In Remembrance of 2012

This is my year’s recap and ONLY reflects my opinion.


▲ Drama of the Year: Queen In Hyun’s Man

One of the best dramas I have seen in my life. Never thought much of cable dramas in the first place, because if they were good, KBS, MBC or SBS would have gotten it in the first place.

▲ Notable Drama Mentions: Bridal Mask, Reply 1997, History of the Salaryman

Bridal Mask or more famously known as Gaksital was a good take of the oppressed dark period during Japan’s occupation in the 1930s. I occasionally think of Capital Scandal which was and still a favorite of mine and goes along the same theme. Bridal Mask is like a darker version and on a much grander scale with a hero to look up to. Joo Won was really good here although I kind of missed his smug evil temperament when he subsequently turned good. Park Ki Woong was equally good as the twisted Shunji. Notable mention also goes to Han Chae Ah as Rie, she impressed with her emotional scenes and is so beautiful.

Their numerous face-off and tension-filled scenes are undoubtedly highlights as they play the cat and mouse game. The romance part was a bit lackluster here which keeps the drama from purring on smoothly slightly. Music meanwhile complemented the overall story well, while the fighting scenes (especially the pavilion water fight) was fabulous and stylish.

▲ Almost there Dramas: Equator Man, Nice Guy, The Chaser

▲ Almost greatness drama but faded into mediocrity: The Moon That Embraces The Sun

▲ Best Drama OSTs: All for You by Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk (Reply 1997)

▲ Notable Drama OSTs: To Turn Back Hands of Time by Lyn (The Moon That Embraces The Sun), Gaksital, Nice Guy

▲ Disappointment of the Year: BIG

▲ Dropped Midway: Faith, Jeon Woo Chi


▲ Best Male Singer: K.Will

▲ Best Female Rookie: Ailee

▲ Best Female Rookie Group: AOA

▲ Best Female Group: SISTAR

▲ Song of the Year: Gangnam Style

▲ Notable Mention: F.T. Island

▲ Unfortunate: T-ARA

In Remembrance of 2011

Another year has gone by in a flash and I seriously wonder why there are still people visiting this place even though it’s not being updated anymore.

Nevertheless, I actually wanted to do something like this last year, to carry on from 2009, but sort of forgot all about it. When I realized, it was already too late. It’s a few days into 2012 as I am doing this but at least it’s still recent.

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99 Beyond Style XXX T-Shirt

Looks familar? Yes, it’s the t-shirt that was frequently worn by many celebrities especially on Korean variety shows like We Got Married and Family Outing. The t-shirt is produced by BSX which is the acronym of Beyond Style XXX. It is a casual wear brand that came under Giordano’s portfolio that targets young people, but has since been dissolved.

99 Beyond Style XXX T-Shirt

Wondersmurf Gone

Breaking news: So the inevitable has happened, my wondersmurf account is now suspended as well on 6th July, 2009. That’s probably the end of my mission on, hope everyone enjoyed everything while it lasted.

Earlier this month, tinbum had notified me through email that my Big Bang & 2NE1 Lollipop and Space videos had made it to a filipino show and even my blog header (with Kim So Eun) was featured, so I had my few seconds of fame.

But sadly, all the Lollipop and Fire videos are now gone. Why? Ask YG Entertainment who have sought to claim copyright on them. They did the same thing to the Haru Haru video. Will I be back? I don’t know. I stayed away from variety and only did short clips like MVs after coolsmurf. But if this is the result, why should I?

No more YG Entertainment stuff definitely in future.

R.I.P wondersmurf 6th July, 2009
Videos: 282 | Subscribers: 36,113

R.I.P coolsmurf on 26th July, 2008
Videos: 783 | Subscribers: 23,523