Gillian Openly Reveals her Wish to Marry Lee Jun Ki

The media must be really BORED to come up with this.

The No.1 female lead in the infamous Edison Chen scandal earlier this year, Gillian Chung has openly proposed marriage to Lee Jun Ki which has generated lots of interest in Korea after it was made known.

This was revealed during Gillian’s wedding photoshoot recently where she expressed that she would like to get married with Lee Jun Ki.

Everyone knows that Gillian is a Lee Jun Ki fanatic and during her wedding photoshoot with Charlene Choi, she was asked about her ideal wedding partner, Gillian replied without hesitation, “My prince charming is Lee Jun Ki. I like him very much. He is a really adorable man. I want to marry Lee Jun Ki.”

Lee Jun Ki had signed on with Emperor Entertainment Group last October for big money and became colleagues with Gillian as a result. Gillian interest must have arosed during December last year where she did a photoshoot with Lee Jun Ki.

But apart from expressing that it was a interesting news, Lee Jun Ki’s management said today, “Gillian’s comments are just her own thoughts, Lee Jun Ki has no relations with her whatsoever at all personally.”

Charlene Choi on the verge of nervous breakdown?

Gossip magazines are famed for writing exaggerated stories based on pictures. But I decided to post this since I think there’s some truth in that Charlene Choi is really tired and stressed out lately having to do so much by herself.

Charlene Choi is reportedly on the verge of breaking down due to the stress and tiredness of doing everything by herself in the absence of Gillian Chung who is still on vacation. Two magazines have reportedly claimed different stories to suggest that Charlene is not in the best of conditions right now.


“3 Weekly” claims that Gillian had gone on a lovey dovey vacation with Juno Mak, leaving Charlene to fend for herself and taking in all the pressure from the fallout of the scandal. This has led to Charlene feeling stressed out and her weight has dropped to only 88 pounds with her health blinking red.

Ah Sa (Charlene) who has always greeted us with a smiling face is actually frowning behind her smile. Just see what she has to do in Gillian’s absence.

  • Having to answer question after question about Gillian Chung despite her total non-involvement at all in the whole Edison Chen scandal
  • Having to attend more events than usual by herself alone to make up for the shortfall in terminated appearances due to the Edison Chen scandal
  • Making almost daily public appearances
  • Having to replace Gillian in the movie “武侠梁祝” which is in addition to her scheduled role in “Storm Riders 2”. She has to now fly between Shanghai and Thailand simulatenously since both filming schedules are in the same time period. Last but not least, both are action movies
  • All in all, the reports suggests that she is on the verge of a breakdown resulting in her appetite declining. There were even reporters asking her about Isabelle Leung problems to which she replied, “I can’t handle so much”.


    Another magazine, “East Weekly” reportedly got a shot of Charlene crying on the shoulders of someone and her eyes were so sore after that that she had to buy eyedrops to lessen the pain. It continued by saying that Charlene often cries to herself after reaching home and is having sleepless nights. Days earlier, after doing a body check-up in Central area, she especially headed over to the pharmacy to get eyedrops for her sore eyes.

    Credit: NetEase

    Charlene expresses her disgust at drunkard taking liberties with her and Gillian

    Charlene Choi from Twins replied angrily after an unpleasant incident last week in Shenzhen while attending a public event with Leo Ku yesterday.

    Last Friday, Gillian who had been out of work recently accompanied her group mate, Charlene to Shenzhen to attend a low-key advertising firm function.

    An unpleasant incident happened during the function involving Twins who were on stage at that moment. A middle-aged man was apparently too intoxicated with alcohol and rushed towards them. With one arm over Charlene’s shoulder and holding a wine glass in the other, he shouted, “Ah Gill (Gillian) must be strong!” Following which, he moved over to Gillian, touching her lower chin and then kissing her on the face, making Gillian extremely awkward. That man then switched over to Charlene and did the same repulsive action. The duo couldn’t do anything else really and just smiled awkwardly throughout this ordeal.

    Charlene said, “That man was very drunk and I really wanted to hit him with my microphone because of his inappropriate actions. The MCs couldn’t react in time. That man even wanted us to drink from his glass after he had led us to toast everyone present. Of course we didn’t drink since that glass had his saliva on it. A hug is alright but his actions were very gross and made us very angry. We have already lodged a complaint with our company.”

    Gillian leaves message for fans; Ella Koon denies involvement

    Since the nude photo scandal, Gillian Chung has not spoken much about that other than the ill-conceived message she gave at the press conference earlier this month. Yesterday morning at 4.41am, she left a message at one of Twin’s fan forum, as she spoke about how difficult this whole thing has been for her, showing that her strong image on the outside is not as it seems.

    A picture of Ella Koon resting her head on a pillow surfaced yesterday and rumors abound that she might be involved in the scandal. But she has immediately refuted that by saying she was not in a relationship with Edison but she is acquainted with him merely as a contact. That picture was taken in a bus with her resting her head on the head rest and we were thinking too much.

    On the other hand, Edison was questioned again for 5 hours yesterday and will leave Hong Kong once investigations draws to a close. It’s noted that he is feeling more relaxed and has a better appetite since his press conference.

    On a happier note, Edison is primed for a meatier role in the new Batman Part 3. The director was happy with his cameo role in Batman Part 2: The Dark Knight and praised him for his acting skills.

    Edison Chen and Gillian Chung photos photoshopped?

    If you aren’t detached from the entertainment world, you wouldn’t have missed this headline making news that broke on Sunday and carried on until today.

    Apparently, photos of Hongkong artiste, Edison Chen bedroom antics with his ex-girlfriends Gillian Chung (Twins), Bobo Chan and subsequently Cecilia Cheung were released over the past three days in a pre-mediated motion.

    27th January
    8:30pm – Photos of Edison and Gillian bedroom antics posted
    9:00pm – Posted message saying Bobo Chan and Cecilla Cheung sex photos coming soon

    28th January
    3:00pm – Bobo Chan & Edison oral sex photo published, poster says something big will happen tomorrow afternoon at 4pm

    29th January
    12:30am – Photo of Cecilia touching herself published
    3:30pm – 5 screencaps of Edison and Gillian in a sexual act published and is believed to be identical to the initially published photo
    6:00pm – Photo of Cecilia exposing her butt published. Many posts on various forum promised that a sex clip believed to be Edison and Gillian will be next.

    Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) representing both Edison Chen and Gillian Chung have insisted that the photos are doctored and have made a police report. Cecilia too have done likewise through her manager. No mention from Bobo who had already retired from showbiz in 2006 and is less widely known than the other two outside of Hong Kong. Even though there are no conclusive evidence that these photos are doctored, practically all the media in Hong Kong are saying it is and you can guess EEG is trying to play down the mess that Edison had created.

    According to reports from Hong Kong, this incident involved a slew of Hong Kong female stars which include Maggie Q, Stephy, Niki Chow, Cecilia Cheung, Rosanne, Elva, Jolin, Gillian and Bobo Chan. But as of now, only photos of three stars have been posted and the rest of them have been spared thus far. It might be because the matter has gotten too big and the poster has temporarily vanished to save his ass. Edison must be really capable to have done this in the first place and since all photos came from his phone, it’s believed that his lost phone is in the hands of that poster right now. There were also reports that the malicious poster had visited several Hong Kong newspapers to sell the photos but were rejected. He must really have a grudge against Edison or looking to create mischief or make quick bucks.

    Hong Kong netizens meanwhile have done some investigation of their own and compared and contrasted the background of the supposedly doctored pictures against videos and photos of Edison doing an interview in his own home in the past. The number of things that look identical were uncanny similar. Expert opinions from experienced photographers and photoshop gurus have also pointed out that it can’t be faked.

    Fans of Gillian Chung believed that the photos are doctored as one of the shots of Gillian appeared exactly the same as one scene in one of her old movies. That might account for one photo but how do you explain the series of photos. 

    Hong Kong police have listed this as a criminal case and enlisted the help of the Interpol to track down the poster who is believed to have used a computer terminal in one South-East Asian country to commit this crime. Various ISPs have also been roped in to censure and take down websites that posts links to these pictures. But once they get onto the internet, it’s just damage limitation at best.

    Personally, I would think it could be another marketing ploy by EEG but this is much too serious. With Edison and Gillian the unfortunate people involved in yet another scandal, this might be their biggest ever scandal and will possibly taint their image, it would be much worse for Gillian definitely who has had to endure many such incidents in the past. Because they are stars, the issue is blown out of proportion. The invention of the camera phone is once again a bane with incidents like these. I believe that the photos are kind of real and it’s impossible to doctor a series of pictures from the handphone.

    The infamous just got even famous and will be a major headline story of 2008!