Kim Sung Hee leaves Kara; Idol Competitions a new phenomenon in the industry?

Kara vocalist, Kim Sung Hee announced her departure today from the group.

The decision was taken after lengthy discussions between her father who was unhappy with her for neglecting her studies and DSP Entertainment.

According to someone from DSP, “Kim Sung Hee and the other members have always got along well with each other and are on good relations. They (Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon and Jung Nicole) are noticeably sad to see her depart.

Sung Hee had earlier promised her parents that she would do her best in her studies while going about her singing duties with Kara. But because of the hectic singing schedule, she neglected her studies and due to heavy stress, she also developed health issues. She will now focus on her studies instead.

DSP will launch an audition through MNet in mid March to find new members for Kara and make up for Kim Sung Hee absence. And it’s understood that they are auditioning for two members instead and make Kara a 5-member group.

DSP spokesperson added, “The process of replacing Kim Sung Hee through auditions will be shown on MNet. After going through this tough period, Kara will make their comeback with a new mature image.”


This latest development in the Korean pop industry brings us another question, are idol competitions the latest phenomenon to hit Korea?

As we all know, JYP newest creation, “Hot-Blooded Men” is now undergoing an Idol elimination style of competition on MNet and their numbers will be reduced from an initial 13 to a manageable number. And Kara is also set to go down this path to find their 2 new members on MNet as well starting March 2008.

According to DSP Entertainment, the auditions for the 2 new members of Kara will follow the style of “MTV Wonder Girls” Season 1. So in a way, it’s different from the Idol elimination style of competition of “Hot-Blooded Men”.

JYP’s “Hot-Blooded Men” is a survival competition between 13 trainees. The trainees who will remain behind will be decided by fans voting.

Wonder Girls started getting noticed by fans after the broadcast of “MTV Wonder Girls” before their actual debut. Big Bang was another example who started out with 6 members before eventually becoming a 5-member group after selection. Their selection process got a lot of attention after it was shown.

So why do these programs get the attention from so many viewers? According to someone from the broadcast industry, “Many youths harbor dreams of being a star and the numbers are increasing by the minute. Viewers are interested to know how they actually debut through their training, competition, etc. From a company perspective, it is a win-win situation for them since it helps to raise the profile of their singers before debuting.”

23 thoughts on “Kim Sung Hee leaves Kara; Idol Competitions a new phenomenon in the industry?

  1. WHAT??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  2. oh wow…didn’t see this coming..must be sad for KARA because they were so overshadowed by WG and SNSD last year…

    i think part of making KARA a 5 member group is to more competitive with the other girl bands out there right now.

    i also totally agree on all the documentaries that have come out… it really does attract a lot of attention before a group even debuts!

  3. Sigh. I wrote about this on AKP.
    To calritfy… their show will be like WG’s?! WTF that’s gonna be breat! Why couldn’t they do that with SungHee? ;_; it would have been so much hotter more fun.


  4. omg i can’t believe she’s leaving the group, she is the one i like from the group, that’s sad, I wonder if she’s gonna go back to the group, obviously the first album with Kim sung hee in it was better, than the one with the 2 new members

  5. i can’t believe it!! sung hee was the prettiest and the best singer! her teeth was kinda messed up but still she was pretty while smiling with no teeth.

  6. hyuna is coming back…
    sung hee should come back soon 2….
    maybe like a new group with hyuna and sung hee in it :p
    (lol hyuna sometimes looks like sung hee :p)

  7. Im really sad to say that SungHee left Kara, i wish SunHee unnie comes back!!
    Unnie i miss u!

    b4 when there was still u, i always go to the concerts u went to in Korea, but now its all pasts!!


  8. yo quiero saber cuando volvera kim sung hee es que a mi me dijieron que volveria pero necesito saber cuando

  9. I’m very sad that she left the group, and I loved their last song VERY much…
    but, I’m a Jehovah’s Witness too, the religion that she is currently active in….
    I enjoy that we can add another sister.

  10. omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why did she have to leave anyways. She was sooooooooooo pretty and had such a good vioce. I just can’t believe it.

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