Coolsmurf Will Transfer to

In a nutshell, news updates on Coolsmurf Domain will CEASE with effect from this post. But everything else will remain while other sections will be updated as and when. This was a difficult decision but one that had to be taken.

Moving House

This blog was started primarily as my own blog and act as a diary of some sort to tell me what happened on this day in the past. But I got ambitious and started making blogging as part of my daily life. Big or small things, as long as it was interesting, I would blog about it. The blog tied in with my Youtube.

I have covered on many major events on my blog as follows:
– Xman
– Love Letter
– Football 2008
– Edison Chen (my blog views multiplied overnight thanks to him)
– Wonder Girls (my obsession got so big that Wonderland was created)
– Park Min Young (she gets her own page on my blog)
– Charice Pempengco
– We Got Married
– The issue with Youtube and SBS

There are of course many other interesting news but I can’t possibly list them all here. I have perhaps outgrown what has to offer here. Blogging has been a fun thing, at times tiring (I am just that one person), but the inability to earn anything, unable to place ads here, lack of themes are kind of restrictive. I was just awaiting for an opportunity to move on to the next level.

2 weeks ago, johnnydorama came to me with an offer to join not just as a writer but as a partner. I have thought about it and felt that it was a good opportunity to build on something new and move forward with a new venture. I will still write in the same way just that it will be on a new site.

Some of you might have some negativity towards, well that’s understandable. But most are just written for fun. This will be a exciting partnership because many exciting events are being planned now.

Its a waste to end news updates here but no pain no gain. I know some will hate my decision to do this but please look at this from my perspective. Thank you all for staying with me throughout this almost 2 years period on Coolsmurf Domain and Wonder Girls Wonderland. Sincerely appreciate the support!

375 thoughts on “Coolsmurf Will Transfer to

  1. 9,899,483 hits
    this was the # from the last time i was in here
    good job coolsmurf
    that’s all i can say for now!
    we’ll see you on Allkpop then!!

  2. So will be a paying job for you? Congrats! How much does a site like that pay, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. Dude,

    I thank you for your posts on this blog and youtube throughout the years.

    But Allkpop? Seriously?! I hope you can bring a sense of legitimacy and tact to that site, but really this is like Jang Dong Gun appearing on We Got Married. It’s so beneath you!

  4. that’s horrible sites
    i don’t like it
    they always bash my favourite groups
    big bang and wonder girls
    and they also biased SM fansites

  5. well… Alvin or coolsmurf or wondersmurf… It’s a bit sad that I can’t visit this blog again to find my source of news… but I understand your feeling and will respect your decision…Hope that there are more good news ahead and looking forward to see your post again.. (I like the way how you post the news from Xman days up till now).Hope you still update your youtube account ? Well, good luck in everywhere you go…
    Hwaiting…. ^^

  6. I LOVE AKP! Glad to hear that you will be joining it. You’ve got my support…even though it’s not much. We seem to have similar interests haha…esp in YEH & KJK. See you at AKP!

  7. Awww this is sad. =( This blog is part of my daily routine, check school email, check msn, facebook, and coolfsmurf blog. It even has a little tab on my firefox for easy access lol. (am i the only one who has that? haha) I`ll miss thiss! But i`ll go check that site too for updates. Goodluck!

  8. i hope being you join to allkpop
    you can change that site to friendly environment
    to kpop fan
    No bashing & No biased.
    We love you
    when you will post your first news?

  9. That is sad news…this domain is good because it pretty much objective and more journalistic style…..all the best tho

  10. I agree with Lalat on the SM bias. Instead of, it should be Oh well. As much as I don’t like, I guess I’ll be reading your articles there from now on.

    Coolsmurf/Alvin fighting!

  11. WHOAAAA..i’m shocked! But if u think this is a good decision, then..I wish u best of luck! I’m a reader of AKP, so i’ll see u there. ^_^

  12. aww, good luck!!! πŸ™‚
    It’ll be interesting seeing you and allkpop combined…I always thought of your blog as the barely-biased, more factual blog and allkpop as the horrendously opinionated (but hilarious) one. Complete opposites.
    I hope your writing style doesn’t change when you partner with allkpop. It’d be a nice breath of air having a cleaner writer there.
    (sigh, one less korean entertainment blog to go to daily…)

    anyway, thanks for keeping this blog regularly updated for such a long time, and see you at allkpop πŸ˜‰

  13. Cool. I like Allkpop. That site offer SM news as well as others. I hope you will continue what you are doing and maybe will even write about some SM artists too. Good Luck.

  14. Will you laugh at me if I told you I teared up (Ok I cried a bit). This blog has been my daily stop ever since I started to watch Kdramas. By searcing up Yoon Eun Hye I found Coolsmurf Domain and from there I was introduced to XMAN and pretty much of all of KPOP. Like many other readers I’m really thankful that I’ve somehow stumbled into this peice of K-gold.

    This blog will be missed A L O T.
    && I’ll be looking forward to you on AllKpop.


    && even though you hate people saying your name: Good luck with all future endeavors Alvin. πŸ™‚

  15. I like AllKpop, I like Johnny, and I like you


    AKP and your site were my daily routine, so now it’s only AKP πŸ˜€

    That makes my life simpler πŸ™‚

    gud luck in AKP! Yea.. that site is quite harsh sometimes, hehe but I take everything just fun

    see u there, then!

  16. I am so going to miss your blog, its’ one of my favorites. Have to admit, I really do not like (bordering on hate). But I can understand your decision and will give the site another try simply because you are now a writer/partner.

    Good luck in your new endeavor!

  17. Alvin… I will miss you. specially Coolsmurf blog, this is one of my top 5 things that I check every day I turn on my pc. T_T…….

    I like allkpop (sometimes) but I love coolsmurf. Something will definitely be missing in my day then. However Good luck to you dear Friend. Bye bye Coolsmurf Blog!

  18. aww. i read allkpop, but it saddens me that you’re merging with it. i really enjoyed the [somewhat] objective nature of your posts and how you weren’t trying to be witty or make fun of people to entertain your readers; you just reported the news and gave a little bit of your opinion. i appreciated that. hopefully, you’ll be able to conserve your tone and style in this transition.

  19. wholly crap i took a look and that site and boy is it cluttered!!

    you might want to still keep this blog open, just to post things now and then, ya know…

    i like this blog because it’s simple and clean, and i don’t have to search for the interesting news, because you just post it there right in front of our faces. maybe you can transfer that aspect of this blog onto that very intimidating website.

    IMO the design of that website isn’t that good…

    anyway, again, good luck with your endeavors! money is a good thing to have, so kudos to you.

  20. Ah…Allkpop…I-I guess if you feel that it’s the best for you then good luck. I feel kind of betrayed though.

    At one point in time, I just go sick of Allkpop and stopped reading anything from them (I’m sure they’re all decent people and I have nothing against them personally) and I found oasis in your blog where you actually give out well thought-out opinions and relevant information without having to bash and belittle an artist.

    Anyway, hope everything works out for you. Thank you for everything you have done thus far.

  21. oh, why allkpop out of all the blogs!!
    i really don’t like it there, their articles are so annoying and they only bash artists
    on top of that your style in blogging is so different from theirs!!!!
    am too sas there will be no more coolsmurf 😦 i used to visit this blog everytime i turn on my browser.. so sad πŸ˜₯

  22. =( i love this site!! i’m going to miss it so much. you’re the one who got my kpop obsession… even bigger! i check this site so often, it’s crazy!
    but it definitely is your choice and i hope you will have all the success! best of luck coolsmurf!!
    i hope you will continue to update on wonder girls and kim so eun! i will miss this blog~~

  23. no!!!!!!!!!
    that’s like 10 notches down from here!
    that place is so trashy, don’t do it, you are wayyyyy too good for allkpop!
    please come back!!! ><

  24. I’m sad to hear that you’re going to stop blogging, but I guess I can kind of understand where you’re coming from. I hate reading most of the articles on AKP…more than half the time it’s just a bash, not an informative article, but I will visit AKP just for your articles!

  25. i’m surprise that you’ll be moving to Allkpop, i though you’ll be moving to your own domain, but anyway, i wish all the best.

    the only thing that i’m worried it’s about your writing style, i hope it doesn’t change from what we used to it just because your in Allkpop.

  26. well. if you are happy, then i am too!

    its a good thing.
    coz i hope that YOU WILL BRING THE WONDER to that site.
    too much bias on WG. please continue to support to WG
    okay!? please! ^^


  27. This is a great way for both sites to expand and conquer MUAHAHHAHA

    No, seriously. AKP is a great site that offers MANY different perspectives on the K-pop industry, and now Alvin’s perspective is going to be added to that wonderful group.

    This is a cause for celebration y’all… Coolsmurf ain’t dead, it’s just getting bigger and bigger πŸ˜€

  28. Woah. awesome. congratulations!
    Thanks for all the news posts, I’ve really appreciated all the time you’ve spent to share this stuff with us.
    …especially the Wonder Girls-related news.
    Wonder Girls Wonderland was superb for the time it existed.

    I suppose I’ll be checking out allkpop now. πŸ™‚



    johnnydrama is SNSD FAN, his posts of wondergirls are

    downright BIASED AND NASTY.


    Coolsmurf posts news on entertainment, and not entertaining news.

    because Coolsmurf gives UNBIASED news peppered with logical thought and analysis, so much so that it’s a friendlier blog for all kpop fans.

  30. this is great news. i read your blog daily and allkpop…now i’ll just have to go to 1 site. i’m very happy for you and good luck! see you at allkpop!

  31. hahaha all these akp haters..
    i think its a great move on alvin’s part.
    i’m glad you’re moving to akp<3
    i loved the akp website and yours, so i’m sure it’ll be amazing to get to see them both at one place(=

    and honestly, i’m glad its akp because the other ones (besides yours) fail ;D

    see you at akp<3

  32. Aww, I’ll miss your domain. I really liked it.
    Thank you for everything and I’ll try to support you over there as well~! ❀

  33. if you don’t like AKP then don’t visit it then..
    like people there haters anyway..
    and i’m sure you’ll still be lurking there..


    Thanks Coolsmurf!

  34. wow…this is some quite big news! i really like both sites and think it’s a great idea that you’re doing it. good luck to you coolsmurf. can’t wait to read your first on allkpop. πŸ™‚

  35. this blog already become my sad that you will leaving this blog..and join allkpop..hope you happy there..

    please change the “unfriendly environment” there..

    see you there coolsmurf~

    good luck ALVIN~

  36. I visited there often lol
    You get lots of news there. If you don’t like the opinionated part just skip them, they’re usually at the bottom.

    I respect your decision, my friend ^^
    AllKpop does have bad rep (especially from mr.dorama himself i guess) but lately there’ve been adding a lot of new writers and those news are mostly true just that it has too much of the writers opinion.

    ps. if i’m not mistaken i think they even has an event with soshified…(note that johnydorama always talks nasty or naughty about those girls)

  37. awww…coolsmurf i love your blog! it will be missed, but i’ve very excited about your move to allkpop! when will you post there!? soon i hope. ❀

  38. thanks for your blogging these past 2 years alvin. i’ll look forward to you at =)

    its true most people don’t understand that most of the negative posts at allkpop are just written that way for fun. now if you were to be partners with shityuepop or something then i’d just cry in agony. but anyway, good luck πŸ™‚

  39. thank you for being so committed to giving kpop news. my 2 favorite sites coming together. i couldn’t ask for anything more! thank you coolsmurf and allkpop!

  40. your blog will surely be missed, but i’m glad you’re still writing! i love allkpop and can’t wait to see your articles there. πŸ™‚

  41. i love akp. most people don’t understand that all that stuff is just written for laughs. c’mon, if you don’t like it, don’t stay, right?

    anyways. i can’t wait to see you on akp, alvin πŸ˜€

  42. I definitely prefer reading news from you here, but I guess we’re all coming with you to allkpop! :]
    Good luck with everything and congrats!

  43. It’s saddening to hear it, but I do agree that it an upgrade. Just staying as you’ve always been and feeling bored of it isn’t good for us to hear. I guess change is good.

    Allkpop has always seemed a bit biased to me, and sometimes their comments are a bit harsh, but hopefully with your addition, it’ll be a bit more fair.

    I wish you the best of luck with your transition into collaborating with Allkpop! I’m looking forward to your articles there πŸ™‚ Have fun and enjoy!

  44. aw. i remember that picture of the wondergirls. wasnt that mtv wonder girls season 3 if i recall correctly?

    to be honest, i dont really like allkpop. they’re excellent writers and have a great “hook” to their title for articles but in order to achieve that, they had to resort to biased statements which in turn, really ticks me off and a lot of wonderfuls (maybe) because the majority of their wondergirls news are plastered with hatred from netizens, if not from their own writers.

    on the other hand, i assume its a step-up from wordpress. i mean, allkpop has their own domain and certainly manages all the business details that comes along with owning their own domain (like advertisements). i just hope with you transferring to allkpop not only brings over your fans to their site but your monumental position in the kpop world. what i mean is, to carry over a sense of dignity, pride, and respect to that “flame/bash magnet” of a site.

    i hope you hear from you soon alvin. need to update!(:

  45. lol i get used of clicking coolsmurf domain. since u have made up your mind, i shall support u then. Do update often in allkpop aka kpop dirt. lol see u there.

  46. Yeah I’m sad too

    But I respect your decision for sure
    and we’ll folow you where ever you choose to go

    Coolsmurf … Fighttting …

  47. well is sad because it was my daily routine and I love the way that you show the news in a very professional way , serious way, I read allkpop but sometimes is gross and disgusting (I mean the articules) but I bet that I will recognize your post inmediatly jajaj all I have to say is the best of lucks and fighting!!!!! a kiss byee

  48. awww…i loved your coverage of the Wonder Girls and i hope you continue that over at allkpop. i’ll see you there and fully support you!!

  49. OOH BTW.

    since when did allkpop start blogging so much about kdramas? their writers are just blogging whatever is popular at the moment to draw more netizens to their site and get more hits. kpop certainly doesnt include kdrama… right? they should just stick to the music scene and exclude drama news. if they were to blog about dramas, then they should’ve back when idk, coffee prince or whatever drama was out when that site opened

  50. opening coolsmurf domain has been my routine…
    i’ll surely miss it…
    i browsed and its a bit weird in there…
    but i’ll try for you.. see you there coolsmurf…

  51. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now every. single. day.

    Personally, I love the way you write since:
    a) it’s not rude
    b) there’s not a huge amount of bias (aka huge fanboy moments; PMY and WG are fanboy’d without the ‘ZOMGS!’ which quite frankly, rocks)

    Yeah, I recently started reading and they can seem rude (ok, so yeah they ARE rude) but it is all in good fun… I guess it’ll be better once you’re on there; you’ll be a good balance in writing style!

    I’ll miss this blog (A LOT. Like I seriously don’t know what to do without it , dude) but look forward to seeing you on allkpop soon!

    …Just a question: would you be able to get allkpop to change the format of their webpage?? It looks cool and all but it seriously takes frigging forEVER to load. (Not everyone has great internet connections yeah?) Lol.

  52. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I AM SO SAD AND PISSED OFF! THOSE BASTARDS ARE WOMEN-HATING LOSERS! EVERYONE WHO COMMENTS ON THEIR SITE IS MILDLY RETARDED! Please don’t turn into one of them Alvin! Please don’t start calling men “girls”, don’t start calling women “whores, sluts, and bitches”!! Where will I go now for NICE, RESPECTFUL, INTERESTING kpop news? Seoulfull and K-Popped I guess.

  53. I was never an official member of your blog site, but coolsmurf was on my bookmarks menu since forever! I agree with malexi and want you to keep writing the great articles that you do! Don’t let allkpop influence your style! πŸ˜€ Good luck!!!!

  54. Congrats, Alvin! Have fun at allkpop! I hope they’re paying you a lot because you totally deserve to own it! xD

    Good luck in the future with everything you do. As much as I love Coolsmurf Domain, I’m glad you can do something that fully benefits you.

    I’ll read all of your allkpop news because I just love the way you write. Have fun!

  55. Its a good thing ur hardwork always get recognized,
    its a pity though, i hardly check on AllKpop, cuz some of the the writers there bash artists like there’s no tomorrow,
    I guess if it benefits u then congrats.

  56. as long as you write things the way you’ve always written and aren’t rude then i’m fine with it. so on the allkpop site will it have a section that tells us what news are brought specifically from you?

  57. alvin,i hope you will write more WG news on
    bring more WG love lol!
    be sure you write articles for any WG news before other writers write it lol πŸ™‚

  58. must say I am quite shocked due to the difference in styles…hope it will really be a better place for you!

    thank you so much for your work…I have been able to watch so many programmes in the past due to your subs…was so sad when the suspension happened…will miss the clean writing here too

    must agree that Allkpop layout ain’t that user friendly…always hangs my explorer when I open a few pages

    good luck!

  59. why ALLKPOP.?????? its such a B.S. anti korean entertainment. ur WAYY better off with this site.. guess wont be reading ur updates anymore.. the last thing i’d do is go to allKPOP.

  60. i love both sites. i love your site for the straight up news and i love allkpop for the funny articles. i think the 2 together will make something really awesome. thank you for everything and see you at allkpop!

  61. Wrong move dude. Johnny D. is a sexual pervert. I hate that site. So it looks like I will be missing you and all your contributions to the kpop scene since I do not like Johnny the Perverts site. Yes it may be just fun to those that read his site but I find it disgusting.

  62. thanks for all the posts you’ve written here and also all the subbed vids in ur youtube! i appreciate all ur efforts on updating the hottest and most recent news of the Korean entertainment world. checking ur blog every morning and night has been my routine so i’m gonna support you by reading ur posts on allkpop. all the best & best of lucks (:

  63. Well, Johnnydorama has got his own (so-called eye fucking) style, and he’s famous for it. Later I saw other writers try to copy his style and the site became more lame and lame.

    So I just hope you stay strong, hold a good grip and help make that site better.

    You got a loooong talk with Johnny to do.
    That site has potential, it just need some (maybe seriously hard) more work on it.

  64. thank you for everything Alvin and i can’t wait to read your articles on allkpop. i think it’ll be a good mix for the site. good luck!

  65. I respect your decision to move and like the rest of your regular and not-so-regular readers here, I’d like to thank you for everything you have done for us non-Korean Kpop fanatics. Know that we will continue supporting you and your work. Lots of luck to ya! πŸ™‚

  66. whatever your decision is, i will still be searching for your blogs. You’re very reliable and objective.:D

    Have a happy life. πŸ˜€

  67. those who diss alvin for his move to AKP are nothing but a bunch of idiots.

    you read his news, you expect stuff from him. but has it ever occurred to you to even bother to DONATE to him?

    i’m not too sure if alvin has a day job but blogging here on wordpress certainly brings him ZERO income. AKP is making him a partner. i’m pretty sure financial benefits come along with it.

    alvin deserves this better treatment. and not just whiny bitchy comments from a zero profit making blog.

  68. Well, I suppose this is the end of my tethers to the Korean entertainment industry then. I was using the WonderGirls WordPress and this blog as my final news bits into the industry, but since they are now both gone (and since I don’t have the time to sift through a lot of the crap that AllKPop writes. It doesn’t matter to me if they are considered “good” writers or if they write that stuff because they think it is “funny”, it doesn’t change the fact that the news is biased, even if it is meant to give you an “alternate perspective” and downright disgusting as another reader mentioned. I should have to feel like I need to shower after every time I read an article on AllKPop. So yes, I’m disappointed that this site is closing, though I do appreciate the hardwork you’ve put into it and the WonderGirls WordPress blog over the year(s). One of the last well-kept, objective blogs has come to an end.

  69. I’m more at shock that you joining Allkpop than anything else.

    I stop visiting that site long ago. It’s just not a little good old fun but so much bashing and dirty language.

    As much as I don’t like it, I will respect your decision and wish you all the best with your new endeavour (lol, my heart is screaming please don’t).

    Hope you’ll be able to bring some sense to that team.

  70. Edit – I forgot the NOT, in the sentence in my comment above:

    I should NOT have to feel like I need to shower after every time I read an article on AllKPop.

  71. good luck with the plan Alvin.
    i do read allkpop, see you there then…
    but i hope you’ll continue to write about minyoung there.

  72. That’s so sad…
    I love your blog. I also insert your blog as my blogroll and check it everyday. It will feel strange to not open this site anymore. But I understand your decision and I will wait for your writing through allkpop.

    Good luck, Coolsmurf ^^

  73. These guys who aren’t supporting you, only care about themselves and don’t really know what’s best for you. You don’t need those kind of people supporting you anyways. Good luck!

  74. man! u shouldnt leave this blog …dude! coolsmurf is hella popular by itself, y bother joining allkpop..i hate that site.
    anyways, Sayonara.

  75. yea honestly i am a bit disappointed. i find to be bias at times. i mean its one thing to be a fan and supporter of so & so bands/singer/actress etc, and another being putting it down. if your not a fan & don’t have anything nice to say, simply don’t say it. bashing; seriously unecessisary. “professional jounalist.”, thats what johnnydorama refers his team as. if you refer yourself as a professional, doesn’t it mean you should act professional in what you do/say/display? bashing? in my opinion theres nothing professional there.

    i seriously love how real, down to earth you are through your blogs/news, coolsmurf. will miss coming here.

    i can’t honestly say that i’ll ever visit allkpop & see your work. but wishing you all luck & success w/ your new merge πŸ™‚

    coolsmurf forever! πŸ™‚

  76. goodluck and thanks for everything.
    i seriously love your posts.
    i’ve been following your WGM posts and the BOFS and wonderland and more and more.
    i’m still gonna leave this as my bookmark!

  77. it’s really makes me mad to read all these people that are bashing alvin for moving to allkpop. i’m sure they have no idea how hard it is to keep the blog updated with out seeing a single penny. alvin has worked so hard to bring you news and all you can do is bash. i’m supporting you 110% for this move, because alvin, will benefit the most out of this. the people that aren’t supporting alvin in this decision don’t deserve to read his blogs period.

    he’s done so much for all you haters out there and you just continue to bash. you guys say allkpop bashes…well you’re not different.

    good luck alvin and i’ll be seeing you at allkpop. thanks for everything!

  78. I will definitely support you! I like your blog and Allkpop both, so it’s cool that you’re moving there. They are really gaining something special. Congratulations? I guess! Thanks for all you’ve done here in the past.

  79. @selfish,learn how to one is bashing alvin,his fans are just dissapointed on him moving to allkpop.@5millionwon,you can go back to allkpop because you never posted here before,all of a sudden your here trying to defend allkpop.your an SNSD fan and allkpop loves only SM and every one else they bash.i dont think bashing and belitting artists are “fun” at all.but if alvin thinks thats whats best for him,then am gonna support his decision.

  80. i visit allkpop ocassionally and somtimes when i free but dude, ur blog i check it everyday no matter how busy im am.. where will i go now??

  81. You’ll be able to bookmark just posts written by Alvin so you won’t have to wade through the crap.

    Oh man, Alvin’s excellent writing/coverage on one side vs what passes for commentary on the other. Hope the partnership will be worthwhile to you Alvin. Read up on backwash written by the there, TheProdigy and The Lost City for starters. Read the kinds of comments fostered by them by the audience here. It seems learning to have a sense of humor there involves degrading harassment of women, homosexuals, and other minorities, K-Pop stars included.

    Most of the Coolsmurf Domain readership will be happy you’re continuing on, if just for the money because it certainly isn’t the level of professionalism here you now have to associate with. I’ve sent this to your other email as well.

  82. this isnt the end but somehow it feels like “parting”.
    anyways just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done!
    all the best coolsmurf!! will look out for you at allkpop.

  83. whoa, this quite shocking. allkpop is an…um..interesting site, it’s amusing to read but some articles are just down right rude and over the top.

    “I will still write in the same way just that it will be on a new site”
    i am extremely glad to hear that. thank you coolsmurf and good luck, this blog will be missed.

    hopefully you won’t be so perverted && biased as they are πŸ˜€
    really enjoyed reading your articless.

  85. @ ….

    oh your post is all so very true (:
    allkpop only loves SM artists (Shinee, DBSK, SNSD) so finally having somebody who actually likes wondergirls and other artists is really nice πŸ˜€
    hopefully you can bring change!

    good luuckk
    i’ll be reading your posts πŸ˜€

  86. What??? ALL KPOP?
    They are better than Popseoul but still, many posts there are so biased and I dont like the way they entitle their posts.
    I know someone is hoping that you can make a good change there, but seriously, I need your standard and your place. There are only two sites that I can trust, yours and K Bites (sookyeong).

    …like throwing gem into sand

  87. THANK YOU sincerely for all the time and thought you have put into your blogs/youtube/subs etc. Because of you and you alone I found out how cool and fun k-variety shows are.

    I feel like my kpop worlds has taken a huge blow…first wondergirls wonderland and now coolsmurf.

    I hope that you don’t get tainted by the snark over at allkpop and diffuse some of the clear sm bias over there.

    In any case I wish you all the best and good luck.

  88. I like both sites so it’s all well and good lol. I’m just glad I’ll still be able to read your articles!

    And thank you so much for all the hard work you put in blogging, subbing and everything these years! β™₯β™₯β™₯ You, sir, is seriously awesome lol.

    See ya over at AKP (:

  89. it’d be great to see you there, knowing that there isn’t a jerk writing on a gossip blog!

    Thank you Alving for two years of information that we needed ^^

    good luck in your life πŸ™‚

  90.’re going to join forces with a pervert? are you serious? they’re so biased and they tend to bash wonder girls especially SOHEE.
    anyway, i respect your decision and hope you can write some good things about WG.
    see you at allkpop!

  91. It’s sad to hear that you’ll no longer retain this site. I dont like coz they ppl bash and their articles are lewd and suggestive…its very gross reading articles written by some of the perverts there whether its for fun and otherwise….but since they’re gonna pay you, i can understand why you’re making this move. Good luck to you and all the best…but seriously…don’t get tarnished by those perverts.

  92. i’ve come to realize why i love coolsmurf’s domain/wonderland so much.

    aside from the simplicity of the website (which is excellent), the community is also smaller. from the experience at wonder girls wonderland, the same people comment over and over from article to article. it feels nice having others share the same passion and talk about it. like a fambam!

    but allkpop is idk. feels out of place, too many heads spawning and spewing out useless remarks. not like a family

  93. what?! oh no, another loss of a sensible gossip blogger.

    why?! oh well, good luck on your future endeavours! wish you well, you’ll always have my support!

    and try not to be the next johnnydorama and his counterparts! πŸ˜€

  94. i just realized that i never told you why i love your blog above all the rest. You’re objective and thoughtful whenever you post articles and you always confirm the validity of your posts before putting them up. Your blog is my home site..where else will i ever find a better kpop blog?? :…(’s like losing a best friend. Thanks again for all your hardwork.

  95. Coolsmurf has been one of my favorite k-blogs over the past year and it’s also my #1 source for Park Min Young news.

    Thank you for everything that you’ve done with the site and I will continue to support you with your venture to allkpop.

    All the best!

  96. dammit Alvin. You’re gonna make me follow you to Allkpop, aren’t you? Well at least you’ll bring some class to that place…. or end up being corrupted DDDD:

    Thank you for this awesome site and for Xman and for all the other stuff. You and your Xman vids man I just have a lot of love for.

    Maybe your experience with allkpop will lead you to have something else for yourself in the future. Bigger and better. All the best of luck with that crew.

    μ•„μžμ•„μž ν™”μ΄νŒ…!

  97. @ the stupid dots who’s bashing me

    eh hello. what makes you think i don’t post here? i simply use a different nickname to post here. is it wrong of me to do so?

    you’re no different, you stupid dots.

    singaporeans ftw

  98. Good luck with everything! Like everyone else, I always checked this blog daily and obsessively so I’ll definitely miss it. Nevertheless, I understand your decision; I might even check allkpop once in awhile to read your articles!

  99. oh btw, i usually dont post comments here because i know my comments will often incite bashings.

    alvin’s blog is too pure for me to corrupt, hence my no comments.

    i do however post comments occasionally using a different nickname.


    idiots are idiots.

    stupid dots will remain as stupid dots.

  100. Coolsmurf allkpop most talking about KPOP i love You since you Post Kdrama and K movie . Should You move?????

  101. I respect your decision, Alvin. Good luck!

    And thanks for updating this blog for the past two years. I’ll continue to support you. =]

  102. well….sigh. i relaly liked ur blogs because like everyone else above me wrote you were pretty unbaised. everything you wrote wasn’t to bash the artist or build up the artist that you like but just to inform. the one thing i didn’t really like about allkpop was all the bashing. the site bashed artist so much that it was hard to really get any information out of the articles…if you want to call them that. While i am glad that you found a job doing what you like it kinda bums me that its allkpop. anyways best of luck with them. i like your articles so i guess i’ll just have to go there to read some more in the future. don’t change too much on us! ^^

  103. Your blog was different from the rest – less trash talk, more informative. The rest of the k-bloggers showed no respect to the artists, probably to generate more hits.

    But I respect your decision since you have to look at the financial aspect was well. Hope you don’t get lost in the mix and lose your individuality.

  104. i read allkpop too but definitely your site is soooooooooo much better! just like wat everyone said, your posting is down to earth, not bias…….

    but alvin, all the best and i will continue reading ur post at allkpop!

  105. I’m glad it’s Alkpop and not a truly creepy site like dramabeans.

    I like(ish) allkpop because of the variety of bloggers there. I don’t like it when bloggers give up their lives and live online. I think if you merge you’ll get more time to pursure other things. Or, maybe, just enjoy leisure time.

    I’ll be looking forward to your allkpop posts – your objective and simple style of blogging will be an intriguing contrast to Johnny’s…. well johnny’s style. πŸ™‚

    See Ya at Allkpopped!

  106. Understandable, I don’t see how people can hate your decision. You’re just moving from one place to another.

  107. cool. i’ll always support you…you fueled my xman obsessions way back then….just please don’t change your style! i confess, your blog and allkpop are the ones i go to first πŸ™‚ so this saves me some extra clicking πŸ˜‰ but your blog was the not so crass and actually better quality stuff. yours was the “sweet,” all kpop was the “spicy–and not so nice” lol. just keep doing what you’re doing…and i’ll follow. haha –stalkerish. πŸ˜‰ coolsmurf, fighting!

  108. No your leaving…
    Gosh i’m gonna miss coming here.
    & of all places why allkpop..ugh i stop going there because it’s way too bias that’s why i come here because your more neutral.

    Oh well I wish you the best in your ventures:D

  109. look at the top right corner of this blog.

    “Am looking for a job. Anyone looking or willing to hire? ”

    poor alvin. he needs a job. stop being “disappointed” with him for moving to allkpop. he needs it.

  110. oh, it’s sad that you are leaving what you started here…but at least we can still read your writing at AKP. and hopefully, your moving there will bring more balance in their delivery of the latest in asian entertainment news!

    wish you all the best in this new venture…..

  111. good job coolsmurf.have a nice day at allkpop.
    allkpop and coolsmurf is the place that i know about kpop,and im visit the page everyday to get new information what happen in korean entertainment industry.
    fighting coolsmurf.

  112. I’m glad you feel its a good opportunity but to be honest with you, allkpop is like degrading for you. Hopefully you don’t start to write the way they do. Disgusting, vain and oh so androcendric. They have no respect for women and its a shame that you are apart of them now. But whatever. this is your life so you make your own decisions. Unfornately, goodbye coolsmurf and good luck.

  113. I don’t know why some of you are taking allkpop’s “writing style” so seriously. It’s JUST a blog. You make it sound like it’s church or something. Take it easy! It’s a BLOG, not CNN news or anything.

    I’m happy about the merge, and I’m happy for coolsmurf.
    Some of you think Johnny is an asshole – will guess what? That “asshole” is helping out Alvin. Allkpop family will treat him well.
    AND OF COURSE Alvin isn’t stupid enough to suddenly change his writing styles just because he’s now associated with Johnny & company.
    I think it’s kind of insulting to think of him (coolsmurf/Alvin) that way. He’s not that mindless and stupid. He has a brain of his own.

  114. OMG! Alvin.. I can’t believe this. It is good but well I don’t really that keen of Allkpop though I do go there like everyday.

    Well, as long as the way you write is still the same cuz i love the way you write an article. its really good. No bias and stuff. Just stay like that Okay and I will be soooo happy even if you move there.

    Good luck there and return anytime you want.. lol

  115. i bid you farewell as you move on & continue to grow.
    i’ve enjoyed reading your blogs on your own site. you’re 1 of my fave bloggers, might i add^^ although it is sad that you’re moving along, i look forward to reading your entries on allkpop.

  116. Pingback: Coolsmurf makes a shift to « wonder-love ;D

  117. all the best coolsmurf. Now that u r there, allkpop will not be so negative (even if its negative, i still think its fun 2 read if u don’t think too much)

  118. Coolsmurf,
    The reason why I visited your blog often is because I liked your style of writing and how you covered the news. Your articles weren’t biased and also were very respectful with all artists. I always thought of your blog posts as one of the most professional among the other blogs about korean culture and entertainment. So that’s the reason why I feel sad, because you’re joining a site like allkpop. Allkpop’s site is the opposite of yours: it lacks the professionalist, has rude language and lacks credibility. Although allkpop say their lack of proper languange and amount of rude comments on their posts are a style of humour, I sincerly don’t see anything humourous about them.
    I respect your opinion, but I think there are other ways to earn money or move further without joining allkpop. I’m sure if you waited a bit more or if you searched more, you would be able to find better offers.
    Goodbye and good luck…!

  119. gawd some ppl need to know that coolsmurf is going to be PARTNERING up with AKP. it’s not SLAVERY. *rolls eyes* Johnny’s actually pretty nice and he won’t control his mind or smth.

  120. seriously, allkpop? i hope u can change its views on the wonder girls. anyways, whatever your decision is, as long as you’re still posting, it’s good enough for me.

  121. It’s a waste to see you move..but i guess when it’s time to move on than you have to do it..Good luck and for sure i will keep coming to visit your sites..Thanks for all the great news you have provided for us..

  122. i will support whatever you do alvin.. do I can’t say I’m not sad, since allkpop has never been good to my girls… but I understand your situation and wish you the best.. I will be logging in on allkpop right after Spectacle! every morning to see your posts…. You are amazing

  123. i always enjoyed reading your blog. i loved the writing style(the vocabulary you used never fails to let me learn something new and of course writing without biasness)

    Thank you for the memories these past 2years.(though i will still be reading allkpop)
    coolsmurf domain will remains as a very special website to me and i will keep the link in my internet ‘favorites’.Its the place i started my kpop journey you see ;D

    Last but not least.Thank you again.

  124. wow….i felt like i was scrolling for an hour or 2 there for a while (what a long list comments! phew~~)..well jokes aside i’ll be missing u Alvin..well may be not that much since i’ll have to prepare myself welcoming u in Allkpop :P. Anyways, it’s your freewill to decide n my duty (ofcourse, as u’r regular reader/visitor) to pray for u’r happy writing in AKP. oops! i think i better downsize my comments…the page is already overflooded with farewells/wishes/complains/cries!? n what not…nyways best wishes to alvin n last but not the least Thank You Alvin ^^

  125. =((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

    That place is kind of messy. Anyways, good luck coolsmurf. You were the one who got ALOT of ppl hooked onto Kpop! Fighting!

  126. Adieu Alvin. Thank you for all your heart, sweat & effort…Best wishes! I couldnt think of a better man to make an honest website out of allkpop.


  127. Thank you for providing me wonderful pieces during the past two years. I look forward to reading your material regardless where they may be from. I wish you the best in your future endeavours. Good luck!

  128. Ahh… so this was what the “Kaka & Robinho transfer” all about.

    All the best Coolsmurf/Alvin. Though I have my reserves w regards to Allkpop, coz its a seriously mean site and esp that johnny guy… Reading his post sometimes makes me goes like “WTH?” that I have stop reading that site…

    I trust you must have weigh all the pros and cons, but most importantly enjoying what you do best…

    Thanks for the dedication, thanks for feeding my addiction with regards to X man… thats a legend… All the Star King goodies and of coz… WGM… Though am not fan of WG and Ms Park, always love reading all posts by you… And I realize I have been reading your site for a good one year plus… and it has been very enjoyable times…

    Thanks for all your news bites and information… its been like treasure chest for K-ent followers like me…

  129. Why AllKpop? I thought you didn’t like their type of “reporting”.

    Why not YG World or seoulbeats?

  130. do respect your decision but why allkpop? they were bashing other artist at that site and youre not like that. 😦 i think its because of your snsd fandom.. πŸ™‚

    thanks for giving us accurate translation/news everyday.

  131. this is a sad day. I went to ALLKPOP often but after a while I got tired of all those pervert, rude and SNSD-obsessed writers. So I stopped checking news from that page. But now I guess I have to go back there.

  132. Hi

    Im a bit sad that ur going to close this site but its okey as long as your moving to allkpop…… how can i find you there if u dont mind me asking pls e-mail me……….to how to find you there…………goodluck aja aja fighthing

  133. Wow! MERGE!
    I’m so happy for you! Come on, guys AKP is not that bad!
    Johnnydorama has his own sense of style in writing! people who try to be like him are pretty much lame.
    their forum is pretty nice too. I haven’t been there for A WHILE since i found this site…hehe…
    I think we should all be supportive of Coolsmurf’s decision wether you like it or not. Hey i would rather read Coolsmurf’s blog from ANYWHERE than not having anything to read from him at all.

  134. awww damnit alvin you’re going to make me make allkpop a daily stop now aren’t you? ;P

    I’ve been following you since… xman i guess. when you started. and I have to say it was an amazing ride. All the best – thank you so much for all the dedication and wonderful material you’ve offered us – I don’t think we cna be grateful enough.

    I have to say I wish you’d chosen another site to partner bc like everyone’s been saying, they are biased (to the point where sometimes I feel the news isn’t objective enough/hard to take seriously) and definitely on paper not the nicest around (i’m sure they’re wonderful people). Having said that, I have full faith that you chose what was good for you..

    just don’t change.

    (and bring some of what you have to the others please!!)

  135. Coolsmurf has been one of my favorite sites online for a year, since I first became a K-drama fan. I’ll follow wherever you go.

    I’d like to thank you especially for your King & I archive. When I went looking for English-language coverage of Jung Tae-woo’s role in that show a year ago, you were about the only one talking about it. I invested in King & I Vol. 3 based partly on what I read at Coolsmurf. You were right, by the way. Kamsahamnida!

    Best of luck at allkpop.

  136. Good luck Coolsmurf!

    I HATE allkpop but I will go there just for you.

    I know you won’t be swayed by their actions, which is why I don’t mind this move, I just hope that people over there are reading these comments and see what you are doing RIGHT in blogging and what they need to tone down in their writing.

    BTW, people (*5millionwon) may think that ALLKPOP is doing you a favor, but it goes both ways. You are bringing more readers and supporters over there than all their writers combine will ever have. In a way, you are doing them a favor, coolsmurf, remember that.

    Congrats again, and I will see you there (probably only read your posts)

  137. the least thing i expect from you is to move there, of all places.
    but what do i know?

  138. i respect ur decision but im still sad.
    I mean why u need to join allkpop.
    just be different and unique in ur own way.
    johhny is bias and a pervert.

  139. wow.. been a silent reader up till now..,
    and then BAM this news break!!

    i totally understand ur decision…
    wordpress has restricted rules…
    bounderies that sometimes crack u up! hehehe…

    i’ve been getting a very informative news here…
    so thank u 4 everything… ^^
    hope u won’t change after u transfer to allkpop..

    it’s sad.. but look at the bright side..
    less a bookmark 4 me! hahaha…

    looking forward 4 ur work there…
    this is so a revolutionary!! yay 2009!!



  141. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs so much. Thanks for sharing your passion with us here.

    As you join the other site, I hope you will stay true to your own thoughts and opinions. All the best and stay happy.

  142. i have a love/hate relationship with allkpop–not gonna lie. i feel like sometimes some of the writers go overboard and seek to insult rather than just set the facts outright. and kinda insulting to women.

    i support ur decision as long as u keep writing like u normally do. u might actually make ppl like allkpop a little better.

    thanks so much for your hard work—u really are amazing! see u at allkpop!

  143. im glad about the decision you made!! although there will be some regrets, but i’ve learnt to love allkpop and johnny who is retarded and im reallly excited about your venture into that as well. :> its a new platform altogether! i hope you keep your spirits up and all, cant wait for your first article to appear :] <33333

    but that said, i love de_la_method and jonny and ghostwriter but the new allkpop writers are shitting the crap out of me -_- they need to go, really

  144. oh man– and you’re so close to getting a BILLION hits XD

    i check out allkpop from time to time, so i’ll know where to find you! ^^

    thanks for all your wonderful contributions to K-Pop with this blog. see ya soon~

  145. Thanks for all your posts…I really loved your blog though I stumbled onto it a few months ago. You provide interesting bits of kpop news that a lot of other blogs don’t write about in a more neutral tone while keeping your views–which I found refreshing. Hope your merger with allkpop works out though as others were saying, I have my reservations about that site. All the best!

  146. Gotta hand it to this blog and your original youtube account for getting me hooked on all the amazing variety shows !!!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store over at Allkpop, but with you over there … they’ve moved up to replace coolsmurf as the first blog I read every morning.

    Good luck!

  147. congrats alvin~ wish you luck…I’ll still be your loyal supporter…thanks for making my day these past two years….alvin hwiting~~!!!

  148. actually i dont like allkpop that much…

    but i’ll be there for support you and read your articles!!

    thnx so much for everything you do for k-pop fans!!


  149. Oh please just don’t start following Johnny in his perverted comments! I do enjoy mostly unbiased and informing posts! :]

  150. no offense to allkpop but all they write about is gossip, while you write about facts. they make mean, crude jokes about celebrities, it is like Perez Hilton except instead of drawing boogers on people they talk about girls & the writer’s junk. i was going to say PH says people are gay, & the other doesn’t, but actually allkpop does too. coolsmurf you are moving from an independent awesome blog to a TMZ trash site wannabe. please reconsider or help make allkpop better.

  151. snif snif

    thank you for the last 2 year. Hmmm never new the site you mentioned but good luck whit future postings on that site and everything else in your live.

    really really kamshamida

  152. I read all kpop aswell, so atleast your not gone forever.
    But this site has been brilliant, so thankyou!

  153. i’m surprised(a little sad)but glad you wouldn’t stop blogging. i’ll be searching for your blog on allkpop tho i’m not into allkpop articles but if alvin writes ’bout kpop biz,i’m all for support. thank you for everything and all the best^^

    i went to allkpop and quickly spotted your articles. gotta love your writing styles. im going to like allkpop more bcuz of ‘ya! hope you’ll still write ’bout Park Min Young and 1N2D there.

  154. are you serious?
    i hate that site.
    i used to get my news feed from there, but they started going overboard with the bashing so i found this site and its the only site i’ve been going to because it had the least bias and gave mostly FACTS. has more bashing than facts.
    its a pity such a great writer like you is going over there.

  155. thanks for your hard work!
    your blog is my daily k-everything dosage

    i dun go to allkpop tho but i guess i will have to now
    dat place seems messy to read…the format is not user-friendly. hope you are able to change the mood and format there.

    anywayz thanks again!
    do wat you have been doing and dun change a bit!

  156. Good Luck BUT PLEASE stay the CoolSmurf we all love… i liked ALLKPOP but they harshness level got to a point where i despise that website for being so judgemental and cruel. I Know it’s so fun and SOMETIMES it is funny but most of the time they have no morality, so please don’t change style but rather add your own spice to ALLKPOP. I’d stop checking that website out but since your partnering i’ll visit frequently.. Keep coming with the up dates ^_^.

  157. I’m glad for the move, finally CoolSmurf will get something in return for the awesome articles you write. Yes AKP is a bit…(insert whatever here) but at the end of the day, you’ll still remain as the same CS many of us have grown to love.
    No matter where you go, i’ll always follow your articles, hope you get payed exceptionally well^^

  158. aw i’m kind of sad that you’re stopping this.
    i’m just getting back into Korean stuff, and i was relying a lot on your site, hehe.

    good luck. i will visit the other site.

  159. good luck
    you really deserve it.
    I’m going to be cheking allkpop more now since you are going to be joining them. Hopefully you can get us juicy news just as you have been doing for all this time.

  160. Awww =( i am sad you are stopping this but thank you so much for all your updates! Ill be on allkpop to read your stuff! =)

    Good luck! Hwaiting! and thanks again!!!!

  161. that’s awsome! i actually enjoy allkpop’s sense of humour. thanks for all the updates on coolsmurf domain. I even began to like park min young because of you. ha! cheers!

  162. aw i’ve always enjoyed your blogs! but i also follow allkpop all the time too.. it wont be the same, but i’ll survive hahha. best of luck to you! ill still support you all the way you’re awesome!

  163. What a step down, can’t follow you there as a reader since they have said so many incredibly stupid and hateful things! Too bad you had to go there of all places, as if there weren’t better choices.

  164. I understand your decision, I’m not saying right or wrong if you go with Allkpop, I also read and understand Allkpop form of writing the news.
    I also understand that it is difficult to continue with a single blog, and kpop, wow, you lot, I also had to abandon my blog kpop music that was very tiring and I was alone, without receiving anything, and worse, not even a comment and worse still stole my information written in Spanish.

    For my part, I Allkpop to visit and I hope that you remain the same, un saludo ^ ^

    Atte: FabiChan

  165. Whatever decision you make.. I’ll support you.
    Some may not like alkpop.. but hey.. one don’t have to read everything alkpop write. – just support alvin by reading his stuff.

    good luck in the future ^^

  166. really? wow. well, I’ll have to delete this site now from my faves. It had become a daily routine after I get in from work. Check work emails, yahoo, myspace, etc..and coolsmurfs. haha! seriously. Well, that site will be time getting use to. I like straight news..bad or good. Not so much that gossip, twisting type of news.
    Well…most importanly, I hope u do succeed in your journalism. =D

  167. OMGAWSH. congrats coolsmurf! ure site has beeen such a wonderful thing for me, but im glad u got a good offer like that! thanku !

  168. aww why to allkpop? i bet like a lot of toehr people said this too but it’s so biased. = =
    but i hope you’ll make it a better place! hwaitingg

  169. I have been frequently visit your blog. It is a bit sad to hear that you’ll join For me, the writing style of that blog is often too rude,explicit and bias.It’s even worse than Popseoul, which sometimes also like to bash certain K-entertainers but I’m still OK with it. That’s why I quit visiting Allkpop.
    However, the positive thing is hopefully you can make Allkpop better. I think I’ll start to visit AllKpop for your writing.

  170. Good luck Alvin. I’ve been following you since I got hooked up with korean pop.
    AKpop is not that bad. At least better than Popseoul and Seoulbeat. They never cut the post down.
    Alvin, it’s time to make some money out from your hobbie πŸ™‚

  171. O well, sad to see that this will end but glad to see that you will keep writing.

    good luck with your new venture and i will def visit that site lookin for you.

  172. =O No… WAY. ALVIN! You already left us in Wonder Girls Wonderland, and you’re leaving us here, too??

    I read AllKPOP, but really??! They’re all pervs there! I can’t imagine you being there, unless well, you’re a closet perv, too!! ToT

  173. thank you for making your blog a place where people can enjoy updated kpop info!! i really enjoyed your page! i will definitely keep looking for your articles at allkpop~
    thank you again!

  174. Well, I’ll miss reading coolsmurf. It’s been one of my favorite websites for awhile, right on par with dramabeans in quality, friendliness, and information.

    All I have to say is that this was a smart move on J-doroma’s part — he’s got such an unfriendly style I find it totally unsurprising he’s had to PAY someone nice to hop on board. I suppose his personality with his writers must be much better than the way he treats even slightly critical commentors who don’t appreciate his constant sexual references, lack of wit, and considerable disrespect for korean culture (the one exception being pretty korean girls). Sadly, irony is only hi-lighted by his name j. doroma….perhaps he should be running a jpop blog because it’s pretty clear to me his interest in kpop culture extends only as far hot girls and finding things to bash. He’s just one more faceless person on the internet who is actively worsening Japanese-Korean relations and making both cultures look petty, undermining, and pathetic.

    I’ll be keeping tabs on Alvin for sure by continual checking this blog even w/o the kpop news but I’m afraid I will have to forego allkpop b/c i find the lack of information (and excess of info already posted on dramabeans/kpopped/other smaller, less vitriolic websites) on allkpop quite representative of Allkpop’s overall lack of quality. It’s just too biased, uninformative, and crass. Nonetheless, Alvin will add a touch of journalistic class which it SORELY SORELY needs.

    But I am happy that Alvin will be paid at least — that’s all I have to say.

  175. ok, since you’re there, i will familiarize myself, might as well bookmark that allkpop. haha. thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog

    9,933,602 hits

  176. I’m very, very disappointed that you transferring to Allkpop :\ I rather have your unbiased news on a separate one. I don’t mind the affiliates.. but this seems too much .__. I think your work should be recognized own its own, not lumped onto some cynical, overbearing, vulgar gossip site.

  177. I don’t know whether to be disappointed or not.
    I’m glad that you’re doing something that you love and possibly getting paid for it.
    Don’t change the way that you write your pieces: provide the same informative information and HQ pictures. (Y)
    I’m really speechless, moving to β€˜ALLKPOP’?
    AllKpop out of all sites~
    Really Speechless.

    Wish you good luck and hopefully the change is for the better.

  178. Please take CatB’s advice!

    These terrible gossip blogs are the reason why I know several people become uninterested in Korean pop culture :\ Too much wank and crap on these sites.

  179. Please take CatB’s advice!

    These terrible gossip blogs are the reason why I know several people become uninterested in Korean pop culture. Too much wank and crap on these sites.

  180. wtf is

    Anyways, good choice, Alvin. If you wanna move, good thing it’s Allkpop since it’s the most popular kpop blog out there. Popseoul went down the tank a LONNNG time ago.

    I hope you stay true to yourself, Alvin! You don’t have to stick to the same thing you’ve done or you could do whatever, just don’t try to make yourself sound like the dicks on allkpop, even though they’re funny.

    Have fun!

  181. AKP does not deserve your services. I’m sure someone would be able to offer their domain or pay for your work if you just let us knew earlier. Or post a specific number for donations.. Coolsmurf’s fans could have helped more.

    Your site was one of the FEW unique and netural news blog out there.. unfortunately the number continues to decrease..

    Good with your endeavors.. however, I will not be following AKP regardless what material they may have. They may attract people with their poorly made slapstick obscene jokes and freebies/payments, but they are a shameless, sick website. They will never have my respect.

  182. “They may attract people with their poorly made slapstick obscene jokes and freebies/payments”

    and yet i wonder how you know all of this if you don’t go to the website at all…

    seriously. how do u know everything about allkpop if you don’t actually visit it?

  183. @ Simple

    They’re not asking for your respect, bitch.
    Everyone is taking this blogging thing so frickin’ seriously.
    Pull the stick out of your butts and stfu.
    Why are people taking blogging so seriously?!!!!
    My goodness.

  184. Well it was good times reading up on your blog Alvin, best of wishes. Unfortunately I won’t be able to continue reading your posts as the few times i’ve been to allkpop have been unpleasant.

  185. i’m sure alvin came to a decision after lots of thought.
    and all of yous are wrong about akp imo.
    its more of blog for anything that has to do with k-entertainment..

    i’ll be reading your articles on akp<3

  186. lately when i’ve been going on akp, there is more tolerance towards non SM ent. groups?

    well from what i’ve read, thats my opinion..

  187. I haven’t been reading your blog for that long, but I really enjoy the unbiased news I get from here. I’m sorry to see you leave for a site like AllKpop.
    I hope that AKP improves from you working there, and that you don’t find yourself slumming down to their level.

  188. @pfft: LOL, you’re such a hypocrite. you’re overreacting over someone’s comment. why so serious, kid? maybe you’re the one’s being the female dog :]

  189. haha
    i don’t know if you wrote the article or not but i just read this one page about WG on allkpop and was like “that has GOT to be coolsmurf!!!”
    cause it was so pro looking and not bias at all
    if you did wrote that then at least i can still tell you apart from allkpop which i don’t know if it’s a bad thing or good?

  190. it’s quite sad you’re moving on.. hopefully you can change your mind again and reach even further achievements than allkpop.

    lots of good memories here, man.

    to pfft
    um, last time i checked people are allowed to have their own opinions in comments too? or are you just a suck-up to the other blogs?

    either way take your own advice before giving some to others, kthxbai.

  191. Dont worry Al we’ll follow you to your new domain!!! hehehehe i’ll support your work wherever you do it from!!!! I dont really like some of the articles on allkpop…but hopefully you will bring a needed fresh breathe of air!!! and johnnydrama was a smart man asking you into his family you know the phrase “if you cant beat ’em join ’em” well he couldnt beat you so he asked you to join him! heheheh coolsmurf fightin!!!

  192. will be following you there..
    but i assume this site will still be your personal diary? for anything non-kpop related?

  193. I keep checking here even though i know its done :[
    And ive been looking on allkpop for alvins blogs but i dont really read anyone else’s haha.

    (I think Alvin might be too good for allkpop)

  194. it’s understandable.
    as long as you keep your writing style & not totally adapt to theirs…
    i hope you gain satisfaction from your new venture !
    i’m probably going to keep up with you @ allkpop anyway.
    good luck !

  195. I really like your blog alot… But I don’t think I can like allkpop…
    They entry is so negative and sometime make me so hurt with their word about my idols…
    Take care and keep good job.

  196. damn, I hate allkpop but I’ll look forward to your posts because they will be the only ones I’ll look out for. I support your decision.

  197. As long as you are active, fine by me. Even though that is a bit selfish XD You’re going to put some class into AllKPop!

  198. This a bit disappointing. I actually enjoyed your neutral and well written reports on most things kpop. Although moving to is your decision, I hope you won’t be sucked into all of the biased shit.
    Coolsmurf, you were ten times cooler than allkpop. Maybe you can put some class and dignity back into that website.

  199. It is sad to hear that you will be moving to but I will support you in your decision. I’ll be checking out site in the future. Good Luck!!

  200. I stopped going to for many reasons…..I am really surprised by your decision. I guess it’s because they’re so negative (like you said) and you’re very positive, informative without all those rude, crude comments. And you’re not biased either (probably the only blog out there!), but allkpop is so lucky to have you on their team, show ’em your bloggin’! I just can’t imagine how you can write nice/neutral posts about WG, BB, SJ, or anyone at allkpop. Everything you write is going to be contradicted by someone else. Please write the way YOU want to write, and not stoop down to their level. Bring some class and sense to akp.
    Allkpop used to be for me, but I got tired of all those rude crap they posted (I know it’s for fun, but c’mon!). All the power to johnnydorama for starting it and building it to where it is now. (I went to his blog since day one, you know the days where he ‘loved’ BB =), then it only went downhill from there for me.) You’re akp’s competition, that’s probably why he did that. Oh goodness, blogging is going to become a monopoly! πŸ˜‰
    Of course your readers are gonna be sad, just look at the comments! It’ll take some time before I stop clicking on my ‘Coolsmurf’ link! (Twice a day, everyday!)
    I know it’s long, but it’s a ‘goodbye letter,’ it’s a not a ‘see you later.’ I don’t think I can/want go to akp (especially after what they did to K-Bites). Best of luck to you! I enjoyed it very much, kind of sad though…..But you gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for the good times. I’ll leave you with peace, love, and happiness. =)
    Goodbye Coolsmurf.

  201. Go Coolsmurf! πŸ™‚ I’m following you to Looking forward to all of your posts. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  202. Thanks, Alvin, for all of your dedication and hard work. Coolsmurf will always be the best site for Kpop news and fun! Best of luck with your new venture, I’ll definitely be following your updates there.

  203. @TVXQBBLOVE: “You’re akp’s competition, that’s probably why he did that. Oh goodness, blogging is going to become a monopoly!”

    I agree. Allkpop even try to sabotage Krnloop’s blog by getting separate domains of the same name with lame pages. Karma.. when will it happen for these guys?

  204. OMG NOOOOO no offence but im not a real big fan of allkpop coz its kinda biased >< but i can relate =) thanks for all the blogging and kpop news uve shared with everyone !!! THANK YOU =)

  205. Hehe, I’m actually excited to see you do some snarking! Don’t let me down, Smurfy, you gotta snark once you’re there okay!

  206. I do respect that ur moving to allkpop is ur choice but i’m a tad bit dissapointed… took a look at their post last nite (h**l i even register) but their post r a little bit biased (It’s obvious they hate BB n WG isn’t it?) n da web is messy…
    Neway Goodluck there…..

  207. Why ): allkpop always says bad things about big bang, which is why i don’t like to read. especially the JD guy.

  208. I hope with your decision to move on,, you’ll bring allkpop in a goodway,,
    sorry but I don’t like that site
    so SM bias,,,
    too much bashing

    Good luck, Alvin!

  209. Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed, but I respect your decision. Hopefully, you will stay a writer as you are now, and I hope your current writing style is going to remain at AKP.
    Although, I won’t be visiting AKP as much as I am here, but I think I will once in a while, just to read your articles.
    Good luck to you. =)

  210. Alvin…I’m sure my post won’t add anything to the 281 posts…but I really wish you all the best and also thank you for sticking around for two years…I’m sure we all look forward to your posts on

    Good luck~

    your UK fan…

  211. this is surprising… LOL… i never thought that you would actually joing allkpop or popseoul… allkpop is so biased especially on their favourites… Popseoul is kinda the same but less the biass…. but i do respect your decisions, because you know whats best for you!^^ Lol, although i don’t like allkpop at all, i hope the people there become more like you… you are such an inspiration…
    Coolsmurf Hwaiting!

  212. Thanks for all you’ve done for us. I won’t visit allkpop, so I guess it’s the end.
    To be honest, you are too good for allkpop, but that’s your decision 😐
    Coolsmurf forever!!!

  213. see you over at Allkpop. Although
    I agree with everyone else that your style is different from most of the writers over there, its a well earned opportunity for you. I know you will keep your integrity and blog the way you want. Bring back the BB love over there please, it pains me to keep hearing those boys called midgets.

  214. coolsmurf i love your work and you’re going to an even better place. i’ve been reading your blog since it started and i’ve been following allkpop for just as long. i love both sites and having them come together is probably the best thing to happen in kpop blogging. see you at allkpop!

  215. coolsmurf i’ve been a loyal reader for a year now and it’s sad to see your blog close, but it also makes me happy that you’re going to somewhere like allkpop. i find them extremely funny and i myself love wg and bb. i can take a joke unlike some people it seems. i’ll be following you loyally to allkpop!! <3!!

  216. not sure if you guys have been on there lately, but they’ve become a bit less biased on allkpop. they are like the biggest kpop blog out right now, so i think they have to make everyone a happy. i mean there are some jokes here and there but lately it’s been pretty relaxed. you guys should check it out before bashing them.

  217. Great suggestion P.Obryan. We can track coolsmurf’s post this way. Coolsmurf, good luck at allkpop. I will miss your exclusive blogs here. Much thanks for sharing with us all these years.

  218. coolsmurf your move to allkpop will only improve the content of that site! although i find allkpop is a bit too flashy and hard to have a quick read, i will keep an eye out for your articles.

    may all your dreams keep coming true in 2009. congrats!

  219. Thanks P.Obryan.. I don’t really like other writers so I am just gonna bookmark the posts by Coolsmurf only.. Honestly Coolsmurf is just too good for allkpop.. that’s just my opinion and I did try to read posts by others but it’s just not working for me.. feel sorry about that:(

  220. awww…no don’t go to the dark site Coolsmurf!
    i like the way you write here..

    Just Kidding, i think it’s ok for you to move Allkpop… a good offer and less duplication of news. Practically every news are the same for every other blog.

    smart move by Johnnydorama!

  221. i juz start reading your blog recently, didn expect u to end it. like the style of ur website and post. glad u are getting pay for wad u like to do. fighting!!!

  222. Why should you get paid for “posting news”? I mean, other blogging sites do it out of their spare time and for the audience enjoyment

    In comparison this is like discriminating against subbing teams that do the translation for our enjoyment and still not get paid for it…

    I dislike how you guys claim coolsmurf as the living god of posting news where there others can do the same (possibly can do a better job than him!)

    Some will support his decision while others wouldn’t.

    I believe if coolsmurf really loves what he does, committed he shouldn’t need to be paid for doing so. That just proves if he really after the enjoyment for people to read his blogs or really after the paychecks…

    Sooner or later, his credibility will just slowly diminish amongst netizen because of allkpop…and surely it showing so..



  223. ^If you CAN get paid, then why the f*ck not? Don’t judge him just because he’s getting profit out of blogging.
    You guys are thinking waaay too into this sh*t. Calm down.

  224. Joanna,

    Interesting logic.

    If we apply your logic to the real world;


    Why should farmers be paid for growing food, when there are people who grow gardens in their spare time and enjoy giving away their harvest?

    If the farmers really loved growing food and feeding people, they should do it for free.
    Otherwise, they’re just greedy and lack commitment to farming.


    There are plenty of people who volunteer at hospitals in their spare time.
    Why should nurses be paid for taking care of people?

    If nurses had a real commitment to caring for the injured and sick, they should do it for free.
    Otherwise, they’re just in it for the money!!


    If Coolsmurf can make money doing the thing he loves, why are you against that?

    Good Luck, Alvin!

  225. Joanna is dumb, most humans do things because they love it. But if someone you offers you money to do it why not take it? So you’re telling me you would turn down a money offer for something you did for free? I love to volunteer and help people out at the local clinic. But I need to somehow pay my bills and eat too, so I working a job that I don’t like. The best scenario would be for me to get paid for working there, just like what happened to coolsmurf.

  226. @CatB

    While I agree that it’s great that coolsmurf can make money doing the things he likes, your previous analogies are flawed.

    You keep bringing up cases involving amateurs, there is a huge difference between an actual nurse and a volunteer. Would you trust a volunteer to do ALL of the tasks of a nurse? Volunteers working at hospitals have a lot more restrictions on what they are allowed to do. Hospitals/people pay nurses because they’re professionals, not quite doctors but much more knowledgeable than your average joe volunteer.

    The difference between a farmer and random people growing food is the amount and the time put into it. I bet if you got the people that grow food for fun into the shoes of a farmer they’d be pestering to get paid too.


    As to posting news, coolsmurf doesn’t post verbatim by verbatim the news he reads. Therefore it’s not copy/paste, he also provides a translation service if you will. Coolsmurf isn’t doing anything different than writer for a magazine or newspapers focusing/covering kpop news wouldn’t be doing and those people get paid. The main difference is that coolsmurf posts it online and doesn’t have a publisher type of deal.

  227. I’ve been a silent reader on your blog since the WGM posts, and have enjoyed the k-ent news you share… even when I had already heard the news before on some other blogs, I still come to read your posts in case I missed something =) Like many, I love your blogging style, in that you have no rude or wannabe-snarky remarks that get in the way.

    Personally, I can’t stand AKP, from their layout to the way the articles are written… I rarely go there, and that’s not going to change until AKP changes (not likely?). So, it’s too bad you will no longer continue to post here, but many thanks for the work you have done. We really appreciate it!

  228. @lobsterclaw.

    i think i totally agree. haha. its true that joanna did point out some interesting details and although catb is right on the last sentence, their facts are surely flawed.


    “I believe if coolsmurf really loves what he does, committed he shouldn’t need to be paid for doing so.” he does love blogging, he is committed. but after receiving a chance to make money by doing something he really enjoys is the luxurious opportunity to “kill two birds with one stone”. if you actually browsed his wordpress, you’d notice a fairly small note on the right corner saying “Am looking for a job. Anyone looking or willing to hire?
    if you’d like to support my work, donations of any amount are gratefully appreciated.”

    not only that, but this blog started out pretty small as do all others but with the rapid growth of popularity for coolsmurf’s domain, dont you think he felt somewhat burdened to release the latest news on time nearly all the time knowing people will constantly check his site?

    just saying (: if you have read this far, thanks for your time

  229. @Lola

    Stop contradiction yourself! You’re telling others your advice while you’re doing the total opposite…so what does that make you? Hypocritical maybe?

    You surely need to get your logic right before you give out any advices to anyone…

    P.S Money doesn’t buy you everything….kthxbai


    I do agree on your points but I believe he was better off by himself. He doesn’t even need to have a publicist in my opinion…his blog alone have more hits than allkpop combined…so which is why it just proves he’s after the money than what he really “loves” like he claims or everyone “claims”


  230. @anonymousss

    To answer your question, I’m sure he wouldn’t have known his blog will be such a BIG hit but I do believe he felt accountable by making sure he stays on top of the news…which is why it is such a burden…I’d have gave up long time ago

    But I believe the quote β€œkill two birds with one stone” is more like now that johnnydorama seize the opportunity to hire someone that gain recognition more than his site itself…I must say it was a smart move of him…quite clever! lol


  231. Coolsmurf is definately too good for allkpop.
    i only started reading thier blog after he joined and thier writing seems way too sarcastic and biased -.-

  232. im going 2 miss this blog,big time!
    really appreciate what u had given us,all the kpop news[well,the are not just news they are what most of the ppl that visit ur blog love ]
    dont really know the new site but going 2 check em out bcos of u!
    hopefully it is as gud as urs,really love ur unbiased style of blogging…
    all the best for u!

  233. Maybe you can bring some style to the scrambled biased writing going on @ allkpop. I really (must stress REALLY) cannot stand to read anything there. I will give it another try just because you are there. Smurfie try to class the place up some!!

  234. I think a lot of work need to be done at The site is not very well designed. It is sad to see you leaving here. I will stop by there someday, just because of you.

  235. well i go to and here everyday πŸ™‚ so yea…see you over at allkpop!!!!!!!!!!! don’t worry of course the loyal readers will understand and follow you!!!!

  236. i will still follow you, however comparing their comments.. they are much ruder and mean towards the celebrities being discussed.

  237. good luck to you coolsmurfs! i,ve been reading your blog for a while now and i have watched a few dramas through your reviews. i just hope you will stay unbiased with your views!

  238. Hi Alvin,

    I hope you maintain your writing style and perspective when you join your new team. There are posts on Allkpop are oversexed and highly critical but there are also many fair and unbiased posts. I hope yours will continue in your style to set you apart from the other writers, which is one of the reason I believe you were recruited in the first place πŸ™‚

    I’ll miss having one extra site to visit during my boring time at work, but I look forward to seeing you on

    See ya!!!

  239. Congrats coolsmurf,

    I hope you will able to change the people’s impressions there of Wonder Girls and such. There are too many haters there!

  240. I just found out today that ur abandoning
    ur blog!
    I wish u the best in Allkpop
    but i just checked out the site today
    and personally i dont like it too much
    Im sorry but it’s way to crowded, slow
    and disorganized!
    i came to ur blog sometimes
    and loved it so much!
    but now, since ur gone…
    ill be missing it so much…TT
    ur writing style has inspired me so much
    and helped me to improve on my English skills (^^*)
    by reading ur articles!

    thnx so much for everything~~

    at least
    i still hv somewhere to go : ur awesome
    youtube channel~~!!<3lol

  241. i love both sites and now i just need 1 bookmark instead of 2. i’m not sure why people think allkpop is disorganized or messy…i mean you just click on the article you want to read, not rocket science people.

  242. What I liked about your site, was that (as far as I read) you didn’t diss any stars and you didn’t gossip too much.

    I don’t know much about allkpop, but I really hope you don’t start dissing stars just because it’s allkpop policy.

    Being paid for your job is an awesome opportunity, hope you keep your work up as it was πŸ˜€

    BTW: I love your Kim So Eun Header.

  243. First Wonderland, now again? 😦 Will miss you! Allkpop writer is a perv, hope u make things better there.

  244. God i miss ur writing style!!!!!!

    i really hate how allkpop makes stupid statements in hopes for viewers to agree with them or they think they’re funny by doing that. however, on my end, they’re provoking me as a reader. gah. i feel as though they’re childish for making fun and judging every single picture with their ridiculous comments. it’s almost unreasonable. u are always respectful and write wonderful articles ^_______________^ i’m biased, hahaha but still, they irk me. good thing they see lots of potential in u, i hope u can make what u enjoy doing Alvin. i also hope you can change allkpop in the future with your ability.

    all the best to u!

  245. i missed this site!…..
    AKP is a bit too much for me….
    i like this laid back friendly style you had…
    AKP is too in your face for me…..
    its like electronic tabloid….
    im waiting for your posts there….

  246. aww.. that’s too bad. but i respect your decision.

    ALLKPOP suxs as they are so biased, and most of the time, their posts are rubbish! although I support you, I despise AKP to a point that I would not read their site! good luck alvin!

  247. have coolsmurf been posting in allkpop? i actually reluctantly go there to check. but i cant help myself coming back here! it’s soooo natural to keep checking this site. *withdrawal symptoms*

  248. Oh well…good luck. We may not all be pleased that you partner up with an immature uncreative sexist (I think you can still be an “intelligent and humorous pervert” without resorting to johnny’s cliche and disgusting methods), but perhaps you will make that site much better that some of us will actually return as readers to allkpop. Take care.

  249. GOODLUCK alvin in ALLKPOP.
    though i prefer you stay here, because it’s much more organized.

    what will happen to your updates on dramas and variety shows?


    you’ve been one of my major influences why i came to love kpop and variety shows. XMAN, LOVE LETTER…

  250. i’m not sure why you would want to move to allkpop when your site has soooo many loyal readers. and that’s just YOU, YOU alone! why would u want to share the helm w/ a terrible, rude, biased and sexist entity?! you are so way way way above allkpop!!! if you can still reconsider your decision, i politely implore you to do so.

    i don’t necessarily agree w/ this move but i wish you luck on your new endeavor. i hope u can bring some sanity to that trashy site! thank you for everything and take care.

  251. i checked out AllKpop but couldn’t make myself like it as CoolSmurf. CoolSmurf – you’re my join, my source of relax, my news of K Drama, etc. It’s my habit now to keep checking your blog even it has not been updated for days.

    Boy – i miss your post in your own blog.

  252. This sucks!!!

    But I have to live with it I guess…I’m going to check you on AllKpop, but not as often as here.

    Your the best, so I wish you all the luck of the world πŸ™‚

  253. ah coolsmurf please come back to your old blog! i don’t know but the other site just don’t have the “vibe”.

    and MAYBE more people will make their donations and you suddenly earn more than what you get at allkpop! who knows man ^^

  254. i miss your updates SOOO MUCH!!!!
    i know you still write the same but still!!
    it just feels wrong in so many ways~
    i wish you could REALLY think about this again
    and yeah, i have thought about it in your point of view but after weeks of having thoughts about it everytime i have to go to Allkpop for k-news, i just think that there HAS to be a BETTER site!!
    i mean really!!
    **deep sigh**

  255. I visit allkpop daily, I like the site, but I can’t stand them, mostly johnny and Eunice that new writer bashing on BIGBANG all along! But other than that, the site’s pretty cool.
    People are disappointed, but I’ll always support your decision. Although I kinda feel like allkpop doesn’t give you any benefits in writing, but still you’re paid after all πŸ™‚

    isn’t that WONDERFUL! xp

  256. ^_______^v i think this is a good choice! especially if you can earn something from blogging! and with all the views you’ve had so far.. it must be disappointing you couldn’t earn from ads here! i’m sure you’ll earn allkpop more views! -will still read past posts on coolsmurf and read new ones on allkpop- !!

  257. DANGGGGGG WHY WHY WHY…..this was the only place I could come to get OBJECTIVE NON BIAS news about Korean Entertainment Industry.

  258. coolsmurf..
    im so sad..ive been going to allkpop, but theyre so unbelievably biased!!
    theyre so rude! it pisses me off everytime i go to that site, but you left us no other choice!!
    it rly sucks how people sell out for a better job. is so wrong..
    at least this place was unbiased and accurate!
    i miss this site terribly..i miss you reviews on east of eden and boys over flowers..and you wondergirls faniste.. :[[[[[

  259. I’m just grateful for all the articles you have shared with us, thank you so much and with you, as partner, i think kpop just can be better and better, so see you soon on all kpop !
    (i’m sory for my french-glish! hihi!)

  260. OMG, I’m so FED UP with Allkpop right now.
    Every single article, (except yours and a few others)
    are so biased. I’ll just hope that you start or comeback
    with a new blog someday. ^^ But for now, I’m
    taking my Korean updates somewhere else where
    I won’t get annoyed every time I open up an article.

    gosh, i can’t take this anymore!!
    and besides, even though you’ve been gone for so long, there’s still HUNDREDS of your readers that still checks up on your blog everysingle day!!!!
    this is like the 5th comment i’ve posted here
    gosh, but i really miss ur writing and all ALONE
    so please reconsider!!!

  262. OMG im starting to get fed up with too ! alot of the articles are so biased and can be real harsh 😦 i only go on there to read your (alvin’s) articles !!

    @MkY i was wonderin where else so you get your korean updates. im in great need of a new site 😦 just hope alvin comes back to this blog oneday ..without other biased authors 😦

    Thanks alvin for the updates on .. you make that site more decent ! ^^

  263. Pingback: Coolsmurf ‘Leaving’ « ash says….

  264. Just like MkY, I as well goes to KBites and KPop JJang
    Here is the sites for Kpop JJang

    I don’t know about AllKpop, but I have visit that sites, kind of not my interest, I love coolsmurf, KBites and KPop JJang…


  265. allkpop???…wOw..disappointed 😦 but thats your thing so go for it!

    i dont really mind allkpop biases and bashing but the fact that their NEWS were almost far from the “real” news tickled my irritation like “WTF? I need some REAL INFORMATION here” sad!

    goodluck!. i guess im just left with KBites now.

    have fun with them!

  266. I’m not sad at all, but excited for you, coolsmurf.

    I see it as you’re moving to a new home but it’s still the same wonder of Alvin, right?

    Just continue writing YOUR STUFF and you’ll be fine.


  267. i oath to myself not to enter allkpop since the last time i read the blog, it was decades ago and i did keep my oath and hasn’t enter the site since. allkpop is juz plain mean and full of themselves. guess i hv to gv em a 2nd chance.

  268. You know, I haven’t seen you on allkpop lately. I think you should comeback and run Coolsmurf domain again! ^^

  269. how come you picked allkpop?! Is the payment good? so that we know that you left for a reason? maybe you can write something about this 3D Community
    since you re writing for allkpop πŸ˜‰

  270. @Yiyi. why did you say back then? we still hate AK. ^^
    & I’ve not gone there unless something ridiculous is reblogged from AK & I want to find out their sources to verify the translation. (if a source is even there) Earlier this year I remember a mistranslation that resulted in a permanent misunderstanding about a certain queen, although I tried to fix it… and while on sources, I know many blog writers/fans are upset when AK uses their original news without permission (happens because of the Tip Button maybe). Its really unfair to the original source who is not getting paid :/ Just one thing that irks me.

    Anyway, I wanted to say I love the picture in this post so much. 2007- 08 were really the wonder years for me. Wonderbang ;~;

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