Lee Minho’s World 1st Birthday Project

Hey people! Lee Min Ho’s birthday is on June 22nd, so the girls at Lee Minho’s World are starting preparations for his birthday! YAY! On top of that, a moderator from Lee Minho’s World will be going to Korea this summer on June 5th and she’ll be meeting up with one of the main people from his official cafe site to hand them the gifts. So please help to make this happen! It will be a great way to show Min Ho that he has us, too!

Lee Minho's World 1st Birthday Project

Birthday Gift Suggestions: CLICK ME
Birthday Message Booklet: CLICK ME

You need to join the forum first but registration is free.

Let’s show him how much international fans love him. Please support the birthday project. Donations are deeply needed and messages are deeply appreciated. Thank you. Just posting this to help his fans.

54 thoughts on “Lee Minho’s World 1st Birthday Project

  1. Wow, i didnt expect you to update this at all. Especially not with a Minho birthday project hahaha,

  2. Coolsmurf, why don’t you come back to write on this site again? Most of us are really interested to read the stuff you write (yes… only you.. not the rest of the authors in Allkpop), that’s why you see that people still return to your blog to check if you have any surprise updates.

  3. Just to add… if you are still looking for a job, have you tried sending in your resumes to magazines & newspapers? You can write a special column for them on Kpop, of course you can write other stuff too. You are pretty well-known. Your blog is the best representative of your work and recognition… it’s almost your resume!

  4. hey great to hear from u again 😀 thats a surprise 😀 pls come back here :/ allkpop isnt ur standard :/ you are much better then them :/

  5. hahha i was just randomly checking if you made and update and i was surprised you did! I enjoy reading your posts at allkpop with the yehkjk news or bof >.<

  6. like most of the guys that have commented… i just came here hoping for a new update.. and voila! here it is..

    it’s just sad that it isn’t about you leaving allkpop.com and coming back here.. hahaha

    good day alvin!

  7. I’ve been reading allkpop for awhile ..I think the articles are getting so crappy… Why must the writers insert unneccesary comments in their articles? Like the one about Son Dambi’s skirt being short but not short enough… Solbi’s plastic surgery…

    The people they write about are also just a few… You used to summarise WGM..but there’s nil article on it there at all..Ithink the gundam couple’s quite interesting..they deserve some articles on them!

    Wish you could come back to writing on ur own blog…

  8. Wow, another nice suprise!! Well, I’m not really a big fan of Lee Minho but I will tell my friends (who worship Goo Jun-pyoo!! LOL!!) about this. It’s nice that you did not neglect this blog entirely. This blog is too precious for me as I learnt to love Kpop scene through this. I really appreciate it that you keep updating even it is just once in a very long while. I better stop before I get too emotional, but it is indeed really hard to get a reliable souce of K-scene nowadays. Makes me appreciate my experience with coolsmurf domain even more. Thank you and all the best alvin!!

  9. I dont know how many times i’ve said this but damn i miss this blog…
    Just had to write again… cause its fun to write at his site…

    Well well… back to Allkpop and read how much they hate
    Han Seung Yeon and try to find Coolsmurfs articles….

    I miss XMAN clips also… i would kill to get to browse in the ex-youtube account Coolsmurf…

  10. Nice to see you here. I keep this site on my bookmarks, just to look back through old links for good times sake.

    Coolsmurf Saranghae

  11. coolsmurf i think you should continue to write your OWN blog.
    as you can see from the above, you have a steady and faithful following.
    please do consider our request.
    much thanks!

    ps. are you a fan of Lee Min ho?
    lols i find that quite cute, although im VERY over this overexposed guy.

  12. Wah, coosmurf. I wasn’t aware you were a fan of Lee Minho (although everyone seems to be one nowadays). You must be a big fan to come back to us and blog on it! ^^

  13. OMO!!! A Rare sighting!!!!!!! Gah!! I miss you alot, coolsmurf! Wished that you’d continue updating this site… 😦 I really really REALLY miss this blog of yours…

  14. I miss you.

    I will keep on checking back with the hope that someday you will come back here.

    I hope you know there are lots of way out there for you to make money AND get recognition while keeping your blog and maintaining some class and a certain standard.

    Anyway, good luck.

  15. Lets Join this project ans show our love for Lee Min Ho!!… <33
    Lee Min Ho is the hottest guy alive!!.. ^_^;;

  16. lee min ho your great!!!hope you guys can visit philippines.
    good luck and more power..anyone can tell me where to buy boysbeforeflowers dvd?ehheehhe i have one already

  17. LOL even though this post doesn’t sound like it’s written by you at all
    i’m still very happy and surprise to see a new post~

  18. lee min ho — advance happy birthday to you! saeng-il chuka haeyo! i love you in BBF and one of my wishes is to see you in person! Happy happy Birthday! God bless!

  19. i’m so glad you cam! hahah hopefully this won’t be your last article ;o

    anyways i never knew you were a lee min ho fan ;D hahah but way to spread the news! i personally think you should write here because you can have more personal opinons and not get bashed lol

  20. I love you lee min ho okay i’m a big fan of you and happy birthday lee min ho.


    Alvin, thank you for helping LMH’s World – LMH birthday project ❤

  22. To giro, the name of the actress in the banner is Kim So Eun. She portrayed the role of Chu Ga Eul, the bestfriend of Geum Jan Di in the Korean Drama, Boys Over Flowers.

  23. hii lee min ho ,met ultah ya ..
    moga km panjang umur + dewasa + ganteng , end laris film nya .
    Love you forever’s :$
    aku sukaa bangeett loh film kamu ..
    aku nonton tiap hari , enga pernah ke tinggal heheh 😀
    sukses selalu iyyaa 🙂
    Happy birthday
    emuah .. :$
    Salam iya buat teman-teman boy’s befour flour’s 🙂
    salam manis dari ku PERMATA ..
    wassalam …

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