Making Your Own Korean Sauna Lamb Towel

If you are an avid Korean drama viewer like me, you would have noticed numerous dramas using Jjimjilbang (Korean sauna) as part of their scenes. It’s a really incredible place where you can take a bath, perspire, and relax leisurely. You would also have noticed that they often sport those ridiculously cute lamb towel hats much like the one shown below as worn by Eric and Andy in the Xman Germany Special when they were at the 2006 Fifa World Cup. Their claim to fame is that it supposedly keeps your ears from burning at the Jjimjilbang.


It’s actually quite easy to create them and all you need is just a face towel that is preferbably not too big or small. Just something in the middle of big and small. Then follow the instructions as shown in the self-explanatory pictures below.


1. Fold the bottom part of the towel 1/3 up.
2. Fold the top part of the towel 1/3 down.
3. Roll up the sides (left and right equally) like how you would roll up jeans.
4. Open it up and put it on your head.

Estimate how big your head is or visualize a baseball cap. Roll each side an equal amount of times until you get to that approximate size. Don’t start off making the rolls little, otherwise it gets harder and harder to roll. I usually roll each side three times. Practise makes perfect and you will get it eventually.

If you’re having trouble at the 4th step, that step is like rolling up the sleeves of a shirt – roll it until you think your head can fit in what’s left, then open it up.