Fallout from the Edison Chen Scandal: Strife Within the C.L.O.T. Family

Those who are privy to the rumblings at Edison Chen’s lifestyle company, CLOT, may have noticed that music producer Hanjin’s blog has been conspicuously removed from the CLOT blogs in the wake of the Edison Chen scandal.

Who is Hanjin? Well, the native Singaporean also known as 陈奂仁 is a member of the music group Invisible Men and has performed with and written/produced many songs for Edison. In fact, Edison has gone on record in the past as saying that “the only reason I still do music is because of Hanjin.” So why the fallout?


Apparently, in the weeks after the whole EDC scandal Hanjin posted a peculiar blog post with the subject line “monster turtle from the past…destroying everything in it’s path.” In the controversial blog post, is a picture of a sword-wielding toy princess chopping off the head of a poor toy turtle. Clearly, there were undertones to this post as Hanjin’s blog is now defunct and he is rumored to have taken up a job with now infamous EEG.

the photo that sparked the battle between hanjin with edc n clot...

His post obviously can be interpreted as a major sign of disloyalty not only to Edison but to the CLOT family. It would not come as a surprise if CLOT higher-up Kevin Poon said enough is enough and fired Hanjin. Clearly, they are trying to keep tight-lipped about this as nobody has even come close to commenting on the incident on their blogs. This is a strong showing of loyalty to Edison.

Serendipitously, Edison’s JUICE store in HK is now undergoing renovations giving them some months to regroup and plot out their next moves in the game.

3 thoughts on “Fallout from the Edison Chen Scandal: Strife Within the C.L.O.T. Family

  1. Wow, frankly speaking this is really pushing it. It’s like taking many random un-related pieces and trying to construct a picture.

    Sounds like pure speculation to me!

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