Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee most popular in 2008 thus far

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee has been picked as the most popular actor and actress respectively in the earlier half of 2008.

Jang Dong Gun and Kim Tae Hee

The survey was done by LeesPR on 1,404 people ranging from 13-65 years old in five cities on the most popular aristes and the results was released yesterday. Among actors, Jang Dong Gun obtained 25.4% beating out Jo In Sung (19.2%) and Ahn Sung Ki (7.1%). Jang Dong Gun has maintained his position since the latter half of 2005.

Among actresses, Kim Tae Hee got 16% of the votes beating out Jeon Ji Hyun who only had 8.5%. Kim Tae Hee result was all the more surprising as she had lept from 4th position to No.1 past Jeon Ji Hyun who was tops last time. Kim Ha Neul and Choi Jin Shil got 8.4% and placed joint third.

Among singers, Rain and Wonder Girls dominated the male and female categories with 15.7% and 20% respectively. Among gagmen, Yoo Jae Suk and Shin Bong Seon dominated with 51.1% and 45.9% respectively.

Jo In Sung & Sung Yuri in same elementary school; Kim Ju Hee classmates with Jang Nara

News of singer/actress Jang Nara being classmates with announcer, Kim Ju Hee became a hot topic yesterday. This time though, netizens have managed to find out that actor Jo In Sung and actress Sung Yuri was from the same elementary school and got as much attention from fans.


Jo In Sung and Sung Yuri are 81 babies and graduated from Go Myung Elementary School. Since their photos were posted, many left remarks, “This is amazing” “That school must be blessed since both of them are so popular now”.

Netizens had revealed yesterday through photos that announcer Kim Ju Hee and Jang Nara was from the same high school and was classmates once.


Both of them looked very much the same now as they were in the past as students. Netizens remarked, “This is a shock, can’t believe they were born in the same year (1981)”, “Both of them are so pretty even now”.

Jo In Sung to revive Infinity Challenge ratings decline?

The appearance of Jo In Sung in the latest preview of MBC “Infinity Challenge” has become a hot topic of discussion. Due to certain reasons (one of them being Haha enlistment), the ratings of MBC’s flagship variety show has been seeing a decline in ratings. With the infusion of new member, Jo In Sung, will he become their new saviour? Everyone is anticipating to see what will happen.


In the preview shown over “Infinity Challenge”, Jo In Sung will finally make his appearance in the “2008 Beijing Olmypics Special” in the up-coming episode. 

Jo In Sung participation which was made known earlier has already filled “Infinity Challenge” fans with widespread anticipation. They also hope that that Jo In Sung will be able to infuse a new lease of energy into the program.. Many viewers wants to see how he is like on a variety show. Their anticipation is heightened even more with each passing minute.

Jo In Sung appearance was made possible because one of “Infinity Challenge” hosts, Jeon Jun Ha are apparently very close friends with him so he was able to come and perform on the show on short notice with no strings attached.

Jo In Sung wrestling on Infinity Challenge

Korean actor Jo In Sung will replace No Hong Chul who was recently admitted to hospital after an assault and join the recording of MBC “Infinity Challenge”.


The program for that day of “Infinity Challenge” recording was wrestling, and No Hong Chul who was still recuperating from his injuries wasn’t able to participate in the program recording. According to one of the PDs, Jeon Jun Ha gave Jo In Sung a call and told him about what had happened and requested for his help. Jo In Sung immediately accepted the offer and said he was somewhere near their filming area and would be there very soon.

The episode Jo In Sung was in was a special wrestling episode in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. That day, Jo In Sung was the last member to enter the ring and took on one member of Korean national team personally. Jo In Sung expressed, “Actually, I was preparing for some martial arts training for my movie today but seeing that there was ample time, I decided to help them. In future, if there is any need, you can just call me and we will see.”

The episode with Jo In Sung will be shown in mid-March. I can foresee another new high rating episode for “Infinity Challenge” coming up very soon.