Infinity Challenge Haru Haru Parody Finally Revealed

After the no-show of the Haru Haru MV parody in an edited version of the 2008 Infinity Challenge You & Me Concert on Christmas Day last year, the unedited version of the concert was finally shown yesterday after the media strike was called off earlier this week. And it was definitely well worth the wait.

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Infinity Challenge Parodies Big Bang Haru Haru

The 6 members of MBC Infinity Challenge recently challenged themselves by imitating Big Bang’s Haru Haru MV and filming footage was shown last Saturday. The full MV will be revealed at their Christmas Day concert.


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Choi Jin Shil Is Newsmaker of the Year for 2008

Choi Jin Shil’s suicide has been voted by Korean netizens as the biggest news to have happened in the Korean entertainment world this year.

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