Lee Seung Gi ditches Iljimae for 1N2D

Update: Jung Il Woo has confirmed his participation. But he will ditch his previously confirmed role in “Triple” opposite Min Hyo Rin for “Iljimae”.

SBS and MBC are both filming dramas that talks about Iljimae, the hero in Joseon Dynasty but they are currently enjoying differing fortunes.

SBS “Iljimae” starring Lee Jun Ki is enjoying high popularity with viewers as shown in the ratings while MBC had made an announcement yesterday that they would be delaying their drama till next year instead. Another bombshell was dropped today with Lee Seung Gi ditching the leading role.

Lee Seung Gi offered his explanation

The main reason for dropping MBC Iljimae is because I want to devote all my energy into filming KBS 1N2D variety. From what I know, MBC Iljimae would be going overseas for filming and would thus clash with the filming for 1N2D. After careful consideration, I decided on 1N2D over Iljimae instead.

According to the production company, following Lee Seung Gi’s decision, they are currently considering Jung Il Woo for the Iljimae role. But Jung Il Woo’s management replied, “Nothing has been decided yet. We will inform fans immediately once his next project is decided.”

Smart and logical move by Seung Gi. By postponing the filming schedule, it shows the lack of confidence by MBC and their unwillingness to be compared with SBS Iljimae. Whoever takes on the role would have a difficult time.

21 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi ditches Iljimae for 1N2D

  1. it’s good to see how attached Seung Gi is to 1N2D…it’s sorta like “loyalty over”…nvm, i dont remember that saying…

  2. glad to hear! majority of the time, they would choose the drama/movie over the show.
    out of my 10+ yrs. of watching korean entertainment, i think this is the 1st time i’ve heard someone pick a variety show over the drama/movie.
    good for him! i wouldn’t want him to leave the show. he’s too silly & cute for words^^

  3. omg, when i first glanced at it i was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo! cause i thought it was the other way around.. seunggi ditches 1n2d for iljimae.. hahhah. not that i wasnt looking forward to it.. never saw him act.. well i know he did a drama before, but it didnt seem like my kind of drama haha. well, that’s really cool though! they would be having a hard time competing with sbs with junki and all.. seunggi is more the cute type, so glad to hear he’s continuing with 1n2d! love that show! cant wait to watch their special 5day trip in the mountains! finally we can see a ‘walrus on the mountains’ as jiwon puts it haha.

  4. not to be mean or anything, but he probably realized how much he had to compete with… i mean comeon…it’s lee junki you’re going up against.

  5. smart seung gi! even though that means i cant watch you in a drama very soon. but 1n2d is enough for me.
    besides, i can see your trueself 🙂
    the more i know about seung gi’s foolishness, the more i like him.

  6. @kamee

    i actually think that it doesnt matter who he’s going up against. I think that for one story to be told twice ( even though it’s not exactly the same) is not a smart move. I dont understand why MBC even bother to buy the copyright of the comic. i was like d’oh..dumbass..
    i hope that jung il woo wont take the offer too.
    if the drama is not a success drama, he will suffer from it.
    and the probability for it to fail terribily is big.
    love jung il woo’s innocent face 🙂

  7. Thank Goodness!!!!! i was really worried he might join.. because there might be time he won’t be on 1n2d if he accept the offer!

    smart move! I want to see more of LSG true side on 1n2d!!

  8. yeah with the ratings of iljimae so high right now (and with such an amazing cast), it’ll be hard to compete against it. lee seung gi is smart for not taking it. it will be his first official drama debut anyway, and we wouldnt be wanting him to be compared to lee jun ki’s acting.

  9. im glad he’ll still be on 1n2d ! but its gonna be hard cause people are gonna compare to the current one so im kinda glad he dropped it

  10. people that wanna watch 1n2d eng sub go too
    and look for a user with the name

  11. Great news! He is obviously best in 1N2D, so he shouldn’t jeopardies it! Jung Il Woo looks like that guy in The Devil 😮

  12. yeah i agree w/ miumiu it’s hard to compete w/ a drama thats already been shown
    and i also agree w/ kamee too
    lee junki already made a name for himself as a really good actor and seung gi just started on acting
    i think he’s better off doing a different drama that no other stars has already done…

    anyways fightings junki ur the best!! =]]

  13. Seung Gi is a smart boy.If he did 2 events,he’ll sick.So 2D1N is the best choice.Everyone loves this variety show.And about Iljimea,It’s so dangerous !Go!Smile Boy ^^

  14. yay im so happy, cause the mbc iljimae wont beat the sbs iljimae. im glad lsg left the leading role

  15. if jungilwoo takes the lead role as iljimae, that is so..ironic??
    cause he looks similar to leejunki..sort of
    why are they making a second one? i think it’s kind of pointless

  16. Oh… Initially I was so so so SO disappointed when I saw the title of this post… ‘Cos that means Seung Gi won’t be in Iljimae! I mean, I was totally looking forward to another drama from him!

    However, after seeing the comments from everyone above and the writer of this post, I do support his decision to leave MBC’s Iljimae…

    Seung Gi, I wish you all the best in everything! =)

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