surfaced in the aftermath of today’s episode and this must really been an indication of how much they have bought to the program on the whole. Whether you like them or dislike them, they were very much the epitome of a model romantic couple.

With Shin Ae the only one not knowing a thing about him leaving the show, Alex brings her to the recording studio upon her request. They play the piano together which was really sweet. Then they proceeded to sing a duet with Alex prompting Shin Ae who was apprehensive but did it with his encouragement.

With Shin Ae in the control room, Alex proceeds to sing Flowerpot by Loveholic as a farewell song. Didn’t fancy this song very much initially but now I do and will remember Alex and Shin Ae when I listen to this. The lyrics just describes them perfectly. Credit to kiki_hearts@jpopmusic for lyric translation.

After the song, Alex asks Shin Ae to pick up a heart-shaped flowerpot with her expecting some sort of romantic surprise to follow. But he drops a bombshell saying that he has to leave the show and tells her to take good care of the potted plant and wait for his return. Shin Ae turned from being surprised to almost tearing state but she managed to hold it in. They ended with a warm embrace although you feel for Shin Ae who has to endure another “break-up”.

To sum it up, it has been a wonderful experience watching Alex and Shin Ae on-screen and no matter what happens in future, hope that they will remain in contact with each other. Do hope that they come back in future if possible.

Alex Shin Ae

49 thoughts on “Alex tells Shin Ae to wait for him…

  1. I now declare myself as an Alex/Shinae couple supporter, be it in We Got Married, or be it in reality.

  2. Alvin, I at least caught that part. I’m tearing as I’m listening to his version of “Flowerpot” by Loveholic for her. Totally beautiful rendition and I wish I knew how to convert realmedia files to avi or wmv so I can rip it but lacking tech-talent so will have to wait for a kind soul to do so first.

    Aish…totally cried during his confession about his departure.

  3. alvinnnnnn
    subbbssssss soon okay!
    the whole world is relying on you!!
    man so many on soompi wrote they cried during this

  4. Now I finish watching this episode.
    I feel like my heart is breaking.
    Although I can’t understand what are they talking about, but watching Shin ae’s face.I can feel she’s hurt so much.
    In the past episode you can see she’s so happy and then suddenly he told her there’s nothing like that anymore cause he has to leave the show.
    How many times she has to get through these hurt feeling?
    But she is certainly a very strong girl.Although she hurt so much but she won’t let us see her tears.Oh I love her so much.
    Fighting Shin ae!!!

  5. ^
    Oh! I forget to tell. I understand Alex that he has to go because of work.I think he doesn’t want to go but he can’t do anything.But I still feel sad for Shin ae.Someone should tell her before,so she can prepare her heart for this situatuion.It’s like a bad surprise.

  6. you know.. i am getting so confused with this show !!! cause it is a show … but they are making it to be so real … seriously…how scripted is this show!?!? 30% ?? 60% ??

    unlike love letter or xman .. although they have their lovely dovey things..but this is way different !!
    Its like LL or Xman is perceived clearly as just show …. but WGMarried made me feel as if I am watching 2 ppl falling in love for real …. bringing it up to a different level….but then, reality strikes in and remind me that it is just a show !!!

    So are their feelings just made up or are for real or what?!?!?!?!

    arrrghh… frustrations ~~~

    I don’t think I made sense .~~ but ah well… can’t really explain …

    I heart Alex … sigh sigh …

  7. those caps tells a story…
    look at them both in tears…
    shinae looks as if she’s sayin ” just as i am about to fall, he’s leaving”…

  8. Ahhh…
    I just can’t anticipate any longer for this episode to be uploaded!!!
    So sad how both of them will be leaving…
    and ShinAe cried!!! Awwww…there were just too hit it off for real!!!
    Anyway i wish for both of them to hit it off for real
    even without the cameras rolling…
    both of them can make their own We Got Married dramas….hehehe
    Anyway fightin’ to Alex, i hope with the help of this thing going on with ShinAe he will able to make and sing beautifull songs for clazziqui..;P…

  9. It’s so easy to see that Alex really really likes her, not just on the show, but in real life.

    I thought Shin Ae already knew that he was leaving?

    I wonder if she was hurt by Minwoo…o_O

  10. I am a fan of this 2 also… i am so sad that they have to quit..alvin pls update us if there would be developments or news related to both of them….. i cried while watching it and for some reason i am so affected with this 2…

  11. OMG! How could everyone else know but Shin Ae? I think I’m going to cry when I watch this…

  12. I haven’t watched this ep. yet but I can’t wait to hear their cover of Loveholic’s song.. I love that song and I’m sure Alex does it well.

  13. you can’t do this to her. i feel soo bad for shin ae not knowing the entire thing. i mean they should have let her know in advance and at least let her prepare herself for it. alex brought her hopes up letting her know that someone does care for her but in the end drops a bombshell on her telling her he is leaving. if i were in her shoes i would have cried and left the show. can you imagine her pain after receiving the potted plants and den know that someone whom she has let down her guard to and open her heart to after such a long time is leaving just like it. SAD.

  14. pray for them both…
    if they are meant to be then…

    i wish i see them together, happily

    omo…this show is something more than a show
    I meam it’s like playing with someone’s heart

    if you live with someone for a moment even not playing husband and wife…you can just easily fall for one another…

    if they’re willing to
    then I’m a supporter too !!!

  15. Too saddddd…..

    one question..does anyone know whose and what name is the song ‘ bobo..(dad da dad daaa)..’ (sorry I don’t know Korean but it’s the song that Alex sang to Shin Ae during sandwich making and and when they were at the park). I like that song so much 🙂 Thanks in advance.

  16. OMG!!! I soo did not want the rumor of Alex leavin the show to be true!!! I love their couple on the show!!! OMG!! i’m sad! So who’s goin to replace him or is Shin Ae leaving the show too?? o man it’ll never be the same if it’s not Alex..

    thanks for sharing!!

  17. This is heart breaking. It was so sad when he sang to her. I thoroughly enjoyed this fairytale romance.

  18. Did other people know this before she did? I mean, more then Alex himself ofcourse. She must have heard something about this before it actually happened?

  19. So many are saying that it was mean of Alex to drop this kind of bomb on her and that he should’ve told her earlier and others saying that she already knew but from my POV it seems that it really was a surprise to her. She wouldn’t have teared up if she had already knew. Plus, about the whole bomb thing, who wouldn’t want to tell the person they like last out of everyone? I honestly think that Alex had a difficult time doing so and wanted to tell her last because of his feelings for her. You can so tell that he likes her and she obviously has some feelings for him too or she wouldn’t have teared up like that.

    I will no longer be watching this live as my favorite couple is now gone. I will await their return just like Shin Ae has promised to do so for Alex.

    (T T) *sad*

    Am seriously inlove with Alex’s rendition of Loveholic’s “flowerpot”.

    For those of you who want it, I ripped it and it’s on Soompi.

  20. As an avid Alex-Shin Ae fan, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. It was either mean to keep Shin Ae in the dark about leaving the show or that Shin Ae already knew before hand but the PDs tailored it to be as dramatic as possible. But Jess has a point in saying that because Alex really cared for her, it would be difficult for him to say it to Shin Ae, and it would be understandable that she would be the last to know. It would have been great if they addressed the audience and thank them for their support.

    But it has crossed my mind that an “Ending” was not in the PDs mind. Since Alex has asked Shin Ae to wait, and Shin Ae has said that she will wait, I will also be waiting for their return on screen. If they don’t return, it’s just unsatisfying for me as an audience.

    Anyway, I hope they still keep in contact and return to the show.

  21. ^
    AGREE !! when they just hugged I was like, WHAT ?? that’s it?? so does this mean that once Alex’s schedule is not busy with recording they’ll be back in the show??? the hug… how can they cut it just like that ??? I can’t see Shin Ae’s hands, is she embracing back ??

    I don’t see any closure in their relationship … I’m very sad and dissapointed at the same time … I wish they could have 1 more episode…

  22. oh man. i cried. i didnt want to leave a comment till ive seen it. but dang. im still crying. =(
    there has to be some sort of script in this one. but i cant help but feel that whatever happened between them is reall. awww.
    but i will be balling more when i read it with subs.
    alvin oppa, ill be waiting!

  23. if the show/PD/Alex told Shin Ae that Alex was leaving, wouldn’t that be kind of scripted? Sort of? Maybe? Because the way I see it, the PD wanted this to be as real as possible so…yeah.

    it makes me really sad that Alex is leaving…how long will he be gone? hopefully he’ll come back soon!


  24. I just watched the episode, and I cried even without subs.
    So once Alex is gone, does Shin Ae also leave? Or does she get a new guy?
    Ahh I hope they keep in contact. They just seem so perfect together. ❤

  25. Have yet to watch episode 8…I’m dreading watching this because I know I’ll feel really sad seeing Alex and Shin Ae leaving.

    Just looking at the caps and reading what coolsmurf posted already make me so sad =( .

    I still have hopes that they will come back on the show again. Maybe after Alex is done with his solo album promo we can see them back again.

  26. Oooh when Alex sing the song T.T im just cry T.T im gonna miss a lot Alex & Shin Ae …
    Well Alex is a great singer so we waiting for his comeback… is just a few couple of month…

    . . . . . . . .
    . V . . V .
    . . . .
    v v

  27. Hi would you give me the permission of sharing the file of your tribute to Alex and Shin Ae.

    thank you

  28. hi…
    it’s tooooooo sad….
    i really hope both of them become couple 4 real….
    i wish tht god pair them up together…
    they mean to be together….

  29. i hope alex would be back soooooooon!!!

    can anyone tell me whats the romanized korean title of “flowerpot”…oh pretty please, anyone? ^___^

  30. Producers give them no script for the episdoes but they give them a mission so that the the show isnt so chaotic meaning each couple doing differnt things in one episode.
    If you live in Korea and understand the background of Sin Ae and what she has said in the begining of the show you will understand how hurt she was when she was told Alex was dropping from the show.

  31. That’s so sad 😦 i wish they could finish the recording before Alex has to leave… anyone knows if SinAe is going to stay on the show or she will leave with Alex? no matter what, i think they are a great couple and I seriously hope that they will end up together in real life~~~ Thanks for the clip. Can’t wait to watch the whole episode!

  32. Alex ♥ Shin Ae!!!

    I hope they return within 5 monthes i hope they get together !! OMG they are so cute…maybe its all acting but its soo wonderful they seem so happy. I would die to be in Shin Ae’s shoes >___<

    Alex ♥ Shin Ae! FIGHTING !!!

  33. I must be blind, I miss this post…just to add on what all have said and supported…

    I guess after all that has been said and done, we’ll just see how things develop…

    Though I do share some notion that why can’t Alex continue with filming while recording his album, I guess he just can’t afford to due to timing… As I read somewhere that one half of m-flo (super Japanese hip hop- dj duo group) might be producing his album, so he perhaps he may need to be in Japan for a while? and also with the album recording, post production, album launching, MVs to be filmed, the promotion etc etc… so him temporary leaving WGM might be the hard and only decision and solution he/his management could make. Looking bac,k I guess Alex temporary leaving the program have been handled in the best possible way by all parties… And its a great thing that Shin Ae has shown all that she has been strong about this… though her controlled emotion, though I believe we all hope she show more “reaction” though 🙂

    I’ll just be waiting for my fav couple to come back… aja aja..

    Rie: I hope its shorter than 5 months though, thats an eternity in TV-land!

  34. ^porcelain ^: ME TOO, I think so too but the new couple seem to have a little possiblity to be as romantic as Alex and Shin ae (but I know for me, that no couple would ever take their place !! <33 ). I I hope they include the version of Shin ae and him singing Romeo N juliet ! ❤

  35. here’s a thought…what if (that’s a big IF lol)..maybe… if ….. say Alex does MV’s for his songs he picks Shin-Ae as his female lead????? …waaaaahh ..hmmm…it boggles my mind how obsessed i am w/ this couple lol.

  36. I really miss this couple. Like all of you I am patiently awaiting for coolsmurf (aka Alvin) to upload the subbed parts Alex and Shin ae in episode 8. While waiting I had been re-watching episodes 1 to 7 but only Alex and Shin Ae’s parts. I think I prefer Alex’ rendition of Flowerpot to that of Jisun because whenever I listen to it I always remember how he looked while he sang it to Shin Ae. I’m not sure if the sure is really scripted but I agree that maybe it’s not. That the crew would just give them tasks and how and what they do to accomplish the task is up to the couple so whatever reaction we see in the show is real. Besides, if you try to watch episode 1 you can feel right away that Alex is physically attracted to Shin Ae because right after they introduced themselves the first thing he said to her is that she is pretty!!! I really hope they come back or that they do a project together. I hope to read any news regarding the two of them and hopefully they do date in real life!!!

    I visited Alex’ minihomepage in cyworld for the first time yesterday and because I’m not Korean I can’t understand what was in there but I did read something which intrigued me. The title on the first page of his minihompy was If Only…. What he meant by that only Alex would know.

  37. how could they leave, i’m about to cry again, i have never been in love with a korean show like this, i cried so much when alex said he had to leave and seeing shin ae’s tears. i love them soooooo much, too much to let them go, please please please…….. bring them back, and i beg you shin ae and alex, please come back, the show is nothing without them, alex was the perfect guy and just when shin ae realizes that and tells him that she is grateful and tries to take a step closer, how could he hurt her, she said earlier almost as a warning that it takes her forever to start a relationship all over again, how could he just break up with her like this. :(, :(, :(, i really feel for shin ae, the way she cried just broke my heart and how she was still holding it in, i beg you, please bring them back, i don’t even watch the show because my fav couple is not there. i love you alex and shin ae

  38. i think dis show is not follow script.. well it mite but it jus a lil bit… like a mission part…. and sleeping part ( make it look like they really stay together) and ummm that about it i think lol!

  39. please! answer my question i just seen wgm i like alex and shinae couple so much and i want to know what song?? is open on shinae find the photo that alex hide them on the door i really want to know please tell me..
    ps.that a girl song

  40. Alex en Shinae leavin’ the show’s a really sad one. That was one couple I always lukd forward to seein’. Alex spiced up the show. En Shinae, she was loveable in every way. Hope they’ll really be happy, whatever choice they make… as regards being together.

  41. hmm!!! XD this is the first time i even post a comment in any of the k-Drama that i have watch this thing wit Alex and Shinae i live in new york usa and i dont even know them that much i know few korean celebrity~~~
    my comment is love is not a play thing it those go come and go making people very invornerable lots of people are being destroy but some are becoming strong and this is what i have felt with this copple i hate to say that i did become disapointed about it when the out come became like but i was happy to have felt this felling its like a good learning expirience~~~
    and for the record i’ve seen the top message saying that they did become offially off cam cuple cost they look so good to each othier i hope they become strong as a cople and build good foundation im just a viewer and i just wanna express my felling out of this reality show~~~

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