Destiny show their star power through movie posters

Five individual movie posters highlighting the main characters from the movie “Destiny” was released recently to the public and got lots of attention.

Song Seung Hun showing some sadness behind his wild appearance.


Kwon Sang Woo oozes vicious, despicable charisma in his first villain role.


Ji Sung eyes are gentle yet sharp. He will be the one torn between the two.


Park Han Byul plays a mature lady but likely to be nothing more than a “vase”.


His ponytail hair and sun-glasses makes Kim In Kwon a fiesty character.


The movie is about the story of the friendship, loyalty and betrayal between four best friends. Movie will be shown in Korean on 20th March 2008.


Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young romance in the open

Korean entertainment industry sees another celebrity couple being born. According to the Korean media, actress Lee Bo Young was spotted secretly dating Ji Sung inside his car. Even more shocking was that the both of them had already been dating from October last year.

Ji Sung who have just wrapped up filming his drama, “New Heart” would drive his car to somewhere near Lee Bo Young’s house every Thursday (break from filming) and date her in private inside his car. Yesterday night, the Korean media finally got what they have been waiting for, Lee Bo Young getting into Ji Sung’s car and dating each other. The day before was Ji Sung’s birthday and Lee Bo Young prepared a present for him. To thank her, Ji Sung replied with a light kiss.

The romance was confirmed after they were spotted together for three weeks in a row enjoying a sweet date in Ji Sung’s car.

With regards to their romance, Lee’s management company replied, “Both of them have a liking for each other and we know that they are dating and hope it progresses smoothly.” Ji Sung’s management company replied, “We never knew that the both of them dated and after learning about this through the media, we have been trying to contact Ji Sung but couldn’t reach him.”

Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young got to know each other after filming the drama, “Save the Last Dance for Me” in 2004. But they only got into a relationship starting from October 2007. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are now quite free after ending their filming commitments respectively.

As always, a big congratulations to the new celebrity couple!