Koreans upset at Rain being named as Japanese pop megastar

Korean megastar Rain plays Taejo Togokhan in Speed Racer and because it’s a Japanese name, he is mistaken to be a Japanese instead of Korean.

Rain in Speed Racer

Rain was in England recently to promote his debut Hollywood movie and this was what was wrote about his role in the movie:

Japanese pop megastar Rain appears as Taejo, a competing racer. The film will, undoubtedly, do well in Japan as a result.

Koreans who learnt of this was furious and said that the person writing the review was not knowledgable enough and hurt their pride.

Although Rain is exceptionally popular in Asia, he’s just only getting starting in Europe and America. The movie review by British website, “Den of Geek” has led to cries by Koreans saying, “Rain is Korean!”.

14 thoughts on “Koreans upset at Rain being named as Japanese pop megastar

  1. i guess he should have looked up the facts, that’s pretty embarrassing. but… he does look sort of japanese; i mean i’m korean and i can’t tell.

  2. @lol: that was really an immature comment. – why the heck would you wirte that?

    Back to this entry:
    but yep.. this is pretty embarrassed and unprofessional. The writer should have looked up the facts before writing it ^^

  3. oh what’s the big deal..it’s a mistake..get over it.

    Just like when they wrote about Edison Chen in some magazine and they used Daniel Henney’s picture…the fact that white people can’t tell the difference is part of their ignorance. Are we asians really gonna act like we have a stick up our asses? I hope not.

  4. wow. and they consider themselves journalists.
    i think it was at the LA premiere where they mistakenly introduced him as his character’s name instead of his real name.

  5. Who cares what some magazine writes? However, it does seem most things go wrong for Rain. His characters name for instance was mixed with his own ones, LOL!

  6. As a non-Asian, I am thrilled that Rain is giving it an honest go in the west (especially in America, were I am from). The 21st century belongs to Asia and people like Rain have been responsible for showing a new face of the fresh, young and hip Asian culture (that u guyzz have been keepin’ to yourselves…LOL). I have a feeling that British reporter will be eating the pages of his own magazine if and when Rain and the many other super talented Asian artist begin to take the wild west!

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