Lee Hyori Quits Sang Sang Plus for Album Comeback

Lee Hyori will be releasing her third studio album “It’s Hyorish” on 18th July and revert back to her singer identity. It was also announced to the media that she will be handing over her hosting duties on KBS 2TV “Sang Sang Plus” variety.

Lee Hyori will give up her hosting duties on KBS 2TV “Sang Sang Plus” with her management expressing yesterday to the media, “Other than SBS Family Outing, Hyori will not be attending other variety shows anymore. She will only appear as a guest on approximately 3~4 variety shows and immerse herself totally into her album promotional activies as a singer.

Lee Hyori had become MC of “Sang Sang Plus” this past April and will record her final episode today. Hyori will make her official comeback on KBS 2TV “Music Bank” next week, performing two songs from her new album, “U-Go-Girl” and “Hey Mr. BiG”. Her fans are hotly anticipating an explosive comeback from her.

14 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Quits Sang Sang Plus for Album Comeback

  1. uhh go hyo ri?

    omg. this is totally off topic. but alvin
    you did it again. lol
    The Blind Girl pianist on Star King in the videothat you subbed is very popular. its featured on the front page of
    yahoo and reuters. and i am sure that they referred
    to your video!

    charice and now her. wowowowow. ^^

  2. she always quits when the ratings dip down.. she doesn’t stick with it to even try to bring upt he ratings.
    the middle picture is pretty

  3. I thought it was Family outing that was her reason, primary, for quiting the other program. But I guess it just adds up.

  4. Oh no! I really like her on Sang Sang Plus! She’s makes it so much fun to watch! So excited about her new album! At least she won’t be leaving Family Outing! Best new show!

  5. I love it when she appears on variety shows! It’s too bad that she won’t be hosting as much anymore! She’s got such a goofy and witty personality! Can’t wait to see her perform on stage!

  6. YAY! Can’t wait for her comeback! So happy she’ll be staying on Family Outing! I LOVE that show! Check it out! It’s super funny! Hyori ROCKS!!!!

  7. I really hope she doesn’t quit Family Outing! I love watching that show because of her! And her comeback is gonna rock! Can’t wait!!!

  8. omg, i love this girl! she’s so cool! can’t believe she’ll be leaving sang sang plus! noooooo!

  9. What?! Why must she leave? I love her that show! She better not leave Family Outing! It just wouldn’t be the same without her! So glad she’s coming back with a new album! Can’t wait to see her on other shows!

  10. as long as she’s still in the “Family” I’ll be happy! just love that show! it’s so funny and hyori is so awesome! she’s got such a great personality, she gets along with everyone! hyori fighting!!!

  11. I was really hoping that she’d stay cause I’ve only started watching that show because of her and now I’ve fallen in love with it! She just knows how to make things fun and interesting! Love all the other hosts too, but it just wouldn’t be the same without Hyori! Wish her all the best with her new album!!!

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