Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye Xman Story

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Have to state that first and foremost that my knowledge of Korean entertainment was zlich before 2006. Then came Princess Hours/Goong starring Yoon Eun Hye. The drama ended in March 2006 and I was kind of lost after that. Did a search and out of nowhere came to find out about this variety show that Eun Hye used to participate in.

Bam! All hell broke loose. My first episode was Xman #40, Pattaya Special and I was kind of tickled funny and entralled by a group of celebrities laughing and playing games and having so much fun. I digged for more information and started watching more and more episodes. I came to know about this one man called Kim Jong Kook and his blossoming romance in the show with Eun Hye and it was really a blast watching them. All the love lines and those who tried to came in between them made for great viewing.

I wondered where was I living all this while not knowing about this wonderful show called Xman? Actors and singers came frequently onto the show to promote their stuff like dramas, movies or albums. The MCs, oh boy, were they funny and talented and witty. I came to learn so much more about the people in Korean entertainment, and of course all the singers like Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, SG Wannabe, etc. Learnt about up-and-coming female stars like Nam Sang Mi and Goo Hye Sun from Xman too. Too many for me to list down here but I have to applaud them for what they have done!

Came to love another show called Love Letter and I don’t think anything else would ever come close to the greatness that it has achieved. Everything just snowballed and my knowledge of Korean entertainment is miles ahead of what it was in 2006. Kim Jong Kook for all his wonderful talent in singing and showing his wittiness on Xman, and his partner Yoon Eun Hye, thank you both for unlocking a treasure chest of fun and laughter for us. Eun Hye once mentioned in an interview, recording Xman for her was like going for a date once a week.

Of course, as anyone would have pointed out, Xman is a semi-scripted show, so isn’t their so-called romance just an act and shouldn’t be treated as real? Well, that’s true to a point but the problem here is, there are too many subtle hints that implies that no matter how well you act, there are some things that you just can’t fake it. It got so real to the point that their scandal appeared as headlines on newspapers. They were put together by Xman as a couple but it just got to the point that it became a reality. Others have tried to take their place but there is simply no replacement for them.

Their Xman love story in pictures

Yoon Eun Hye checking out Kim Jong Kook during wrestling game in Xman #15

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Eun Hye helping Jong Kook to wear his socks in Xman #17…

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Jong Kook carrying Eun Hye in Xman #20 couple game…

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Their scandal made the headlines and was much talked about in Xman #23…

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In Xman #23 Dangyunhaji segment, Micky asked Eun Hye whether her marriage date with Jong Kook has been decided yet and Eun Hye replied of course. Then when Eun Hye asked will DBSK attend their wedding, just before Micky answers of course, Jong Kook thanked Micky for asking that by saying thank you.

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In Xman #23 couple selection, Eun Hye used the reasoning that, “You must take responsibility for me since you caused me to have a scandal at 21 years old!” Jong Kook appeared to have no choice but to go back to Eun Hye. When Yoo Jung said that she is also his “children”, he rejected her though.

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Xman #24, as planned by the PD, Eun Hye started chasing after Eric which prompted Jong Kook to say, “That’s why little kids aren’t reliable. During Dangyunhaji, when Eun Hye said the scandal with Jong Kook made her sad, Jong Kook erupted immediately with fury. When everyone was debating what will happen between Eric and Eun Hye, Jong Kook remarked, “The ending will be the both of them dying in my hands!” Still the most talked about segment in Xman history.

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Collage of screencaps from Xman #14, #15, #17, #23 and #25 showing their actions towards each other…I don’t think a script will tell them to do these right???

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Jong Kook carrying Eun Hye again in Xman #24, more than experienced by now…

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Looking ever so adorable and compatible in Rudolf couple game in Xman #25…

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Screencaps showing the differences in Jong Kook’s answers when he was asked by Kang Ho Dong. On the left is screens from Xman #26 (towards Eun Hye) and on the right is from Love Letter ep 112 (towards Eun Jin).

When asked if he loves Eun Hye, he says of course. But when asked in Love Letter if he loves Eun Jin, he replies how can you freely say “I Love You” to someone that easily. He maintains this stand all the time in future shows.

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In Xman #28 Dangyunhaji game, Chae Yeon and Yoon Eun Hye had a no-holds barred exchange as harsh words were exchanged. Why? Ultimately it was because of Kim Jong Kook. The Xman PD even broadcasted a video of Kim Jong Kook at the end asking them to cool it down.

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Sitting together on the flight to Pattaya for Xman #40 recording…

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Xman Pattaya Special, that classic Dangyunhaji. When Min Ki asked Jong Kook do you dislike Eun Hye? Eun Hye at this point placed her head on Kyung Lim’s shoulder, looking innocently at Jong Kook for an answer. Jong Kook was caught between saying of course and giving up. He paused for a while, cleared his throat, and cupped Eun Hye’s ears, saying softly, of course. Eun Hye was undoubtedly overly moved by this and tears of happiness were forming in her eyes…

Jong Kook dancing for the first time in Xman, in that couple selection doing that half hand-stand move where he twisted his legs and Eun Hye look pretty impressed…

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Jong Kook looking relieved like a little kid when Eun Hye accepted him…

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Eun Hye making sure that Jong Kook oppa is well cared for, covering him up with the towel so he wont be cold…

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Jong Kook never taking his sight off Eun Hye while she’s dancing in Xman #41…

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Just compare and contrast Jong Kook’s reaction to Eun Hye’s dance in Xman #41 and Kill Gun’s dance in Love Letter…

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Simply stunning and radiant looking in their outfits at the beginning of Xman #43…

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Xman #43 saw Jeon Hye Bin doing an incredible thing not seen ever in history of Xman. It was her turn to entice and she belonged to Kang team but as she danced, her last target turned out to be Jong Kook as she danced sexily in front of him. Eun Hye was of course furious, marching over to Bin, grabbed her hand and fling her away, “Don’t you have guys on your team!” Bin’s looked kind of embarassed and no doubt it was a staged act but Eun Hye’s reaction seemed like it was so real!

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So compatible with matching outfits during Xman #43 couple selection…

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I just carved your name on the flower!
from Xman #43 couple game

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Here’s the difference on how much he cares more about Eun Hye than Yuri…The screens with Eun Hye was from Xman #43 while the one with Yuri was on Xman #45, where Eun Hye wasn’t around anymore but made a cameo final appearance to say farewell to everyone involved with Xman…

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Xman #50 Christmas Special was where Chae Yeon made public about her acquaintance with Jong Kook 10 years ago through another program called Star Idol. In addition, Chae Yeon confessed that her feelings then and now remain the same. She proceeded to ask at the end, “Can I take Eun Hye’s place in your heart?” Jong Kook didn’t say of course but said, “I’m sorry Jin-suk…” and retreated. You could see Chae Yeon tearing at this point but Jong Kook showed how faithful he can be even though you can afford not to be on a variety show.

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Other interesting notes from Xman
– As long as Eun Hye is around, Jong Kook has never chosen anyone else. The time when it didn’t happen was in Xman #17 when she chose Kim Jang Hoon while he chose Lee Ji Hyun out of no choice. Another time was in Xman #41 where Eun Hye was jealous at him responding to Kyung Lim dancing instead of her. Jong Kook ended up being part of a guy-guy couple.

In episodes where Jong Kook wasn’t around, Eun Hye designated partner was Park Joon Gyu ahjussi. Other than when he was also not around, she would reject most of the other guys for them.

There’s even a JYC club set up even in Korea that wishes for them to be really together and constitute a happy ending to their romance in Xman. Some of the evidence stated could be termed as bias, but some are really showing them showing affection for each other which cannot be denied. Whatever happens in future, hope that they can find their own happiness and live happily ever after.

Many thanks to jade411, endurance, mikki, cuttiegirlsu, thehay1 over at asianfanatics forum for compiling all of these, just putting them together…

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  1. omg!! so sweet! i just love reading abt them. thanks for sharing!!

    btw, can u share with me the link for this..

    “When asked if he loves Eun Hye, he says of course. But when asked in Love Letter if he loves Eun Jin, he replies how can you freely say “I Love You” to someone that easily. He maintains this stand all the time in future shows.”

    the one that he got interrogated by kang ho dong…i wanna see that clip!! cant seem to find in youtube from ur videos… awww!!

  2. hahahaha coolsmurf I’m your biggest fan seriously. I love every bit of your post about my favorite couple.

    They will forever be my no.1

  3. ^Oh and coolie, that is not even counting the fact that he gave YEH a ring (bigger than the one he gave his ex and a scooter…let’s also not forget that this year April 25th he released the second version of “It’s Love” MV in which he included 4 pictures of himself and Yoon Eun Hye .

    The theme of the MV was about “LOVE”. He even asked fans to submit pics about their loved ones and chose the lucky fans pictures that was featured on his MV…he also posted pics of HIS LOVED ones and posted 4 pics of him and Yoon Eun Hye, him with his fans, his manager and assistant and of course his bestfriend Cha Tae Hyun…noticed Yoon Eun Hye is the only woman alone with him in the MV. …lol what could that possibly mean (lalalala)…

    we both know that other than YEH, the only other females that he is close to is Park Kyung Rim, Shinji and Park Shin Hye…but he didn’t feature them on the “It’s Love” MV (laalalala)

    And how can we also disregard thet his name was mentioned in YEH’s recently concluded drama Coffee Prince? (lol):

    “Jong Gook oppa just wait a little..I’ll come out with an album within the year, then I’m going to sing a duet with you.”

    of all the singers…why would the PD/writer chose to place KJK’s name right? (wink)

  4. wahhh! that was cool.
    hehe its funny coz its the same way for me too!
    exactly the same.
    i watched goong, loved YEH, found pattaya episode.. and the rest is history. =)

  5. yays coolsmurf *wave

    i love your KJK & YEH xman story or
    should i say LOVE STORY <333333 😀

    this is my first time to visit your blog 😀 and expect me to visit here everyday from now on 😀
    i found your link in asianfanatic tru endurance thanks to her 🙂

    thanks for featuring my or our beloved, best man woman, favorite xman couple for all time.. LOL miss them dearly … cant wait for KJK to come back

    thanks friend for your screencaps and vids … i add them all in my youtube list hehehe

    take care

  6. AWWW… yeh and kjk!! are such a good couple in xman!! there chemistry!!! is soo good!!!…

    hmm i wanna watch more xman episodes!!! becoz ive already watched all the ones one youtube that i culd find..
    buhh i still want more!!!!

    can some PLEASE! tell meh were i can download them from or watch them with english subs!! much appreciated!!!!

    Thanks coolsmurf for all your hard work!
    and also for the uploads on youtube =]

  7. coolsmurf, you’re the best!
    i love the way you write about my fave strongest couple.
    they really have great chemistry even off-cam. I’m hooked
    on watching xman becoz of them. I love how they showed
    their care for each other. Nobody can come between them.
    tho many have tried but failed. Kjk made it known that even
    with out YEH in xman, his love will never changed. what a
    man! hoping to see more of them together when KJK is out
    of MS.

  8. I’m so happy to find you blog when I searching for KJK and YEH things at youtube.
    Thanks for your sharing, we all think the same

  9. wow!!!! how sweet kjk with her babe yoon eun hye,,,;) kjk i really admire your being humble and
    sweetness gentle with your lover… You are very lucky you picked her …KjK you don’t deserve to
    be cheated.OKAY!!!! Be the best with your babe YUH…….CHEERS!!!! Be STROOOONG :))) (((:)))

  10. i love kim jong kook and eun hye together they are great i think chae yeon should be with someone else i like her but not with him my friend got me hook with xman so i cant sto watching thank for posting this up

  11. I love watching kjk and eun hye yoon together on xman. They are a match made in heaven. I hope that when kjk comes back from service they will reunite and be together forever. From what I see, they love each other and actions are better than words. Fighting!!!!!!

  12. Hello Coolsmurf,

    I have been reading KJK & YEH asianfanatics forum and in the middle of it the forum disappeared. Do you know what happend? I see your name in the forum. I was wondering you would know what happend?

    I am a huge fan of KJK & YEH. Advise please.

  13. hey, i rlyrly love the jong kook and eun hye coupling in xman, and its so funny/dramatically funny/funnily dramatic when im watching all the fun stuff on xman.

    despite this, i cant seem to find the episodes i wanna watch. do u know a website that had all the xman episodes from the beginning of it to the end of it? i rly wanna see how it evolved, and i just cant seem to find half of the xman episodes w yeh and kjk i wanna see. like the ’05 christmas special, i just tried looking for that on youtube, and i couldnt find it.

    help me??

  14. gionismile, probably just down for a while, try again later!

    Alex, unfortunately no. It only got popular midway and thus only selected episodes are available.

  15. Friends…
    I am keeping track the updated news about yoon eun hye. Do any one knows what yeh show or games she’s on? while kjk is not around? I’ve tried to log on about yeh , still the same ‘show.Aside of her all drama’s just name it I ‘ve had watched it. Anyway I have to wait then….
    It’s me again 🙂

  16. it’s gonna be extremely rare for YEH to appear on variety shows because of her status as an A-lister actress now. Probably talk shows. But she doesn’t really need to unless needed.

  17. coolsmurf, good job, well done !!!
    i started to know about xman and the relationship between kjk and yeh since i found your clips on youtube when searching for yeh’s clips.
    thank u for much for subtitling those xman clips.
    i really like kjk-yeh couple, they’re the cutest couple on earth !!
    thanks again !!

  18. I am amazed to find out that we both got hooked to kpop while searching for Eun Hye (after Princess Hours). hehehe.

    I also stumbled upon Xman in the process of searching for her other projects.

    Thanks for all subbed vids and now trivias and trivias everywhere.


  19. @ayoe, i’m sorry but i think my pictures got hotlinked and so exceeded the bandwidth. i will change the links soon but i am kind of lazy right now.

  20. I am a HUGE FAN of YEH and KJK.. i really wish that their romance would be for real.. Goong is my favorite, but when i started watching the xman series, i fell in love with their chemistry.. so touching and it doesn’t matter if i watch those videos over and over again.. they really really look good together most specially their music video.. it’s like they are match from heaven.. i am from the Philippines and got no news about KJK now.. is it true that he’s gonna be out in May? or is he out already? it would be nice seeing them together again after 2 years.. it doesn’t matter if he’s older, coz they really are so cool.. i’ve been reading a lot of articles about them. if anyone can answer my questions, please please give me more details about my fave couple.. thanks!!

  21. Hey all…

    Some interesting info i must say… thumbs up for the effort! Looking at those pic is funny by itself… Just curious where can we get to watch this Xman show?

  22. hi coolsmurf.. thanks for that info.. i think you’re the one who posted a lot of videos of YEH on you tube.. wow, if he’s gonna be out in May, then they might see each other again.. hope to see latest videos and buzz about YEH and KJK.. more power!!

  23. yak! they are not good couple, because eun yoon hye was too beautiful for that guy.,.. and they are not compatible to see,,….their more good looking guy than him. like her other loveteam in goong and in coffee prince….. that guy is not compatible for yoon eun hye…..i am so flattered when i see this file…!!!!

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  25. Hi!! I really love this couple but i heard that now KJK is going out with Chea-Yon is that true? I can’t believe it.If this news is true that will make me hurt so much.

  26. I started watching XMan shows in the past few months (for the episode of year 2006-2007) in my country.
    I reason I was stopped infront of the TV and watch the game was because of YEH, she is so cute and pleasentable. Then, I have been watching the shows every weekend and hoping she will attend the game show.
    Her love story with KJK is adorable.

    I started looking on the internet to see if I can found her detail and story and the her movies, I am not sure if her movies are producing with all Eng. sub-title.

    I came to your site accidently and LOVE IT! An excellent writing by pulling all content of each episode together.
    I want to purchase the DVD with Eng. sub of XMan shows but I still cannot find it.

    I never have had an interest in any of Korean movie until I saw EYH and watch XMan show. I was wow! Korean is so good looking and pleasantable.


  27. i am really miss them, i hope they will together when KJK finish his army…

    i love u both…


  28. I love to watch their pic and read about their story though it’s been for almost 3 yrs. I hope whn jk comes back, we’ll hear something about them again.

    anyway, coolsmurf, where r u from?

  29. Coolsmurf, you’re pretty amazing yourself. I got hooked to the Korean industry through Goong as well. After watching Goong, I wanted to know more about Korean entertainment and searched for YEH, and that was when I was introduced to your clips. You’re like… a Kung Fu master passing down your X-man knowledge to me. Haha!! XD I started becoming addicted to Korean entertainment and learned many people in it. Then, I also found Love Letter, and eventually, YaShimManMan and Manwon Happiness. I found of my clips through you! You’re amazing, Coolsmurf! You’ve provided me my knowledge! =D Thank you!

  30. Yo empece a ver Xman desde el año pasado, solo vi un capitulo y me encanto….paso el año y no vi mas,hasta que un dia llegue a el y me enganche dameciado, ya no puedo dejar de verlo, la veo y la veo.
    Me encanta esta parejita, me entretengo viendolos.
    aaaaaaaaaa No tenia idea que él no habia regresado del
    servicio, por lo que lei no le queda poco. M e gusta verlos juntos.
    Alguien me podria contestar ¿ya no hay mas Xman??,
    por he buscado informacion y no encuentro nada nuevo.
    por fa………me pueden responder
    muchas gracias

  31. @por, from singapore

    @ximena, unfortunately xman has finished showing in April 2006 and so there are no more new clips beyond that. All you are watching now are old clips. But they still are funny even as I re-watch it today.

  32. Es una pena que xman haya acabado el 2006, aca en lima Peru, un grupo de amigas nos reunimos para ver los episodios y matarnos de la risa juntas.. nuestra pareja favorita es YEH & KJK por supuesto y el episodio que nos encanto fue el especial de pattaya.. chevere!!!
    Gracias Coolsmurf por subir estos videos con sus subtitulos, eres lo maximo ^^

  33. i love them. i love yoon eun hye. When i first started watching k-drama i was like am i really living. it was totally crazy. do you know where to get music. i can’t dl any kpop off lime wire they suck. anywho i love them. check out my blog and look at my dilema

  34. aishhh…dont know y…
    just dont like that guy…YEH deserve a better one!!!!
    i think laaa….=P

  35. it’s really amazing how you’re able to pick up korean in such a short time.. I was already watching tons of korean drama during Princess Hours back in 2006.. but still until now I can only pick up very few words.

  36. Hi! Jog Kook you are so handsome and also musculine body that it looks you sexy…Wow!! man I love your build. You are so well fit.

    I love guys with muscles, forget your mosquito voice, 🙂 naaah 🙂 you are still cute with your voice. Overall I love your voice even tho I don,t know what’s the lyric N I don’t get bored. I even dance with your song while am driving.. friends with me were laughing at me, coz I am your crazy fan.Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Friends!! you should see Mc Yoo Jae Suk wedding, YEH n KJK they are in black, KJK is really attractive in black n so YEH. KJK I didn.t almost recognized him. He have lost weighed but it made him handsome. My smiles was up to my ears. 🙂 Well i had fun watching the MC YJS weds.

    Note: Watch it ! Don.t miss it.

  37. because of you ive known a lot of trivia and episode of X-man…Im a huge fan of Kim joong kook and Eun, Kim Jong Min, Lee Jin and Shinhwa, especially Kim Dong Wan Oppa and Eric Shi… Im really a big fan of X-man until episode 50… sad to say Eun hye had to leave… But i still fancy Kim joong Kook until Love letter days..

    Ive known a lot of Korean stars. Now Im a Korean addict even watch drama and Movies…

  38. I’m not fated to watch your works on X-Man (I’m feel very sad until today) . The 2nd day after I subscribed on your YT account, you got suspended. Luckily later i found you again even under different name. But..all your X-Man, Loveletter, Heroine 6 videos all gone already. Is it possible for you to re-upload? Thank you.. Anyway how was the voting result?

  39. @lizalok, impossible for me to upload. everything’s gone and history. bits and pieces still can be found by people who reuploaded for me. what voting result?

  40. You know what..kooky looks good in black but he looks better with a chinese collar inside dress shirt. kooky look sexy in black with matching different color of blazer or vise versa. He also looks very sexy in pink shirt. Wow…my idol so gorgeous I may say.. am right? do you agree about him, guys…Kooky!! CHEERS! Your new albums were so sensation and lovable. He maybe in love with yoon eun hye.. I love it. 🙂 yeaaah!!

  41. i am a yeh and kjk fan i just wish that yeh would come back and play in xman again. i just miss her so much. i have had it when chae yeon think that she is so hot. When she is not. When she is also in Love letter she just don’t care about kjk and chose like other hot actors or singer. she wears like someone puked on those(meant about of chae yeon).

  42. OMG.. i love your article about the two… I love them so much and i too wish that they will truly become a couple. i think they have a wonderful chemistry together. i keep watching their xman episodes over and over. i wish that they will do another drama, maybe eun hye will be in family outing. or better yet make the a new couple in we got married. ratings for WGM would sky rocket… thanks again for the wonderful write and amazing pix. i miss them so much..

  43. You are just awesome !!!
    I was watching Xman before but did not pay much attention until YEH and KJK showed up. I wished they are together. They are just so cute together and so compatible togetger. It will be great if they do variety show or drama together. I will watch it for sure !!
    Thanks a lot for all the cute pictures and amazing articles. You point out great points !!! =D


    By the way, any news update?

  44. hi there…im kinda new with xman..thanks to ur post im addicted to it… =D…lol…
    thanks by the way…really madde my day everytime i watch them makes me 4get all my probs..
    well almost all…except for this one…=(
    i was driving myself crazy lately coz i cant find any eng sub on XMAN #20 episode 50 Dangyunhaji part where it was eric and yoon eun hye…plz plz if ya know where kindly tell this poor soul…hehe…or maybe u can just tell me what tey were dying now coz i cant understand korean….tnx tnx…

  45. i loved the post btw is there somewhere that i can watch ALL of the xman videos with english subs? because i watch it on youtube but they dont have all the videos and most dont have english subs ):

  46. i think her company made an announcement she’s not gonna do some variety shows. her latest drama LAdy Castle will make her busy so appearing in v.shows are quite impossible.

    they really are a cute couple but they cant publicly admit if they are indeed a couple coz it might ruin their respective careers.

  47. Thank you for colorful recap of XM AN YEH & KJK. I got hooked on Korean dramas Dec 07 and just found XM AN series this month April 09. It was fabulously funny, exciting, and I laughed so much!!!!

    Now, I bookmarked the episodes that you referered above and I found another website that posted YEH attended KJK’s March 29, 2009’s concert.

    GREAT NEWS!!! Hope you can update your website with their news…You’re awesome….:)

  48. omg!! i want them to be together.. and thank you for sharing this.. i have seen x-man because of them and it’s interesting….

  49. Hm, what is the song that KJK sang to YEH during the couple selection in #24? I’ve been dying to find it, but can’t T.T

  50. i just got hooked up with xman this week since found it in youtube while surfing around n can’t have fun to watch. In ep.44 (final; for YEH), she looks gloomy n low spirit…maybe sad to leave xman family xpecially KJK… its so romantic to have someguy singing for us….^.^

  51. I love watch them in x-man but because KJK continue with Love Letter, singing to other girls..hugging them..feels like there is no honestly in KJK’s words n action to YEH. Its all just scripted n they only the actors. If i were YEH, i feel sad when song that he sang to me once, he sing it to other woman… 😦

  52. Hey,
    Great compilation!!! Awesome couple..:) They always bring a smile to my lips. Do you know of any website where i can watch X-Man episodes in english sub?

  53. I’m feel sorry that I just got to know about your domain, and I’m happy to see everything in here. I am an avid fun of YEH, so could you please upload the whole episodes of My Lady Castle with an english sub, for all the critics to see how nice this drama is?. . .please. . . will you do it?

  54. What is the reason why xman series uploaded in You Tube had been removed? Can’t it be reuploaded again and if ut can’t be can you please advise where can we watch the episodes again. I feel sad that it has been removed from You Tube, don’t they know how watching the x.m. episodes relieves stress. . .please I’ll be expecting your reply. Thanks.

  55. hi coolsmurf! i totally enjoyed reading this post despite it was an old issue by now. . . i just watched xman again and remembered how i adored them back then. . . there are so much love XD
    anyway, do you know the title of the song that kept being played in love letter either by haha or chae yeon or jongkook himself, the other that isn’t black cat, the “geuraenabwa” ones? i want to find the song but doesn’t actually now the title. . . but i am desperate so if you know, please answer me. . . thank you 😀

  56. oh i can’t believe my acknowledge!
    I saw X-Man show since DBSK took a part in that show (few years ago) and I watched KJK and YEH
    but I’ve just found out about their past relationship from your site.
    it’s sad because X-Man show didn’t exist anymore in Korean TV channel. i’m pretty enjoy the arguing part.
    i’m gonna miss this show~

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  58. Well I’ve to admit…at the beginning I just know Kim Jong Kook as a singer with a high pitch “mosquito” voice that always criticized by another artist. So my first impression is that this guy must be quite strange. However I impressed by his great performance in Running Man, and now I’m really regretting not to know him earlier.
    I found this blog (coolsmurf…you’re awesome), and I start following his ‘love story’ with Yoom Eun Hye in X-man. I start with X-man #40 and OMG…I really like the chemistry between them. Almost all the X-man episodes that I watched are without sub, so I can’t understand what they talking about (does someone have them with a sub?) but indeed I still can see the romantic affection between Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye.
    Eventhough Kim Jong Kook had already explained that the ‘love story’ was only in a show and the scandal wasn’t true, I really wish that it will happened in reality too 🙂
    @Coolsmurf: do you have the interview vid of them about the scandal? I try to find it everywhere but no result.

  59. your did a great job with this one… i really really liked it. how i wish they would just be together. they are awesome pair with tacky wits and definitely well humored. truly, they cared for each other more than what the script required. sigh!

  60. Hey coolsmurf,

    you probably wouldn’t see this but I just wanted to really express my gratitude to you. Like you I started off by watching yoon eun hye in goong and I was so obsessed about her pairing with the co star in the show that I fervently searched them on youtube. But it was then when I stumbled upon your videos of xman subbed none other by you! My first video was the #40 in Pattaya and since then it was history. I got hooked onto the show and started to know and like other characters like Shin Jung Hwan and Lee Ji Hyun etc. But of course the couple I shipped most and loved was the pairing between Kim Joong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye. That was back in 2007 and soon after your videos were removed. I slowly forgot about their pairing and my obsession.

    Recently, however I have started rewatching videos of xman again as they have made a comeback in youtube and once again I am hooked. And like many others I really wish with all my heart that they could appear on running man and even after so many years, I am still wishin that they will get together in real life. It seems highly impossible but I am clinging on to this hope (: Even though I have introduced xman to a few of my friends, none of them will ever understand my obsession for them as much as you do (apart from my lil sister).

    So, I’ve seem to have deviated but I just want to say a big thank you. If you didn’t upload xman episodes with all the English subtites, I would have never come across them. And although there are videos uploaded for me to view but they weren’t as complete as yours but I’m not sad (ok maybe I am, a little) because I know that I will always have the beautiful memory of them starring in xman together. Forever and always.


  61. @Esther, I still read every comment even though it might not seem to be the case considering I don’t update at all. Thanks for the comment, and glad the subs were of help to you in introducing you to the world of Korean entertainment. It does seem ages since I did it though. Just went to re-watch the videos on YT after seeing your comment, and had a great laugh all over again!

  62. Hi coolsmurf –

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the videos of this couple you have put together. I really ship these two and want them to be real. It seems like their pairing happened long ago but I’m keeping the faith. No two people are more compatible than these two. I believe KJK was the happiest when he was with YEH so I want that for him.

    I rewatched the XMan #40 Pattaya special but I noticed there weren’t a lot of subs during the intro. With my limited Korean, I can’t make out what YEH said when they asked her about KJK (around the 3:15 marker when all the hearts started appearing on screen). Can you help?

  63. so thanks to the owner of this blog, coolsmurf. really big thanks to you i can know about this couple in x-man.
    im a fans of yoon eun hye when she played take care of my agashi. i dont know her at first, but when runningman aired, i like kim jong kook either. when i search kim jong kook on youtube, a lot of video about him and her. im more curious at there, and actually YEH is kang hae na (take care of my agashi). its so coincident. i like YEH and KJK and they were a couple long time ago. those make me very happy and searching about them.
    but im still furious about their relationship on x-man. at the end, on x-man #43, was Jong Kook and Eun Hye still couple in couple section? because i cant speak and read korean. there isn’t that episode and i only watch the last x-man #45. so sad when they hug for the last time.
    anyway, they were the best couple in reality shows those i watched. 🙂

  64. where can i watch full episodes of xman with eng sub???i want to watch it badly…pls send me some info

  65. hi, everyone! me too, im a new supporter of YEH and KJK love&romance.
    I love YEH as an actress and her love team with Ju Ji-hoon in princess hours but after watching xman recently. i become a big fan of YEH and KJK. hope to see them getting married.

  66. i really like Eun Hye she is my favorite korean actress until now but sad to say they are not mean to be.. they are not perfect much but in love it doesn’t matter the appearance but its matter what inside.. but still i’m happy 4 Yeh and KJK 🙂

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  68. I recently got into this couple… any Jongyoon forum to recommand? the one at afspot and soompi seems dead :”(

  69. I just learned about them. They are a lovely couple. You did a great job in this post you made =)

  70. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful moments and photos.
    Could you please tell me which EP” for this?
    “Jong Kook dancing for the first time in Xman, in that couple selection doing that half hand-stand move where he twisted his legs and Eun Hye look pretty impressed…”

    I really want to watch this ~ Thanks again!

  71. i really really love kim jong kook 💕💕💕💕😍
    i’m in 2016 now and they yeh is still kookie idol type,, but anyway i’would love him who ever is the women in his heart 💕💕💕💕 kim jong kook 4 ever

  72. Jongkook and Eunhye look stunning together. I love this couple after watching xman but somehow it feels like it was Eunhye who fell for Jongkook more (perhaps she is a born actress?!) and weird enough, it was Jongkook who claimed her as ideal woman in these recent years, this makes me more curious about them.

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