T.O.P casted for IRIS alongside Lee Byung Hun

T.O.P from Big Bang has been casted in “IRIS”, his second drama.

“IRIS” is attracting attention from viewers because of the big names already signed to the drama like director Kang Je Gyu (Taegukgi: The Brotherhood Of War), director Lee Hyung Min (I’m Sorry, But I Love You) and also the return of Lee Byung Hun to the small screen after an absence of five years.

T.O.P will play an assassin that’s sent by IRIS, a secret organization hidden in America to assasinate Lee Byung Hun’s character who belongs to NSS, another secret organization. T.O.P was last seen in KBS “I Am Sam” drama and have impressed so much that he is now given a chance to work alongside Lee Byung Hun and Kang Je Gyu in just his second drama in less than a year.

With over 20 million dollars invested in “IRIS”, the 20-episodes drama will start filming in countries like Russia, Japan, China, America plus other overseas countries in October. It is scheduled for broadcast in the earlier part of 2009.

Hero the movie

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Just got wind of this that Hero, the popular japanese drama from a long time ago has been made into a movie and will be shown over the weekend in Japan. It was a rather cool dorama with kimura acting way cool as always. The supporting cast of Takako Matsu, Nene Otsuka, Hiroshi Abe and Masanobu Katsumura was also very comical in the way they go about their work. Some of the stories were brilliant while some were so poorly scripted that it was a boredom. But still, it was decent enough to watch.

Because of the good ratings the dorama had gotten, FujiTV decided to film a special one-off 2 hour episode which was shown last year. It was already bad that the promised original cast only appeared in the last 5-10 minutes, the case was quite average and the conclusion of the case was so slow-prodding that it was painful and torturous…the new cast did ok but were below-par if compared to the original cast who appeared only at the very end. But thanks to the incredible rating of 30.9%, a movie was next on the cards.

The movie is an ‘extension’ of the same title popular drama in 2001, which was a great hit back then. Besides starring Takuya, Takako and most of the main casts from the original drama, the movie will also feature popular Korean actor Lee Byung-hun as well who makes a cameo. They even filmed overseas in Busan for this. Wow is all i can say, hopefully it is heaps better than the stupid special…Takuya just look as good as ever, he doesn’t ever age does he?

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Will be coming to Singapore on 22nd November 2007 with subtitles of course…