Wondersmurf Gone

Breaking news: So the inevitable has happened, my wondersmurf account is now suspended as well on 6th July, 2009. That’s probably the end of my mission on Youtube.com, hope everyone enjoyed everything while it lasted.

Earlier this month, tinbum had notified me through email that my Big Bang & 2NE1 Lollipop and Space videos had made it to a filipino show and even my blog header (with Kim So Eun) was featured, so I had my few seconds of fame.

But sadly, all the Lollipop and Fire videos are now gone. Why? Ask YG Entertainment who have sought to claim copyright on them. They did the same thing to the Haru Haru video. Will I be back? I don’t know. I stayed away from variety and only did short clips like MVs after coolsmurf. But if this is the result, why should I?

No more YG Entertainment stuff definitely in future.

R.I.P wondersmurf 6th July, 2009
Videos: 282 | Subscribers: 36,113

R.I.P coolsmurf on 26th July, 2008
Videos: 783 | Subscribers: 23,523

148 thoughts on “Wondersmurf Gone

  1. 😦 😦 😦 oh no please don’t let it happen!!! its all because of you that i get to watch their subbed MVs! or else i’ll probably not give them a d*mn. oh gosh, YG don’t do this!!!!

  2. Oh God, I saw that clip on TV. It was both the street and space mv of Fire that was aired, aside from the Lollipop MV. and yeah I saw that heading of yours with Kim So Eun.
    YG is reacting too much on this. I love YG because of their artists but please don’t go coolsmurf. I wouldn’t mind if you don’t post YG MVs anymore.

    You said it yourself, it’s their loss, not yours. =)

  3. Hello there,don’t feel discouraged!I enjoy watching videos you subbed (though you don’t sub WG’s vids anymore).
    You’re definitely great.I think many of the fans of each different group who watches your videos will recognise you.


  4. YG is an @$$ and it’s definitely their loss. Who the hell is their marketing team anyways? They should be sending you presents if anything.

  5. That is very sad news.. Copyright is a hard problem to solve.

    Cheer up! I have the greatest respect for you.

  6. I know, right? It’s their loss not yours! You’re like the most popular Youtuber out there!

  7. I had expected something like that to happen to all the Yg videos. i know my friend also had her gummy videos deleted by yg…. and i know a bunch other big bang mvs were removed a couple of months ago. yg is at it again….

    maybe bec their uploaded mvs on their main youtube isn’t gaining that much view count so they’re killing the similar ones so ppl would view theirs.

  8. btw, off topic…. do you know that charice guested again on oprah a couple of days ago? she recently released her US song πŸ™‚ i know you blogged and shared her star king video in the past so i thought you might be interested πŸ™‚

  9. all the copyright n suspended channel stuffs are not new anymore.. so alvin, wherever u go , whatever ur new ‘tag-name’ become…. PLEASE DO UPDATE US HERE…….. so, we will sure know how to reach u…. *_O V

  10. damn,
    at least they could do is to personally contact you about it :S
    but pff… world it tough.

    Same as the others, if it wasn’t you I barely watch or would listen to kpop these days :$


  11. oh no not again -.- they reall dont understand that u didnt do anything wrong -.- you just increase theire fanbase -.-

  12. Just out of curiosity. Do you still have those videos especially 2ne1 Fire MV? Mind putting it up for download? I felt bad many of your subbed videos all gone to the dumps by copyright claims from a certain SBS to the YG.

  13. use veoh.com or metacafe to post videos. copyright is not a prob at veoh unlike youtube.

  14. No! Whatever you do, DO NOT DELETE WONDERSMURF.
    You’re probably one of my favorite channels on Youtube!
    Without you, Wondersmurf, I would’ve never started understood the lyrics to KPop songs. T_____T;;

  15. seriously coolsmurf you are starting to get ridiculous. i remember when i first followed you around the “tell me” craze and you seemed like a chill dude that wanted to share some things he liked. but now your a drama queen who thinks he is too important. how about you show some respect for yg who but in way more time, money, effort, and everything else than you did with just subbing some videos. im sure your not the only person with the mvs posted on youtube and you probably get more hits from your old coolsmurf days and subs. i understand you could be frustrated with all the banning and stuff but dont think you are entitled to anything just because you put subs on videos

  16. @tim
    your accusation makes no sense. since when did coolsmurf ever let this”fame” get to his head. all he is doing is for the people who love k-entertainment. i don’t see how he is saying he is entitled to anything. you are going way too far. i mean who wouldnt be sad that their vids are being deleted? i don’t think he is acting any more differently than any other person would.

    anyways in my opinion, there should be a massive move of k-entertainment stuff to another video site. Youtube is getting way to popular, and companies are realizing this.

  17. So sorry to hear this Alvin. Your fans and Kpop fans appreciate the extra service you provide with your English subs. Without people like you, Kpop would not be as globally popular as it currently is. With the Korean government even replacing Kpop groups with their Kdrama groups to promote Korean culture around Asia, it seems a shame and rather short sighted for YG to do this. Without the subs, they will be losing a lot of fans who can not understand Korean. They are biting the hand that feeds. Let’s hope it’s not R.I.P. for Wondersmurf.

  18. I missed you Alvin… Glad that I check your blog once in a while for updates…

    Sigh… after all said and done… copyright is a sticky issue…

    Therefore, Alvin hwaiting!!!

  19. damn…..

    they shouldn’t that!!! Now…how are YG stars going to be alot more famous…?

  20. oh gosh
    now there’s only so much vids that you can subb from now on if they keep on putting so much restriction
    I REALLY miss your Xman and starking days Csmurf
    at least you still have your blogging job!!
    i love reading your artibles even if it means i have to endure all the crappy stuff that comes with visiting allkpop
    please, if you decide not to come back with a YT account anymore after wondersmurf is deleted
    at least continue with your blogging

  21. OMMO!

    Don’t let some stupid copyright claim stop you from doing what you do best.
    Lots of people and fans are counting on you!
    Endure for us!
    We believe in you.

  22. Dude, wtf. I thought the entire video was in english.. then I couldn’t understand some.. then they started speaking english again…. seriously, i was so confused.

    anyways, i dont see why they be hating on free publicity… Cause if it wasn’t for you, coolsmurf, i probably wouldnt know of, or care for, many of the groups i know of and follow today.

    meh, they probably calculated the pros and cons of such things but what can ya do =\

  23. It’s great to see new posts on Coolsmurf every now and then! Sorry to hear Youtube may be giving you a hard time, but I agree with all the commenters above in that your videos are amazing and I really appreciate all of your efforts.

  24. aahww,, whatever ur decision is..
    I’ll be supporting you^^.
    nd many many thanks.. for subbing the vid’s nd keeping me up to date x3

  25. Awww that sucks. I don’t get why YG is doing this since 2NE1 got famous through all this internet and youtube hype. I’m glad your channel didn’t get deleted though, I go to there everyday for my music playlist

  26. You have got to be kidding me?
    You’re one of the if not the best youtube source for KPOP.

    But on another note, THATS SO COOL!
    First on Oprah now this :]
    One day I bet we’ll see you & not your blogs on TV LOL

  27. this is terrible. I wish that you would be given permission to post videos as you wish since you’re helping to promote their product.

  28. nv thought i would get to see you update again but ya know… i juz cant stop myself frm coming back to check out this site again and again~~

    anyway, ya… i really cant understand what YG, SBS…. are thinking. Does it do them any good when they claim the copy right? Your youtube acc is a place every kpop fans goes to~
    If not for you, i bet i wouldnt even know who a hell lot of the kpop celebrities are.

    And please ignore people who dosnt understand how sad and miserable it is when your utube acc gets deleted~~~(esp after you spend so much time downloading, subbing, encoding and uploading it…)

    and yupz… juz wanna tell you what ever you had done in the past (videos, blogging) are greatly appreciated, and will always be.

    JIA YOU!

  29. Thats strange, around last year, YG Ent saw a vid I made using BB’s song and allowed me to use it.

    Aw well, I hope you the best of luck

  30. Very cool that you’re getting some recognition!
    but woah that video was kinda weird because
    i thought i understood filipino for a second
    but they were just speaking random english in the middle.

    I’ve been a follower of you since coolsmurf came out
    well okay maybe like a couple months after.. but
    please dont get discouraged. a lot of other k-pop blogs
    are kind of biased..but you are just straightforward thanks
    for all you have done, hope to see what comes in the near future

  31. ya Filipinos usually speak tagalog and english together. Reason why is tagalog and english is the official language of the Philippines lol

  32. that sucks. I remember I was in Korea when i found out about coolsmurf taken down. I was truly devastated and my friend that went to Korea with me were about to cry (or she was at least). I can’t believe its been almost a year since it got taken down! I’m glad you’ve gotten recognition, but i hope you dont disappear!

  33. cooolsmurf!! i got into kpop after watching ur xman vids from your previous accounts!!! thatss sad.. hope u still continue subbing though..

    and i was thrilled that ure frm singapore!! ahahh me too! πŸ™‚

  34. i think you should take action, alvin. send a formative proposal to the overseas staff of JYPentertainment industries and introduce yourself in an attempt to somehow work alongside JYPentertainment and get the word out about its idols like the Wonder Girls. if anything, say youre from USA and you want to greatly help with the promotions of Wonder Girls in America

  35. sigh.soon i’ll have left of you are these old blog posts & your tiny bits on allkpop.
    i was depressed when you left coolsmurf.
    i was beyond heartbroken when you left WonderGirls Wonderland.
    please don’t do this! but either way, i’ll support your decision and you’ll always be the one who brought me into kpop!

  36. YG doesn’t know what they’ve just done. your videos always get the highest view counts. such a loss for them.
    I hope there won’t be a need to say RIP. =(

  37. “she is not behind her other group members when it comes to singing and dancing”

    please, gimme a break. that’s some big bullshit. =.= tssk… CL and Minji surpass dara is dancing and singing , they’re way way better than her… actually alll 3 (bom, cl and minzy) are on a whole higher level then dara… -.- she just hasn’t got the talent or didn’t receive as much training that she should have gotten to be on the same level as her members.

  38. Dramatic. But, it’s no wonder they found your videos, they are so easy to find. If you really wanted them left alone, you know just what to do!

  39. This is sad how Youtube is deleting a lot of accounts for copyright. It is not like you’re boot legging their videos for cash.

    Plus, youtube probably make more non-korean fans get in to Kpop since there is hardly any kpop on TV, but tons of it on Youtube.

  40. yes.. filipinos speak in taglish [tagalog-english] most of the time.. even saying “mahal kita” would sound cheesy so they prefer saying “i love you” instead.. lol

    anyway, congratulations for your blog and videos being featured in a filipino show.. and yeah.. so sad that your coolsmurf account in yt got canceled.. da hel~ if not for that, people wouldn’t recognize some yg artists that are enjoying their fame today.. they should be thankful instead.. wooh.. let’s just hope that wondersmurf will be spared..

  41. @ Tim, dated May 22

    this response is super late but I need to say my piece. there are people who expect Wondersmurf to give them updates regarding their favorite idols, myself included. I don’t think it is projecting as a VIP because Ws is giving people entertainment without expecting something in return. It is about harsh penalty over a petty “offense” if what the companies would call it.

    Also, wordpress isn’t just for writing idol matters, it can also be an avenue for one’s emotion. so you can’t argue with that.

  42. I was extremely upset why YG cleaned up youtube of all of their videos. (I had a mild panic attack). Although I’m sure that the public will have no say in what they do and although I am sure that they are shooting themselves in the foot by making KPOP very inaccessible to none Korean speakers, your work has been appreciated πŸ™‚ They should really rethink their marketing strategy if they want to have more of a stronghold in America..

    Good Luck and I hope that you are not penalized any more for the wonderful videos you post and the amazing artists you bring to those who cannot navigate Korean web sites πŸ˜€

    – Olya

    Today I went on youtube, and you were GONE….

  44. Wondersmurf, R.I.P.

    Please stay on youtube. You’re my number one source for english subbed KPOP videos. Your videos grew my love for KPOP music and the Wonder Girls. I go to your youtube account and always look out for your posts on allkpop. I really appreciate your work.

    In whatever you decide, I support you all the way.

  45. noooooooooooooooooooooooo

    alvin i really hope u will return and give us updates 4 kpop videos. i started with the xman videos of yours and really like your work. i hope u will make a comeback-


    wondersmurf 6th July 2009
    Videos: 252 [or more] | Subscribers: 30,113 [or more]

  47. RIP (forgot to add that)
    sigh. i checked my playlist today and several videos were unavailable. right then, i knew it was over. sigh, coolsmurf, thank you for everything. hope you still see you around youtube and other sites, if that were to be allkpop, then yes, see you there

  48. Thank you for all your hard work!!! I’ll support you if you make another account. First coolsmurf and then wodersmurf 😦

  49. i was shocked to see that your account was suspended~ all those lovely WG videos esp the one they wished us a Happy New Year!~aww~T^T YT sucks now with all the beta jizz and now they suspended my favorite uploader? =.=;; its all up to u though coolsmurf πŸ˜€ thankfully you have this website and you can keep in touch with many of your fans(although i wish you would make a new account^^)~much love and support~
    please stay safe and hydrated this summer alvin oppah! ν™”μ΄νŒ…!!!

  50. I don’t even know who you are. I only saw one video “SNSD’s Gee video” and loved it. I tried to rewatch it again today (since I watched it yesterday) and found it removed and your account suspended. I Googled you for the hell of it.

    😦 Looks like YG Entertainment has been removing other videos too.. Why they chose today to it, I have no clue

  51. uhh!!! i just back from my vacation and want to do some catch up on ur video.. too bad…. too sad…

  52. i am always a supporter of coolsmurf, wgsmurf, wondersmurf..thanks for the memories the 3 channels and of course most importantly, you Alvin!! has given me..i appreciate it lotss.><

    You brought me into the KPOP world. Thank you for that!XD


  53. Today’s a sad day (yet again) with the suspension of your account. You’re such a key person in bridging kpop-culture and Americans.

    No one, and I repeat, no one does what you do.

  54. Dear coolsmurf, so are you going to create another youtube account or at the mean time u will be resting?

  55. NOOOOoooooooooo

    i watch your channel to keep myself updated with k-music…
    but with your channel gone, so is my only source of k-music information gone…


  56. alvin always have supported you. always will. good luck in all your future ventures. im sure you can rest easy now. thnx for being one of the first people to really show the YT community k-entertainment. you can now leave it into the hands of the many people you’ve affected. fighting!

  57. NO. D:
    I was literally devastated when I saw that the wondersmurf account was suspended.
    Thanks so much for your hard work and all the videos you were kind of enough to post.

  58. back again with another comment.. this time saying sorry 😦
    if you ever decide to come back.. be sure to post it on fb or this site!

    but if not.. it was great while it lasted. you’ve done great things for me :]

  59. nooooo
    iwanted to watch ss501’s eng subbed mv today and wen i searched for your acc i found out it was suspeneded noooo 😦

  60. whaatttt?!?!
    I’m surely gonna miss your acc. Especially your subbed vids, you always picked good songs.

  61. I can’t believe your account has been suspended:( thankyou so much for all of your time and effort spent subbing/uploading vids, i dont no what to watch on youtube now! 😦

  62. so sad!!! youtube sucks!! you were helping yg by subbing their mv’s. i miss your channel already!! thanks for the hard work and always taking time to sub new mv’s!!

  63. Is it all because of YG? 😦

    I didn’t know the ‘wondersmurf’ account got suspended until today… when I wanted to watch the subbed music video of ‘Peace Love & Ice Cream’ by Younha… but it’s gone now. 😦
    It’ll be nice if somebody has a copy of the subbed video, cuz I wanted to see the lyrics with the video. 😦

    Anyways, thx Alvin for everything you’ve done for us.

  64. oh no!!!! ur suspended again that suckz as in permanently?
    first coolsmurf YT now ur wondersmurf channel oh bummer!!!

    gawd! .don’t give up!!!

    may the force be with you…smurf!!!

    keep doin’ what u love!!!

    we are all here 2 support you!!!!

    thank u 4 all the wonderful video u uploaded in YT! ^^,)

  65. nooooo you were my absolute favorite, if i can’t have the wondergirls blog anymore i don’t want to lose the youtube updates either ): hang on!

  66. I’m so bummed that your youtube account is gone! You’re my main exposure to new Kpop wherein I can actually learn what they’re saying, lol. I hope it’ll all work out, but if not then thanks for all your hard work and sharing so much. And I hope things continue going well with allKpop!

  67. seriously without coolsmurf I wouldn’t even know about girls generation and wonder girls πŸ™‚

  68. OMG NOOOOO T____T. I love your taste of music and always love the MV’s you upload >_<"…. Awwww.

    Without you, I would've never listened to Wonder Girls or Wheesung … or Taegoon.

    So thanks for uploading those vids ❀

  69. o goshs noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i reaaally really loved your vids!!! gosh, you were always the fastest + WITH SUBS !!!!
    where do i get my vids now γ… .γ… 
    well, anyway, thank you for sharing all those vids all these times !!!

  70. omg, its really sad for you that youtube removed your popular channel again!!!
    and its unfair everyone upload a lot of videos about 2NE1 or Big Bang and they saw that you upload a lot of videos of Kpop and they did nothing and then they removed your channel :S
    They must to give you a warning or something.. instead to removed your channel immediately
    Dont give up and stay on Youtube i really like all your videos!!
    Your new channel WonderfulSmurf would be famous too believe me!!!

  71. D: oh no .. 😦
    you were one of the people who helped me get into kpop, since you had a lot of awesome subbed videos on your account i always watched them and that’s how i got into kpop πŸ™‚
    i was so sad when coolsmurf got suspended 😦 but then when i found wondersmurf i was totally estatic ;P
    so sad to see your run on youtube end ;( and when your blog ended aswell i was really sad ;(
    but i can always go to allkpop and read your articles there πŸ™‚
    thanks a lot for all your hard effort.

  72. July seems to be a bad month for you.

    Stopping by to say Thank YOU. You are the one who got me into Kpop. Without your videos and subs, I wouldn’t have understood anything. You made my university life very very entertaining.


  73. i just want to say thanks for all the videos fromm xman to love letters to subbed MV..thanks a lot. you have made a huge difference to international fans who loved kpop a lot..<33

  74. this is so sad, you were my favorite youtuber…. I am gonna miss your videos so much, you are one of the main reasons why I got into K-pop 😦

    I hate when this happens, I can’t see why your account should be suspended… YG entertainment should be thankful that you are subbing videos because you are only making more fans for them

  75. I’m so sorry that your account got suspended. I’m all disappointed right now. It was because of you that I got into WonderGirls. I hope you decide to come back but stay away from the evil YG. I might send them an angry letter hehe.

  76. funny that i still visit this site hoping that you’ll be back updating again :-/

    i’m sad about your youtube account, they deleted a lot of people there, i was one of your subscribers btw.

  77. heyhey!

    have you thought of uploading your videos onto another video site? like veoh, dailymotion, etc. since you post your videos on allkpop it would be fine! πŸ˜€

    thanks for alll these while anyway πŸ˜€

  78. yea, just find out ur video is gone again, seems like it’s cat and mouse game which wont go away…

    Maybe start something like affiliate marketing, so people who like the vid has a chance to buy the album with links in the description…some CD store allows such links, check around…Until u feel safe ur vid wont get deleted suddenly, plan ur move smarter ^.^

  79. NOOOOOO!
    now i dont get to see all the new updates 😦
    support all the way
    and come back… we all need you ^^

  80. Stupid YG Entertainment, they dun know what great piece of work wondersmurf has done and promoting Kpop culture and if not him, I won’t know a damn thing about Kpop

  81. honestly alvin, you will NOT be forgotten. your channel was what introduced me to kpop and ill never forget that. it’s people like you who made kpop known worldwide! without you, i can guarantee not many people would’ve known about xman, and various artists. without publicity like this, the kpop artists wouldnt have as many international fans as they do now. its truly unfortunate.

  82. Like the rest, it was you who introduced to me to Kpop! i wouldn’t have fallen in love with this crazyfan-ridden world of entertainment if it wasn’t for you! I still remember it was your X-Man vids that got me interested. i still have some if you’d like to have them back!! just beep me! Anything for you!

  83. :((( My first video of the Wonder Girls/Big Bang/WonderBang was your video of their Grease performance :[ Exactly a month before your wondersmurf account got suspended :[ Before that, I was just barely into SNSD and Yoon Eun Hye. I really hope you don’t get discouraged by Youtube’s copyright policy.
    Seriously, you’re an internet legend in my eyes, hahaha. As big as Rick Astley! Please don’t let the legend die 😦 At least keep us updates here =] And I hope you do until we’re all old and wrinkly and the only thing we can do by ourselves is sit in front of a computer and watch/read about the K-Pop world.

  84. I just found out after logging into youtube. I understand the decision, it is really disheartening to have your videos taken down after all that time and effort.
    Hopefully one day you’ll return or move to a different video provider. Keep us posted, will miss your vids.

  85. aww Im really gonna miss those videos, its sad that your account got suspended =[, your channel was one of the best ones on youtube, is there any way we can see the videos that got removed on a different site or maybe a download link?

  86. 쒋은 μ•„μΉ¨ ν™˜μžκ°€μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€ 재판 여동생이 과정은 μš°λ¦¬κ°€κΈ°λ„ 반투 빨리 희망을 λͺ¨λ‘ 맑게 Oky 자맀 영혼이

  87. Dang! Just when the Wondergirls are getting big in America too! :/ Mann, without you, youtube not won’t be able to show how good and popular Wondergirls were in their homeland :(.

  88. i was so sad when i didn’t find your account i was like OMG NOO O_O stupid yg entertainment their loss you were promoting them for free and with subtitles as well so non korean speakers can understand them
    hopefully you’ll be back =)

  89. Agh, I’m deeply saddened by this news. I’ve been a fan of your vids from back when your coolsmurf account was active. I knew something was weird when I stop receiving updates in my Subscriptions. Sucks.
    Saddened your gone, Hopeful you’ll come back.

  90. please come back we miss you your subbed music videos were the best I always thought that and you were realible

  91. ARGH! ohmygoodness. I’m so late. I’ve been wondering where the wondersmurf vids have gone. dhagkjsdfhsd… i hope my keyboard smash reflects my frustration. although the original coolsmurf account was still the bomb, wondersmurf was a great alternate and successor. =/ youtubers definitely misses you. the more the hallyu wave spreads, the more korea seems to cut off its international viewers and fans. D:


    I just read an article on allkpop.com that was supposedly written by someone named ‘coolsmurf’. O_o They even have a profile with a picture of you on allkpop. Is this you?!
    Please reply.

    I wish I had a faster way of contacting you :[ I’m not even sure if you’re still checking these comments.

    But anyways, this is the article: http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/full_story/ss501_gets_tvxq_questions_in_malaysia/

    This is the profile: http://www.allkpop.com/index.php/member/2169/

    I miss your videos. It seems ironic that right when I was getting into the Korean world, the person who pretty much got me so into it was gone.

  93. By the way, the reason why I say “pretty much got me so into it” is because the other person who got me into it was my best friend. But she only had me watch the first episode of Goong with her and my other friends and I just talk to her about Korean stuff. I’ve already said this on this thread, but the Wonder Girls and Big Bang really got me liking K-Pop. The one who provided the videos was you 😦

  94. hi alvin,,,
    wow wondersmurf is suspended??
    damn,,,, thats sad…..

    hope ull be back..

    and hey,,,,,
    i heard u meet charice finally huh…. lucky you…

  95. OMG I DID NOT KNOW THIS. I’ve been searching for your vids since last summer. -_- and now I find this.

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