Chae Yeon “Party” Photoshoot

Singer Chae Yeon who has always been known for her sexy dance moves and poses on stage, is now moving on to doing pretty much the same in her new photoshoot donning different sexy costumes, showing her ageless charisma.

From 19th March, photos of Chae Yeon as an office lady and in the process of preparing to go to a party with fellow secretaries, etc was made available and she came off looking polished, sexy and cute in various images.


The photoshoot was completed in five days starting on 20th February. Before that, Chae Yeon did specialised exercises to tone her body shape and also bought costumes, props. The photoshoot theme sees Chae Yeon in the process of preparing to go to a party. She is seen in the gym, have a massage, picking out shoes, preparing food, driving a posh car and enjoying the party, etc.

The photo which sees Chae Yeon and the female secretaries appearing but yet not revealing the latter’s face adds a mysterious feel to it somewhat.


The photoshoot titled, “Party” is now available through SK Telecoms and keeps Chae Yeon in the spotlight for the moment in Korea. She is currently busy with her overseas tour in China having just released her first Chinese album and completing her first fan meeting there as well with more to come.

7 thoughts on “Chae Yeon “Party” Photoshoot

  1. Koreans debut in China like our Swedes (and other Europeans indeed) does in USA. It great that they seem to manage, there are some now! One could wonder if it wasn’t an issue, if they might not sound so good singing and most of all had very little to say in Chinese. But it’s cool!

  2. EWW SuJu. What the fuck is your problem? She is fucken hot. Damn. Look at those tits right about to pop out. ughhh. I’d fuck her.

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