Nam Gyu Ri possessed by the supernatural?

It was reported earlier that Nam Gyu Ri had been filming her debut horror movie “Gosa” with her new cropped hair. In the movie, she is constantly running from zombies but something eerie has been happenning to her on the movie set.

Three days earlier, Nam Gyu Ri was filming as per schedule when suddenly she just lost control and started slapping her co-star Lee Bum Soo (acting as her teacher). Her actions scared the hell out of everyone watching as filming halted. 30 minutes later, Nam Gyu Ri went over to Lee Bum Soo in tears and apologised for her actions. She said that she had no idea why she did that.

Eye-witnesses suspect that she might have been possessed by the supernatural for an instant or too into her role and lost control of her emotions.

Nam Gyu Ri partners Lee Bum Soo in Horror Movie “Gosa”

Nam Gyu Ri of SeeYa has cropped her hair for her debut movie, “Gosa”

Horror movie “Gosa” takes place in a high school and talks about the story of teachers and students getting together and discovering the truth behind all sorts of mysterious happenings in school. Lee Bum Soon and Yoon Jung Hee will play high school teachers while Nam Gyu Ri and Kim Bum will play students.

Filming has already started earlier this month on 14th May in a high school located in Busan. With regards to her first acting role, Nam Gyu Ri said, “This is my first movie role so I would like to show viewers a different side to me. I hope that when viewers are watching the movie, they should not just focus their attention on my hairstyle change but the difference between Nam Gyu Ri the singer and actress.” It’s set for release this summer in Korea.

On Air Goes Offline with Happy Ending + Review

SBS “On Air” ended its run on 15th May as Oh Seung Ah/Lee Bum Soo and Seo Young Eun/Lee Kyung Min couples all ended happily together with each other, delighting all viewers who had been wishing for that to happen. The final episode rating also reached 25.8% surpassing its previous record once again.

On Air

We were left at the start with our two couples facing issues, Jang Ki Joon (Lee Bum Soo) leaving Korea without saying a word leaving Seung Ah (Kim Ha Neul) behind not knowing his whereabouts. Seo Young Eun was facing issues too as Lee Kyung Min and his mother realises the links between them.

Jang Ki Joon had actually went to America as he admitted on his return to Seung Ah that he was laying the foundation for her to enter the US market by going to many management agencies over there. He asks Seung Ah if she is willing to go back to America with him, “You have to start from square one once you are in America, there’s also the possibility you might not go to Cannes and you might also be living with a penniless guy like me for the rest of your life, are you still willing to go with me?” Oh Seung Ah of course said yes to that and they held hands in view of the media as they make their departure from the airport. Young Eun thought so too as they hug to close out the final scene.

Seo Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) and Lee Kyung Min (Park Yong Ha) was at a lush green field after having just seen Ki Joon and Seung Ah off at the airport. Kyung Min starts irritaing Young Eun as she leaves in a huff but it was just a ploy. Kyung Min holds her hand as she struggles initially but stops sudddenly. Kyung Min releases his hand as we realise that she had a ring on her hand, it was a proposal! He started saying, “The only beautiful line in my whole life till death is Seo Young Eun.” This moving scene touched viewers as Young Eun thought so too as they hugged to close out the scene and drama.

Came into this show with minimal expectations and just slightly attracted by the plot, big budget and the initial star cameos. Sure it was unbearable intially because of the SHOUTING which dominated the earlier episodes. They even shout while talking. But I am glad I stayed on for the show as I was treated to an excellent behind the scenes of how the entertainment industry operate (some was over the top) focusing on drama production.

All Well Ends Well

Superb acting from the four main leads, Kim Ha Neul was excellent playing the top star and the mentally-challenged Eun Young, Seo Young Eun for all her chidlish behavior, she is actually pretty adorable in a way and good emotional range. Park Yong Ha was excellent as the sentimental director while Lee Bum Soo the unassuming happy go lucky manager. The rest of the cast were also excellent and I wish I had space to accomodate their names.

Great soundtrack too, especially the tracks by Song Yun Ah, Park Yong Ha and Han Ye Won, instrumentals complemented the show very well. And the star cameos too. The flashbacks technique. My drama of the year thus far.

On Air achieves another high rating as Oh Seung Ah strips* to show her innocence

The pacing of SBS drama “On Ai” which reveals the story behind the entertainment industry has become more and more intense as it moves towards it’s final week. With the story this week centered around top star Oh Seung Ah’s video tape, last night episode achieved a new high rating of 25.6%.

Oh Seung Ah strips to plead her innocence

Last night was about someone behind the scenes spreading rumours that Oh Seung Ah had a video tape which led to reporters swarming her home, hoping to get her response. She was forced into a corner by the horde of reporters and strips (not totally) in front of her house to satisfy the curiousity of the reporters.

Her ouburst and actions made all the reporters felt like they were rotten scum as they eventually disperse. Although the video was verified to be non-existent later on, the negativity had already spread to anything involved with Oh Seung Ah. Rumours can really make and break an ariste life especially female celebrities. This is but a sad harsh reality associated with them. Although everything’s resolved, Seung Ah tells Ki Joon that “Ticket to the Moon” will be her last drama with Jang Entertainment and she will find a new agency.

Meanwhile, Young Eun (Song Yun Ah) learns that her son’s nanny is actually Lee Kyung Min’s (Park Yong Ha) mother. She worries about the moment he finds out since he is basically living on his “pride”. She was pondering about this in the bookstore when Kyung Min drops by and offers her his shoulder to rest her head. Now Kyung Min was filled with an indomitable spirit as he sees Young Eun sleeping face, he tells her, “don’t be surprised” and proceeds to kiss her.

Wonder what will be in store for the final week since everything is resolved?