Unstoppable Marriage ends its run with 4.7% rating

There aren’t going to be spoilers because KBS World isn’t done with airing it.

After a long eight months of airing on KBS 2TV, the sitcom ended it’s run of 140 episodes on 30th May with a rating of just 4.7%, the finale not even seeing an increase. The average rating never once got pass the 5% mark.

Unstoppable Marriage was a spinoff from the movie of the same title retaining Kim Soo Mi and Im Chae Moo. It also starred Seo Do Young (Spring Waltz), Lee Jung, Kim Dong Wook (Coffee Shop 1st Prince), Soo Young and Yuri (So Nyeo Shi Dae), Lee Jae Jin (F.T Island), etc including several new faces.

Many netizens were noticeably disappointed with the ending, claiming it did not meet their expectations, “This is it? they are ending it just like this?”, “This is not the final episode right?”, “It’s really lacking and inconclusive…”.

Soo Jung cries in the rain over Ilbaek’s love and Sambaek’s denial

From where we left off in Episode 110, Ilbaek still doesn’t know a thing, Soo Jung ascertains that she loves Sambaek while Sambaek continue to be in denial mode. Things started in Episode 115 with Ilbaek playing his song with Soo Jung by his side and eventually saying “I Love You” where she nods her head. But it was really just another dream as he is jolted by from it by the piano teacher.

Sambaek meets Soo Jung by chance outside the hotel and both cries “Babo” deep inside their heart to each other. Ilbaek sees a proposal scene playing on the tv and decides to use it to tell Soo Jung his feelings. He arranges to meet Soo Jung at 8pm at the park and she agrees initially because Sambaek was around at that time. But as time draws closer, Soo Jung tells Ilbaek that she’s not coming but he tells her that he would wait no matter how late it is.

As Soo Jung ponders back home, she sends messages Ilbaek but gets no reply. She calls him but gets a phone is turned off message. She decideds to go to sleep anyway when she hears the rumbling of thunder followed by heavy rain. Soo Jung decides to go to the park just in case Ilbaek was there.

Soo Jung gets there with umbrella and is relieved after a glance that she doesn’t sees Ilbaek. As she turns to leave, she notices someone in a distance wearing a hoodie crouched closely to fight against the pouring rain. Soo Jung goes closer and realises it is really Ilbaek!!!

Soo Jung starts scolding him for being silly, waiting in the rain. Ilbaek is however just relieved to see her and tells her that he has a confession to make. But as Ilbaek tries to show her his confession on the paper, he realises that it has been smudged by the rain. Soo Jung however already knows what Ilbaek is going to say anyway and starts crying (weirdly), feeling conflicted as Ilbaek doesn’t know what to do but hugs her to console her.

They take refuge in a phone booth where Ilbaek ask her what’s wrong. Soo Jung eventually reveals that she likes someone else, rejecting Ilbaek who is feeling totally crushed. Ilbaek is however not perturbed saying that he will always be there for her since her love was not being acknowledged like him. Soo Jung is left touched as she starts crying again as Ilbaek hugs her to console her. Sambaek at this moment chances upon them and says “Congratulations” in a distance thinking that they had gotten together.

In the Unstoppable Minute, Ilbaek planned confession to Soo Jung was revealed
(translated by Gomdorii)

Soo Jung sshi
Our kind Soo Jung sshi
You can’t laugh even if this may be a bit childish
No. It’s okay if you laugh
When Soo Jung sshi laughs, I become happier
When I see you, my heart beats faster
And when I see you, I feel like I’m going to cry
People say that this kind of thing is called love
Soo Jung sshi, I like you
(No) I love you
I love you
I love you

And so this excellent storyline continues for another day, brilliant stuff.

Soo Jung was going to say YES to Ilbaek until Sambaek…

Things came to a boil in Unstoppable Marriage Episode 110 with Okhui finally delivering the long-lost love letter penned by Ilbaek to Soo Jung. She is initially in shock but slowly recovers and then exclaims to Ilbaek and Sambaek that it’s great to know that someone likes her. Ilbaek musters his courage after learning that Soo Jung hopes to hear someone confess his love for her through a song.

He passes a note to Soo Jung asking her to meet him at the park at 8pm rather openly. Soo Jung compares the handwriting and realises that it was Ilbaek who wrote the letter. Now on the other hand, Sambaek has been rather downbeat after learning about what Ilbaek’s going to do and appears almost lacklustrely throughout the episode. On one hand, he likes Soo Jung but on the other hand, Ilbaek is his dearest and favourite brother. And so we are set for the finale.

Ilbaek is at the park with guitar over his shoulder as he rehearses Aubrey by Bread (making another return) which was Soo Jung’s favourite song. Excellent singing again and some passer-bys thought so too and gives him money thinking that he’s a street performer, hilarious.

The other two are however at a crossroads, Sambaek feeling conflicted and Soo Jung going over the love letter and the “three pigs” photo sticker.

Ilbaek continues to wait patiently as Soo Jung eventually appears at the park but backtracks as she continues to ponder. But just as she musters enough courage to go towards Ilbaek, someone grabs her hand! It’s Sambaek!

Sambaek tells Soo Jung

Don’t go
Don’t go if you are going to reject him
I will tell him for you
He’s my favourite brother
So don’t hurt him
So just don’t go

Sambaek then goes over and tells Ilbaek that Soo Jung couldn’t be there because she had to go back to Daejeon (her hometown). Ilbaek accepts the decision without much thought. Sambaek then hugs him which tells so much without the need for words. What a touching scene between two brothers!

Then we learned about what Soo Jung said after Sambaek left

I wasn’t going to hurt him either…
…until now

Voiceover of Ilbaek reading his love letter

Soo Jung, happy birthday~
happy birthday~

I get the feeling that I can do anything that you want
Coming when you want me to come
Leaving when you want me to leave
Smiling when you want me to smile
Crying when you want me to cry

I want to be someone who can grant all your wishes
But can that someone be just me?

So to sum it up, Soo Jung was clueless about the two brothers liking her until the conclusion of this episode. She was going to say “Yes” to Ilbaek until Sambaek’s dramatic entrance that stops her and her words at the end suggests there’s more to come. This storyline has been very engaging thus far and a top draw for me. It does look like it would just be the three of them at the end rather than two of them becoming a couple. Wonder what will happen next?

Lee Jung excels in singing in Unstoppable Marriage

We have seen how Lee Jung really excelled in his singing parts in Unstoppable Marriage. Who can forget Episode 84 where he sang Aubrey by Bread as Soo Jung mentioned that it was her favourite song. Or when Ilbaek (Lee Jung) starts singing Snowflower from the MISA drama with his brothers in Episode 95 during the hilarious hostage crisis. The only time where he looks cool and not stupid.

Granted that the below two scenes never really give him any advantage in his relationship with Soo Jung but it showcased his real talent as a singer.

Lee Jung – I Only See You from Unstoppable Marriage Episode 105
Shown in the Unstoppable Minute, this was revealed to be just a dream at the end as Lee Jung reverted back to his clueless character. The song was written by Lee Jung himself singing for Soo Jung who likes playing the piano. Poor Ilbaek, always doing things for Soo Jung but not getting the results.

Lee Jung – Like a Child from Unstoppable Marriage Episode 108
Sounds familiar isn’t it? Performed by Alex for Shin Ae in MBC We Got Married and a pretty popular song by Kim Dong Ryul. Ilbaek is seen playing on the piano and singing along to Like A Child at least that’s until someone comes in and asks him to get out. That’s when we realise he was just faking it. But that was him playing it and they had to dumb it down for his character. Poor Lee Jung.

And the triangle relationship that the screenwriter wants it to head into continues although Sambaek holds quite an advantage really over Ilbaek.

Sambaek and Soo Jeong are made for each other

Despite what was written about the triangle relationship between Ilbaek, Sambaek and Soo Jeong earlier on, it was obvious from latter episodes until episode 99 (most evidently) that it was really just Sambaek and Soo Jeong.

Despite what Ilbaek does, Soo Jeong just sees him as an elder brother and nothing more. Some thing are just not meant to be no matter how hard you try. In episode 84, when Ilbaek learnt about Soo Jeong’s wish to hear someone sing Aubrey to her, he tries to find the opportunity to sing to her. But right at the death, totally by coincidence, it’s Sambaek who sings it to her instead.

Sambaek singing Aubrey to Soo Jeong instead of Ilbaek

Sambaek learns about Ilbaek interest in Soo Jeong and thinks of ideas to help him get her affection. But it always backfires and almost landed Ilbaek into her foster brother. Sambaek decided to do the extreme by not hanging out with them in episode 98 This is when he realises something is missing and eventually reunites with them. His feelings for Soo Jeong gradually materialising.

Then in episode 99, when Soo Jeong tells Sambaek about the possiblity of his father looking for them, he was confiding in her only and no one else, not even Ilbaek. Right up to getting a present for his “father” and meeting him, Soo Jeong was always by his side. At the end, when Sambaek tells Soo Jeong that that wasn’t his father, nothing could describe that scene but pure agony for Sambaek. But that brings them even closer together.

Sambaek and Soo Jeong are made for each other

Soo Jeong was on Sambaek’s scooter earlier as she sat behind, just holding on to his waist using her fingers. But at the end of the episode, with both learning more about each other, Soo Jeong has her hands around Sambaek’s waist snugly, looking mightily blissful. Sambaek didn’t reject, taking it naturally. The question now is telling Ilbaek about it when they get together eventually.

In episode 100, you could see Sambaek trying to fight back his growing feelings for Soo Jeong. He tried to bring Soo Jeong to a restaurant where Ilbaek was waiting. Enroute, he snaps pictures of Soo Jeong upon her request and it would be a valuable collection to him later. While taking the lift with Ilbaek waiting in the restaurant, Sambaek and Soo Jeong gets stuck in the lift and their feelings grow as they spent quality time together. Later Sambaek managed to find the confession letter Ilbaek lost which was for Soo Jeong, he tries to be the good guy and sends it by post. But it just gets lost along the way.

It looks like Ilbaek is doomed to live a pitiful life unless they bring in someone.