Park Myung Soo and Kim Jae Dong Redundant on We Got Married and Ya Shim Man Man respectively?

It’s a trend to see a team of MCs on variety shows. The best examples are “We Got Married” who have 5 MCs while “Ya Shim Man Man – Entertainer Village” has 7. Each of them covers for each other so well that it adds more flavor to the show. Although this kind of system allows one to cover up for one another to bring more joy to viewers, it also leads to some overshadowing the rest, leaving some MCs to feel redundant and wonder why are they on the show.

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Kim Jae Dong joins the cast of “On Air”

Famous Korean emcee Kim Jae Dong joined the filming of SBS “On Air” on 20th April, becoming the next star to have a cameo appearance on the drama.

Park Yong Ha, Song Yun Ah, Kim Jae Dong

The filming on 20th April was centered on the news conference for “Ticket to the Moon”. Kim Jae Dong played the role of the emcee for the news conference and he dedicated his entire day to film that. According to production staff, “Kim Jae Dong was asked by Song Yun Ah to cameo on the drama which he did. Although he has no experience of doing drama cameos, he did extremely well during the filming, contributing to a smooth filming session for all involved.”

Kim Jae Dong’s cameo appearance will be shown on 24th April.