Wondersmurf Gone

Breaking news: So the inevitable has happened, my wondersmurf account is now suspended as well on 6th July, 2009. That’s probably the end of my mission on Youtube.com, hope everyone enjoyed everything while it lasted.

Earlier this month, tinbum had notified me through email that my Big Bang & 2NE1 Lollipop and Space videos had made it to a filipino show and even my blog header (with Kim So Eun) was featured, so I had my few seconds of fame.

But sadly, all the Lollipop and Fire videos are now gone. Why? Ask YG Entertainment who have sought to claim copyright on them. They did the same thing to the Haru Haru video. Will I be back? I don’t know. I stayed away from variety and only did short clips like MVs after coolsmurf. But if this is the result, why should I?

No more YG Entertainment stuff definitely in future.

R.I.P wondersmurf 6th July, 2009
Videos: 282 | Subscribers: 36,113

R.I.P coolsmurf on 26th July, 2008
Videos: 783 | Subscribers: 23,523

Lee Minho’s World 1st Birthday Project

Hey people! Lee Min Ho’s birthday is on June 22nd, so the girls at Lee Minho’s World are starting preparations for his birthday! YAY! On top of that, a moderator from Lee Minho’s World will be going to Korea this summer on June 5th and she’ll be meeting up with one of the main people from his official cafe site to hand them the gifts. So please help to make this happen! It will be a great way to show Min Ho that he has us, too!

Lee Minho's World 1st Birthday Project

Birthday Gift Suggestions: CLICK ME
Birthday Message Booklet: CLICK ME

You need to join the forum first but registration is free.

Let’s show him how much international fans love him. Please support the birthday project. Donations are deeply needed and messages are deeply appreciated. Thank you. Just posting this to help his fans.

My First Fan Presents

I received these presents in my mailbox thanks to a blog reader, Suzy who emailed me earlier in the year saying that she had extra Infinity Challenge 2009 calendars and asked if I wanted them. Another nice surprise was to see that she had included 2 calendars, 1 desktop and 1 wall version and also a Junior magazine just to round up the postage costs out of her own expenses.


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Choi Soo Jin, Soo Young’s Sister Is Indeed A Beauty

As reported earlier, Choi Soo Jin, elder sister of So Nyeo Shi Dae member Soo Young appeared on MBC Introducing Star’s Friend on 7th February. Netizens had already been talking about how beautiful she was from pictures before the show and the show’s PD had expressed that Soo Jin was the most beautiful non-celebrity to appear on Introducing Star’s Friend since it started.

Choi Soo Jin on Introducing Star's Friend

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