Super Junior Fans to stop SM Entertainment from adding new members by buying their stocks

With their demonstrations and protests unheeded by SM Entertainment, Super Junior fans have decided to combine their monies and buy into SM stocks in order to have a legal representation as part of the company stockholders.

Super Junior 13 + 1?! 

They released a statement through the media, “To support Super Junior and protest against SM Entertainment from the adding new members at their call, even if there’s a small possibility, even if it’s just one stock, we are going to work towards obtaining a seat. As of today, we have 58, 206 stocks.”

SM Entertainment has released 160 million stocks to the stock market and the fans currently hold a 0.3% of that total amount.

To faciliate more support, Super Junior fans in Korean have opened a “One Fan One Stock” website for their campaign to obtain a seat and not just in Korea, fans all over the world can also join in to do their part to stop SM Entertainment.

ELFS up in arms

This comes after SM Entertainment sneakily added one more Chinese member named Zhu Chen Chen  recently for a special album about sports for celebrating of Olympic Beijing 2008. They were doing it quietly in case something happened like last time when they tried to add Henry to Super Junior.

Something like what Liverpool fans are doing to “save” their football club from their inept owners. But it would take a while for it to come to fruition seeing how young the fanbase of Super Junior is.

24 thoughts on “Super Junior Fans to stop SM Entertainment from adding new members by buying their stocks

  1. ohh myy gooodnesss.. seriously?
    wow wow
    can i say “only in korea”?
    i wonder how much the stocks are..
    it might be a good investment.
    nah id rather buy JYP’s.

  2. I agree with Akon, I totally feel like smackin them. Why can’t they put a better use to their efforts and money? I’m 100% positive SuJu would appreciate that more.

  3. OMGGGG the fans have gone nuts.. Considering how young the fans probably are (<18 years?) it’s not going to work out. What a waste of money. This is just soooo lame!!! It annoys me that fans are being too obssesive like this coz I’m a Super Junior fan as well.. It’s like, as if SM is gonna listen to a bunch of kiddos. LOL..

  4. Any idea how much is the share prices now ? 🙂 There is a min amount you have to purchase right? Like 1000 shares? Or is it different in korean? 🙂

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  6. do they not understand….? Super Junior will probably get more money if they add more members. seeing as the majority of their lifes are not just singing, but doing radio shows..Hosting Tv SHOWS. that kinda stuff. and if there are more members they get more money cause all of the members get paid for appearing on the shows!
    cheeeeez! but i guess.. i kinda get where they are coming from, i mean if Super Junior ain’t happy than SM shouldn’t go ahead with it.

  7. @_@ why this much to avoid adding members ? i even pity henry .. the guy who played the violin in Don’t Don . i researched about him .. he’s a talented kid . D: looks good too ! ;D

  8. Crazy fans who actually have the time and not to mention the money for it. Is it stupidity or what? Henry would of have been a good one to add to the group, but that’s just my saying. He’s a talented guy, who I am looking forward to.

  9. Well it worked. No member addings to the group itself.
    Cass boycotted.
    ELF bought stock.
    Both succeeded.

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  11. I highly doubt no matter how much they fans gather up it wouldnt be enough to actually have some say in sm. Out of 160 million stocks? what the fans are doing is just giving sm money instead of using it on something else tht might be more useful.

  12. realy yeah i ahree in all cases..i would totaly b intersted in lyk buying shares..but i wouldn’t
    even though im a suju fan #1 nomatter wat other fans say
    and suju wants to live there lives how it is not really according to the company but acoording to their dreams…
    let them ,live them ELF its jus making things complicated for them, if ELF really loves suju them leave them alone..or at least jus dont go protesting to the company (why dont you guys jus freking stalk them..its beta then protesting!)

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