Choi Soo Jin, Soo Young’s Sister Is Indeed A Beauty

As reported earlier, Choi Soo Jin, elder sister of So Nyeo Shi Dae member Soo Young appeared on MBC Introducing Star’s Friend on 7th February. Netizens had already been talking about how beautiful she was from pictures before the show and the show’s PD had expressed that Soo Jin was the most beautiful non-celebrity to appear on Introducing Star’s Friend since it started.

Choi Soo Jin on Introducing Star's Friend

She certainly did not disappoint, looking even prettier in person than from photos. Soo Jin also showed that she was no bimbo, as she performed a song admirably and even performed So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Gee with style.

When they were children.


Before the show started.

Choi Soo JinSoo Young with her sister Soo Jin

Singing and dancing.


Decision time.


Soo Jin ended up with Daesung’s friend.


Watch it on video if you are not convinced from pictures.

credit: pictures from MBC website + HarueKorea (videos)

59 thoughts on “Choi Soo Jin, Soo Young’s Sister Is Indeed A Beauty

  1. “…the showโ€™s PD had expressed that Soo Jin was the most beautiful non-celebrity to appear on Introducing Starโ€™s Friend since it started”

    I wouldn’t say shes the most beautiful friend to appear because there was quite a bit but shes definitely up there.

  2. i think she was the prettiest . everyone that said EVERYONE in snds got plastic surgery you can tell sooyoung didnt her and her sister loook a like so looks just run in their family

  3. i’ve always thought sooyoung was really pretty, but her sister is really pretty too!
    sooyoung looks exactly the same as when she was a little kid. lol you can tell it’s her even with that short hair!
    i’m so jealous good genes run in their family.

  4. I think sooyoung is pretty but her sisters a bit average to me. Well above average but not as pretty as everyone is freaking out over.

    Hrmm, am i the only one that feels this way?

  5. i bet after appearing on this show just like DBSK junsu’S twin brother junho,, she’ll going to have an offer..^^

  6. I think I’d still go with ์ˆ˜์˜ because she has a warmer smile but her sister is equally beautiful. Possibly more ‘typically beautiful’ than her SNSD sister.

  7. “The showโ€™s PD had expressed that Soo Jin was the most beautiful non-celebrity to appear on Introducing Starโ€™s Friend since it started.”

    Didn’t he say the same thing about Yoo Bin’s friend???

    I think SY’s sister is pretty in a classy way.
    I’m sorry SNSD fan but I never find SY pretty.
    She looks like an ordinary girl you can find on the street.

    Daesang’s friend is actually BB’s dance teacher / choreographer I think. He was in their documentary too.

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  9. she is REALLY pretty
    and an amazing voice
    she perform my freaking favorite song ever from childhood.
    Hope Jay kept in contact with her
    he need some loving man haha
    our cold blooded choreographer.

  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Do I think Soo Jin is pretty? Yes. The prettiest from the show? No. I would have to choose Kim Mi Jong (?) from the episode with Kim Jong Kook and Shin Dong (SJ). It was the 1st time ever all the girls chose the same guy (announcer Seo In (?)) and all the guys chose the same girl (KMJ)

  11. GDragon’s smile is priceless ! I was so surprised he was there ! aww oppa saranghaeee!

    and yess. her sis is so damn pretty! and her english is SO good.

  12. i dont think shes that pretty as everyone is making it seem. shes just another pretty face. i think her younger sister is much prettier

  13. i find it weird that just being pretty is enough to make the headlines….it seriously is a strange culture.

  14. She sang really well. Usually when non-singers sing on shows, I tend to squinch, but not with her. She was cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Indeed she’s prettier than SooYoung, however, she might think otherwise. THings like this can mess somebody in the head and they might start to have a inferiority complex. I know, because I have a cousin who is always being compared to me when it comes to looks (in pure honesty & I’m not being a conceited person either). I always feel less pretty when my cousin is around because she’s a lot taller than me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  16. omg… she is really a beauty lar
    like her sister ^^

    good genetic lolz….

    she could be the next new star just like Xiah’s bro Junho ^^

    lucky them ^^o

  17. she’s pretty, yes.. but her beauty is typically korean. ๐Ÿ™‚
    soo young — is different. โค

  18. oh congrats,hope your compatible to each other
    wish you all the best
    you actually pretty you know
    now you know
    you cool when i watch your picture

  19. ,,,they are b0th pRetTy,sexY,h0t and talenteD,,’
    so0 jin is cUte buT i thInk s0oy0ung is still cuTer than her(esPEciaLLY when S00y0ung has her l0ng hair)!!WTF!!
    Freaking h0t!!
    OMG!s0oy0ung is taLLER THan her oLDEr sistah”

  20. Soo Jin is certainly pretty. IMO (don’t shoot me) A typical Korean beauty that you can find amongst their selection of beautiful actresses.

    But. Soo Young have her own quality as well. Cute and charismatic. The kind of look I don’t mind waking up to every morning :-p

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