We Got Married Episode 42 New Year Special Picture Summary

Yesterday saw the debut of another 3 new couples on MBC We Got Married which was to usher in the Korean New Year today. Another interesting thing noted in the episode was that they showed the entire couple cut at once without jumping to another couple. And once again, the PDs flip-flopped as they decided not to show footage of the 3 existing couples yesterday.


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Eun Ji Won Hospitalized After Working Through Illness

Update: Eun Ji Won has been discharged from hospital on 15th January and resumed his normal schedule on 16th January, filming 1N2D.

It was reported that Eun Ji Won had been sent to hospital for treatment on 13th January after contracting high fever. The high fever was an escalation from the flu that he contracted after recording KBS 1N2D on 9th January.

Eun Ji Won

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Park Chan Ho Home Run As 1 Night 2 Days Achieves 48.0% Peak

The Park Chan Ho factor for KBS 1 Night 2 Days continued to hold some charm over the viewers as it registered a 31.65% rating (single episode) yesterday evening, the 3rd consecutive week that the show has gone over the 30% mark. SBS Family Outing obtained 25.6% while MBC We Got Married showed old episodes again (10.4%) but the latter will be back this weekend.

Park Chan Ho Returning to Where His Baseball Career Started

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