Viewers Confused Over Park Ye Jin Image

With the high popularity of variety shows in recent years and the notable exposure that one gets when they are on it, it has now become a stage after dramas for artistes to build up their image among viewers. Yoon Eun Hye performances in SBS Xman won her a role in Goong/Princess Hours and the rest is history. Although a variety star was lost, an acting star was born.

But what are the consequences if someone tries to appear on both a variety show and a drama at the same time and having 2 totally different images? Park Ye Jin whose popularity has grown thanks to SBS Family Outing, is currently filming a KBS mini-drama, Hateful But Once Again simultaneously.

Which is the real Park Ye Jin?

Park Ye Jin carefree and brave (catches chickens with her bare hands without flinching, knocks out fishes and cuts them up with gutso) behavior on Family Outing had left viewers with a straightforward, pure image of her. Kim Su Ro often remarked that she was someone who would become a virtuous wife.

But following the broadcast of her new drama Hateful But Once Again on the 4th, Park Ye Jin’s entirely different image from that shown in Family Outing has viewers doubting whether she can do well in her acting role. Viewers expressed that because they are too used to Park Ye Jin’s image in Family Outing, they are unable to adapt to her vicious and unscrupulous role, Choi Yoon Hee.

While most artistes uses variety shows as a platform to other things, Ye Jin is trying to handle both variety and drama at the same time. Although time is most often the reason for artistes leaving variety shows for their acting or singing commitments, another reason is probably trying to discard their variety image and build up a new one for their new works. It will be interesting to see how viewers will take to differentiating Ye Jin when they watch her now.

38 thoughts on “Viewers Confused Over Park Ye Jin Image

  1. Hmm…that’s interesting. But if she’s an actress, shouldn’t she be showing her ability to act in different roles?

  2. That’s like HyunJoong. He was in the variety business (WGM) and then entered BOF. People really doubted him because he had 4d personality and thought he couldn’t pull off the rich violinist type. But everyone realized he did indeed pull it off.

  3. confused? what’s there to be confused about?
    that’s why it’s called acting!..
    jeez people need to chill!…
    i firmly believe she will do well just like in any other dramas
    she had ever done..

  4. I think it’s very interesting that this is even an issue to consider. Would American celebrities have this issue at all? Maybe, but in general, I think there is much more of a divide between what an actor is really like and the role that he or she plays. I feel like it’s more of an issue to separate the two images because of the way the Korean media machines works.

  5. I agree with Kris. Its ok for her not to be exactly the same as how she is in real life since shes portraying another image. Just get use to it. People should be thinking ‘wow, i like the change’ instead of just moaning as usual.

  6. i think she did well in “memories of bali”
    she can reall act in a drama i guess. i really like her so much in family outing always winning againsst lee hyori by bribing..
    so cute!!!

  7. Yeh Jin has been acting long before she was a member of FO. She was on Dae Jo Young last year, playing the love interest of the title character.

  8. She’s beautiful and her personality too.
    I liked her in ‘Memories of Bali,’ a lot, she played the evil chick really well. Hopefully, we’ll see more of her in the future.

  9. that is strange, both variety & drama seem to use some acting, i think she’s a good actress though. it is probably best to act cause in variety it can be short lived success wise.

  10. i think they are making a big deal of nothing, i mean acting is acting and she shouldn’t be kept from playing “evil” roles because her own personality isn’t like that >__<

  11. she is one of my fav…. i wish her all the best… hope acting doesn’t take TOO much of her time… i can’t picture FO without her…

  12. I really like her on FO XD love how she cuts fishes’ head while i may faint in front of the monitor !!!
    She is really brave IMO

  13. This will show how good of an actress she is. She will have to make the viewers believe in that character she is playing in the drama. I believe she can do it.

  14. she would do well, i first saw her in “What Happened in Bali”… and I hate her guts
    she’s so good at making ppl hate her
    but I learn to love her in F.O
    she’s a great actress and I’m sure she’ll fulfill her role

  15. Ohhh so that’s the problem… she’s acting… why relate it to something she does that’s supposed to be based on more of a reality (even if it’s scripted). She’s playing a character and so it shouldn’t really be associated with what she does elsewhere unless her acting sucks.

    I have to watch this drama (I was gonna anyway) but I want to see if it’s really so.

  16. While I’m sure it won’t be easy for her to win the fans over with this new image, I think she’s more than capable of doing it.

  17. that is like telling her not to act. if she is really a great actress she will be able to do this new drama. i give her props for doing something totally different from her Family Outing image. usually actors/actresses are praised for versatility … aren’t they?

  18. I also believe Ye Jin would do well in her latest drama!
    I even didn’t recognize her at the first time she was on Family Outing that she was the evil girl on “what happened in Bali”!
    She definitely can act!

    And i love Hyori on FO too, she doesn’t act like a diva – who she is – and just enjoys everything, doesn’t really care about her sexy image! That’s something you should call as PROFESSIONAL! don’t ya think? 😉

  19. its called skills to pay the bills HAHAHAHA
    wowww never knew she was in xman!!
    what the… gotta go search up the eps 🙂

  20. I love her in FO and i don’t see the problem here.. Her popularity in FO made her more well-known and thus may be offered better roles in drama so i don’t really see the issue.. Its cool that she’s gaining more recognition anyway..

    I jus hope that noones drop out of FO for watever reason, i love how much they are like a family now..


  21. I do really like her on FO & I’m gonna watch her on Hateful But Once Again..

    If she is a goos actress then she’ll do well in her new role..

  22. Didn’t she already prove that in Memories In Bali?
    She’s so awesome. I love her in FO so much.
    I’m sure she’ll do well in her new drama.

  23. What’s with the one-track mind? There are many sides to a person. If she is indeed a good actress, viewers will have no problem immersing themselves in her character on her new drama 😛

  24. dude whats to be confuse about?
    the variety, her behavior is probably the real her
    and in hateful but once again, its her acting
    i think shes a great actor…i was really blown away when i watch the drama…shes also such a cute couple with the main guy character!!!

  25. Hi coolsmurf!! =D I just came back because I miss you and decided to just browse even though I’ve already seen it, but I just wanted to comment since I was just watching Family Outing the other day and gosh, Park Ye Jin is such a sweetheart! Haha, but I haven’t seen her drama yet, but then again they shouldn’t compare real life to her role in the drama. There’s a huge difference.

  26. she is play great in hatefull but once again ,,,
    she is look so fool in my boss my lady,, cant wait 4 her next drama 🙂

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