Certain Korean A-Listers Resting On Their Laurels?

With 2008 coming to an end, some fans have been griping about their idols lack of inactivity this year. A-Listers like Jang Dong Gun, Lee Young Ae. Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, Bae Yong Joon among others have not put out anything of note for their long suffering fans. Be it dramas, movies, there’s practically no sight of them anywhere. The only time that their fans can see their idols are through their TVCFs which lasts for less than 1 minute every now and then.


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Kim Tae Hee Dancing Again in her Cyon Disco Phone CF

Many netizens have found clips of Kim Tae Hee dancing to be very interesting. She had been recently attracting interest through her product endorsements showing her charisma and her recent CF for new LG product, Cyon Disco Phone has bought out her dancing ability once more.

The clip was released on UCC sites on the afternoon of 9th May. You can see Kim Tae Hee wearing a slick red dress with Jewelry’s “One More Time” music playing in the background. The song was being used because of it’s relation to the “ET dance” (touchscreen feature) and the disco beat.

Kim Tae Hee had shown her sexy wave for LG “Shine” CF last May and got rave reviews from netizens. Also, she was recently seen performing Wonder Girls “Tell Me” during her fan meeting in April this year. Planning for career change?

Han Ye Seul lays claim to “Dancing Queen” throne

“I am the Dancing Queen!”

Han Ye Seul Cass Lemon Beer CF

Following Kim Tae Hee dancing in her LG Cyon CF which became a hot topic, S-Line leader Han Ye Seul has also stepped up to show that she can do it equally well, laying down a challenge to Kim Tae Hee. This was evidently portrayed in her new Cass Lemon Beer CF for Oriental Breweries. Han Ye Seul starts doing the “Let’s Twist Again” dance in the CF when the music starts.

If you say that Kim Tae Hee was able to grab the attention of male fans with her cute hip and thrust dance, then Han Ye Seul is showing her refreshing charisma through her fantasy-like S-Line figure. In actual fact, Han Ye Seul had received professional dance lessons before filming this CF.

According to someone from Cass, “Han Ye Seul’s dance video has become a hotly discussed topic among various video sharing websites. According to reviews, this CF has evidently raised the profile of the product up a notch.”