Kim Dong Wan Will Be Enlisted Ahead of Eric

Following the news of Eric’s impending enlistment on 9th October yesterday, it was revealed today that Kim Dong Wan might actually get ahead of him and become the first Shinhwa member to be enlisted instead.

According to Dong Wan’s representative, “If there are no problems, Dong Wan will be enlisted ahead of Eric by the end of September or early October due to some adjustments made.” Kim Dong Wan will undergo five weeks of basic military training and then proceed to serve the remaining in Seoul.

With this announcement, it also effectively means that two Shinhwa members would be serving the military soon and Shinhwa as a group will no longer be appearing together as one entity for the next couple of years until 2012 (possibly). Other Shinhwa members like Minwoo, JunJin, Andy and Hye Sung are currently going about their solo projects with all of them needing to serve the military as well later with the exception of Hye Sung who is exempted. With that, it means that the reunion of Shinhwa could take a long time to happen.

Eric and Dong Wan will appear at JunJin’s solo concert today and this marks the last time that Shinhwa will meet the fans together as a group for a long while.

37 thoughts on “Kim Dong Wan Will Be Enlisted Ahead of Eric

  1. Wah~~~ I don’t know if I could stand waiting that long!!! 2012! That’s so many years from now, and with the constant delays, I think I’m gonna just bawl. So many talented men are currently meeting the “due date” for their military duties, so the Korean entertainment for sure will be a very disappointing/boring field for a bit. TT.TT I’m so sad now, but I am already looking forward to their return. But by then, they will probably really be ahjusshis!

  2. NOT WANNIE OPPA!!!!!!!! BOOHOOHOOO. Know what would be fantastic though? All of them enlisting together! hahah with the exception of Andy. He just should not go at all.

  3. 2012 is so far away…
    But I’ll patiently wait for Shinhwa to come back. Can you imagine how long their devoted fans would willingly wait and pray for them?

    If there is any chance of them doing a comeback concert, please let me know, Alvin! I live all the way in Montreal, Canada but I’d LOVE to finally see one of their concerts!


  4. woah… they will compete till the end huh?! lol Good for them then. wish that they will be taking a good care fo themself in the army. and maybe they can have a mini gathering with the REST of the celeb in the army….

    I wonder what if the female also have to do the service, and then the girl and boy celeb will have their own club in the army. and hook up? :))

  5. They will be back by LONDON OLYMPICS!!! <333 I will miss them so much!!! Meanwhile, i guess we can concentrate on Hyesung?! =) I’m sure Dongwan will blog often about his life!

    Always thought Eric’s going in first, but turns out Dongwan going first. But it also means he’s coming out first!! YEAH!!


  6. I will not tear,
    I will not cry,
    You do not fear,
    neither will I.

    You leave to serve your duties,
    as a son, brother, and man
    After two plus years served fully,
    I’ll be here till the end.

    Oppa, hwaiting!!!!

  7. Thats almost 4 years :[
    But I thought Andy and Junjin were also exempted ’cause Jun Jin is almost blind in his left eye from that head injury and Andy never finished High School 0.o

  8. isn’t it Hyesung has past knee injuries? so i think he got exempted a long ago… nowadays, even if celebs have injuries, the army puts them at a desk job (Eric) instead of exempting them like Hyesung.

  9. Wah~~ they’re all going to be gone soon… What will I do without them???! This is so sad. And Eric leaves the day before my birthday….. šŸ˜¦

    Now I know the military service is important and all, but I secretly wish Andy never gave up his citizenship!! I don’t want him to goooo! I wish he were exempt like Hyesung… sigh…..

    2012 seems so far away…. o_o

  10. No……. It will be so sad.
    I can’t wait for that long time. 2012 until donmgwan and eric oopa finish their duty. But it could be 2014 or 2015 we can see shinhwa in full team again

  11. AWW, I’m going to miss them so much! No more Shinhwa for awhile. It’s going to be so boring, and when i go back and look at the tv shows and concerts, and when i listen to their music when they are gone is going be make be cry! Aw,, i don’t know if i can wait that long for them. Since Hye Sung got exempted to go, I”m sure He’s going to miss them even more! Fighting Shinhwa~

    Shinhwa Forever!

  12. ^ health problem..knees i geuss?

    Arg!!! this comes so fast…i’m too obsessed with WGM…now i miss them already…T^T

  13. its so sad that so many talented male artist are leaving for enlistment…2012 is a very long way to go…i will miss them much…^sob sob^eric oppa is leaving on the day of my b’day too…dongwan oppa fighting!!!

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  15. I don’t get it, Shin Hye Sung got exempted of the army for having “serious” knee injuries in the past, but he can be performing everywhere without a problem??, why didn’t the army give him a desk job? isn’t a desk job more comfortable than performing everywhere? . I understand that with a knee injury you can’t do the active service, but you can do the community service (desk job).
    Shin Hye Sung should be serving at least in a desk job. This is really a mockery in everyone’s face!

    Anyway, it’s so sad that Kim Don Wan and Eric are going now, but they’ll be fullfilling their military duty, whether it is in a desk job or active duty, whatever way they’ll be at least serving. Good luck to both of them! We are already very proud of you guys!

  16. ^umm, before you start your service (whether it is a desk job or combat soldier), you need to receive 5-week basic military training… and Hyesung’s knee can’t take such training…
    That’s why he got exempted…

  17. yeah the American citizenship part as an explanation for KHS’s exemption doesn’t make much sense because why would he hold onto that if he is living/ performing/ working in Korea? I bet KHS is feeling relieved that he’s being exempt too and I’m not saying this to be bitter because it’s just fact, I mean no one wants to disappear like even if you glorify this whole going to the army to serve the country thing – especially when one’s so used to being in the spotlight. Wonder/Coolsmurf, can you clear this up?? Is it really the knee?

  18. Hye Sung suffered cruciate knee ligament injuries during Shinhwa’s 2001 Guerilla Concert. He got operated on but it still bothers him when he performs on stage, walking or standing for prolonged periods. He can still work the knees but not for extended periods.

  19. I wish all of them the best in whatever they do.Don’t judge someone because by the way they look on the outside.I have suffered thirty years of horrible depression not living life because of it .Yet no one knew my agony until i attempted suicide again ,even with therapy through the years ,it is still debilitating.Everyone that i worked with and knew me was
    like ,no way she did tried to hurt herself she’s always smiling and happy. Yet at home and on the inside it was torture. i have been out of work for two months now because of it. So please don’t judge hyesung for not going in the military. There
    are alot of people here in the States that want to serve their country but can’t,and some that join for the free college but
    don’t want to serve the country without gripeing.Don’t join the military if you don’t want to fight for your country wherever it may be. Good luck Shinwa wish you the best will wait for you.
    God Bless all the military who serve their countries and God
    Bless our troops!

  20. oh no!!!!T_T. it’s very long time, i cant wait. in the recent time, they also are not appear as a entity. it makes me very sad. although i known they ‘re very busy with solo projects but why they try to spend a little time on perform together. i very love shinhwa and i always hope that i will see their return someday, not longer…….

  21. oh no! wit gut! that was a surprise…i will miss shinhwa but i know you will keep ur promise to us so i will wait for ur comeback no matter how long. i will wait…shinhwa forever!!

    **makes a circle of promise around my head**

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