Park Min Young Revealing Bath Scene Attracts Eyeballs

Bathing scenes seems to be a normal occurence in saeguk dramas nowadays. In recent memory, Goo Hye Sun in King and I, Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won in Painter of the Wind, Jang Hye Young in Return of Iljimae. This not only ensures that the drama will make headlines but the actress too.

Pictures of Park Min Young in a revealing bath scene for Princess Ja Myung Go has indeed attracted lots of eyeballs after being released recently.


The filming for Park Min Young bath scene took place in mid-January at SBS Ilsan production center with only a handful of staff filming the scene including director Lee Myung Woo, camera director Yoon Dae Young and the lighting director.

The bathing scene that was filmed on that day happened in the aftermath of the mystical wardrum being destroyed by Princess Nak Rang (Park Min Young). But in her fierce fight with Princess Ja Myung (Ryeo Won), Princess Nak Rang got slashed and sustained a wound near her upper right breast. The bath scene which ensues sees her maid attending to her wounds. By releasing these pictures, SBS hopes that more attention can be drawn towards the drama when it finally airs in March. These pictures are indeed very revealing.

Rest of the bath scenes.


Princess Ja Myung Go was supposed to air after Terroir which ends on 17th February in the Mon-Tue timeslot. But SBS decided to postpone the airing date after some discussions and in its place will be edited versions of 2 dramas written by acclaimed screenwriter Kim Soo Hyun back in 2000 and 2004 respectively. The edited versions will cover 4 episodes in 2 weeks.

Although SBS has claimed that it hopes to bring some degree of warmth to viewers in these difficult times through the high quality works by Kim Soo Hyun, analysts believe that they are only trying to make sure that Princess Ja Myung Go will face less formidable competition from the onset of its debut.

Love Triangle in Princess Ja Myung Go

It is only wise of SBS to postpone the airing date so that Princess Ja Myung Go will not be left in the dust by the established viewership base which competing dramas KBS Boys Before Flowers and MBC East of Eden already posseses.

SBS has poured lots of money into this 50 episodes saeguk drama and the opening ratings (not always so though) usually decides the future of the drama against its competitors. To make sure Princess Ja Myung Go gets maximum exposure, this was a decision that had to be taken. So with that in mind, Princess Ja Myung Go will make its debut on 9th March instead.

40 thoughts on “Park Min Young Revealing Bath Scene Attracts Eyeballs

  1. Oh, really?
    If SBS wanted to grab more viewership, they should have used a better picture that shows.. a bit of the story.. that’s meaningful of course. I want insight, of what I watch.. not just a girl in a bath tub with a wound. >_> But it was smart to postpone it.. due to BOF and EOE.

  2. It’s so obvious that she’s wearing a push up bra.

    Despite them airing this right after BOF, I still think there’s gonna be a lot of attention on BOF in the beginning of this drama.

    Is this PMY’s first time acting?

  3. is the girl on the right in the last picture
    the one girl from my lovely kim sam-soon? i really liked her character in that drama! haha and daniel henney with this english and korean lines were rather funny

  4. Wow…this scene is attracting more than just my eyeballs that’s for sure πŸ˜€


    What makes it so obvious she’s wearing a push up bra? Are there even strapless push-up bras? Sorry, I don’t any of this girly stuff.

    It’s not PMY’s first time acting…in fact, it’s now her third drama. She’s also done a sitcom, a few MV’s and CF’s. She’s definitely a star of the future, much like Kim So Eun.

  5. Is it just my eyes or is the water part totally CGed?

    I guess it’s a good way to bring in the viewers with really popular drama competitors.

    @Kobe: Women don’t have natural cleavage like that unless they’re quite big, fake, or absolutely lucky (which is rare). But it’s obvious that’s not her natural cleavage just because of the type of clothing she has worn before and her breasts aren’t that lifted in those other outfits.

  6. @LD & ngpossible

    um, im not saying shes not wearing a push up bra but… you ever hear of floating? when you apply pressure downward, the same amount of force from the water pushes back causing equilibrium. she can be wearing an “performers tape” which covers over explicit areas to avoid any mishaps and/or scandals.

  7. dont really care about her revealing scene.

    but it’s weird to me how JRW is one of my favorite actresses, but is overshadowed by PMY in the pictures. i feel sorry because right now i kind of find it hard to believe that it is JRW who the prince falls in love with instead of PMY, who i had expected it to be…

  8. Im pretty sure PMY’s wearing a pushup. Given her overall built and body size, it’s not possible to have breasts that large. Either that or its not natural. In some of the other costume photos, JRW is also wearing a pushup to accentuate her chest.

  9. sorry for dwelling on this subject coolsmurf
    but @shirlay, i’m pretty sure they do. most real breasts are 90% fat and fat stays afloat whereas a fake breast, composed of silicone sink because theyre more dense than the water, thus ruining the equilibrium thats suppose to occur when something floats.

    but anyways, sorry for the burden. its just better to set things straight and enlighten people with true things rather than false assumptions. but i am pretty distraught about how korea is now using more skinship to attract viewings. following american ways is badd ))):

  10. According to the story JRW seems like the main actress, but PMY is getting a lot more exposure, which I think is appropriate since (IMO) PMY is the better actress and is also better looking πŸ™‚

    @anon: I agree following American ways is bad, but just using a tiny bit of it is needed, since Koreans and their dramas are just way too conservative. A bit of skinship done tastefully will do more good than harm.

    Also good to know I’m not alone on the breast issue πŸ˜‰

  11. good that they postponed it. with BOF and EOE, i’m sure they couldnt catch much viewers. anyway, why not just take at other time slot??

    anyway, it was a push up bra. @kobe. yes, there’s push up bra without strap. woman’s breast doent have that cleavage. and only very big breast float. even if its float, the cleavage doesnt look like that, because it looks like there’s some force.

  12. LOL @ the discussion about the push up bra. It prob is “pushed up”…but who cares? She looks awesome! πŸ˜€ But i’m distracted by the wound, it looks painful.

  13. Maybe im not a guy hence, not interested in this “exposure” saga. I’m looking forward more to the plot and performances. I think JRW’s a good actress so I’m not worried about her acting but I’ve never seen PMY onscreen before so I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

    On a side note, I just noticed how graceful-looking and pretty the 2 extras (maids) are as well!

  14. anon, you’re an idiot. have you ever been in a bathtub with a woman before? trust me, even if they’re natural, they sink… breasts are not filled with air, they do not “float”… you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about, so don’t come in here and think you’re “setting things right” because you’re far from it lol.
    I agree with LD and others in saying its probably a push up bra. look at the way both of her breasts are so close together… and her cleavage, can you imagine her breasts naturally looking like that? given her body size? it would look ridiculous lol. either way, she’s hot.

  15. Whoa..

    people who saying that Kentertainment is conservative is heck wrong. K movies has produces and portrayed REAL SEX scenes more than Holloywood mass movies. Surprising huh?
    And its the popular OR commercial movies. Having had a sex scenes repetitiously in an adult commercial movies is more than common in K industry.

    Displaying your cleavage like that without or with the push up bra is definitely not wise. Imagine if you have a wife or a sister do you want a whole world to see her like that? Not me.

    They can make the sexiness more subtle yet they choose another way around. For a period drama to display more than usual is soo cheap I think.

  16. @anonymousss
    i was js wondering, purely out of curiosity…are u female???
    If u are, have u ever used a bath tub???

    the first time i saw the pix, i thought the same as many of you, her chest doesn’t look natural. Probably some support, and I agree with that. She’s filming, for goodness sake. Some modesty is neccessary.

    But after some thought, you see how the ‘maids’ hae their chest binded by their underthings that look like a hanbok?
    Maybe it has to do with their traditional cloths but their chests are binded.
    Maybe PMY’s chest is the same thing, except come re-arrangement of the way err..her chest is displayed. ^^

    And i think PMY is being on news HERE so much coz coolsmurf adores her, no?

  17. LOL…

    guys… cool down about all these breast statements…
    i’m a female and i am a physics+biology+biophysics lecturer/scientist. i play with human parts like every minute every day.

    anon, i understand what you’re trying to say. you’re talking about buoyancy. yes, you’re are right, breasts do ‘float’ in term of buoyancy. it’s the Archimedes’ principle BUT it’s not floating like a ball or a baloon, just a little because the density of breasts are almost the same of water. so, it’s impossible for the breasts to be pushed up hard and nice enough like in the picture. even if you’re a female or in a bathtub with a female, it’s barely for you to notice the breasts are floating unless you really pay attention to it and has some experience with buoyancy stuffs. and normally due to refraction, it’s hard for normal eyes to see what’s actually happen inside the water.

    so guys, don’t look down or make fun of him (i presume anon is a HE). may be he just curious and asking about something he learned in a physics class i guess.

  18. hei coolsmurf, thx 4 your update ’bout park min young^^
    actually, I want to ask u, r there any park min young homepage in English? coz I can’t read any korean language…hehe…

    @minihompy, can I add her as my friend? or it’s just a homepage for fans? do u hv her community acc such as facebook or friendster maybe? thx for the answers…^^

  19. Hey, everybody here are talking about her breast. But too much talk about her floating breast rather than her lovely body. She seems a bit aged here in her 23. I think she might have used push-up bra. But HERS are quite mature if we look back at the drama ‘I Am Sam’. Hers were bouncing quite often when she was in T-shirt and not really this big. Do you guys think she will stay entertaining us long enough as I expected. I wish she’ll be with us forever. Just kidding… πŸ˜€ She may not be with us forever.
    ‘Min-yeong, Sarang-ee.’

  20. wew, she really is hot yet innocent in that picture. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…. but i hate her because she backstabs me, tooking my boyfriend away.

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