Kwanghee and Sunhwa leaves ‘We Got Married’

So yet another couple in Kwanghee and Sunhwa leaves MBC TV ‘We Got Married‘ whatever season on April 13th, and the television ratings falls as we are told.

But were we expecting anything else generally?

Kwanghee and Sunhwa
Since the departure of the first generation of couples from the show, the formula has largely remained the same.

1) Whip up frenzy in media that new couples are being scouted.

2) Rumors aplenty whether fake or true on who is pairing with who.

3) Denial by stars’ management agency and MBC TV.

4) Confirmation by management agency and MBC TV.

5) Fans or viewers get excited and start getting invested in the couple.

6) Missions largely the same throughout because there are really so ‘many’ things you can really do as a make-believe couple.

7) Rumours spread that they are leaving, but denial again. Usually takes a few months.

8) Confirmation by MBC TV and agencies that their leaving is done and dusted a few days or weeks later.

9) Realization sets in as final episode is aired, fans get upset, and ratings drop.

* Rinse and repeat from the top

Kwanghee and Sunhwa
So regardless, MBC TV doesn’t really care because they don’t really have an alternative to this, and they are happy with the ratings I guess. In addition, they are thinking that it is a very successful formula, since they have the global edition that is airing in so many countries all over the world through Sony Pictures Entertainment Network Asia.

It’s only entertainment ultimately, so just take it easy.

Kwanghee and Sunhwa

3 thoughts on “Kwanghee and Sunhwa leaves ‘We Got Married’

  1. You summed up perfectly. I remember the days of the original WGM. The concept was fresh and fun, the cast charming and hilarious. It’s been a slow downward spiral since…. Even so, I think some still tune in as a vicarious way of living out their fantasies… i.e. what’s it like dating a Korean celebrity or idol.

    Since you mention the Global Edition, I have to say this. I like Taecyeon and Gui Gui as individuals in their respective fields but together they have got to be one of the most awkward (sometimes downright cringe worthy) faux couple ever. It’s still early in the “relationship” but I can’t see how they’ll develop any chemistry.

  2. hi, i know that you may never read this but there was no other way that i can think of to get your attention. I’m a slow bloomer and have been following coolsmurf YT for quite sometime till it got taken down (busy watching all the xman vids) which i’m so thankful for till YT decides to shut you down. but i found another site that i think might be linked to you but has stopped updating. well, i’ve been reading so much on your Jong Kook- Eun Hye’s post that i’m just wondering, after all this time, are you still a fan of them? if you still follow their news, are there any new news on them? also, if it’s possible, could you redirect me to sites or places that have xman with eng subs? thanks and hopefully you’ll see this message…

  3. I do read if people leave comments. Still a fan, but their pairing is just a fantasy now, seeing that they have not continued their link since a few years back. xman with eng subs is a rarity, so i can’t help you there.

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