Choi Ji Woo Returns in “Oh! My Goddess” Drama

Actress Choi Ji Woo will soon return to the small screen after having been on a long hiatus following the conclusion of MBC’s “Air City” in July 2007.

Choi Ji Woo had been deciding on her comeback role and decided to take on SBS “Oh! My Goddess” after feeling that this drama reflected her own life in reality. “Oh! My Goddess” is slated for broadcast in December 2008 and Choi Ji Woo’s role in the drama is a top hallyu star called Lee Marie. The drama is about four guys vying for the affection of Lee Marie and their stories.

Olive9 Entertainment expressed, “Although it has not been totally confirmed, but basically it is on. Ji Woo has agreed and is now preparing for the role.”

The drama will be shown in the Wed-Thus timeslot after “Painter of the Wind”.

13 thoughts on “Choi Ji Woo Returns in “Oh! My Goddess” Drama

  1. what a boring character…TOP HALLYU STAR? can she do something more challenging? whatever happened to Lovers in Azuka which is slated to air in December also under SBS and Olive 9 production?

    so many copy cat of ON AIR Series…
    can they think of something else?

  2. I can’t stand her acting, she’s always playing melodramatic characters; always crying. I’ve avoided her dramas cause I’ve gotten bored. I doubt this will be any different.

  3. i never could watch any drama she was in, i started Winter Sonata & Stairway To Heaven but they were too hard to watch. she should do a comedy instead of melodramas. is this new thing a comedy?

  4. oh wow!! is this the oh my goddess anime we’re talking about? well, if it’s not, japan needs to get some serious copyright action goin.. hahha. but sounds cool they’re makin it into a live action.. it’s a cute anime.. hmm i remember all the magic and stuff though.. hope it won’t be all corny. and choi ji woo as a goddess? no offense, but i don’t see her all that ‘goddessy’ hahha. don’t get me wrong, loved (and hated) her in stairway to heaven.. hated cause it made me cry every episode.. ahha

  5. ah nvm.. just read the synopsis.. smart.. hahha. so its totally different.. why’d they name it that! haha

  6. ugh, i can’t even stand a love triangle, not to mention a pentagon one. with so many males after her, is she going to play the same ol’ character that she always played before? the “mary-sue” who cries a lot.

    on another note, i love her character name. lee marie. sounds so pretty.

  7. waa~
    i always try to avoid dramas that she’s in cause it’s always wayyyyy too sad for me to watch
    and she always play the same role!
    like the overly gentle ones that sometimes get seriously bullied by her little sister or something
    she’s such an awsome actress though
    probably one of the most respected ones in korea
    and like all of the dramas she’s in a all major ones

  8. Sounds interesting and hopefully better than ‘On Air’! Sorry, but I didn’t like it…a bit too overrated but I did really love Kim Ha neul’s characater!!!

  9. I don’t think this new drama will be boring because it involves four men pursuing the same woman. Wow, wow, it sounds exciting. I don’t think this will be a melodrama, sounds more like romantic comedy. Not all of Ji Woo’s dramas & movies were melodramatic. Her character in First Love was very bubbly, never cried, not even once. Some of her comedic talent was shown in the movies “Romantic President”, First Kiss, The Adventures of Ms. Park & Everybody Has a Secret. Her parts in “Mr. Duke” & “Air City” were not melodramatic. Her movies “No Where To Hide” & “The Hole” were not very melodramatic. “The Hole” was more of horror. I firmly believe in her capabilities as a versatile actress. I will surely watch this new drama. I believe in Ji Woo. After all, she won several acting awards & I’m confident she’ll do a great job on this one, too. Aside from being talented, she’s beautiful (timeless), sophisticated & elegant. She’s the reason why I started watching Korean dramas & movies. She also was the one who intiated the Korean wave together with Bae Yong Joon. Ji Woo fighting….

  10. well, i hope she will find one among that four men
    i think she must choose soon
    and in the reality life too
    i ever watched winter sonata. and i think she fell in love with
    Bae Yong Jun and Bae too fell in love with her.
    perhaps the third times they meet, they can say love each other.
    as their drama (Winter Sonata). when in the third they will meet again, and no others or things can prohibition their love.

    that’s just my opinion

  11. soy fans de choi ji woo admira como actua , soy una de sus admiradoras la quiero muxo sin haberla conocido soy de peru

  12. I love Choi Ji Woo. She’s a versatile actress. A beautiful, kind & humble lady. I wish her good luck in her new drama. Ji Woo fighting …….

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