Korean artistes lend their voices for the I L♥ve Asia project

Top-notch Korean artistes and sports star gathered together yesterday to lend their voices for the I Lve Asia project.

Yesterday morning, famous Korean figure skater Kim Yuna, biggest valued blue chip stock Wonder Girls, 200 Pounds Beauty movie star Kim Ah Joong plus other top stars gathered together at Louis Studio in Samsungdong.

They were gathered here to lend their voices to the I Lve Asia project, conceptualized by action star Jackie Chan, producer Park Jin Young and director Kang Je Kyu to help victims from the devastating Sichuan earthquake in China.

For this track called “We are the Asia” (korean version of “We Are the World”), Park Jin Young, Jackie Chan, Wonder Girls, Wheesung, Chae Yeon, Brown Eyed Girls, Kim Dong Wan, Kan Mi Yeon, Hong Rok Ki, Ko Jun Yup, Kang Rae Won, Alex, Horan, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Ah Joong, Kim Yuna, Yoo Seung Ho, Han Hye Jin, etc, numbering 30 over stars took part in the recording.

Various Artistes recording for I Lve Asia 080529 (credit to ahboo)

Due to scheduling conflicts, many other stars couldn’t make it for yesterday recording. But a second recording has been scheduled for 5th June.

Park Jin Young was very enthusiastic about this project as he composed the track “We are the Asia”. He had just flown in from America a few hours earlier and then immediately headed for the recording studio to direct proceedings.

The stars who lend their voices all wore t-shirts with the I Lve Asia logo and started recording from 11am without even stopping for lunch until finally ending it at 3pm in the afternoon. Figure skater Kim Yuna had some trouble initially since it was her first collaboration with so many artistes. But she was soon able to adapt and resumed her cheerfulness.

Park Jin Young expressed, “To be able to cast their busy schedules to one side, every artiste beautiful and lovely hearts to want to do something for the victims of the earthquake has really touched me. I hope that our little effort will bring hope to all Asians who are suffering and in pain.”

The track “We Are the Asia” will be recorded and made into a digital single, DVD, Making film and shown during performances in China. It will also be released in Korea, China, Japan plus other Asian countries. All proceeds received for this I Lve Asia project will be donated to the Sichuan earthquake relief efforts.

On Air Goes Offline with Happy Ending + Review

SBS “On Air” ended its run on 15th May as Oh Seung Ah/Lee Bum Soo and Seo Young Eun/Lee Kyung Min couples all ended happily together with each other, delighting all viewers who had been wishing for that to happen. The final episode rating also reached 25.8% surpassing its previous record once again.

On Air

We were left at the start with our two couples facing issues, Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) leaving Korea without saying a word leaving Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) behind not knowing his whereabouts. Seo Young Eun was facing issues too as Lee Kyung Min and his mother realises the links between them.

Jang Ki Joon had actually went to America as he admitted on his return to Seung Ah that he was laying the foundation for her to enter the US market by going to many management agencies over there. He asks Seung Ah if she is willing to go back to America with him, “You have to start from square one once you are in America, there’s also the possibility you might not go to Cannes and you might also be living with a penniless guy like me for the rest of your life, are you still willing to go with me?” Oh Seung Ah of course said yes to that and they held hands in view of the media as they make their departure from the airport. Young Eun thought so too as they hug to close out the final scene.

Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) and Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) was at a lush green field after having just seen Ki Joon and Seung Ah off at the airport. Kyung Min starts irritaing Young Eun as she leaves in a huff but it was just a ploy. Kyung Min holds her hand as she struggles initially but stops sudddenly. Kyung Min releases his hand as we realise that she had a ring on her hand, it was a proposal! He started saying, “The only beautiful line in my whole life till death is Seo Young Eun.” This moving scene touched viewers as Young Eun thought so too as they hugged to close out the scene and drama.

Came into this show with minimal expectations and just slightly attracted by the plot, big budget and the initial star cameos. Sure it was unbearable intially because of the SHOUTING which dominated the earlier episodes. They even shout while talking. But I am glad I stayed on for the show as I was treated to an excellent behind the scenes of how the entertainment industry operate (some was over the top) focusing on drama production.

All Well Ends Well

Superb acting from the four main leads, Kim Ha Neul was excellent playing the top star and the mentally-challenged Eun Young, Seo Young Eun for all her chidlish behavior, she is actually pretty adorable in a way and good emotional range. Park Yong Ha was excellent as the sentimental director while Lee Bum Soo the unassuming happy go lucky manager. The rest of the cast were also excellent and I wish I had space to accomodate their names.

Great soundtrack too, especially the tracks by Song Yun Ah, Park Yong Ha and Han Ye Won, instrumentals complemented the show very well. And the star cameos too. The flashbacks technique. My drama of the year thus far.

Best Actor/Actress chosen by On Air Cast

Ex-Sugar member Han Ye Won has been chosen as the best surprisingly.

Park Yong Ha on Ye Won\'s Manwon Happiness

She received this news from Park Yong Ha during part 2 of her Happy Shares Company episode shown on 10th May. Park Yong Ha said, “All of us (entire cast) got together to decide which actor/actress was able to act out their character the best. Ye Won got the highest number of votes.” He continued praising her, “If she continues working hard like this, she will become a very good actress.”

On Air really going all out for high ratings

SBS has released photos of Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) kissing Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) before the actual scene is shown on tv. Following the hugging scene between Oh Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) and Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) last night, the next highlight would be the kissing scene tonight.

Park Yong Ha’s character, Lee Kyung Min had always kept viewers guessing about whether he likes Seo Young Eun or Oh Seung Ah after showing an almost equal amount of care for both of them. But with the drama edging toward the finale, the question will be finally answered tonight.

With regards to this kissing scene, the production team revealed, “Both Park Yong Ha and Song Yun Ah were very outstanding for that scene. But it was quite a hassle filming it as many people crowded around to watch.”

Park Yong Ha revealed, “Me and Song Yun Ah are like brothers and sisters. So it was a bit awkward. But maybe because we get along well with each other normally, we saved a lot of trouble while filming this. I know that many viewers hope that both of them would have a happy ending. I feel comforted by that.”

The rating for last night episode was 23.5%, it’s highest thus far, surpassing it’s previous high of 21.4% by 2.6 percentage points achieved on 30th April.

Park Yong Ha drags Song Yun Ah to do the Twist Dance

Note: Spoilers ahead for this week episode 18, 19. You have been warned!

SBS “On Air” has just two more weeks left to tell it’s story before drawing to an end and it’s pacing will become more and more intense. In tonight’s episode, Park Yong Ha will ditch his usual image and start singing a Korean folk song excitedly while dragging Song Yun Ah along to do the twist dance with him.

Lee Kyung Min does the Twist dane with Seo Young Eun

Spoilers Ahead »