My First Fan Presents

I received these presents in my mailbox thanks to a blog reader, Suzy who emailed me earlier in the year saying that she had extra Infinity Challenge 2009 calendars and asked if I wanted them. Another nice surprise was to see that she had included 2 calendars, 1 desktop and 1 wall version and also a Junior magazine just to round up the postage costs out of her own expenses.


Over the course of maintaining my blog for the past year or so, I have received lots of nicely-worded messages (read them all) expressing how much they liked what I am doing, token donations (thank you all who had donated), questions which I answered to the best of my knowledge, doing email interviews for those who needed it for their research and thesis (I was really honored here). But still, if no one recognizes me on the streets, I am just a nobody.

And in case you are wondering, news updates are not restarting here. Also, I am going away for 2 weeks starting from 2nd March so there will not be any news updates by me at Allkpop. Will miss a lot of things definitely.

75 thoughts on “My First Fan Presents

  1. i think you did a very great job with all the post.
    i enjoy reading all your post and it keeps me up to date with the korean entertainment!
    have a fun vacation!

  2. HAHA THE PICTURE READS “ILL BE BACK!”.. 2010 though.

    too bad it isnt anything of foreshadowing. glad youre doing well. you gotta log in and check on this site from time to time alvin, it’d be a shame if you forgot your login information for this site (knock on wood). have fun on your vacation too, or wherever youre going (=

  3. i’d definitely come up and say hi and how appreciative i am of your posts if i see you on the streets πŸ˜€ though, i’d probably have to take a super long trip just to be in the same state as you XD.

    keep up all the great work you have done. and have a great vaca.

  4. haha, if i ever get to see you in the streets (i’m a sgrean too!) i’ll definitely say hi! (:

  5. yeah.. really miss you 😦 perhaps you can still update the k-drama and k-movie section? really like how you rate those shows and also yr in depth thoughts abt it like the one for time between dog and wolf. im sure there’s still alot of pple out there who’ll visit this site regularly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    anyway take care kks πŸ™‚ have lots of fun during yr hiatus or vacation!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. I just checked this site to see it might had come up any new and it DID!

    But unfortunatly it wasnt a ‘comeback’ =(

    There’s good news on Allkpop, but the people are weird… =/

  7. i dont know why but i keep on coming back to ur site n it surprised me seeing ur new post!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wah!!i thought i visit wrong site lol.. i reading all ur post at AllKpop eventho they have lot unreadable craps.. I hope u will update this blog once in a while..

  9. ❀ Enjoy your trip. :3 And thanks for updating so much on allkpop, it’s much nicer reading not opinion-infested posts.

  10. have fun on your rest or whatever you’re gonna do!
    we’re missing your posts here! 😦
    can you pleeaaaassseee comeback to posting here?!
    (hahaha as if my plead will be granted. LOL)

    i’m envious! i’d like to have that calendar too. πŸ˜€

  11. mr.alvin.. if i see you on the street.. i’ll definitly give a hi ..
    since you’re the one who responsible for my k-entertainment addiction.. i wonder how many days of my life can be saved if im not interested in k-scene.. and u guilty for that .. HAH!!

  12. That was nice! Haha, yeah I still check back for old time’s sake too… and plus your page has all the links to the other sites! Cheers!

  13. Does it really matter if we recognize you on the streets or not? You should be able to feel our love here, Alvin! Hahaha! Trust me, if we all recognize you in the streets, you wouldn’t be able to just step out of your house without someone giving you a hug. ^^ Whenever someone asks how I got started with my Hallyu wave addiction, I always mention you. =] You have no idea how important you are to us! There’s NOBODY, NOBODY, BUT CHUUU! =D

    As you can see, loads of us still checks this because we miss not only the news you bring us, but you. I feel like in allkpop, it’s not a one on one connection with you. I mean, I agree with crabhand23, I’ve been going to allkpop even before you moved there, but we have to be honest about it, and say that hey, the people there are pretty weird. XD

    Ah, anyway, if one day, I become rich, I will also send you tons of goodies, Alvin! Mark my word!

  14. this is cool isn’t it alvin..?? long ago i had intention n really wana give u some goodies too just to thank n appreciate your work but, being a student still i’ve to spend alot of money on my books n sort (n make me think alot)..

    And here as u posted this, i can clearly say my intention that i had back then (why suddenly i found these words quite pitiful ..?? – PLEASE INGNORE IT !!..hhaaha ^^ )
    Hope one day i’ll b able to give u some goodies from my own money n i think it will b more meaningfull rather than buying it now using my scholar…
    So, wait for d-day Alvin !! ^^

    Its so natural for me to check out Coolsmurf Domain time to time..n its good if u b able to write something about yourself on this blog too…

    i hope that u always b healthy n best wishes…~ πŸ˜€

  15. Even though this post wasnt about kpop and was about your personal life, i was really happy to see an update :]

    Totally made my day :]

  16. Coolsmurf please come back to here or ask allkpop to give you a separated page to host your blog because it’s hard to find your posts there. And to be honest, I have no interest in reading the other posts of allkpop writers.
    I think it’s a pitty that you decided to move to allkpop because there were many news and subjects that you didn’t made a post about because other allkpop writer had done it and we ended not having your post about the subject instead we had a post done by one of those unprofessional and biases allkpop writers.
    You’re too good for allkpop.

  17. We all love you coolsmurf!! You’re such a huge asset to the fans of the Korean entertainment industry outside of South Korea. Huge thanks to you for everything!!

  18. been missing u πŸ˜‰
    news are always fun to read when u wrote em
    yeah, i may be not that open n feelin sad when peeps started to bash artists but u the way u deliver news doesnt make my heart ache πŸ˜‰
    thanks dude, u really a COOL – smurf

  19. Alvin, look… even though you have stated that you moved to allkpop, everyone still can’t forget the coolsmurf who bring us news and laughter… and similar from other people comment, it is you that introduce me a LOT of Korean addicts since YT days… oh.. I’m also miss the news that you provide in this blog, that’s why I came back to visit as if there was some new post, and I do visit allkpop, just some of them seems a little weird… anyway, do enjoy your holiday… and if I’m coincidentally meet you on the street, I’ll definitely say hi to you as well… hihihi…

  20. i rather ur format that allkpop site’s format.. this is simple in a way its not so messy….. i want coolsmurf back! lol

  21. i prefer ur format than allkpop site’s format.. this is simple in a way its not so messy….. i want coolsmurf back! lol

    sorry for the crappy grammer on the abv post

  22. I keep checking back to this site for old times sake and it was a great surprise to see this post! Please Please Please return to your domain! Are you really part of AllKpop? I can’t tell if you’re posting anything or not. Your site will still be my all time favorite korean info site.

  23. I still have the habit of coming everyday and reading your old posts (most xman and what not). I also made the transition to AllKpop and still enjoygetting your updates plus added treats from Johnny the pervert xD

  24. I wish you would come back to your old site…it’s so difficult and annoying trying to find your articles on allkpop…They should just make you a senior writer and give you a separate column/sidebar so I won’t have to sift through all the other tasteless articles to pick out your superb ones. Can’t you see my frustration?!….I just want to read the articles coolsmurf wrote! NO ONE ELSE! Ugh…

  25. I’m so glad you updated! Really missed checking your blog everday for updates. If I ever see you on the streets, I’ll definitely say HI! πŸ˜€

  26. are you really at allkpop
    honestly,i rarely encounter ur articles..
    my heart ache everytime i had to read articles with those harsh words..
    i wished u will start bloging on this site again…

  27. Coolsmurf, you say that you are a nobody if no one recognise you on the streets. But haven’t you realised that posting on allkpop is just that?! Here is where you had your recognition. RIP blog.

  28. Reading all posts here, it’s a lot of good points. Get back here! πŸ™‚

    Have to quote Maria who said all the right stuff!

    “Coolsmurf please come back to here or ask allkpop to give you a separated page to host your blog because it’s hard to find your posts there. And to be honest, I have no interest in reading the other posts of allkpop writers.
    I think it’s a pitty that you decided to move to allkpop because there were many news and subjects that you didn’t made a post about because other allkpop writer had done it and we ended not having your post about the subject instead we had a post done by one of those unprofessional and biases allkpop writers.
    You’re too good for allkpop.”

  29. Coolsmurf..if u provide ur address…which i think u will not, we will gladly send u some pretty gifts for thanking u on updating us on the all K thgs. Miss ya!

  30. I’ll always be a supporter of coolsmurf~!!!!!

    I know you’ll do a great job at allkpop πŸ™‚

  31. Lol, biased towards BB? ONLY BB? Allkpop writers are so subjective that I really wish coolsmurf would leave that pos and start this again. Seriously, every other post is just there to get hits on their page than actually reporting news. The site is bullshit but now that CS has stopped postin here.. there is no where else to go. If anyone knows some place better, please, do post. Cause I’m getting sick of articles that pin fans against one another just so they’d make money off their advertisements and articles with blatant artist bashing.

  32. hehehe…. just visiting your blog…. old habits hehehe…..and I found a new post! hahaha…. well…. im still not happy with allkpop but visiting it because of you…. your leaving? have a good holiday!…..

  33. as Maria said: YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR ALLKPOP!!
    you are the most professional there, the only one who doesn’t need to be offensive to say what he thinks.
    keep the hard (and good) work!

    i guess we all want you back here……… ^^

  34. ^^ what they said. i really really wish you would just start up your blog again. the guys over at allkpop are-well they are biased and it makes reading an article soo much harder. at least here, you didn’t sound soo crummy 😦

    wish you would come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. “wowJhil

    Coolsmurf, you say that you are a nobody if no one recognise you on the streets. But haven’t you realised that posting on allkpop is just that?! Here is where you had your recognition. RIP blog.”

    ^^^ she (or he :P) is definitely RIGHT!!!!!

  36. where do you live? spore? i’d definitely say hi to you if i meet you. kk? wait for m visit to sporeeee~~ i miss spore. miss the shopping..miss the wide sidewalks..and especially, i miss the super humid weather. kekeke.

  37. good to see another post from you.^^
    alvin you’re not a nobody! Lord everyone knows your YT acct who love Korean entertainment. People may not know all of you, but they know this side of you. The name “coolsmurf” is more powerful than you realize. Remember what you did for Charice?
    You have over 20 thousand subscribers. That is just amazing. Cheer up A. You make a lot of people happy with your vids.

  38. i still come on too even though i know u said urself u wont be updating ur site no more- but then seeing this update is a happy suprise- i do miss ur posts!!

  39. wah what a nice surprise! though ure not restarting it, it’s just nice to see a random update. and NO WONDER youve been missing from allkpop. Didnt realize u went away for awhile. Hope you get back in there soon. They need you.

    and haha we crazy ppl still check your blog after all this time!

  40. Wah, even though people are asking you to come back here and stop with allkpop, do what your heart tells you to, don’t feel any pressure. Though I do admit your writing on allkpop is one of the most professional I’ve ever read, seriously, I don’t even need to read the author and I can tell you wrote it. Someone who doesn’t put fans against each other, someone who doesn’t bring artist down, someone who doesn’t blow things out of porportion just to get viewers and clicks, someone who states their opinion in a civil manner, Coolsmurf I hope you get what you deserve in life, and I wish you a happy life.

  41. I always visit this place, at least once a week for old times sake.
    if allkpop, popseoul and seoulbeats are A-rank k-fansites, then coolsmurf is in S-rank.
    S for Special rank.
    Because coolsmurf drew people into k-entertainment like nobody else did.
    Because coolsmurf wrote news as professionally as legit news portals – minus the bitchiness, the flaming, the praising and the negativity.
    Because coolsmurf is coolsmurf and no one else can replace you in kpop fandom.

    Thank you for all the amazing articles and videos all this while. Your place in contributing to kpop fandom is historic.

  42. OMG!
    even when you’ve been gone for SOOO long without a new post since forever
    you still have MORE THAN 200 people checking ur blog every single day!!
    and that’s saying alot since you haven’t post anything for months
    well~ i’m just visiting you once in a while these days just for the heck of it
    and seriously, my mouth dropped open when i saw a new pic instead of the WG one lol
    i’ll keep in touch with this blog

  43. You got my hope up for a moment there Alvin!

    I tried really hard but I just cannot stand some allkpop writers. Some posts and comments even made me cringed in disgust.. I really miss coolsmurf domain where the posts are clean, informative, entertaining and well-written. Nevertheless, I still check that allkpop site everyday, hoping that you will post something. I will be visiting this domain from time to time, hoping there will be a suprise of two in store for me and other loyal readers.

  44. i really miss coming to this site coolsmurf. you were my great korean ‘injection’ for the day! i could always expect great write-ups vs now, seeing a whole bunch of immature views plastered up all the time. yes, i do read allkpop now, but it’s so time consuming to mentally sift thru whats fact and what’s fiction, and what’s someone’s mere twisted opinion. are you even there?

    Perhaps you may think that on the streets, you’d be a lost face in the crowd. But to someone like me, like your other loyal readers, we’d search you out – like looking for ‘waldo” (not looks-wise, but significance-wise) bec we view you as a reliable expert in the korean entertainment world. (sorry for the bad comparison – but i’m just trying to say.. we WOULD LOOK for you!)

    hope you believe that you’ve made a huge difference. you should write what’s in your heart, and in the place/framework you feel most comfortable in. your ‘fans’ will follow you wherever you go!

  45. Coolsmurf, you will always remain my favorite K-entertainment blogger ever. Most of the AllKPop writers make me cringe with their unprofessional rants but *your* posts are still amazing at keeping us Kentertainment fans updated as always :). Keep up the awesome work ❀

  46. Come back Coolsmurf! I miss your posts! I miss all of your unbiased blogs!! =( The other sites are so biased and mean and your always neutral.. =(

  47. I know you are quite busy now so I don’t know if you know this but your WonderBang video from the MBC Gayo 2008 is featured on Wonder Girls’ official Myspace. I thought you would like to know. I don’t know when they added it but it’s really on there. I just thought that it was some recognition for your hard work to help Wonder Girls be known to new Wonderfuls. Even though you have stopped blogging on WonderLand, I have always been grateful for you for providing an outlet for Wonder Girls’ goodies, news, performances, and just love for them when I first became interested in them. Without you I probably wouldn’t be such a big Wonderful now. I still miss your blogging though. Well with whatever you are doing now, best of luck! You are still the best.

  48. Please come back to us, or have your own portion on allkpop! Alvin, we miss you! It’s nice to read your articles, but the rest of the writers are too opinionated or perverted! I, a young mind, definitely do not want to see Johnny’s writing. We love you and support you! Thanks for giving us the best K-news ever!

    Hope to have you back soon,


  49. Alvin,

    Hope you will be back writing here.

    In Allkpop, it just aren’t the same anymore. It just too hassle and just tooo in everything to even have a good read there!

    In my view, its just not a place for you. It just not suit your sentiment as a good writer.

    Well, but then. Its all up to you.

  50. i think you should promote yourself on allkpop πŸ˜›
    is that possible? hahaha

    or maybe you can sign up for youtube partners!

  51. whoah it’s been a long time since i last visited here T______T jee… sigh. haha lol so you got fans eh.. you did alot for all of us kpop lovers..

  52. Hi Alvin, I’m new here. Glad to see that you have so many supporters. Keep writing! You have my support too! And nice calendars you got there! πŸ™‚

  53. hey!!! llove the blog.. hahah i saw the stuff a reader gave you.. i was wondering if you are going to sell out the juniors -feb issue mag.. cause ive been trying to find it all over the place.. and i passed by your site.. and saw it .. i was like.. OMG..lols.. so anyways.. if you’re willing to sell it or donate it, contact me! =] thankss ❀

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