Viewers Piqued by Iljimae Kissing Scenes

In “Iljimae” episode 15 last night, Yong/Iljimae kissing scenes with two women in the day and night respectively has made viewers very interested.

Bong Soon (Lee Young Ah) still didn’t know Yong (Lee Jun Ki) is Iljimae in disguise but shows her love for him in many ways. Yong decides to set her free and tears up their contract. Bong Soon gets really anxious and decides to take the intiative as she forces a kiss on him. It was real hiliarious to see a gender reversal here with Bong Soon becoming like a man and vice versa. Bong Soon was real happy after learning it was Yong’s first kiss.

On the other hand, Eun Chae (Han Hyo Joo) and Iljimae goes back to the plum blossom tree where they met for the first time as kids. Eun Chae tells him about the little kid who was her first love as she also expresses her liking for him at the same time. Eun Chae requests to see his face but Iljimae instead covers her eyes and kisses her instead (rather awkwardly) among the falling blossoms.

Following the broadcast, the message board was flooded with viewers comments, “Eun Chae and Iljimae’s kiss was really beautiful. Please let them date”, “Yong and Bong Soon kiss was so cute”, “My heart was beating so fast because of the kissing scenes today”, etc.

According to TNS Media, the ratings for episode 15 of “Iljimae” achieved 26.0%, as it bested it’s prevous best of 25.4% a week earlier, continuing it’s reign over the other two dramas from KBS and MBC.

With just 5 episodes remaining, will Yong get his revenge, will his romance bear fruit, the drama ending, etc are highly anticipated by viewers.

14 thoughts on “Viewers Piqued by Iljimae Kissing Scenes

  1. Thank you soooooo much for Iljimae’s news

    i also think that Iljimae&Eunchae kiss scene looks awkward but i still love it ^^ In my opinion… To eunchae, iljimae is polite and really respect her. He love her pureness.. and as we know in the drama, Yong never kiss any girl before !!! so this is his first kiss right? (plz dont count Bongsoon kiss in here hahaha)

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  3. ahhh…it apparently has been way too long since I saw a Korean drama. Of course, like an American soap opera, their story lines are pretty much all the same, but I do miss them. Kudos for getting on the wordpress frontpage!

    everyone else

  4. Eh, only five episodes left? They should’ve progressed the storyline earlier in the series.

  5. Oh no, Yong (Iljimae) got his first kiss from Bong Soon. The whole scene looks so cute and visible than Eun Chae got her kiss from Iljimae.

    Yeah, I really agree that Iljimae & Eun Chae kiss scene looks awkward as we can’t see clear whether Iljimae’s lips is on Eun Chae’s. And it seems that Eun Chae has no response at all to Iljimae. However, I am so afraid that it will almost break that poor guy’s head.

  6. Yeah, I totally agree that the Iljimae & Eunchae kiss scene looks awkward as we can’t see whether his lips is on Eunchae’s and it ends so fast. However, its queer that Eunchae seems no response to Iljimae.

    And it is so amusing and cute that Yong (Iljimae) got his first kiss from Bong Soon. It looks like the cameraman must be too good to them than Eunchae’s as the scene is more visible…..

  7. I cant believe bong soon stole yong’s first kiss!! it made me sad :[ but on the other side.. yong kissed eunchae that means he likes her ^^ so they now like each other equals a couple! yay

  8. Korean actors must learn how to kiss from Joo Ji Hoo. The best Korean Drama kiss was Gong/Princess Hours. Now that was a good kissing screen.

  9. i love bong soon too !!! she’s adorable !!!! she should be together with youngee !!!!! she lost everything ..her family , she deserves to be with Youngee !!!!!! YOUNGBO FOR LIFE

  10. Yeah…bong soon for yongee, after watching recap of mv, bong soon is the best match for ilijmae. She knows yongee head to toe and puts her life on the line for him….but he’s too sprung on EC..booooooo

  11. i agree the kiss with eun chae was very awkward, i honestly thought his head was gonna turn 180 lol.
    i really long bong soon and really want her to be with yong-ee!! now all i have to do is watch the rest of the series and find out wat happens…

  12. bongsoon is more compatible to yong-ee! i like her more than eun chae. i think bong soon and yong-ee makes a cute, funny, understanding and loving couple 🙂
    yong-ee and eun chae’s relationship is more distant and not that close. i tink admiration is more suitable to describe their relationship.

  13. yup! totally agree. bongsoon is so bubbly! so cute. she sacrifices herself for yong! she and yong would make a great couple.

    eunchae to me seems a little boring.. and i always get the feeling like she’s always sitting down and doing nothing to help yong.

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