Rainie Yang sees shadows in pelviography scans

Following a recent spate of female stars having health issues like Evonne Hsu spinal problems, Angela Zhang heart mitral valve prolapse, Vivian Hsu face muscular dystrophy, another female idol singer could join their ranks.


Cute Princess Rainie Yang had gone for a routine check-up recently at a local hospital where her pelviography scans showed some black shadows. She continously consoled herself by saying, “Hope that it’s just stools (faeces).”

While attending the promotion event for her new drama, “Bad Campus Belle” (不良校花), she worriedly revealed that she had gone for a rountine check-up at a hospital and surprisingly, scans from her pelviography showed shadows. She is now waiting for a more detailed medical report and during this period, she has been consoling herself, “That’s the bowel position, hope that it’s just stools.”

Rainie’s new image in the drama is pretty peculiar where she is the boss of an accessories shop and has a “explosive” hairdo. She will also have all sorts of accessories hanging on her from head to toe, akin to a living Christmas tree.

The male lead was actually going to be Mike He but Wilber Pan replaced him later. Rainie revealed that Mike had introduced his younger brother to her but Rainie rejected him saying, “His brother is too obedient and hasn’t dated before.” After hearing this Wilber immediately tried to introduce his brother, “My brother is not only a graduate of Washington University, he is also rebellious by nature and has dated 2 or 3 times before.”

But Rainie stopped him short saying, “I don’t want to fall in love right now!”

Rainie Yang new image


Rainie has recently revealed her new image for her upcoming album called <<缺氧>> due out on September 7th. She cuts her fringe short, lessen her hair volume and the result made her head look like a “jellyfish”. Yes, her new hairstyle termed “jellyfish” took her 16 hours to get it done.


It looks not too bad then what her two similar competitors had when they went about a radical change from their normal style. Looks kinda unique, wonder if it will spark off a slew of copycat wannabes?


Exactly what were they thinking of using that picture of Angela for her Taipei concert dvd??? Simply ridiculous…makes her look like a freako. Didn’t mean to look at it in the CD shop but that picture simply drew me to taking a closer look before i realise who it was.

4719760024015s.jpg vs 4719760024350s.jpg

At least, Cyndi did manage to come with a better-looking 2nd version album cover compared to her ridiculously looking 1st version. Pity those people who got her first album, they must have felt short-changed. But hardcore fans would most probably just buy another copy.


Simply can’t fathom what they were thinking about putting that thing on her head, makes her look funny…still haven’t got an idea…

Rainie Yang @ Bugis Square


Feeling a bit hangover from Taipei i guess from not seeing enough stars in the flesh. Learnt from the papers last week that Rainie Yang Chenglin would be appearing in Singapore for one day only to promote her new critically-acclaimed movie, Spider Lilies. And today’s event would see her appear to judge a tatoo contest where she will pick from five contestants to see which tatoos would appeal to her the most.

I went quite early at around 2 plus because i expected to see a crowd but once again i overestimated the pulling power of solo artists. or maybe because this wasn’t an autograph signing event. Only three guys were there and i think they were all there to shoot photographs only. I went to the library instead to kill time and also find information for my assignment.

The crowd only started piling up as it got closer to the start time of 6:15pm. But she never appeared, not even at 6:30pm. So late and the MC for the event finally appeared at 6:45pm. But still no sign of Rainie. Then the MC, which was Liyi from Yes933 started to introduce those participants in the tattoo competition and it was really a bore. After all the participants were introduced then she said that Rainie was on her way here. Wow, that’s great, more waiting.

Finally at the time of 7:20pm, Rainie finally makes her appearance together with the director who was called Zero Chou Meiling, cool name huh. Not much fanfare and a few questions asked, and straight to some photo taking for the official photographers. I was blocked by some kids with camera phones and so never really got good shots in. Anyway, Rainie looked good with her hair and outfit. They showed the participants again and then Rainie and the director decided that the person who had a tattoo down her cleavage was the best and she walked away with $2000 worth of jewelry, not a bad haul.

Then Rainie just signed the movie poster wide board at the back, answered one more question and then hastily left the scene. Wow, so much for anticpating so much, but she didn’t pose at all for people who waited so long. And the time of departure was 7:45. only 25 minutes appearance. Never again am I going to her event again. Appeared one hour late and no apologies plus never pose to allow people to take pictures and beat a hasty departure as well.

Selected shots from today’s event…






Movie opens 14th June islandwide in Singapore and will be shown in uncut version, rating will be R21. Movie information can be found @ http://www.encorefilms.com/spiderlilies.html