Son Tae Young and Kwon Sang Woo Have A Baby Boy

Actress Son Tae Young has given birth to a healthy baby (son) at a maternity hospital in Kangnam, Seoul on 6th February. It was reported that Son Tae Young had felt a series of sharp pain the day before and eventually gave birth to her newborn son through natural childbirth means at the local hospital, 3 weeks in advance of her estimated delivery date on 27th February.

According to the report, Son Tae Young and her newborn son are both in healthy conditions and have gone back home for recuperation. Someone related to Son Tae Young revealed during a phone interview with Newsen on the 7th, “Son Tae Young left the hospital shortly after giving birth and is currently resting at home. The usual procedure for a woman after giving birth is for her to stay in the hospital for a few days. But Son Tae Young said that there was nothing wrong with her health and expressed her desire to rest at home.”

This insider also said: “Son Tae Young and her son made a short stay at her parent’s place before returning to their home in Cheongdam-dong. Of course, her husband Kwon Sang Woo is by her side, aiding in her recovery.”

The newly-turned father, Kwon Sang Woo has received blessings from families and friends. It was said that he even teared due to extreme joy. Someone close to Kwon Sang Woo said, “He said that he felt a heavy sense of responsibility after becoming a father and will do his best to be a good father.”

Everything seems to be happening really fast for Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young. They announced their sudden marriage plans in July and got married 2 months later on 28th September. Then it was revealed last December that Son Tae Young was already 5 months pregnant and was expecting a child in 2009. Anyway, best of wishes to them for becoming parents and their baby son!

Son Tae Young is the latest Korean celebrity to become a mother in 2009 after Park Kyung Lim, Kim Hee Sun and most recently, Jeon Do Yeon.

Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Hee Sun, Park Kyung Lim, Son Tae Young Becomes Mothers in 2009

credit: hanfever (translation)

35 thoughts on “Son Tae Young and Kwon Sang Woo Have A Baby Boy

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  2. His father better not leave his wife n son like most of men do nowadays. Sorry if I spoke my mind.

    Congratulations on the baby.

  3. Congrats to them!

    nobody reported Park Kyung Lim gave birth :[
    I thought she was still pregnant till yesterday!

  4. Oh Kwon Sang Woo! Makes me kind of sad. LOL. I sound like one of those ‘neitzens,’ congrats to them. Beautiful family.

  5. Awwww….. I wonder what’s the name of the baby boy! Anywhoo, congrats to them (even though i doubt they’ll see this. lol.)

  6. park kyung lim gave birth already??? no wonder i haven’t seen her that much on starry night…though i thought she was only on pregnancy leave…

    Congrats to all the gorgeous moms!! wish you all to be healthy and happy!

    what a great way to start the year ^^

  7. I wish them all the best!!!

    But Son Tae Young having Kwon Sang Woo’s baby… I can’t say that I don’t envy her even a little bit.

    Anyway, congratulations to the couples for their new bundle of joy! “D

  8. I heard it was a premature baby and weighs only 3kg. Poor KSW!!! STY did not take care of the baby. She was more worried about her figure. She might not have eaten well enough to give proper nutrients to the baby.

  9. im really envey you tae young as a wife of kwon..bcos kwon is my oly idol…super idol since i know him as a good actor..but congratz to ur baby…..i wish you all the best! and good health in your family….you deserve by each other as long as you really love being a coupled…GUDLUCK!

  10. kwon sang woo,, having a child is the most gift that youve got take care of youre baby.and to youre self, just always do or make a movie , tv series for us you always make as proud we love you,congrats.

  11. congratulations both of them

    i’m happy for them because their already a parents
    and i’ happy also for their first

    we happy for them

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